Daddy Hades

Chapter 4

Daddy Hades chapter 4

By ncalkins I don't own Percy Jackson; ooc; thanks beta!

A couple of months passed and things settled into a routine. Hades would wake Percy up they would play and eat breakfast, fight with Persephone, play with Cerberus and never once did he wander into the 'forbidding zone' as Percy put it. Persephone went to Olympus but Hades wasn't sad he had Percy, but during these times he got overprotective of him. One day Percy was playing with Cerberus and a ball he tossed rolled into the Fields of Punishment. In Percy's mind he forgot his promise nothing could hurt him as long as he had daddy, so with out fear Percy walked into the Fields of Punishment. Percy quickly found the ball and ignoring the screams he picked it up, until he heard something. Looking up Percy saw a tall rock peeking around the rock he saw people getting their spleen picked out by vultures. Percy gasped in horror and tears weald into his eyes, turning to fun he bumped into something. Looking up a scary monster was in front of him, now if he was not sacred then he would remember that the Furies were servants of Hades and wouldn't hurt him. But seeing all the people being hurt his mind went into overdrive and he ran.

"Wait, young Percy Jackson! You get hurt and I'll be blamed, lord Hades will be displeased with you and me!" shouted the Fury

Percy ignored the scream and with tears running down his face he ran, all the way to Tartaus. Percy fell to the ground and crying his hart out he almost didn't notice the voice.


"Now, now young boy what is the matter? Are you lost? Ahahah do me a favor and help me raise." said a cold voice like metal scratching on stone.

Percy shivered as he got visions of murder and blood spilled on stone. Percy crying got up and he began to ran, not to soon the pit seemed to be trying to breath him in.

"DADDY!" cried Percy in terror as he slipped, he was being pulled back! Percy reached his hand out to find a hold he didn't expect a large warm hand grab his own. Percy with watery eyes looked up and saw Hades, Hades pulled Percy toward him. Holding on to him he slowly walked against the wind. As they reached the beak from Tartaus Hades put Percy on the ground, with his hands on Percy's shoulders he gave him a little shake. Hades whispered in a dangerous tone:

"What were you thinking! You know your not to go into the Fields of Punishment and not to go near Tartaus." When Percy didn't speak Hades barked: "Well speak!"

It was the first time Hades ever raised his voice at Percy and that fact made his tears run faster. As Percy tried to breath and stammered out:

"W-w-well I-I was p-playing with C-Cerberus and the b-bal got lost. I-I fallowed and not no-notice were I-I was. And, and, and." Percy let lose a sob and just fell into Hades arms sobbing loudly. Hades felt his anger drain out and putting his hand on Percy's back he whispered:

"Shhh, I'm sorry. Daddy was scared that's all."

Percy sniffed and said in a watery voice:

"Y-you get scared daddy. I don't believe it gods don't get scared"

Hades smiled and said in a soft voice;

"Of course they do I was terrified that you would get hurt. Now what do you say to getting to bed."

Percy nodded and with a tearstained face he let Hades pick him up. Hades shadowed traveled room and setting Percy into bed. He kissed his forehead, both said goodnight and Hades left for his study. When Hades got there he looked at his desk there was a pure white letter and in golden words. It requested, more like ordered him to come to the winter solstice and to bring Percy. It seemed Persephone saw Percy playing with water and found out he was the son of Poseidon. The gods wanted to decide on were he should go and what should happen to him. Hades didn't know what would happen and he was worried, but he know one thing they were not taking his son away.

Review "Please, I wont be scared any more." sniffs Percy. Tell me if you want any thing to happen at the winter solstice!

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