Daddy Hades

Chapter 8

Daddy Hades chapter 8

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The boys have been playing pinochle for a hour when Mr. D stood up stretched saying, "I think I'll take a nap before the accused sing along tonight…. Grover!" the sharp pronouncement of the satyr's name almost caused the poor guy to have a heart attack, "You are going to be Perry's-

"Percy's" muttered Chiron, thought not loudly enough to invoke the God's wrath. Mr. D went on saying, "-guardian don't mess up and make me look bad."

"Y-yes Mr. D" stuttered Grover as he stood up, also shaking like a leaf, watching as Mr. D passed by then….he fainted.

Percy stared at Grover knocked out on the floor whimpering in his sleep. " Dose he do that a lot?" asked Percy. Chiron leaned over and looked at Grover who was now moaning about food. Shaking his head he said," No not really he's just a late bloomer." Percy nodded then watched as Chiron began to raise out of his wheel chair.

The front of an animal began to appear, muscle and sinew under coarse white fur. A leg came out of the compartment, long and knobby-kneed with a polished hoof at the end. As soon as the rest of him was out Chiron sighed in relief," That's better, now why don't we start on that tour. There's a lot to see."

Percy followed Chiron away from the big house, passing the volleyball pit. Several campers nudged each other, whispering " That's him." Percy looked at them, smiled, saying to Chiron," Word travels fast." Chiron turned his head to Percy coughed embarrassed into his hand and said," Yes word of you being adopted by Hades has by now reached the ears of a few campers, and by the time this tour is over all of the campers shall know."

Percy nodded, looking at the older campers he got a sinking feeling that by the day's end he would want to hide away from all of them. Feeling like he was being watched, Percy turned his attention to the big house. Looking at the attic window, he thought the curtain had moved. " What's up there?" Percy pointed toward the attic. Chiron looked at where Percy was pointing, pursed his lips and said," Just the attic."

"Someone lives there?" asked Percy lowering his hand. Chiron shook his head and said, "Nothing living is up there." Chiron turned around again saying in a forced light hearted tone," Come along, Percy, lots to see." Percy fallowed Chiron into the strawberry fields thinking, 'It doesn't have to be alive to move.'

The campers picked the berries from the vine as the satyr played their reed pipes. Chiron told Percy that the camp grew the strawberries to be exported to New York restaurants and Mount Olympus, to pay for their expenses. They would grow grapes but Mr. D was banned from them, along with wine. Out of the blue, Percy asked," How old is Grover? I'm guessing about twenty-five?" Chiron stopped looking at the bugs flying in a strait line away from the plants, thanks to the satyrs and chuckling answered," Close, he's twenty-eight. Oh look the woods, lets go see."

As they got closer Percy realized that the forest was huge. It took up at least a quarter of the valley, with trees so tall and thick, you could imagine nobody had been there since the Native Americans. " The woods are stocked, if you want to try your luck, but go armed." Percy looked at the woods and said," Well I can't try my luck I don't have a sword." Chiron nodded and looking at Percy," We'll have to fix that before capture the flag, Friday."

They continued down the side of a the forest, when Percy noticed a can lying at the roots of a tree. Remembering his studies of Greek mythology with is papa he picked up the can so the nymphs wouldn't get mad. Just as he straitened up, the face of a teenage girl popped out of the tree, making Percy jerk back in surprise. The nymph stepped out of her tree, wearing what looked like a dress made of white and red rose petals. Her eyes were as green as ivy and hair as brown as the bark of, well, the tree she lived in.

But it looked like her hair was tangled with thorns which was strange because the last time Percy checked trees didn't have thorns to protect them. The nymph giggled and said, "Thank you." leaning forward she kissed Percy on both cheeks, giggling once more she ran back into her tree. Percy stepped back from the tree and took a good look at it, ignoring Chiron who was chuckling. It was a tree he never seen before- a rose tree.

'I wonder if daddy will be able to recreate a rose tree in the underworld?' Percy turned to Chiron, held out the can and asked," Do you know were I can dispose of this?" Chiron still laughing at the blushing Percy took the can and said," I'll take care of it; for now lets continue."

They went to the archery and had to doge a few stray arrows shot by some younger campers, the canoeing lake, the stables, (but didn't stay long Chiron didn't like them), the javelin range, the sing-along amphitheater, and the arena were they saw a few kids fighting. " The sword fights aren't normally lethal. And there is the mess hall." Percy turned to were Chiron pointed to see a outdoor pavilion framed in white Grecian columns on a hill overlooking the sea. There were a dozen stone picnic tables. No roof. No walls.

"Okay I guess the weather over the camp is controlled?" asked Percy as he shielded his eyes from the glare of the sun to get a better look at the mess hall. Chiron smiled, "Yes that's exactly it! I thought you were going to ask what we do when it rains." Percy laughed saying, "My daddy taught me better then that."

Finally, Chiron showed Percy the cabins. There were twelve of them, nestled in a U, with two at the base and five in a row on either side. And they were with out a doubt the most bizarre collection of buildings Percy had ever see, but since he was in the underworld most of his life it wasn't saying much. Each one had a large brass number above the door ( odds on the left, evens on the right side), besides that they look nothing alike.

Number nine had smokestacks " Hephaestus?" guessed Percy. Number four had tomato vines on the walls and a roof made out of real grass " Demeter?" Seven seemed made of gold, which gleamed so much in the sunlight it was almost impossible to look at "Apollo?" They all faced a common area about the size of a soccer field, dotted with Greek statues, fountains, flower beds, and a couple of basketball hoops.

In the center of the field was a huge fire pit. Even though it was a warm afternoon, the hearth smoldered. A girl about nine years old was tending to the flame. Percy walked up to her and bowed, "Hello lady Hestia." the nine year old looked up and stared at Percy. Then her face bloomed into a beautiful smile," Hello Percy Jackson! How is the under world?" Percy straitened. Looking down at Hestia he said, "Fine how is the hearth?"

She smiled and bobbed her head toward the fire," Still burning. Now continued on." Percy nodded and walked away finding Zeus's, Hera's and Poseidon's cabin. "Chiron were will I stay?" Chiron sighed," Well, you have not been clamed."

As soon as he said that a helmet of darkness appeared over Percy's head. Chiron blinked after the sign disappeared and said, "Well Hades doesn't have a cabin so you will be staying in the Hermes cabin." Percy could have sworn he had heard, somewhere in the distance, the voice of his daddy, yelling curses at the Centaur. They passed the Ares cabin filled with loud music and louder kids. The loudest girl maybe thirteen or fourteen. She wore a XXXL camp half-blood T-shirt under a camouflage jacket, giving Percy a evil sneer as he pasted by.

Soon they reached cabin eleven were Annabeth was waiting for them. She was reading a Greek architecture book."Annabeth will you take Percy from here. I have a class to teach." " Yes sir." answered Annabeth, smiling at Chiron for good measure.

Chiron gestured to the door way of a old regular summer camp cabin. Inside it was packed with people who all bowed to Chiron but stood when he was gone. " Well go on." said Annabeth giving Percy a little shove on the back. Percy stepped in and glared at her making Annabeth flinch back. Annabeth entered after Percy when his back was turned "Percy Jackson meet cabin eleven." announced Annabeth.

"Regular or undetermined?" somebody asked. "Un-" Annabeth started to say but Percy cut in " I can speak for myself thank you." Percy nodded his head at the other campers. "I was clamed by my step-father but he doesn't have a cabin." Everyone groaned then a voice broke out over them all "Now, now campers. That's what we're here for. Welcome Percy. You can have that spot on the floor, right over there."

The guy was about nineteen, and he looked pretty cool. He was tall and muscular, with short-cropped sandy hair and a friendly smile. He wore a orange tank top, cutoffs, sandals, and a leather necklace with five different-colored clay beads. But there was something unsettling about his face, a scar that ran from just beneath his right eye to his jaw, like a old knife slash. " This is Luke, he's going to be your new counselor." Said Annabeth, though her voice sounded different, as if she didn't hate everyone in the world. Percy turned to look at her to find her blushing. Annabeth saw him looking and glared at him.

"So you said that you were already claimed by your step-father?" asked Luke looking at Percy with interest. Percy walking over to his corner dropped his stuff, nodding. "Yep I was adopted but my real dad is still a Greek God. Yes I know who they both are." Percy answered his unspoken question. Luke tilted his head to the left reminding Percy of a puppy dog with a ripped ear instead of a scar.

"Who's you step-dad and why didn't your real dad claim you?" Percy shook his head and shrugged," I don't know why he didn't claim me, as for my step-dad he's Hades." There were several gasps and the campers moved away from him all expect Luke even Annabeth took a step back. Luke looked shocked for a moment, then he smiled, "Well I guess none of us should steal from you huh?" Percy laughed nodding and said," Probably not."

Annabeth glared at Percy and snapped," Why didn't you tell me you were claimed and by Hades no less?" Percy tilted his head to the side to glare at her. " Don't really see how that's any of your business, and just so you know your not making that good of a first impression." Annabeth turned red, huffed, turned on her heel and stomped out. Percy glared at the door until Luke touched his arm.

Snapping his head toward Luke he was meet with a kind smile," Don't mind her, she just doesn't like not knowing." Percy nodded and looked around at the campers, he smiled and said," You know I'm not that bad a guy. And I would advise you not to steal from me. You see the skeleton hands on each corner, they well grab you and hold you there so none will be able to let you go until I tap the hands and say let them go." Everyone looked at the suit cases black with blue trimming the skeleton hands were curled downward. But they saw something strange about the hands the wrist had a leather bracelet on with one jewel in the middle.

" See the bracelets? The jewels represent what will be done to you if you touch that side. The red one you will be burned, purple you will be shocked, black you will be buried up to you neck, but don't worry they wont kill you just scare you so you'll let go." Percy bent down and turned the suit case so that the lock was showing.

"If you can get pass all of that good luck opening the lock it will only open with my blood and voice password. But don't try to collect my blood or record my voice, don't ask me how but it can tell if the blood is stale even for one second and it can tell if my voice is being copied. If you are foolish enough to try all of the jewels will glow and you will see you worst fear until you step at least two feet away." After that little speech Percy stood up and looked at everyone almost everyone was looking at the trunk in fear, except for one boy who sneered. "Oh come on you guys cant believe this!" the boy marched over and reached out to touch the case.

"I wouldn't." warned Percy holding out a hand to stop the boy, who just rolled his eyes. The boy had red hair, pail hands reached for the case, and greedy brown eyes watched as his right hand finally touched it. Everyone held there breath and at first nothing happened. The boy looked smug, breath was released and everyone smirked expect Luke and Percy who still watched, waiting.

Then the boy pulled his right hand back with a cry of pain, flinging his left hand out it got to close to the skeleton hand which grasped hold of his wrist the boy looked at his right hand which was a angry red. The boy tried to move his left hand to cradle his right, but couldn't, turning watery brown eyes to his arm, he found he was trapped. Pulling with all his might as he chanted "Let Go, let go, let go…" but the more he struggled the tighter the hold got. Percy sighed and shook he head, bending down he touched the skeleton hand and said, "Release him." the hand immediately let go causing the boy to fling backwards onto the floor, he scrambled backwards tears falling from his eyes like crystal rain.

Then the wailing started, "What's going on in here?" everyone looked and there was Chiron peeking in the door way frowning. "Oh boy." muttered Percy as he looked at the ground just knowing he would be blamed and sure enough. "Percy burned me!" wailed the red headed boy, holding up his hand.

Chiron frowned more deeply and turned to Percy, opened his mouth about to speak but Luke cut in," Its not his fault, Percy warned us that the suitcase had protective things around it, but this fool didn't listen and he paid the price." Chiron nodded and told the boy to follow him to the infirmary. Luke took Percy by his arm dragging him out of the cabin. They walked a ways away stopping near the bathrooms, when Percy shot Luke a confused look, who answered," I thought you would want to get out of there." Percy nodded and said, "Thanks."

They stood there catching their breath when a husky voice yelled out, "Well! A newbie!" Percy looked over to the volleyball pit and saw the big girl from the Ares cabin walking toward them, she had three others behind her all big, all ugly and all mean. And all wearing camo jackets like there leader. "Clarisse, why don't you go polish your spear or something?" came Annabeth's voice from the right.

Luke leaned toward Percy and muttered," That's all a child of Athena can come up with?" making Percy snort. "Sure, Miss Princess," the big girl said. "So I can run you through with it Friday night."

"Erre es korakas!" Annabeth said, Luke waged a finger in her direction," Annabeth languish." Annabeth blushed probably just realizing her crush was here. "Sorry" she muttered. "Percy meet Clarisse, daughter of Ares." Percy nodded and held out a hand to be shaken, but Clarisse just looked at it. "So Daughter of Ares, god of war." stated Percy as he lowered his hand.

Clarisse glared at him and said, "Yea so what of it?" Percy shook his head," Nothing I respect him. He is the god of war which can cause chaos, but with war comes peace and with chaos comes order." Clarisse looked at him nodded her head, holding out her hand to shake and as they shook hands, she said, "Not many people see it as that way, I suppose we don't have to do the initiation to you for now but mess up and your head is down the toilet." Percy nodded and Clarisse turned away with her friends.

Luke clapped Percy on the back and said, " Way to go! I thought you were about to insult them." Percy smiled and shook his head " All of the gods should be respected, you don't have to like them, you don't have to believe in them, you just have to respect them." answered Percy. Annabeth looked at him and said, "Maybe you are the one."

Percy looked at her weird she looked like a over excited puppy. 'why do I keep comparing everyone to dogs. I must miss Cerberus.' Luke, seeing his look explained in a voice that he seen this all before, "Annabeth has to wait for one kid that is suppose to take her on this big quest, she gets in a tizzy about every new camper." Percy frowned and looked at Annabeth then said, " You shouldn't get your hopes up."

Annabeth frowned at him as he continued. " The chances of me being the one your talking about is pretty slim. Why do you want to go on this quest anyway?" Annabeth still frowning clarified, " Out there is were your really tested, its were the monsters are." Percy cocked his head to the side and with a puzzled voice said, " But there are monsters in the woods that you can test yourself on, not to mention other campers."

Annabeth opened her mouth to say something but Percy in a clear voice and with a relaxed face said, "Instead of rushing to every new camper thinking their the one, think they might be and prepare yourself for the chance that they can be or not. So train, study every monster, know them inside and out, their weakness and strengths. Try your self against monsters and campers, each time you lose against a camper train until you beat them." Annabeth in her anger of someone pointing fault in her yelled, "Well! What do you know!" turned and stormed away.

Percy flinched turned to Luke and said with regret. "That may have been a little harsh." Luck nodded but said, " Yeah, but she needed to hear it. Forget about it and let's head back to the cabin, its almost dinner time. But first let me get you a sleeping bag and toiletries." Luke sprinted off and Percy headed back up to the cabin.


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