Daddy Hades

Chapter 26

Daddy Hades Chapter 26

By ncalkins; ooc; do not own Percy Jackson; Not betaed! ( I don't know what keeps happening to them! *cries* ) I own nothing!

Percy cursed as it dawned on them that they had very limited time to complete their quest. Clarisse narrowed her eyes and began to think of way to fix what had happened; she pushed down her gowning panic. After all Ares bless those that were strong and brave, not those that were weak and panicked. Luke looked around for his car, but it seemed to have been taken, for it had been towed or something. Needless to say the demigods were panicking and had no idea what to do now.

Cars zipped by, the yellow taxis stood out as they pick people up. Percy watched them as Clarisse and Luke debated using his flying shoes.

"I can't we would be too heavy to fly, and it would still take too long."

"Well, what about Percy's shadow travel?" Clarisse asked looking at the back of Percy's head.

"I can't shadow travel papa uses some of my energy and uses the shadows as a portal." Percy said green eyes followed a taxi as it passed by. "Besides at this point, he is probably too stressed about his helm missing. He also has to focus on the upcoming war, so he won't do anything…That and I don't want to bother him"

"So, what are we going to do?" Luke asked coming to stand beside Percy.

"Do we still have any money from dad?" Percy asked, Luke swiped the backpack off his back and searched through it. Luke cursed, and zipped the backpack up in disgust, "It's all gone. The only thing here is a note from Ares saying we owed his for lunch!"

Percy would have laughed if it wasn't happening to him and the world wasn't in danger. Clarisse looked at the sky and yelled, "DAD! REALLY?!" She could has sworn she heard a chuckle from inside her head.

Luke tipped his head back as he sighed through his nose and closed his eyes. 'What are we going to do now?' He wondered he didn't expect an answer though his got one. 'Stop a taxi and use the card from the Lotus hotel it will get you where you need to go.' Hermes voice echoed in his head with the promise that they would get there in time.

Luke snapped his head forward, and began to walk into the street waving down a taxi.

"Luke what the hell are you doing?!" Clarisse snapped; she was still miffed at her dad for stealing their money.

A taxi stopped and Luke opened the door, "Get in." He ordered.

Percy looked at Luke wondering how they were going to pay for this as he slid into the cab. Clarisse followed grumbling to herself, "He better have a plan. We better not be high jacking this car."

Luke rolled his eyes and got in next to Clarisse he pulled out the card from the casino and told the driver as he handed it to him. "Take us to…" Luke trailed off not really knowing where the entrance to the underworld was.

"To West Hollywood, Valencia Boulevard." Percy cut in the driver gave him a disbelieving look. Luke and Clarisse barley spared Percy a glance, for they were use to his weird underworld knowledge.

"Kid, I can't drive that far." The driver began, "besides there is no way you have that type of money."

"Swipe the card. I assure you we have enough money." Luke said, and leaned back into the seat. He couldn't wait for the driver's expression when the amount showed up.

The driver swiped the card; the expression on his face said that he was just humoring Luke, but the expression quickly turned to awe and shock. The meter machine showed a dollar sign and a infinity symbol next to it.

"S-so shall we go your highness?"

Luke smirked, "We shall." He said in a important voice; he liked being called 'your highness'.

Clarisse noticed this and pinched him, "You highness? More like your pain in the assness. Don't get a big head Castellan."

Luke grumbled as he crossed his arms. "Why do I have to sit next to you?"

The ride was really quick; no one had to pee, no one had to stop to eat or drink, they didn't have to stop for gas and there was little to no traffic. It barely took two hours so the demigods had a feeling that Hermes had something to do with it.

As they stood in front of DOA Recording studios they sent a quite thank you to Hermes. Percy stepped forward and opened the door to the lobby, now usually demigods would make a plan to get into the underworld, but considering Percy was the adoptive son of Hades, Luke and Clarisse felt pretty confident that things would go at least semi-smoothly.

The room was cold as they walked in. The demigods shivered as they took in the bleak room. The carpet and walls were steel grey. Pencil cactuses grew in every corner like skeleton hands. The furniture was leather and every seat was taken by beings that unless seen from the corner of the eye remained invisible. The room was overly crowded with these see-through loiters, they were everywhere. Some waited for the elevator, others stared out the window, all of them where silent and motionless.

"Hello Charon." Percy said as the three demigods approached the front desk. A tall man with chocolate-colored skin and bleached blond military cut hair peered at Percy through tortoiseshell shades.

"Understood. Follow me." Charon said as he stood up; he smooth down his Italian suit wanting to get rid of invisible wrinkles. As he walked over to the elevator his straitened his nametag; a black rose pinned to his lapel rustled. The sweet aroma of the rose filled the air as he stepped into the elevator.

The demigods followed him and before the doors closed Charon yelled at the spirits in the waiting room. "Don't touch my radio!"

With those last words the elevator door closed and the descent into the underworld began. At first the elevator ride seemed fairly normal, Clarisse and Luke expected more. They got their wish as the elevator began to go forward, not down. The air turned misty. Their modern cloths turned into gray hooded robes and the floor began to sway.

"Is anybody else getting sea sick?" Clarisse asked clinching her eyes tight.

"I hate to hear what a child of Aphrodite would have to say about these robes." Luke said picking at his robe.

"Stop that your going to ruin it and then I have to order new ones. Do you know how annoying it is to order these things in bulk?!" Charon snapped at Luke.

Luke stared at Charon, the man's face was becoming transparent. First the skin became paper thin reveling the muscle underneath. The pink tendons pulsed as blue veins pumped blood through Charon's body, the pink muscle faded until it was barely there to show the skull underneath. Luke looked Charon up and down his eyes taking in the black robe around his waste, and the black rope with tassels tied around his waist. The tassels swinging with every move as Charon steered the boat. Luke's eyes traveled to Charon's face again, he was feeling slightly freaked out about the light pink tint. Charon's glasses had disappeared his eyes were now deep pools of darkness.

As Luke stared at the dark holes he felt coldness incase him, despair welled within him. Everything was lost, there was no hope, no point in trying to get the bolt back they would all end up dead anyway. It wouldn't even be a happy death, no it would just be waiting forever within a grey room wanting to pass, but unable to because of the ferry man who demands pay, and even then it depends on his mood.

"Kid, I know I'm good looking, but if you want me to strip you'll have to pay me a big sum of money."

Luke blinked in shock, "W-What?"

"If you want me to strip, you'll have to pay me" Charon repeated, Luke sent him a disbelieving look. "I don't want you to strip!"

"Are you sure? I can show you how the human digestive system works just give me a Hamburger."

"EW! Gross! No, I don't need to see your insides!"

As Charon steered the boat he gave a rasping laugh, "You demigods are so entertaining when your about to die."

"We won't die." Percy said in a unruffled voice as the boat docked.

The demigods got out as Charon said, "You will, but the other two are doomed. It might be best to stay in daddy's kingdom or else you'll be joining his army."

With that Charon rowed away. Percy and Luke stared after him, Clarisse was kneeling on the sooty ground holding her stomach staring at the swirling brown river.

"What's with him?" Luke grumbled casting the disappearing boat a disgusted look.

"When your down here you get your humor when you can." Percy sighed and waved his hand at the other two. "Come on."

Clarisse stumbled to her feet and asked, "Why is the river so polluted?"

"Papa says that it is polluted with the forgotten dreams and wishes of the dead. The living still have a chance to fulfill those dreams and wishes the dead, not so much." Percy said as he lead them down the well beaten path, a tall stone wall encased the residents of the Underworld. Stalagmites and craggy rocks littered the black sand.

As they neared the entrance of the Underworld, Clarisse and Luke prepared themselves for something magnificent. They expected great looming columns. Torches lit with Greek fire. Undead servants lurking in the dark waiting for you to pass by to give you a heart attack! Okay, that one was just Luke.

What they got was a turnpike and an airport security check point. There were three separate entrances under one huge black archway that said You are now entering Erebus. Each entrance had a pass-through metal detector with a security cameras mounted on top. Beyond that was tollbooths manned by black-robed ghouls.

Percy perked up as he heard Cerberus up ahead howling, he sounded hungry or possible lonely. Percy knew his papa could not devote much time to the stationary three headed dog.

Between Percy and Cerberus, the demigods and the check points were spirits. They clogged together, even though there was three lines. Two lines were marked Attendant on Duty. The other was marked EZ Death. The EZ Death line was moving at a relatively fast pace, but did nothing for the congestion.

The demigods studied what lay before them. Percy's looked on with excitement, he couldn't wait to see Cerberus and his papa in the flesh again! Clarisse and Luke were a bit less enthused.

"I feel cheated." Luke said giving the airport security a disappointed look. Clarisse silently nodded in agreement.


Sorry, it took so long. My computer was acting funky (still kind of is) and College.

Random note about Charon's Rose. Black Roses mean: The promise that soon you will know something you did not know before. Death of fixed thoughts or ideas. Signifies a rejuvenation on the horizon.

Got that tidbit about black roses from: www. flower meaning . Info

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