Daddy Hades

Chapter 20

Daddy Hades Chapter 20

By ncalkins; ooc; do not own Percy Jackson; found beta DarkLadyIreth! I own nothing!

The Arch was a mile from the train station. Late in the day, the lines to get in were not that long. They treaded though the underground museum, looking and taking pictures of things from the 1800s. Percy, having a bad feeling, was jumpy, so was Clarisse and that was wearing on Luke's nerves too. However, he was determined to take pictures of the Arch for Annabeth. So they continued with their tour, Percy and the others almost mastered their jumpy nerves when they saw the elevator car that was going to take them to the top.

"I hate confined places." Percy groaned with a look of "do we have to?"

As they were shoehorned into the car with a big fat lady dressed in denim from head to foot and her seeing eye Chihuahua that had a rhinestone collar. Clarisse muttered, "We all hate confined places. It might be a DMG thing."

They started going up, inside the Arch. None of the Demigods have ever been in an elevator that went in a curve, (Percy has never been in an elevator) and their stomach's were not to happy about it.

"No parents?" the fat lady asked them.

"They're down below, scared of heights." Luke said eye the lady with distrust.

"Oh the poor dears."

The Chihuahua growled. The woman said, "Now, now, sonny. Behave." The dog had beady eyes like its owner, intelligent and vicious.

Percy trying to defuse the tension said, "Sonny. Is that his name?"

"No," the lady told Percy. She smiled, as if that cleared everything up.

The tension was back, with a bit of awkwardness.

At the top of the Arch, the observation deck reminded Percy of a tin can with carpeting. Rows of tiny windows looked out over the city on one side and the river on the other. The view was okay, but Percy did not like being so far up.

Luke kept snapping pictures of thing he thought Annabeth would like. Percy really hoped he would want to leave soon, he felt uneasy. Percy when he became impatient began to steer Luke and Clarisse to the exit. He loaded them into the car (Luke carrying Percy's bag) and was about to get in when he realized there were already two other tourists inside.

The park ranger said, "Next car, sir."

"We'll get out," Clarisse said. "We'll wait with you."

Percy was touched by his teammate's willingness to stay with him, but he saw no reason for it. "Go on ahead guys, I'll be fine."

They nodded and the doors closed leaving Percy with a little boy and his parents, the park ranger and the creepy lady with the Chihuahua. Percy smiled uneasy as the fat lady. She smiled back her forked tongue flickering between her teeth.

Percy's eyes widened and all he could think was, 'AW FU-'

He was just in the process of convincing himself he imagined it all when the Chihuahua jumped from the lady's arms and began to bark.

"Now, now sonny," the lady said. "Does this look like a good time, all these people are here…You know innocents."

"Doggy! Doggy!" The little boy cried as his parents pulled him away.

The Chihuahua bared his teeth at Percy, foam dripping from his rabid mouth.

"Well, son," the fat lady sighed. "If you sure."

Ice formed in Percy's stomach. "You call your Chihuahua son?"

"Chimera, dear," the fat lady corrected. "Not a Chihuahua. It's an easy mistake to make."

'Shit, I was right.' Thought Percy as she rolled up her denim sleeves, revealing that the skin of her arms was scaly and green. When she smiled, he saw that her teeth were fangs. The pupils of her eyes were sideways slits, like a reptile's.

The Chihuahua got bigger with each bark as the kid's parents dragged him to the paralyzed ranger.

The Chimera was now so tall it's back rubbed against the roof. It had the head of a lion with a blood-caked mane, the body and hooves of a goat, and a diamondback snake growing right out of it's but. A rhinestone dog collar still hung from its neck like a rope from the gallows, 'If only.' Percy thought as he read the nametag.

Chimera: Rabid, Fire-breathing, Poisonous If found, please call Tartarus Ext. 954.

'Nice dad, maybe you should keep a better eye on that stuff.' Percythought as he looked into dark burning eyes.

The snake lady made a hissing noise that might have been laughter. "Be honored, Percy Jackson. Lord Zeus rarely allows me to test a hero with one of my brood. For I am the Mother of Monsters, the terrible Echidna!"

Percy stared at the gleaming teeth that were just itching to eat him. "Two things, isn't that a type of Anteater and dude your mom is coming out of your butt."

The Chimera roared as his mom howled, "I hate it when people say that! I hate Australia! Naming that ridiculous animal after me. For that, Percy Jackson, my son shall destroy you!"

"Now, now calm down. You know what they say, 'imitation is the biggest form of flattering.'"

Mother and son let out a roar of anger as the Chimera charged lion teeth gnashing. Percy dodged the snapping teeth by jumping to the side. Percy landed next to the panicking family and park ranger, each trying to open the emergency exit doors.

'I can't let them get hurt. Daddy Hades hear my pray get those people to safety.' Percy thought as he uncapped riptide charging the Chimera.

In return, Hades was forced to take some of Percy's energy. The family and ranger screamed as shadows engulfed them, they abruptly stopped when they ended up outside of the Arch.

Percy ran passed the Chimera towards the other end of the deck as he yelled, "Hey, Chihuahua!"

The Chimera was faster than Percy thought (He never practiced with one before) it swung its furry head toward him and let out a column of flame from its bloodstained maw. Percy dove to the right the carpet burst into flames, Percy was sure his eyebrows were being burnt off. Percy looked out of the corner of his eye at the damaged done as he stood up. A hole was in a monument of the USA, more specifically the Arch and all Percy could say as he thought, 'he just toasted the Arch and would be in so much trouble.'

"You really need a breath mint."

Review this story please. Sorry it took so long my Muse was telling me what to write, but she was mumbling and we often were sidetracked. Now she is steadily singing, and I thank her for it! Maybe I should not say that this tiny little chapter took me three days. Hehe *Sweat drop*

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