Daddy Hades

Chapter 5

Daddy Hades chapter 5

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Percy gasped in awe at the white walls around him. His daddy had just teleported them to Mount Olympus, Hades had told Percy to wait outside the golden doors. And Percy was wondering what was going on he could hear raised voices in the room, then Hades opened the door and told Percy:

" Percy come here the others want to meet you."

Percy walked toward Hades and took his hand as the walked into a long room, with large thrones in the shape of a U. But what really caught his attention was the 6ft tall people around the room, they radiated power and were all very beautiful. Percy tried to hide behind Hades as the one with a gray and black beard and grey eyes glared at him.

" Brother! Stop glaring at him he has done nothing wrong!" snapped Hades.

" We should introduces are self's!" said a man holding a staff with wings protruding from the top and snakes swirling around the staff.

" I'll start. HI little guy my names Hermes and this is Gorge and Martha. Say hi Gorge and Martha." Said Hermes.

Hello Gorge and Martha. said Gorge.

Martha turned to scorn Gorge, but changed her mind and addressed Percy:

Hello Percy don't mind that old worm his harmless. I'm Martha and between you and me I'm the pretty and smart one, his the annoying dumb one.

Percy stared opened mouthed at the snakes and when they began to argue and chase each other around, with Hermes telling them to nock it off he began to giggle. Hades nudged him in the back and said:

" Mind your manners."

Percy nodded and stepped forward he bowed and said:

" Please to meet you. Lord Hermes, Gorge and Lady Martha."

Gorge and Martha stopped fighting and looked at the boy in amazement, Hermes just looked amused he said:

" The pleasure is mine."

Gorge was still staring and exclaimed:

He called me lord! I like this boy! Hey if Hades is not allowed to keep him can me and Martha take him.

Percy gasped and whipped his head up and yelped as he felt tears forming in his eyes:

" What?!"

Martha scolded Gorge:

Gorge, stop giving the boy a heart attack! Look at what you did you made him cry! Don't mind him Percy his full of hot air, and don't worry even if you do have to go back to your human parent you'll still see him.

Percy turned to Hades a look of betrayal clear as a bell on his face. He cried out:

" You said I wouldn't have to go back there! You promised!."

Tears began to fall from Percy's eyes, Hades looked at him and said:

" I did promise that and no matter what I will keep you."

The man at the front of the room cleared his throat and with glaring grey eyes he said:

" And how do you suppose you are going to do that?"

Hades glared at Zeus and snapped:


Hades looked around and finished the interdictions and the only one who got a response from Percy was Poseidon, who got a small wave in return to his smile.

" Now Persephone please state you case." said Zeus

Persephone smirked and looking at Hades and Percy who was cleaving to Hades like they planned to tear him away. She turned to Zeus and in a sugar sweet voice said:

" Well, daddy there was a monster in the throne room one day and he said he smelled a half blood. So I figured out it was Percy and decided it would be a good thing if the counsel decided what to do with the child."

She looked like she wanted to say something other than child. Hades upper lip curled back in a snarl.

" How dare you! He is not my biological son!" he shouted pulling Percy into his side, rapped a arm around him and held on tight.

Zeus shouted:

" You know very well that gods and heroes can't live together! They have to live with their human parent!"

For the first time Apollo spoke up:

" Hey why don't we let the kid decide?"

Athena looked up and said:

" All heroes must go to Camp Half Blood."

Hades shook his head and shouted:

" NO! I will not let my son be put in that place! Nor will I let him be put in that-"

Hades throat closed up, they were trying to take away his little boy.

Percy raised his head and in a semi strong voice said:

" Can I say something?"

The gods quieted down and turned to him. Percy looked up at all of them and said:

" Look I don't know what a half blood is or what that place is. But I'll go if I have to, I have a ask though. Why can't I stay with daddy? During the school season and be at camp during the summer."

Hera looked at Percy and smiled softly saying:

" Because young hero, gods and their children must not mix."

Percy looked at her and asked:

" But why? I under stand at this camp thing they can't because the hero must trine or on a quest unless they pray for help in life or death causes. But during the school days why don't you guys visit like after school. And don't say its not logical because in all the Greek stories that daddy and the ghost told the godly parent ignored the kid."

Percy took a deep breath and continued:

" Maybe not on purpose or not completely. But imagine how the kid feels when you not around. Beside don't you think the Olympians would get more loyalty out of spending time with there kid?"

Athena looked at Zeus and spoke:

" I do see the logic in there."

Zeus rolled his eyes and said:

" Yes, yes we'll spend time with our kids. But you still need to go back to your human parent."

Percy face turned to panicked and before he could scream Apollo cut in. Winking at Percy he said:

" Hey now he gave us something to chew on. He opened our eyes to that of we have been too blind to see. So why don't we let him decide were he wants to go."

Percy's face lightened up and before he talked he saw Poseidon's face turned pained. Percy decided to ignore it, he probable just has gas.

" Please let me stay with daddy he found me."

Artemis face turned to him and she asked:

" Found?"

Percy nodded and answered:

" See My mom and her boyfriend got drunk on night and hit me. They beat me so I ran to the park and he found me, healed me and took me away from there."

Dionysius sighed:

" Well at least we know why he didn't want to go. So its decided Percy will go with Hades and in the summer to camp half blood."

Hades head jerked up and he said:

" Wait a moment! Why now, why not later?"

Poseidon finally spoke and said:

" It would be better if he began to train now. He'll be ready for monsters."

And I can keep a better eye on my son. thought Poseidon.

Percy looked up and said:

" Why not wait until I'm eleven then I can go to camp. Lets face it I have more of a chance of dieing if we wait, without you guys trying to kill me."

Zeus nodded apparently pleased and said:

" We will wait until your eleven. Cased closed now you guys don't have to go home, but you got to get the hell out of here."

In a flash of light and rumble of thunder he was gone, the other gods and goddess left too. Hades grabbed Percy and disappeared to the underworld saying to Persephone

" I'll see you in the underworld."

Later he told Percy he wanted to divorce her but something told him not to, that night there was a lot of yelling at her. Then she was sent in the fields of punishment and for the whole winter she have to do every single punishment.

--------------With Poseidon-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

In his under water palace Poseidon sat on his thrown of seaweed and pearls. He was not happy, his only son was with Hades. Poseidon began to talk to himself:

" Why is he with him? Percy is my son not Hades, he should be down here with me."

Poseidon sighed:

" What happened to Sally?" he questioned himself.

" Well all thing that belong to the sea returns to the sea. One way or another. I will have my son back, no matter what and he will forget all about daddy Hades."

Review sorry if Poseidon seems like a bad guy his not. His just destruct about his son and wants him back. I mean how would you feel if you found out your son know nothing about you, was living with the dead with you brother and called your brother daddy and not you? Or mommy and not you if you're a girl.

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