Daddy Hades

Chapter 18

Daddy Hades Chapter 18

By ncalkins; ooc; do not own Percy Jackson; found beta DarkLadyIreth! I own nothing!

That night Percy had a bad nightmare; it was so bad he fell off the bed. During Percy's dream, he stood in a dark cavern before a gaping pit. Grey mist creatures all around him, whispering rags of smoke that Percy knew were the spirits pf the dead.

"Tartatus." Whispered Percy as the dead tried to pull him back from the pit, but it was as if he had no control of his body. Percy walked to the very edge of the chasm. He peered down into the never-ending darkness that made him feel dizzy.

Percy had the feeling something was trying to get out of the abyss, something huge and evil. A memory came unbidden into his mind.


"Now, now young boy what is the matter? Are you lost? Ahahah do me a favor and help me raise.," said a cold voice like metal scratching on stone.

Percy shivered as he got visions of murder and blood spilled on stone. Percy crying got up and he began to ran, not to soon the pit seemed to be trying to breathe him in.

"DADDY!" cried Percy in terror as he slipped, he was being pulled back!

End flashback

"Daddy," Percy whimpered. "Father, somebody, please help."

"The little hero," The voice said filled with amusement. "Too weak, too young, but perhaps you will do."

Percy gulped as the voice continued, "They have misled you, boy," It said."Barter with me. I will give you everything your heart desires."

"LIAR!" Shouted Percy rage filling him, how dare this stinky voice insult his papa and father!

"You have spirit boy."The voice laughed. "Help me rise, boy." The voice got hungry. "Bring me the bolt. Strike a blow against the gods!"

Percy shook his head and tried to turn to run, but his body seemed cemented to the floor. Percy felt like a dark hand had grabbed him, the same one from his childhood; it was going to drag him in!

"Good," the voice muttered. "Good."

With that, said Percy realized with a jolt, the voice was not trying to pull him in, it was trying to pull itself out.

"Wake!" The dead whispered. "Wake!"

Percy woke with a start tangled up in his sheets on the floor. For a second he did not know where he was…Until Luke snored. Percy shaking wiped away sweat that had formed as he dreamed. Then he untangled him elf from the blankets and on shaking hands and knees he made his way to his bag. Shifting through Luke's things, he found his handheld IM. He opened the black case, the skulls eyes flashed. Percy tried to calm himself before his daddy picked up….No such luck.

"Percy? What's wrong?" Asked Hades alarmed.

"Daddy." Whimpered Percy as tears came to his eyes. "R-remember that pit? The one that tried to eat me."

Hades nodded and Percy continued, "I had a bad dream about it."

Percy knew he sounded childish, but was so scared.

"I thought those dreams had stopped." Said Hades remembering the times Percy had ran into his bedroom while Persephone was gone and had climbed into his bed crying.

"It's not like those dreams." Said Percy finally calming down. At Hades questioning look, Percy described his dream.

"I'll check it out." Said Hades as soon as Percy was done. "Now, tell me about your quest so far."

Percy told him, hoping Hades would not get to mad and to his surprise he was not.

"I'm proud of you, even if you almost fell into a trap." Said Hades relief shinning in his eyes.

Percy looked at him questioningly. "I thought you would be mad."

Hades sighed and said, "You're a hero. It's time I realized that and try not to get too mad when you go into live threatening situations."

Percy laughed softly and Hades smiled, "Go to bed my child." He said. "You have a long journey ahead of you."

Percy nodded, after good nights were exchanged, he went back to bed. A smile on his face as he dreamed of the happy times, times of his childhood with his papa and father.


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