Daddy Hades

Chapter 21

Daddy Hades Chapter 21

By ncalkins; ooc; do not own Percy Jackson; not betaed yet! I own nothing!

Percy slashed with Riptide hitting the collar, big mistake. Riptide glanced off the rhinestone collar making Percy lose his balance. Percy fell onto his bottom, left leg bend at the knee with his foot under his right leg that was bent like a triangle. The bloody mouth darted forward to take a bite out of Percy's closer right leg. Percy raised Riptide and deflected the lion's maw, but he was not paying attention to the snake's mouth.

Percy let out a blood-curling scream as nine-inch fangs slid into the soft tissues of his side. The mother snake threw Percy right next to the burning hole, tearing a hole into his side. Percy sobbed barely noticing that Riptide was thrown out of the Arch. Big crystal tears traced tracks on his face as he stared at the gap in his side. The wound was bleeding, hissing and the poison with in it was making the blood bubble.

Percy coughed blood flying out of his mouth. "Why, I'm just a kid." Percy said, dimly aware of the two voices in the back of his head screaming "NOOOO!"

"Do you see Perseus Jackson, the gods are cruel. They throw their children into the front lines, without even a handshake good bye. They except complete loyalty from children who they don't even visit, and when the child is in trouble the gods sit back and laugh." The mother of monsters hissed, "Not even the monsters are that cruel to our own children."

Percy groaned he could feel the poison spreading, admittedly slower then it would if he was moving. "Your wrong, the gods are changing. Hermes is improving living conditions for his children, Hades helped me through out my life and Poseidon took me to his palace."

"It's a ploy to make themselves look better." The monster looked at Percy in a considering way. "Tell you what young demigod I'll let you chose. You can lay here thinking of you death and life as you slowly waste away. I can kill you fast and you won't feel any more pain or you can prove me wrong and show me the gods have changed."

Percy groaned as he pushed himself up, he stumbled toward the hole and looked down.

"Prove to me your have faith in the gods." The monster sneered behind him.

"It's okay Percy, jump I'll catch you." The sea soothing voice said.

"Listen to him Percy; I don't want to rule over you yet. At least not like that." The cool metal voice said, but it was warm like fire.

Percy did not really jump; he somewhat just flopped out the hole. No thoughts pierced his mind as he fell in what seemed like slow motion. All the colors blended, drops of blood floated above him. Percy's hand was reaching toward the sky and he closed his eyes, feeling relaxed. Then the feeling change instead of air whipping around him, he was swallowed by something.

Percy opened his eyes to see water all around him. Sand, muck and trash was floating around him as a fish swam away from him. An unbelievable pain pierced Percy's haze filled mind. Percy screamed and thrashed, Percy searched for what was causing this pain. His wound was healing, the poison was cleansing and the missing part was regeneration.

Percy thrashing began to tear at his own skin, then a pair of female hands grabbed his. Percy's rolling eyes took in the sight of a river Naiad holding him down. He's legs were being held down as well.

"The messenger has been told to wait a little while." She said then she turned to Percy. "Hold on son of Poseidon, it is almost done."

With that, Percy blacked out.

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