Daddy Hades

Chapter 17

Daddy Hades Chapter 17

By ncalkins; ooc; Don't own Percy Jackson; found beta DarkLadyIreth! I own nothing!

Percy knocked on Medusa's door, gulping as a voice called, "Coming!"

His palms were sweaty, his heart pounding and he wondered if he would be grounded if he died. The door creaked open causing Percy hair to stand on end, once the door had completely opened an old lady came out and with her the smell of hamburgers. Percy's mind went cloudy as he studied the lady before him, she looked Middle Eastern. She wore a long black gown that covered everything but her hands, and her head was completely veiled. Her eyes glinted behind a curtain of black gauze. Her coffee-colored hands looked old, but well-manicured and elegant, Percy imagined her as a grandmother who once had been a very beautiful lady.

"Hello young child." The women smiled her voice that of a loving grandmother. "What brings you out so far from civilization?"

Percy couldn't help but think, 'There is no way this is Medusa, she's too nice!' As he said in a pathetic voice, "I'm lost, and hungry. I ran away from home, my mother and step-dad don't want me."

"Oh, poor dear!" Medusa gasped, "Why don't you come in and have something to eat?"

She turned to lead him in and Percy would have followed if it was not for the shadows wrapped around his feet.

"Madam!" Called Percy thinking fast, "Won't you come and sit out here with me? It is too beautiful night to be wasted."

Medusa heard his call and complied, Percy sat down on the stool with Medusa next to him.

"Of course the beauty of the night could not compare to the exquisiteness that you hide under that veil." Said Percy in the smoothest voice he could muster.

Medusa's hands fluttered as she stuttered, "M-my w-what a c-charming th-thing to say."

Percy lowered his eyelids and said in a low voice, "None of my charm can hold a candle to your sweet voice."

Medusa giggled and said, "I see your dad's charm has passed onto you, Son of Poseidon."

Percy smiled and asked, "You knew my dad?"

Medusa smiled, "Knew him? I dated him."

Percy faked a shocked expression, "And he let a thing like you go, Miss?"

"Medusa and he did! How cruel he was for abandoning me in my time of need!"

Percy's eyes widened as he caught sight of Luke flying toward them holding the mirror up. Percy knew he had to keep her talking.

"He left you! Why?" exclaimed Percy as he gently touched Medusa's shoulder.

"Oh it was awful. Your father and I were a happy couple, and for a romantic date he took me to a temple of Athena. See it was a wonderful gesture for I admired Athena, but now I loathe her and all her spawn!" Spat Medusa as she placed her hand on Percy's arm. "You see Percy, you father and I got swept away. Then for no reason at all Athena turned me into a monster that with one glance can turn to stone any who gaze upon me."

Percy tugged at his arm, but only seceded in causing punctures to appear in his arm, Medusa's grip was so tight!

"Perseus Jackson, you will not be like that treacherous father of your's will you?" Medusa's voice turned hysterical. "You will stay with me willingly right?"

Percy spat at her and said spitefully, " It takes two to tango! Your being turned into a monster was your fault as much as his and Athena acted accordingly."

Medusa hissed and growled in anger. "I will have you! You Shall Not Leave Me Like He Did!" Her unoccupied hand went to unravel her gauze…when SLICE and SPLICH!

Medusa's head came clean off and fell into Percy's lap, he quickly wrapped it up in it's gauze. The now headless body turned to dust leaving it's head and the puncture wounds in Percy arm behind.

"Thanks Luke!" Percy smiled brilliantly, not noticing Luke's breath hitching.

Clarisse ran up smirking, "We did it!"

Percy smiled at her and stood up with the head in his hand, "Yeah, lets go inside and eat."

They went inside and was amazed at what they saw. The warehouse was filled with more statues, as they walked into the dining area the saw a fast-food counter with a grill, a soda fountain, a pretzel heater and a nacho cheese dispenser.

Clarisse sat down at the picnic bench to wait for the food Luke was kindly cooking for them.

"Hey guys?" Said Percy sounds of acknowledgment told him they were listening. "I think we should keep the head. It could come in handy."

Luke nodded as he flipped the burgers the juices sizzling and cooking the meat. "Good idea, your backpack is expandable right?" Percy nodded as Luke glanced up. " Move my things into your bag and place the head in there, that way we can whip it out when we need it."

Percy did as he was told, after he was done, he sat down to eat. Once they were full they looked around hoping to find a bed or couch to sleep on. Luck smiled upon them because they found not only one bedroom, but two. Percy and Clarisse went into separate rooms to sleep as Luke looked around.

He found what appeared to be Medusa's office. Riffling through her desk drawers he found a flier with the purchase of Medusa's statuses most of them going to the Underworld. Not only that, but he found some Drachmas. Sticking both things in his pocket then he walked out of the office, down the hall and into Percy's room. Seeing him sleeping, Luke smiled and slipped into bed next to him, gently brushing Percy's bangs from his forehead. He whispered, "Good Night." Then went to sleep.


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