Daddy Hades

Chapter 3

Daddy Hades chapter 3

Ncalkins dose not own Percy Jackson; OOC; Thanks Zohan

Percy looked around in disappointment at the blank room a black bed and stone walls. Hades seeing the look spoke up:

"You know if you want the room to change all you have to do is think of what you want and it will become it."

Percy closed his eyes and thought of the beach in a instant the ceiling turned into blue skies, the floor flooded with sand, the right wall looked like it over looked the sea. Hades frowned reminded of his brother Poseidon but smiled at the sight of Percy's bed. Black covers with silver pillows, the head board looked like Cerberus guarding the room. Percy turned to Hades ran toward him and hugged him around his legs. Hades shocked didn't move which caused Percy to hug him tighter leaning over Hades wrapped his arms around Percy in their first or was it their second hug.

"Thank you, thank you…" Percy repeated over and over again.

Hades smiled and in his deep voice said:

"You welcome and I think its time for a bath."

Percy nodded and together they walked to the bathroom Hades ran a bath for Percy and as Percy got in he said:

"I'll be back I'm going to get you some pjs." Hades traveled out of the bath room, closing the door behind him. He quickly found some pajamas of his black silk which he sunk down to fit Percy. Gathering the close in his arms he walked to the bathroom only to stop in front of the door hearing giggling. Hades smiling turned the knob saying:

"You alright in there buddy."

He walked in but stopped short at the sight in front of him. Percy was in the bathtub giggling but it was not the now clean boy that made him stop short but the water it was floating around Percy in little rings. Percy seeing Hades stood up and as he go out the water dropped back into the tube. Percy not sensing anything wrong got dried and dressed, all the while Hades was in turmoil.

Percy is Poseidon's son, He's a demigod. He'll have to go to camp half-blood. I may never see him again…. They cant find out. thought Hades, quickly took out of his thoughts at a tug to his pants looking down at Percy who yawned cutely. Hades smiled picked Percy up and carried him to bed. Tucking Percy in, Hades turned to go and just got to the door when a little sleepy voice called out:

"Night daddy."

Hades smiled saying as he closed the door:

"Night son."

Thinking as he walked to his chambers

Old laws be damned Percy is my son not by blood but still mine. Even if he dose become a hero I will help him. Besides I'm not tacitly a Olympian according to the other gods and some humans. Besides when Percy dies I'll just turn him into my immortal son….Daddy's little boy forever.

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