Daddy Hades

Chapter 2

Daddy Hades chapter. 2 mine

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Hades and Percy arrived in the Underworld, next to the River Styx. On the shore of the Underworld's river, with black sand, volcanoes and large stone walls lined the way. To young Percy Jackson this was a scary sight, he snuggled into Hades' chest, trying to block everything out. Hades rubbed Percy's back to try to sooth him and said into Percy's ear:

"Shh, it's okay no one will hurt you while I'm here. It maybe scary but you need to be brave."

Hades felt Percy nod and put him down on the ground, grabbed Percy's hand and started the tore of the Underworld.

The first thing Percy saw was a huge black archway that said You Are Now Entering Erebus. under the archway was three pathways.

"It looks like a airport!" Exclaimed Percy looking around in wonder.

Hades smiled and nodded when Percy looked at him, Hades pointed to the EZ DEATH sigh and said:

"That's the line for the Fields of Asphodel, it's like standing in a wheat grass land in Kansas forever."

At that Percy wrinkled his nose and asked:

"Will I go there?" Hades looked at him and said:

"Doubt it, that is my dog Cerberus."

Pointing ahead of him to a giant three headed purebred Rottweiler. Percy's eyes went wide and a sequel left his lips:


Percy's feet sped up and Hades lifted him up laughing and ran towards Cerberus lifting Percy up to pet Cerberus. Cerberus let Percy pet his heads and licked his new friend causing Percy to giggle.

"Okay say bye-bye to Cerberus we need to finish this tour." Hades said.

With Percy on his shoulders, he walked passed Cerberus and passed a banner that read Judgments For Elysium And Eternal Damnation Welcome, Newly Deceased! Percy turned his head to a field of smoke, fire, bombs, barb wire and screams. Scared, he pointed toward there and whimpered:

"What's that? it's scary."

Hades looked were Percy was pointing and slipped Percy off his shoulders sat him on the ground. Hades grabbed Percy's shoulders, looked him in the eye, and said:

"Percy you are to never go over there. No matter what, alone or with me, never ever go in there. Promise?"

Percy nodded.

"Good boy." said Hades as he rubbed Percy's head, grabbed his hand and continued on. Percy looked towards his right and saw Elysium, Hades looked too and smiled.

"That is Elysium, were good people go and Heroes go. And then there's the Isles of the Blest, where people, when reborn three times and reach Elysium in all those lives, go."

They continued on until they reached Hades place were Persephone was waiting.

"Who's this? And what is he doing here.?" was the first thing she asked.

"His name is Percy Jackson and he is my adoptive son." Was Hades' answer. "We are going to his new room now."

Before she could say anything else he lead Percy to a room next to his own. Looking at Percy as he prepared to open the door he found Percy's face scrunched up.

"I don't like her," he pouted.

Yeah, well, she probably don't like you either, he thought, but he said something different.

"Just wait a little while, she'll warm up," He reassured, and opened the door for Percy to see his new room.

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