Daddy Hades

Chapter 23

Daddy Hades Chapter 23

By ncalkins; ooc; do not own Percy Jackson; Lost beta DarkLadyIreth! I own nothing!

On June 14th, seven days before the deadline our group of demigods made it to Denver and were hanging out in a carwash.

"I really hope the police don't catch us here." Percy said nervously as he crated a mist with the water from the ground, making sure it was in the sunlight to make an Iris Message.

"Don't worry, besides we need to talk to Chiron and update him on what's happening." Luke said trying to calm the skittish demigod, 'And who can blame him? He a wanted criminal, his dad's are going to war and his crazy uncle is blaming him for it all.'

Percy nodded his head as Clarisse threw in a drachma asking for their message to be heard. A fuzzy picture revealed Annabeth leaning against the porch railing a small smirk on her face. Percy narrowed his eyes something seemed wrong with her smirking, especially with the sound of fierce fighting in the background.

"Annabeth!" Luke shouted happily, it'd been so long since he'd seen his little sister. Annabeth whipped around her blond hair rising like a tornado then falling softly around her shoulders. Grey eyes widened and the smirk turned into a smile.

"LUKE!" She shrieked happily causing Percy to wince. Clarisse stuck a finger in her ear and wiggled it.

"Dame, princess can you get any louder? You think he's your long lost boy toy or something." She groused sending a disgruntle look at Annabeth.

Annabeth turned red, grey eyes flashed to Luke for just a brief second and dishearten at his disturbed look.

"Shut up! There's nothing wrong with being excited about seeing a friend you've been worried about for days!" Annabeth snapped underline hurt seeping into her voice.

"Yeah, Clarisse Annabeth's like a sister to me. There's no way she feels something like that for me." Luke said willing his eye not to twitch at the thought of his little sister coming on to him.

"Are you blind? How can you not see it?" Clarisse busted out laughing, "Poor Annywanny, her hero worship hasn't won Lukey's heart." She spoke in a baby voice.

Annabeth face turned into a deeper red, tears trying to fill her eyes. Luke adverted his eyes and pretended he wasn't hearing anything.

'There is no way Annabeth can like me.' Luke thought, 'She's like a sister to me.'

'But she dose blush around you a lot.' Luke's angel voice piped up.

'Well, yeah…It's probably hero worship though, you know the whole being there for her as a child….Yeah that's it I seem to remember Chiron tell me that kids get their first crush on their parents, so it's only natural that she would mix up her feelings for me. Besides aren't geniuses suppose to be emotional stunted?'

'One long ass crush.' Luke's devil voice chimed in.

'I think my mother passed some of her crazy onto me….I need therapy, then again so do everyone at camp half blood…Except maybe Percy, he seems pretty sane.' Luke thought casting a sideway glance at Percy who was looking concerned.

"Hey, Annabeth?" Percy called from the side and moved in front of the screen.

'I should probably stop this before it goes to far…Then again to probably went to far when Clarisse opened her more. She my friend and I love her, a good silent watcher she dose not make.'

"Yeah?" Annabeth called and realizing Percy was blocking the other's views and adverting his eyes, she quickly wiped her eyes suddenly thankful to Percy for caring enough to save her pride.

"What's with all that fighting over there? It doesn't sound like normal training." Percy asked risking a glance at Annabeth.

Annabeth was about to answer when a car pulled up next to were they were blasting music.

"Hold that thought." Luke called from behind Percy, "Clarisse, if you will?"

"With pleasure." She growled and stalked over to the other stall.

Luke and Percy stood side by side as the music cut off.

"What the hell? You crazy Bitch!" A man's voice called, all three demigods winched it was not wise to insult a child of Ares.

"What'd you call me!" Clarisse roared sounding a bit like a lion. Then the screams started.

"Hey, Annabeth you might want to hurry with the story. We'll have to leave soon." Percy said wincing as a snapping sound vibrated off of the walls and the girlish scream that came afterwards was sure to draw some attention.

"Right, the camp has split into two groups. The ones who are back Poseidon and the ones who are back Zeus. Aphrodite, Ares, Apollo and Hermes are backing Poseidon. Athena, Demeter, Dionysus, Hephaestus are backing Zeus."

"Great, it's the Trojan war. Annabeth who's side are you on?" Luke asked staring to puffy grey eyes.

"Well, my cabin is backing Zeus." Annabeth said uncomfortable.

"I didn't ask what your siblings and your mom believe in. I'm asking what you believe in."

"Well, I've been having dreams about a chasm. A voice says things. About…" Annabeth was cut off by Percy.

"That's not my dad!" He snapped red in the face green eyes flashing. "My dad appears on,"

"A black throne, I know." Annabeth finished. "But, Percy if it's not him, then who?"

"I don't know!" He hissed puddles of water spiking up around them. "All I know is it's not my dad! Your just like everyone else! Accusing and hating someone you won't understand, I thought your might have a brain in their but clearly you don't!"

With that Percy turned around and sunk into soupy shadows appearing right next to Clarisse.

"Luke and I, we don't believe it's your dad. He loves you too much to put you in danger." She said from her seat in the passenger side of the car, legs dangling out of the open door.

"Thanks." Percy said shortly still seething as he opened the back seat door and slammed it shut.

Luke turned back to Annabeth after watching Percy storm off. She looked really upset.

"I-I didn't mean too upset him." She stuttered grey eyes glazing over, remembering the power and hate that had burned in Percy's eyes.

"I know, don't take what he said to heart." Luke tried to sooth her. "He's just a little stressed and you can't blame him there."

Annabeth nodded miserably and Luke turned serious.

"Annabeth, that voice you've been hearing. Don't listen to it, all it tells are lies."

Annabeth shot him a curious look. "How do you know?"

"Don't ask, just trust me. I have to go." Luke said and waved his hand through the mist.

He walked over to the other stall to find a black van that Clarisse was hanging out of.

"Where's Percy?" He called to her, part of him worrying about Annabeth and Kronos.

'Don't worry she's a smart girl. And loyal to the family, unlike me.' He finished his though bitterly. Luke shook his head mentally, 'Well, now I have the chance to make it right. I'm not going to waste it.'

"He's in the back seat." She answered and turned to face forward closing the door.

"Well, looks like we have a new car." Luke sighed as he walked around the back casting a look at the knocked out twenty year old body builder that was lying on his side in a puddle of water.

"Poor, son of a gun." He muttered opening the door and climbing in, he turned the keys and the van roared to life.

He pulled out of the car wash, the radio was off so it was silent as he made his way to the road. Before he dived into trafficked he cast a look at the review mirror. Percy was slumped in his seat, arms crossed and staring out of the window with a adorable pout on his face.

"You, alright Percy?" Luke called a light blush sprayed on his face.

Percy glanced at him a smile flashed on his face. "Yeah, just thinking that you guys will probably be on the run form the police now."

Luke chuckled as he pulled into traffic, "Yeah, well us demigods friends have to stick together. You know, we live together, fight together, die together, we might as well go to jail together too."

Clarisse and Percy laughed, Luke turned on the radio.

"Work-in at the car wash~!"

The tree demigods busted out laughing as they drove on, filled with joy on such a bleak journey.

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