Daddy Hades

The big wait is over!

"Hey, guys guess what!" Luke yells as he flys on screen.

"Your loud and obnoxious." Clarisse said as she walked into the scean.

"No!" Luke shouted back at her.

"You need a hair cut?" Percy asked.

"No..." Luke said fingering his bangs.

"There's a new story out." Hades sighed bored.

"YES!" Luke exclaimed.

"And not just any story..." Luke started to say before he was interupted.

"DADDY HADES 2!" Poseidon yelled out summoning fireworks.


"Why couldn't it be Daddy Poseidon?" Poseidon pouted as the commotion died down.

"Because your already his dad, and it's not your story it mine." Hades said victoriously.

"Accually it's ours." Percy, Clarisse, and Luke said.

"Hope to see you there!" They all said as one waving at you.

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