Daddy Hades

Chapter 25

Daddy Hades Chapter 25

By ncalkins; ooc; do not own Percy Jackson; Lost beta DarkLadyIreth! I own nothing!

They've been driving for hours and have now made it to Las Vegas, Luke decided to stop for the night and they checked into the Lotus Hotel and Casino. They walked in and was shocked to see a waterslide twisting in the middle of the lobby, tons of games, a giant food court and the gaming area of the gods.

"Whoa," The three of them sighed as they were greeted by a bell hop. "This place is so cool."

"The staff of Lotus Hotel and Casino would like to thank you for that input." The bell hop pulled out three pass card. "This is the cards to let you into your rooms and lets you play as many games as you want."

He shoved the cards into the demigods hands, Percy's eyes widened in confusion and shock as the bell hop walked away.

"We should retune these it's obvious they think were someone else."

Clarisse reluctantly agreed, Luke however said; "Who cares!" And bolted.

"Luke!" The other two shouted and ran after him, Luke ran toward the elevator and pressed the going up button.

Luke passed a look over his shoulders and saw Clarisse and Percy speeding toward him. An excited grin stretched over his face and he turned around, running toward them then taking a sharp left. The two of them followed him as he zigzagged around people and objects, one eye always on the elevator waiting for it to open.

Percy shouted something at Clarisse and they split up. Luke realized with a jolt that they were going to corner him or at least try to. Percy was still behind him, Luke looked at the doors of the elevator the lift was almost there. He turned forward and his heart stopped as he saw Clarisse stampeding toward him, then he heard the coir of heaven. The lovely ding of the elevator signaling that it had arrived.

Taking a sharp left Luke led the two into the elevator and pushed the right floor. He grabbed one of the bars as Clarisse and Percy tried to pry him away from the bar and out the elevator. With a whoosh the doors closed and they were on the move, both demigods let go and gave him a glare.

"Common guys, it's just for on night enjoy it. After this it's back to ruff travel and down into the spooky underworld." Luke said waving his pass card in the air.

Percy and Clarisse both relaxed.

"Well, it is only for one night." Percy said, though he kept hearing something it was like out of a badly toned radio. The words can be barely heard, it almost sounded like his name.

The three of them made their way for their shared room. Then they separated after a quick nap and shower (not together…no not even Luke and Percy). Luke and Clarisse quickly got sucked into a dating Sims game, where the main character looked startling like Percy.

Percy on the other hand wondered around and made a new friend Nico Di Angelo. They went from game to game, swam in the pool, ate at the food court and finally were at a art and crafts station making necklaces.

Percy was making one with black bead with one green bead with a trident on it. Nico was making a sea green one with a black bead in the middle that had a helmet painted on it. As Percy tied his together, he grimaced the voices were getting louder but they were so hard to hear.

"Percy, can you tie mine together too?"

"Sure." Percy said as he reached for he threads, his figures brushed Nico's and a jolt went through him. Suddenly the voices were heard with crystal clarity.

"Percy! You have to get out of there! It's a trap!"

Percy inhaled sharply and quickly tied the knot for Nico's necklace. He stood up and handed Nico both necklaces.

"Nico, I have to go. My friends and I need to check out, here you can keep my necklace as a brothers friends symbol thing."

"Brothers?" Nico whispered his dark eyes widening. Most people tried to avoid him so for someone that wasn't related to him by blood to claim him it was a big deal. A determined look entered his eyes and he grabbed Percy's hand before Percy could leave.

"Here, remember we're brothers." Nico gave Percy the necklace he made, though part of him wanted to force Percy to stay.

Percy smiled and took the necklace, he slipped it over his head and ran leaving Nico behind. He raced over to the game room and found Luke and Clarisse glaring at each other.

"I won! A deals, a deal now back off!" Luke yelled blue eyes freezing like ice. "Never!" Clarisse snapped, brown eyes flashing like fire.

"Guys, we have to leave." Percy said running over to them, ignoring the way they seemed about ready to go for each others throats.

"What? No way!" Luke said, "This place has gambling!"

"I haven't even touched the pro wrestling mat!"

"I heard my fathers! Please they said it's a trap we have to leave!"

Both Luke and Clarisse deflated, if Percy heard the gods that meant something was going down. They agreed and the three left the Lotus Hotel and Casino only to find out five days had passed, they only had one more day to complete their mission.


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