Daddy Hades

Chapter 7

Daddy Hades chapter 7

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Percy was standing in front of a big pine tree, looking at a farmhouse that was four stories tall, sky blue with a white trim and an eagle weather vane on top. Next to him was the Furies, Alecto on the right, Megaera on the left, and Tisiphone behind him all under cover as lawyers. All of them were dressed in coal black suites. Usually they would be torturing the souls in the underworld, but today they were Percy's bodyguards. What a interesting change of pace.

As Percy got ready to pass through the barrier with all his possessions, Alecto smiled at him, happy they had made it to the camp peacefully. The words of Hades were still ring in her ears as they were her sister's:

If one thing happens to my little boy…. Let's just say it won't be pretty for you.

Alecto and her sisters shuttered simultaneously as they remembered the sinister smile Hades had given them, like they were going to be punished. That was the understatement of the year. Megaera gave Percy his suitcase and pushed him toward the barrier saying:

"Be safe. For our sake." Percy didn't hear the last part, but he could tell the Furies wanted him to stay the same- as in no maimed or insane.

Percy stumbled through the barrier, the furies' push was harder then he thought, and waved at them saying with laughter in his voice:

"Bye now, and tell dad to calm down, I'm not going any where!"

Tisiphone smiled at him as she and her sisters turned away, heading home. Percy turned to the big house and started down the hill. Not encountering anyone until he reached the end of the porch of the farmhouse, were two men were sitting across from each other playing a card game while a blond-haired girl watched them while leaning on the porch rail next to them. The one facing Percy as he neared was someone he recognized. Dionysus (or Mr. D as he was called here.) was looking pissed off because of his bane.

Behind Mr. D was a cowering satyr with brown hair, acne and the start of a beard on his chin. His daddy had told him that satyrs aged slower then humans, so he guessed the satyr was about twenty five. In a motorized wheel chair facing Mr. D was someone in a tweed jacket and a scruffy beard as Percy saw when the man in the chair turned around.

"Hello you must be Percy. My name is Chiron, this young lady is Annabeth, you already know Mr. D, the satyr here is Grover. Welcome to camp Half-Blood." said Chiron as he held out his hand to be shook. Percy shook Chiron's hand, nodding to Annabeth and Grover at the same time, then he turned to Mr. D bowed saying:

"Hello sir. If I may ask what are you playing?"

Mr. D turned blood shot eyes toward Percy and sighed:

"Hello Perseus Jackson, We are playing pinochle. You and Grover will be joining us. You do know how to play don't you?"

Percy sat down next to Mr. D and took the cards dealt to him, not bothered at all that the god basically commanded him to play and looking at his cards he said:

"Yes, daddy taught me."

Annabeth snorted at the term daddy. Looking at Percy critically she said:

"You still call you dad daddy?"

Percy, playing the game with the other guys said with as much control as possible after being insulted like this:

"I have two dads. I call my adoptive dad 'Daddy' or 'Papa'. My biological dad I call 'Dad' or 'father'."

Annabeth turned her head to the side, curiously looking at the back of Percy's head. Percy ignored it in favor of glaring at the annoying girl.

"What about your mom?" asked Annabeth

Percy tilted his head to look at her with cold sea green eyes showing no emotion. How dare she ask about that woman! If he was anywhere else on this planet, his daddy would have tossed her soul into the darkness most pain filled pits of Taturus for what that question did to him. Percy felt pain ebb at the back of his mind as memories began to resurface - yelling, screams, pain, his mom just staring at him with eye devoid of emotion as he cried bleeding on the carpet while her boyfriend laughed and continued.- Percy quickly shut out the memories with a shake of his head.

Turning to glare at Annabeth, voice filled with venom saying:

"I don't think that's any of your business."

Annabeth even more curious opened her mouth to ask more questions. Despite the danger signs.

Before Annabeth could ask more questions Chiron sensing danger interfered:

"Annabeth why don't you go read that new book you got? Percy just got here let him relax and play the game."

Annabeth nodded and walked away, leaving the boys to play their game for hours. As the game continued Percy kept thinking about the conversation and the memories, no matter how hard he tried not to. The others pretended not to notice the tears that would gather in his eyes or the one or two that slipped out.


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