Daddy Hades

Chapter 22

Daddy Hades Chapter 22

By ncalkins; ooc; do not own Percy Jackson; Lost beta DarkLadyIreth! I own nothing!

Percy awoke with a groan, trying to remember what had happened. When all the memories came rushing back he shot up, a muck cloud rose around him. Percy coughed as the bad tasting water rushed in his mouth.

"Easy, you've just healed and need to slow down." A deep voice said from his left side.

Percy's head shot to the left and he saw to his surprise Poseidon who was mumbling to himself.

"I really need to clean this river and maybe do a sweep of all rivers."

"Dad, not to be unappreciative, but what the Hades are you doing here?" Percy exclaimed in confusing as his dad just sat there mumbling to himself, his legs stretched out in front of him and triton resting across his lab.

"Hmm." Poseidon acknowledged Percy's question, then answered. "I was worried, sent the messenger away and decided to talk to you in person."

Poseidon's eyes softened as he held out his hand. Part of Percy hoped he could have a hug; cause going through an ordeal like that is still very frightening. Percy shook off those feelings and looked at what was in Poseidon's hand. Three pearls rested within his palm, but these pearls were weird, they looked milky and glowed with an inner light.

"I was planning for you to go to Santa Monica, but things rarely go as planed." Poseidon gave a weary chuckle and placed the three pearls in Percy's hand.

"These pearls will transport you out of any danger. Just crush them under your feet, but remember what belongs to the sea will return to the sea."

Percy's mind went to work on the ways these pearls can be put to use. "So I should probably use these when we get to Papa's domain. For a quick get away and help us get to the Empire State Building faster."

Poseidon developed a thoughtful expression and nodded. "That could work and I could help you to the nearest coast."

An idea came to Percy who adopted a hopeful and puppy eyed expression. "Can you just take us, somewhere close to Los Angeles?"

Poseidon avoided Percy's eyes. "Now, Percy you know the answer to that."

"Please dad, I'm really tired and I feel…" Percy paused in the middle of his sentence trying to find the right word for how he felt. "Safer in the water, then on land."

Poseidon's face softened and he finally met Percy's eyes. "Percy I know you feel safe here." His faced turned pain as if uttering these words would be the death of him.

"I can't help you." Poseidon chocked out, but then he visibly bighted. "I can't help you that way, but I can give you some money for the trip."

Poseidon began to rummage through his pockets trying to find some of his spare change. Percy tried to protested, but his biological father ignored him, checking his back pockets. Poseidon took off his Neptune's hat and looked inside. "Not here…" Poseidon trailed off thoughtfully, who know trying to find money on your person could be so confusing.

"Please tell me it's not in your underwear." Percy groaned he knew people hid money in strange places. His mom use to hide the money in the plant pot out on the fire escape.

Poseidon speared him a strange look, and then he started chuckling. "No, but now I remember I put it in my sock."

Poseidon leaned down and took off his sandal and sock, reaching into his sock he pulled out a wad of cash. Handing Percy the cash he saw Percy's weird look.


"I just realized where similar but different. I put my money in my shoe, so all I have to worry about is a hobo stealing my money."

Poseidon nodded and gave some words of wisdom. "Put the money in your sock my son, so when a hobo steals your shoes he doesn't get all your money."

Percy relented and stuffed the money into his sock. Giving a little laugh, he told his father, "You wouldn't believe how confused the Hermes kids were when they tried to pick pocket me."

Poseidon chuckled alone side his favorite human son. His eyes softened and he took in he seemingly vulnerable son, so weak and fragile able to die because of the slightest thing. Over come by emotion, Poseidon swept Percy into his arms, trying to get Percy to understand that he loved him with all his heart.

"Be safe Percy and know this, win or lose you will always be my son."

Percy felt emotion chocking him as he father released him. It was not every day your godly parent gave you a hug and told you they love you. Poseidon gazed at his son, "You need to get back to your friends."

Percy nodded and shot to the surface, hearing his dad yell, "Zeus stop shooting lighting at my vessels, I don't make title wave that hits your planes!"

Percy came up laughing, he looked around the sky was darkening the cars were gone. A shot of fear went throw him, where were Luke and Clarisse?

As Percy walked out of the water a cry of, "Percy!" The twin screams echoed in the empty city streets.

Percy turned and saw Clarisse and Luke barreling toward him. It was like to cannon balls hurtling into him. Percy gasped as questions bombarded him, he could not answer any of them though because the life was being squeezed out of him.

"Guys, guys let go! I'm fine!" Percy gasped out, and then sweet air filled his lungs as his friends let him go.

Luke and Clarisse looked at each other and asked one question, "What happened?"

Therefore, Percy told them, he took out the money and counted it. The three demigods choked on their own spit, over a thousand dollars were in their hands.

"Well never say dad doesn't love me." Percy choked out and the others nodded.

Together the walked toward the train station planning to book a rid all the way to Los Angeles.

On the way Luke casually said, "Percy you might want to avoid police for now on."


"You blew up a national monument; they think you're a bomber. If you're caught you will go to jail." Clarisse said, in response Percy groaned, just what he needed.


Guess what, I have a new Idea for a story. I am thinking of waiting until I finish one or two of my other stories before posting them. What do you think?

The story is called Son of the Underworld. It is about Percy being the biological son of Hades. Poseidon never had a son, Grover never was his friend and Chiron never came to help him. Humans sun Percy, see how he survives.

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