Daddy Hades

Chapter 16

Daddy Hades chapter 16

By ncalkins; ooc; Don't own Percy Jackson; found beta DarkLadyIreth! I own nothing!

Luke, Clarisse and Percy stumbled though the forest talking about their pasts. Clarisse and Percy talked about their home life, while Luke talked of the adventures he had with Annabeth and Thalia. "Once when we were resting in the park, Annabeth and I were playing hide and seek. Well, after a while I heard Annabeth crying for help, so I ran toward the place where I could hear her voice coming from. Thalia must have heard too, because she was right behind me. When we got to the clearing Annabeth was stuck in a tree by her underwear."

A sharp laugh interrupted his story, apparently the others found it really funny.

Luke laughed too as he continued his story, "Apparently she had climbed into the tree to hide. After we had got her down she swore up and down the tree grabbed her and hung her there by her underwear. I never could tell if the tree had a nymph in it or if she was just to embarrassed to say she made a mistake."

After a round of laughs and a couple of swear words from tripping over roots, Luke asked, "What about you Clarisse? What was your life like before you got to camp?"

"Well, I fought monsters, humans and dreams." Started Clarisse

"So anything you could fight you would. Huh?" Laughed Luke, gaining a small chuckle from Percy.

"Ha ha shut up." Snapped Clarisse, "Anyway right before I left for camp I convinced my mom to get a tough dog, one that would protect her."

"What's your mom like Clarisse?" Asked Percy as he stepped over a root, looking her way.

"My mom is….Frail. She's so small, I could carry her to her room by the time I was five." Said Clarisse.

"Well that may not be because your mom is delicate. That could be just your Ares genes kicking in." Said Luke, but he didn't say it in a teasing way. Clarisse really cared about her mom, you could tell by her voice.

"Maybe, I just know that a lot of people could probably wrap one hand around her throat and throw her across the room. I mean she even has trouble opening pickle jars!" Clarisse's voice just took a slight hysterical note to it.

"Hey! Don't question the strength of the pickle jars, you wouldn't believe how many times I hand to smash one open." Said Luke as he dunked under a branch.

"Ookay? Moving on, my mom may be weak in physical strength…but she's strong in mind and emotion. It takes a lot to get her mad, you could insult her some times and she'd just smile. Then answer kindly or she'd walk away. But she has a long fuse, that means she gets pretty scary when she's angry." Clarisse's voice drifted off as she remembered something.

"I remember there was this one guy I couldn't drive away." Percy was about to ask why she was driving him away. "No slime ball is good enough for my mom. If she finds a guy that is cute, has a job and treats her respectfully I'd think about it. Even then that's a maybe."

"Anyway the guy called me a brat and said the only reason he was around was to get in my and I quote 'Prude of a mom's pants.' After that he was going to leave her. Well you can imagine that I was about to kick the dick's ass…But my mom beat me to it, out of nowhere a broom hit the guy's head!" Clarisse interrupted herself with a laugh.

"Mom kept hitting him with the boom screaming 'OUT! OUT! You varmint! You piece of Tartarus shit!' And she was scary looking! Her hair was flying around her like she was in a wind storm and her eyes were flashing, practically on fire."

Clarisse's voice became wistful, "After all of that she got the fair tickets he brought and asked me if I wanted to go. We went…I remember trying to win her a stuffed animal at every booth, each time she lost. She tried to hide it, but I could see she was hurt, it didn't help that I saw one or two tears slip out."

"Wow I never knew you dad went for the soft type of girls." Said Luke

"I don't think he does as far as I know my mom is the only one in the Ares cabin like that. This one guy said his mom got pregnant with him when she was in the army, Ares forced her to leave. Apparently his mom keeps a gun and a taser on her in case he ever showed up again, he said she's going to aim for the balls." Said Clarisse as she sat down, weather the boys wanted to or not they were stopping.

Her hands shot out as the boys tried to pass her, grabbing their legs and causing them to fall flat on their faces.

"We're taking a break." She stated as she got a fire going from nearby fallen branches.

Unknown to her she got twin glares from the boys.

"I never knew what happened to that guy that hurt my mom…OH Wait yes I do! I prayed that he would be cursed and a week later on the news, he was found in a ditch. Wearing a bright pink ballerina Toto with makeup on, beaten to a pulp and the words 'DON'T HURT MY OWN' carved on his back…Not to mention he looked like he got shot by a machine gun." Continued Clarisse as she laid back against a tree.

"You don't think?" Asked Percy

"No, it couldn't have been…" Said Luke

"Could it?" They asked at the same time.

"I don't know and I don't care! I smell hamburgers!" Said Clarisse in a excited tone.

Following the smell the travelers stumbled upon a roadside curio. The main building was a long, low warehouse, surrounded by acres of statuary.

Looking at the sign none of the demigods could read it. To them it looked like ATNYU MES GDERAN GOMEN MEPROUIM.

"Lets go in!" Shouted Luke and he made to run forward if shadows didn't wrap around his feet. "What TH- PERCY!" He shouted.

Percy harshly shushed him and cocked his head listening.

"Don't go in there." Whispered the shadows, "Danger in the form of Medusa."

"Medusa is inside there. Do you guys want to bust in there and fight her then grab a bite to eat? Or continue on our way to the nearest food joint?" Asked Percy as the shadows unwrapped around them.

"I say we bust in there and kick her ass!" Said Clarisse raising her spear.

"I'm hungry." Stated Luke

Percy sighed, "Well I'm out voted, let's go."

They walked nearer to the building and stopped.

"We need a plan." Said Luke, "We can't just bust in there."

Percy nodded, cutting off Clarisse's chance to complain.

"Here's the plan. I'll go and distract her, Luke you fly in the air from behind. Have a mirror handy to look into, then cut off her head. Clarisse you hide near by as backup."

"Two problems with that. One, I will not hide! Two were are we going to get a mirror?"

Percy turned to Clarisse, "Look Poseidon once went out with her, so she might have a soft spot for his children. Luke can fly and she probably has her hair wrapped up so she won't scare away potential victims. We need you for a sneak attack incase things go wrong."

Clarisse grumbling, agreed.

"Now for the-Where'd that come from?" Asked Percy staring at Luke.

In Luke's hand was a handheld mirror. "What you never know when you'll need a mirror." He said defensively.

Percy shook his head and began to cross the street. Luke took to the sky and flew within some low hanging clouds. While Clarisse edged around to come from any side necessary.

Review . Don't laugh at Clarisse's mom's small size! Once we were doing a tape sculpture in art class and my partner and I taped my hands, neck and head. No body commented on the head, but my friend Lincoln says I have the hands of a six year old. One guy said I have really small hands and another said they could wrap one hand around my neck and toss my across the room. I really do have a small neck the wrapping almost looked like a large sized bracelet *sweat drop* I don't mind being small though! J

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