Daddy Hades

Chapter 24

Daddy Hades Chapter 24

By ncalkins; ooc; do not own Percy Jackson; Lost beta DarkLadyIreth! I own nothing!

They had to stop at a diner before going on, Percy's stomach had growled so loud the people in the other cars could hear it. So they sat down and waited for their waiter to come by sipping on water that had been placed there by the host, when she did she looked rather frayed around the edges. Blond hair was tangled and limp, brown eyes cold and hard, mouth twisted down in a frown; overall, she looked like she had a hard life.

"Well?" She sounded so skeptic as if the thought of three teens going out to eat together was some foreign thing that never happened here. Of course, looking around there seemed to be only families and the teens in question looked dilapidated.

"We would like three hamburgers with a side of fries, three sodas and three ice-cream platters please." Percy said only for the server to raise an eyebrow in disbelief.

"Can you pay for it?"

"Yes, we can." Luke said in a haughty voice not paying attention to the bike that had pulled up in the parking lot.

At least until Percy asked, "Is that human skin?"

Luke and the waiter looked up and out the window. A motorcycle the size of a baby elephant had pulled up to the curb. The motorcycle's headlights glared red. Its gas tank had flames painted on it, and a shotgun holster riveted to either side, complete with shotguns. The seat was leather, but leather that looked like Caucasian human skin.

The person on the bike was buff; he had a red wife beater on, a leather jacket and faded blue jeans with holes in them. He also had wrap around red shades hiding his eyes from view, his face had some many scars some of them overlapped.

"Who is that?" Luke muttered as the man got off the bike.

"My worst nightmare." Clarisse muttered back her face pale; she really did not want to be yelled at in front of her friends.

The tinkle of the bell introduced this stranger into the dinner, the air grew hot and stuffy siblings began to squabble and parents squawked for them to calm down all in angry voices. Boots thudded on the checkered floor, if Percy was not mistaken there were cracks forming with each step.

"Percy, drink your water and kept a cool head that's Ares god of war and he'll do anything to get a rise out of people." Hades spoke within Percy's mind and as Ares sat next to an uptight Clarisse, he could feel rage building and knew what his papa meant.

Percy took a sip of water and felt the anger ebb lightly but not enough, looking to his right he could see Luke going red in the face blue eyes flashing in anger. To his left the waitress was taunt looking about read to slam the notepad on the guy's head.

"Dad, can you cool it down a little." Clarisse choked out, Ares turned his head slightly toward his daughter. Clarisse swallowed a look of fear flashed and mixed with the anger in her eyes along with something more serious, hate. "If a fight breaks out and the police are called, I don't want to go to jail today."

"Get whatever the kids ordered, I'm buying." Was all Ares said and the server when on her way, but the kids felt the air get easier to breath and the anger lessened a great deal.

"So you're walking around with a cane now?" Ares asked rhetorically kicking Clarisse's spear.

Luke gulped seeing Clarisse beginning to glare part of him thought she was about to bite Ares. Ares seemed amused by Clarisse bearing a grin, he said, "Don't worry kid you'll get your hamburger soon, though if you're that hungry I've got some preservatives strait from the front lines."

Clarisse huffed and Percy felt the need to interrupt this daughter father bonding time.

"With all due respect sir, what do you want?"

Ares tuned his face the red shades he had began to glow.

"From my impression of watching you, I would have thought you have more respect for me."

Percy looked up into Ares eyes, his own flashing in defiance; "I have respect for you I just know you probably want something. The only gods I know that visit or give something to me for free is my papa and dad."

Ares laughed, "You honestly think those gifts were free? Barnacle beard gave you those sea pearls as a just in case, it may get you out of danger however it will also get you back faster and him out of trouble faster. Death breath gave you all those blessings because he doesn't want to be lonely besides how would it look if he fought for you but ignored you later?"

"The same way it looks to a demigod when a god abandons their kid and comes back with gifts, bad. However even if there were more then one motive for them giving me those blessed gifts it was still done with love." Percy said lifting his chin in a stubborn way that said no matter what the war god said he would not change his mind.

Ares threw back he head and laughed spooking near by eaters. "I like this boy." Her father nudged Clarisse as she muttered "Good for you."

Ares took out his knife and pointed it at Percy, "Just make sure you don't push your luck kid." With that, he started cleaning the dirt from under his nails with the knifepoint as the server walked toward them with their food.

As the kids were given their burgers, Ares pulled out a gold drachma and tossed it toward the woman who fumbled with it before staring at the coin in her hands.

"Sir, you can't have a knife in here and we can't take this."

Ares rolled his head toward the girl his left arm resting behind Clarisse on the back of the booth's chair. "You'll take the coin and stop bothering us. Our business is nothing to you mortal."

The woman stiffened, her brown eyes glazed over turning even darker from the mind control they looked black now. She did an about face and marched off to her other tables in a very military like matter.

Ares relaxed his legs crossed at the ankles spread out in front of him and to the right of Luke. He watched with sharp eyes as the kids ate, studying each one. The son of Hermes had a battle scar something he should be proud of and something Ares could respect. Perseus Jackson was an oddity even among gods, adopted by one and fathered by another. Ares kind of like the kid, he had spunk; caused chaos among the gods and was friends with his Clarisse.

Ares ran a hand through his military issued hair a frown tugging at his lips, Clarisse his favorite daughter. Though from the looks she was giving him, she did not know that. Of course, he was rather hard on her, but as his favorite, she needed to be tough his other children would tear her apart and not just the demigods.

'Though,' Ares thought as a whine smile appeared on his face making the demigods tenser and more weary of what was to come. 'She did stand up to me more then once, I wonder if she even remembers those times?'


Ares appeared in Lila's living room in her two-story house. She was still at work, he knew and Clarisse only five year old was up the stairs home from school a few hours earlier then normal.

'Did the kid get in trouble or something?' Thought Ares he never saw the brown eye peeking at him from the door way, however he did feel the child just outside the door so it didn't come as a surprise when Clarisse came charging at him head lowered.

Ares sidestepped and grabbed Clarisse by the back of her camouflage shirt and lifted her up. Clarisse glared at him with big brown eyes, her bob hair cut bouncing as he lifted her to eye lever.

"What are you doing home?"

"None of your beeswax!" then she threw a punch at him, it actually hurt not that he showed it and he tossed her out into the hallway.

He heard her feet scramble away when he could hear her no more he decided to get something to drink, he doubted Lila kept beer in this place but he could have a soda.

He never saw Clarisse standing on the railing of the second floor nor did he see the knife she had in her hands. He did however hear the war cry she let lose as she jumped off the railing and positioned the knife so it would stab him. Ares glanced up and lifted a hand; he caught Clarisse around her middle. Bringing up his other hand he placed it on her back and held her away from him as she swung the knife around. Ares eyes narrowed behind red shades and he swatted her behind.

"Stop that, you'll stab yourself in the eye with that sloppy technique."

In shock, Clarisse dropped the knife in landed tip buried into the floor before Ares feet. Her eyes widened no one had ever withstood her attacks before, not even the fifth grader from down the street that had called her a pixy.

"What are you doing home?"

"Get the hell out of my mom's house!"

"You shouldn't use that language I know your mother raised you better!"

"What do you care? Why are you here! Who are you?"

"You're a kid; I'm visiting and none of your beeswax. Are you hungry?"

Clarisse blinked at such an odd question, her stomach answered for her releasing a loud growl.

"I'll take that as a yes." Ares tucked Clarisse under his arm and strolled to the kitchen, holding Clarisse like a football one hand on her head.

Clarisse soon found herself setting on one of the too high bar stools at the kitchen island. She had tried to escape several times before; jumping off the chair but Ares always put her back on the chair as he passed by. So here, she was sitting with her arms crossed glaring at the strange man that was making ribs for the both of them. Clarisse puffed out her cheeks, as she smelled the cooking ribs she did not want to be truthful but they smelled good.

Ares glanced at her biting the inside of his cheek, "You look like a chipmunk."

"I can bite like one too, come here and I'll tear you finger to shreds!"

Ares felt amusement bubble within him, most of his children had spunk but they never really showed it to him.

"Didn't your mother teach you not to bite people?"

"Didn't yours teach you not to break into people's houses and make them lunch? I mean, what kind of criminal dose that?"

"The good kind." Ares said as he laid down silverware and red cloth napkins. "Now, why are you home early?"

Clarisse picked up the stake knife ("Don't poke your eye out kid.") and began to fiddle with it. Her brown eyes appeared in the stainless steel and so did the back of the stranger.

"A fifth grader called me a pixy, I took him down." With that Clarisse flicked her tiny wrist, the knife sailed through the air and wedged itself into the wall next to Ares.

"What is it with you and knives?" Mutter Ares as he pulled the knife out of the wall and swiped the other knife off the table.

"Their sharp and shiny." Was Clarisse's answer as Ares placed the knives back into the kitchen cupboard.

"That's nice." Ares said dismissively as he put the ribs on two plates, they were nice and tender, fall off the bone covered in barbeque sauce.

"Hey kid, want to have a race?"

Clarisse looked up with interest, as a stack of ribs was place in front of her.

"Let's have a race, see who can eat the most ribs in least amount of time."

A familiar gleam entered Clarisse's eyes.

"You're on."

Therefore, Lila came home to see Ares winning the competition, Clarisse making a mess and throwing bones at Ares.

The next time Ares had saw Clarisse, he disguised himself as an eight-year-old boy when she was six and challenged her to a fight. They both did a number on each other, though Ares had to clear up all the school misgivings.

The last time he saw her outside of Camp Half Blood she had been following Lila and a man. They were on a date and Clarisse was trying to get the man to back off. She was throwing thing, tripping the man and just being an out of the way nuisance. Ares was taking a walk when he noticed the date and Clarisse; he walked up to her looking like a drill sergeant even though he was in a teenager's body.

"Here." Ares handed her a slingshot. "Give him hell, kid."

Clarisse grinned evilly with a special gleam in her eye and began to pelt the man with rocks from afar, the man stayed way after that.

-End flash backs-

Ares broke out of his memories when the kids turned to look at him. He yawned and stretched, sitting up he rested his arms on the table.

"Okay here's the deal. I lost my shield in the abandon water park near by. I need you two too go get it." He said pointing his finger at Percy and Luke. "Clarisse stays here."

Percy was about to ask what they would get in return when Luke elbowed him in the side. A look at his blue eyes and Percy understood do not push your luck.

"Okay, just tell us were to go." Percy said standing up, after they got the directions Clarisse rounded on her dad.

"Why didn't you let me go?" She asked, an unasked question flitting through her eyes.

'Do you think I'm weak?'

Ares took off his glasses, mini nuclear explosions transformed into brown eyes like hers.

"We need to talk." Ares said, Clarisse swallowed something told her this was going to be awkward.

Percy and Luke made it to the abandoned park. It was dusty, creaky, dirty and empty. Luke flew over the gate and Percy…well Percy walked right on through, the shadows provided by the darkening sky. Percy sent a silent thank you to his papa as Luke landed next to him.

They walked into the darkening water park; their footsteps echoed around them, metal rides creaked ominously. Luke's eyes darted everywhere, searching for lurking monsters in the darkness. He slowed down his steps so he was walking next to Percy; he moved closer their arms brushing. What ever happened he would not let Percy get hurt.

"Hey, Luke are you okay?"

Luke jumped and let out a manly squeal only to see Percy staring at him with a raised eyebrow. Luke sheepishly calmed down placing a hand over his heart feeling it beat under his skin.

"I'm fine, this place is creepy though."

Percy looked around at the growing shadows, the rusting slides and empty bowls with an inky darkness pooling at the bottom, the wind howled through holes in some of the structures sounding like a screaming man.

"I don't think so."

Luke turned blue eyes filled with disbelieve toward Percy only for sea green eyes to blink back at him.

"Raised in the underworld, right." Luke sighed and slumped, "I just wish we had some light it would make it this easier."

Percy stared at him then turned his eyes to a crack in the ground. The crack grew in size and widened, until it was large enough for someone to fall through. Growls and screams came from the darkness in the ground. Percy rolled his eyes and smiled knowing Hades was bored with work and was putting on a show, Luke behind Percy was having a heart attack.

A red twirling ember came out of the hole, flames following it until it was six feet tall and it busted, turning into a column of flame. The flame died down revealing a skeleton in butler clothing, holding a lidded tray a green glow came from under the lid. The skeleton lifted the lid and showed an old fashion hurricane lantern with Greek fire inside the glass.

"Thanks." Percy smiled at the skeleton and leaned over to see into the crack, "Thanks daddy!"

Percy turned to Luke who was once again holding his chest and gapping at him.

"Are you okay?" Percy asked tilting his head to the left.

Luke marched over to Percy snatched the lantern out of his hand and shouted, "WHY!"

Luke kept an eye on the ground as he marched forward ahead of Percy, he never noticed the skeleton hand that came up behind him and flipped him off.

"Dad." Percy quietly scolded him as he followed Luke.

They walked along in silence; they walked toward a gift shop Luke wanted to go into. He grabbed a backpack and they continued. Percy did not ask why Luke got a backpack, but did ask, "Why would Ares come here?"

"Out of the way date with Aphrodite."

Percy nodded and raised an eyebrow at the tunnel of love ride; Ares's shield was in the boat. What made him raise an eyebrow it was the décor. Rimming around an empty pool at least fifty yards across and shaped like a bowl were bronze statues of Cupid. Mirrors were on ever-available surface it would reflect the two people in the boat at all times. The tunnel opened up opposite of the two boys showing Romeo and Juliet on different sides looking at each other longingly with the name and slogan of the ride suspended between them.

Tunnel of Love Ride: This is not your parent's tunnel of Love.

"Gag me." Percy said as he took in the sights, Luke beside him nodded "Why don't they marry themselves."

Percy turned to Luke and told him, "Wait here, I'll go down and get the shield."

He made a move to go forward when Luke stopped him. "Why do you get to go down?"

"My dad can shadow travel me out if anything go wrong."

"I can fly."

"That's why I need you as backup in case anything goes wrong."

"That's why you shouldn't go in alone."

Percy and Luke glared at each other until they both jumped in surprise when a hand landed on their shoulders. Luke growled he was sick of things scaring him in this park! He pulled out his sword and swung, Percy barley having time to dunk and cut off the head of what ever it was.

Luke had spun out of that things hold and was now panting as he glared into the darkness around him, the lantern diminutively illuminating Percy's face.

Percy turned his head still feeling the hand on his shoulder and recognized the slightly glowing fingers of a skeleton.

"Luke let me see the lantern."

Luke gave him the lantern as soon as it was out of his hands he spun around to look behind him for any enemies. Percy moved the light closer to the hand and found a skeleton dressed like a person from the SWAT team except he did not have a head.

"Luke, it's one of papa's servants no need to wig out."

Luke turned around and found Percy still in the hold of a skeleton; Luke looked at his feet to see a head with a helmet on and a visor in front of its face. Luke picked up the head his sword pointed downward and sheepishly handed the servant back its head.

"Sorry about that, being a demigod makes me jumpy."

The skeleton snatched its head from Luke's hands and irritably put it on, if Luke was not mistaken it was giving him a dirty look. The skeleton pushed Luke and Percy behind it, began to trek down into the bowl, when the demigods made to follow it spun around, and held up a 'halt' hand. The message was clear the demigods were going to stay up there and the dead were going to do the dirty work. Before the skeleton continued down it make an 'I'm watching you' sign toward Luke.

"You are not popular with the underworld today."

"Shut up, Percy."

While they talked, the skeleton had made it to the boat and was trying to find a way to get the shield without breaking the bronze threads. Really, he could get his hand inside the boat without breaking the threads it was getting the shield out of the boat without breaking the threads that was the problem.

The skeleton gave its own version of a shrug and reached in its hand breaking the threads, he pulled out the shield. Immediately the cupids around the bowl came to life and drew back their bows. Luke and Percy yelp as the ones closes to them took aim.

"We have to help him!" Percy yelled taking a step forward, Luke grabbed his arm and said, "No need look."

The skeleton and thrown the shield up into the air as it reached it's top arch the cupids arrows flew at each other, not at the skeleton to Percy relief. The net settled and cameras popped out of the cupids heads counting down as spiders poured out of all nooks. The skeleton was wrapped in living shadows and swallowed by the earth, Percy smiled he was glade no one got hurt this time. (If you did not count Luke heart attack, paranoia and the skeleton losing, its head.)

"Maia!" Luke shouted, and then he was off soaring through the air catching the shield and fastened it onto his arm. The cameras were now rolling, however instead of two forbidden romance partners being caught in the act it caught a pool bowl filled with spiders and a net. The cameras swerved upward and captured Luke, by now the whole park was dark the lights supplied by Hephaestus did not hit him however that was fine the full moon near by provided enough light for the cameras.

The moon hit him just right, making half of him glow in a silver light. The other half bathed in shadows, the shield on his right glowed like a mini-moon. Backbiter was held a little bit away from Luke so it too bathed in moonlight. Luke's scare glowed whiter then the rest of his moonlight skin, blue eyes glowed with adrenalin rush. Blond hair looked silver, soles of his shoes glowed gold form cast off lights.

Percy's eyes widened and he remembered the story of his namesake. Luke looked exactly like what Percy always though Perseus would look like as he raced off to kill Medusa. As Luke floated down toward him the cameras following his every move, Percy quickly whipped any awe from his face.

'Medusa came back and Luke doesn't need a big head.' Percy though embarrassed that he would compare Luke to a dream.

Luke landed beside Percy and tilted his head at Percy's slightly red face; he shrugged it off for all he knew Percy was embarrassed about not doing anything. As they walked out of the park side by side, Luke heard the proud whispered words of his father.

"That's my son."

Ares and Clarisse stood outside the diner waiting for Luke and Percy to return. The bonding time had been a bit awkward, it went from Ares asking about Lila (Clarisse did not know what to say she had not been home in a while.) to Ares "accidentally" stepping on Clarisse's "cane".

So here, they were Ares standing staring strait ahead with his daughter facing to the side away from him with her arms crossed. Ares let out a breath as the two boy came toward them, one with his shield.

"You friends are here."

Clarisse turned forward and relief flooded her, part of Ares winced when he saw his own daughter wanting to get away from him. He placed his hand inside his jacket pocket and pulled out a ring made out of bones. Clarisse looked ready to bolt toward Luke and Percy wanting to know if their okay, but her pride held her back. She did not want too look weak in front of Ares, weakness with him or anywhere could get you killed that or the ones you loved killed.

'But that's not true with Percy and Luke, they cover you weaknesses.' Clarisse thought when a different voice entered her mind. "It's only a weakness when you let it control you, your pride is yours. Just as hubris is my daughters, be careful and trust your comrades or your quest will never get done."

Clarisse looked to the sky with confusion that voice sounded familiar, Ares cleared his throat casting a glare at a cloud that looks like an owl.

"Clarisse, your spear was impractical and stupid so here." Ares shoved the ring into her hand; Clarisse turned it in her hand studying it before putting it on her right ring finger.

"Turn it to the left for any weapon you can think of and to the right for armor and a shield."

Clarisse looked at the small bones connected together, encircling her finger. "What happens if I need both?"

"Go with the armor first and wait for it to settle first. About time Punk!" Ares walked forward snatched the shield and backpack from Luke. Luke gave a indignant yell as he was twisted one way then the other when Ares snatched the shield and backpack. Percy had to hold Luke back from jumping Ares, knowing most of it was caused by the war god himself.

Ares made a copy of the backpack and shoved one into Clarisse's hands and the other into Luke's struggling arms. Luke stopped struggling and looked at the backpack in his arms and Percy released him.

Ares pointed to the one in Clarisse's hands. "That one has food, medical supplies and godly food." He pointed at Luke's pack. "That one has clothes, toothbrushes, money and deodorant."

"Why deodorant?" Percy asked with a slip of the tongue.

Ares placed his shades back on, "Your teenagers, you stink."

With that the god was gone, the demigods got into the car and they drove off toward Los Vegas. They didn't know what they were going to do, if they were going to stop or not. However it was on the way to the underworld and knowing Luke, he would want to try some gambling if he can fool the people there into thinking he was old enough.

"He's right you two do stink." Clarisse said from the backseat.

"Shut up." Percy and Luke said from the front, they didn't know what was to come but they would face it together.


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