Daddy Hades

Chapter 19

Daddy Hades Chapter 19

By ncalkins; ooc; do not own Percy Jackson; found beta DarkLadyIreth! I own nothing!

The demigods woke up, had breakfast and walked down the road until the stumbled upon the train station. The walls were made of brick with brick support beams holding the ceiling, a clock hung by the ticket both. It reminded Percy of a big classroom for some reason with its tile floors. Percy went up to the ticket booth and asked, "How much are the tickets to Los Angeles?"

A pimply teenager looked at Percy, chewing his gum. "Where are your parents?"

Percy frowned, "My dad said I could travel with my two friends alone."

"Three kids, less than 15 years of age, with no parent?" The teen asked.

Percy looked at the nametag it said BOB, "Yes, now will you please tell me the price?"

Bob smiled cruelly, "No can do, sorry kid. You and your friends cannot travel alone. Train rules, now leave you're holding up the line."

Percy looked behind him, no one was there. He looked forward again and saw the teen reading a magazine. Percy leaned forward and said, "You might want to read the article about how to be less ugly!"

"Why you little!" Bob said sitting up straight in his chair, limp brown hair flying up.

However, by the time he was up, Percy was out of sight.

"Hey, Clarisse bad news the ticket booth monkey won't sell us tickets." Percy said as he jogged up to Clarisse who was sitting on a bench.

"Why?" Clarisse asked as she made room on the bench for Percy.

"Because we don't have an adult and apparently kids under fifteen can't travel alone. I'm old enough to save the world, but not travel alone." Percy ranted and Clarisse smirked.

"Not with humans at least, with myths anything goes."

Percy laughed a little and asked, "Where's Luke?"

A frustrated looked passed over Clarisse's face, "I don't know, he left telling me to wait here."

-With Lucky Luke-

Luke wondered around passing stores and booths thinking, 'Is this an airport or a train station I can't decide.'

Luke looked around he figured Percy could not get the tickets at worst they would not give them for some age reason, at best the heroes didn't have the money. Either way Luke needed to come up with some tickets and fast. Luke spotted three teens gathered around a plastic bench; on that bench was a purse with some white tickets sticking out of a side pocket.

Luke approached the blonde haired girl. "Hey, I'm Luke and you are?"

The girl turned reviling blue eyes lined with thick black eyelashes and brown eyebrows. 'Not a natural blond then.'

"Cindy, this is Tim and Jim my brothers." She said in a nasally voice, a manicured hand gesturing to the twin brown headed boys standing next to her.

"Really, but you all look the same age?" Asked Luke as he studied them closely and decided this would be easy.

"Oh, we are. See our mother had me with my father on January 31st. She also had them then same year on November 21st with my dad's brother." Cindy said brightly.

Luke nodded thinking, 'I'm not going to even think on the awkwardness of that.'

"Well, I have to go my friends are waiting." Luke passed the purse and accidentally pushed it off.

The purse fell and Luke said, "I'm so sorry, here let me get that."

He crouched down, slyly took the tickets and placed them by his foot as he was picking up the purse. He placed it on the bench and as about to leave when one of the brothers said, "Hey, you dropped your tickets."

Luke looked down seeing the tickets and acted surprised, but on the inside, he was smiling. "How did they fall out of my pocket?" Luke wondered aloud as he picks the tickets off the floor, he did not notice that was Cindy checking him out.

Once he straightened up and smiled his thanks, Cindy asked, "Where are you headed?"

"I hear my friends calling, nice meeting you." Luke said as he walked off, but he would still hear the brothers teasing Cindy.

"Cindy has a boyfriend." They said.

Luke quickly found Clarisse and Percy, right where he left them.

"Guess who got tickets for…" Luke trailed off as he took the tickets out and studied them. "Denver."

Percy frowned, "Luke did you steal those? Because you know, I could have asked papa for money and summoned a skeleton to pose as our chaperon. Besides what if those people really needed those?"

Luke heard the speaker announcing their train at the station, he then steered Percy and Clarisse where they could board the train.

"Percy don't lecture me on stealing when the world's about to end, because of some temperamental gods." Surprisingly there was no thunder.

Therefore, they boarded the train, Percy telling them about his dream on the way to Denver.

Near the end of the second day they were on the train, June 13, eight days before the summer solstice, they passed through some golden hills and over the Mississippi River into St. Louis. Luke craned his neck to see the Gateway Arch.

"Annabeth would love to see this." Luke said.

Percy looked at the Arch and said, "It looks like a huge shopping bag handle."

"Yeah…Hey, we should go sight seeing! I want to take pictures for Annabeth!" Luke said excitedly.

"Hey, don't you think we should stay on schedule and…Hey were are you going?" Clarisse called at Luke's back as he rushed off.

"That boy doesn't stay still!" Percy said feeling like a parent for some reason.

As the followed him off the train Clarisse said, "Hate to break it to you Percy, but we have ADHD, none of us can stay still."

Percy laughed as he spotted Luke, "Hey, Luke come on we have to get back on board! And where did you get that camera?"

Luke smiled innocently, Percy was not convinced. "You stole it, didn't you?"

Luke avoided the question, "Come on guys, we have plenty of time. Just do this one favor for me." He gave them puppy dog eyes.

"Fine." Percy sighed as Clarisse muttered, "We don't have much choice, the train just left."

Please, review! Sorry if I did describe the train station well, I never been to one or on a train. I least I cannot remember if I ever been on one.

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