Daddy Hades

Chapter 6

Daddy Hades chapter 6

By ncalkins; thanks beta; ooc; don't own Percy Jackson

Several years have passed after the winter solstice Percy who's first visit with the Gods at six years old was now ten and the next day was his eleventh birth day. At the moment Percy and Hades were in Percy's room and Percy trying to get Hades to let him take a walk in the human world. Hades loved Percy more than he had loved any other demigod child he ever had, and it showed. Percy lived like royalty, being given the most expensive worldly items Hades could find for the boy, but he was still very unsure about whether or not he should let Percy go into the public.

"Daddy, please stop worrying! I'll be fine. I'm all packed for the summer; I have everything ready, so PLEASE can I go up to the living world for a walk," asked Percy as he stood in front of his currently sea green bed impatiently.

in front Percy, Hades scowled at the idea of his little boy leaving the safety of the underworld and his watchful eye to venture out alone into the world where the other gods could tear him to pieces or worse, take him away for good. It wouldn't be above his brothers to do something like that.

"Percy you know as soon as you are out of the underworld you will be attacked," Hades said, trying to sound more reasonable then he felt. If he had it his way Percy wouldn't go to that infernal camp.

Percy looked at Hades with pleading eyes knowing his dad couldn't resist saying yes too him. Hades cringed and looked away but slowly looked back and got full blast of the water puppy eyes of doom.

"Fine you can go." sighed Hades, then continued after Percy was done cheering: "But you have to return by five o' clock. If you run into trouble you come strait home. The shadows will bring you, just yell for help."

Hades looked at the clock on the wall that looked like a sand dollar and said reluctantly:

"You have three hours, be safe and have fun."

Percy yelled as he ran from the room:

" Thank you!"

Then he ran back in, hopping up and down he asked:

"Hey daddy can you give me a ride?"

Hades smiled as his eyes softened and said:

" Sure Percy."

Grabbing Hades hand and shutting his eyes, Percy felt the shadows began to swallow the two up. The ride seemed slow but steady like taking a brisk walk, but in a few seconds Percy opened his eyes as he felt fresh air on his cheek. He saw a park full of trees and flowers, a jogging sidewalk twisting through trees and flower beds, wooden benches for a rest were every few feet and a small play ground for little kids in the middle of it all. Percy looked around taking everything in and asked:

"Where are we?"

Percy turned to his dad and was shocked at what he saw, a midnight black shirt, dark jeans and black shoes. Black sunglasses balanced on top of Hades's head as his shoulder length black hair blew in the wind for once not in a ponytail. Percy stared at Hades not use to seeing him look so normal. Hades quickly grew uncomfortable with his son staring at him asked as he raised a hand to his face:

"What do I got something on my face?"

Percy giggled and shook his head no, stuttering out:

"N-no d-d-daddy nothings w-wrong."

Hades shrugged and prepared to go as he turned Percy saw a baseball cap that said Got skeletons in your closet? Percy took a closer look at the hat and saw it was the Helm of Darkness.

" We are in a park, in the city of Santa Monica in L.A. Remember be careful and be back by five."

Hades waved good bye as shadows swallowed him whole, watching Percy wave back. Once Hades was gone Percy began to walk around looking at the flowers and kids playing with parents nearby. Suddenly Percy's head whipped up as he felt a tug in his stomach, and he wanted to leave the park. Following the pull Percy walk down the street passed shops and people to some place he didn't know. Percy began to followed his instinct and walked further away from the park. He reached the end of the street smelt the sea water and picked up his pace as he felt that he was getting close to something importunate. At last he reached the ocean and with wide eyes he looked at the sea, watching the waves gently lap at the sand and wondered how could something so big be so real? A small unnoticed part of the back of his mind whispered:

I'm home.

Percy, not hearing the small voice, ran to the sea. He began to run in the waves jumping and laughing having the time of his life, when suddenly he felt a splash at the side of his face. Looking up, he saw a laughing man with black hair and sea greenish blue eyes. Percy's mind barely registered that the man seemed familiar as he splashed him back. The man didn't expect that and caught unguarded got some sea water in his mouth as he sputtered, he prepared to splashed back until Percy tackled him into the water.

Percy and the familiar man wrestled in the waves. Percy barely noticed how the ocean responded to his thoughts as it did the same for the man. He wondered why but didn't dwell on it for he was having too much fun. Finally Percy walked to the beach tired and sat down, the man sat down beside him laughing. Percy panted caching his breath and said:

"My name is Percy. What's yours?"

"Poseidon." answered the man as he held out a hand for Percy to shake.

Percy shook Poseidon's hand and had a flash back of the winter solstice when he met the god of the sea. Percy quickly let good of the god's hand and scrambled up, he began to edge backwards away from the god as Poseidon got up, nerves because of what he heard that when you treat a god like a human it could get you killed.

Poseidon looked at Percy with concern as Percy bowed low still edging backwards preparing to run.

"I'm sorry. I'll go and I won't bother you again lord Poseidon." stammered Percy.

Poseidon looked at Percy and said;

"Wait young Percy, you have no reason to say sorry and stay."

Percy looked at Poseidon in shock as he stood up strait. Poseidon held out a hand and asked:

"Do you want to come to my palace with me?"

Percy with interested but also caution took Poseidon hand. Poseidon led Percy into the surf, deeper and deeper until Percy was practically claiming on top of Poseidon so he wouldn't go under. Poseidon chuckled and dove under water, so under they went and in a few minutes they were at a huge palace with glowing gardens and floating pearls of light, coral roofs and walls made of pearl. It was a very beautiful palace, decided Percy. Poseidon and Percy started to swim to the game room with Poseidon leading, As a shark swam up and nuzzled Percy's side, an unsure hand reached out and petted the shark. After the first pet the fish swam away and Percy caught up to Poseidon who was ahead.

They reached the game room and after hours of playing Poseidon took Percy to the dinning hall to eat. With pearl walls and a table of pearl, a mermaid brought food to Poseidon and Percy. Percy was eating a burger and fries and so was Poseidon. Poseidon cleared his throat and addressed Percy:

" Percy you do know that Hades is not you real father right?"

Poseidon waited for Percy's answer, practically sweating with fear of what he was about to do. Thoughts of doubt were running through his head:

What is Percy hates me? What if he doesn't want anything to do with me? I don't want to lose my son. Maybe taking him here was a bad idea….

Percy finished chewing the bite of hamburger, swallowed then answered Poseidon's question.

" Yes I know that Hades is not my blood dad. But he is my daddy."

Poseidon looked at Percy and asked:

" Why do you still call him daddy? Most kids grow out of that and call them dad."

Percy looked at Poseidon and tried not to notice the jealousy in Poseidon voice. Beside, why would Poseidon be jealous, Percy had no relations to him!

" I call him that because even if I find my real dad he would be my father or dad, but Hades would always be my daddy."

Poseidon felt a pain in his heart at those words, but then looked at the brighter side. At least Percy wanted something to do with him. He opened his mouth and said:

" Percy, I am your father and you are my son."

Percy felt shocked, he dropped his burger and with wide eyes stared at Poseidon. He got up and wanted to leave, Poseidon got up and held up a hand to stop Percy from leaving. Percy looked at Poseidon and over his shock he started to feel happy that he knew his real father. Percy was about to say something then he looked at the clock on the wall and saw it was six o' clock. Percy's eyes widened and he said in a panicked voice:

"DI IMMORTALS!! I have to get home!"

Poseidon looked at Percy, taking in his panicked face and led him outside. Tons of sea foam collected under their feet and as they rose to the surface, Poseidon asked:

" Why are you so panicked about it being six o' clock?"

Percy looked at Poseidon and as the surface neared he explained:

" Daddy gets over protective during the summer and I promised that I would be home by five o' clock."

Poseidon nodded, shrugged and said:

"How bad can he react? I mean it's not like he'll summon a whole army of skeletons and tear down the city looking for you."

As they broke the surface and waded out of the water onto the sand Poseidon looked at the city and said:

"I stand corrected."

The city was flooded with the dead all of them calling Percy's name, the humans took no notice of them and continued on with their normal lives. Suddenly Hades appeared in black flames right in front of Percy and shouted:


Poseidon held up his hand and said:

"Peace brother; he was with me."

Hades turned to Poseidon and glared at him, saying:

" And that makes it all right!…What were you doing with my son."

Poseidon glared back at Hades and growled out:

"He is much more my son then yours! By all right he should be with me."

Percy's eyes widened as he saw a fight -maybe war- in the horizon if he didn't do something. He made a quick decision and blurted out:

" Daddy, he is my father its only right that I get to know him! Maybe we can set a date for me of spend the day with him or have me stay a week with you and then a week with Poseidon."

Hades looked at Percy and said:

" We will set up dates for you to spend with Poseidon, but for now its time to go home."

Hades took Percy's hand and Percy waved good bye to Poseidon as they disappeared in shadow taking the dead with them. Later that night Hades knocked on Percy's door and when given permission he went in. He sat on the bed next to Percy and said:

"Percy when you get to camp I want you to know some things. One, if your in trouble the dead will come to your ad being my adoptive son. Two, when you want to go some were talk to the shadows and they will take you there. And if you ever want to talk to me open this."

He gave Percy a little black compact with a skull engraved on it with sapphires for the eyes. Percy looked at it weird and said:

"Dad…I don't wear make up."

Hades chuckled and opened it; immediately a rainbow appeared with steam flowing out the sides of the compact. At Percy's astonished look, Hades explained:

" I went to Hephaestus and paid him to make a instant Iris massager you don't have to pay because it goes to my tab. I have one as well."

He pulled out one that looked exactly like Percy's expect the eyes were black opal and skull silver.

"You can reach me anytime and for any reason." whispered Hades softly regretting his earlier outburst at his son.

Percy closed the compact and hugged his daddy whispering:

"Thank you. I won't let you down."

Hades eyes softened and he said:

"You could never let me down. Just be safe and get some sleep. The furies will take you to camp half blood in the morning."

Hades kissed Percy on the forehead; they traded good nights and went to sleep.

Just to let you guys know when we get to camp half blood we will fallow Percy's advancers but they will be kind of different or totally different either way. Can you believe this is 10 pages on my computer! REVIEW Thanks flying taco for being my beta!

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