Daddy Hades

Chapter 9

Daddy Hades chapter 9

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As Percy walked into the Hermes cabin he noticed that no one had touched his case, it was for their own good really; not only would the trunk attack them, but daddy would be pissed. Percy didn't really think anyone with half a brain that wasn't immortal would consider messing with daddy. The other campers where joking and horsing around, talking and telling jokes to each other, but when Percy came by they seemed to stir clear of him. After checking on his stuff, he turned around and tread back outside again. Moving to the back of the cabin he leaned against the wall and took out his I'Ming compact. The sapphire eyes gleamed in the sun light as Percy popped open the lid, he watched with interest as steam came poring out, but instead of a rainbow as he expected, his dads face was there.

Percy jerked back as Hades' eyes closed and he relaxed. Seeing his dad so suddenly made Percy ask, " What, did you hold your compact in your hand all day, waiting for me to call?" Hades eyes opened, relief shining through as he nodded, he asked, " How are things going?" Percy smiled and with happiness filling his heart at seeing and hearing his dad, even if it's only been a few hours. " Well Me, Mr. D and Chiron-" Hades interrupted with, " Mr. D, Chiron and I, Percy." Percy rolled his eyes and sighed, " Mr. D, Chiron, a satyr called Grover and I, played Pinochle for a few hours."

Percy left out the whole Annabeth number not wanting a needless death at the hands of his protective father. " Then Chiron showed me around. On the edge of the forest there was a pretty rose tree, do you think you can recreate one down in the underworld for me?" Percy smiled as he remembered his day; it wasn't so often one could ask Hades for something. Of course Persephone and Percy were the exception and even still Persephone was on thin ice, daddy could hold a grudge. Hades looked at him and smirked, " Of course, but this wouldn't have anything to do with that pretty nymph coming out of that very same tree and kissing you?" Percy flushed red and cried, " It was only on the cheek and she was thanking me!" Hades snickered, " Suuure future heartbreaker. So what else happened?"

Percy shook off his blush and said, " I've been put in the Hermes cabin, warned them about the trunk and of course so idiot had to try it out." Hades snorted and said, " Of course, are they scared of it yet?" Percy nodded, " Good, anything else?" "Well, I made friends with the Ares cabin." Hades nodded and said, " Good, they are nice people to have on your side."

Suddenly Hades turned very serious and asked, " Did anything upset you, anything at all?" At first Percy wanted to lie, not wanting to upset his daddy, but then changed his mind at Hades' concern look. Percy knew his daddy would find out and be hurt if Percy didn't tell him first. "Yea a little." At Hades questioning look, Percy spilled, " This girl Annabeth, she asked why I called you daddy and I told her. Then she asked about my mom and keeps calling me the one." Hades frowned and said, " Maybe you should stay away from her, she'll cause only trouble."

Percy opened his mouth to say something when Luke came around the side of the cabin. " There you are, the toiletries and sleeping bag is on your trunk." Percy nodded his thanks when Hades eyebrows furrowed asked, " A sleeping bag? Why do you need a sleeping bag? You already have one."

Luke looked confused, but then again so did Percy. " What do you mean I have a sleeping bag?" asked Percy expression similar to Hades. Hades turned his head away from the compact, talking to someone, turning back Hades said, " It's in you trunk, I'm sorry Percy but I have to go you know sprits can't do anything by themselves." Hades glared at Luke and asked, " Are you one of Percy's counselors?" At Luke node, Hades continued, " If anything happens to him I hold you responsible."

Percy let out a cry of rejection, but before he could speak the contact winked out. Percy turned to look at Luke, who looked pretty shaken, deciding it was probably a good thing to speak, Percy said, " Sorry about him." Luke shook his head and asked, " How did you not know about the sleeping bag?" Percy smiled and headed to the cabin, " Well papa can sneak stuff into my bag with out me noticing. For all I know I could have a mini Cerberus in there." Shaking his head at the last part Percy walked into the cabin with Luke following.

Walking over to Percy's spot on the floor they sat down together. " Thanks for the toilet stuff and sorry about daddy." Luke shrugged, pulling out a knife he began to clean the bottom of his shoes. He was silent for a while, picking some gum off of his right shoe. Finally he said, " No problem, but is he always like that?" Percy laughed and said, " You have no idea, once I went out and lost track of time because I was with another god. Got back to the city flooded with dead people trying to find me."

Luke smiled bitterly, " Must be nice to have a parent that cares." Percy looked at Luke and wanted to ask if he ever met his, but decided not to. " Your dad cares. Who knows they might turn a new leaf." Luke snorted about to say yea right, when he got kicked in the head by a pair of flying shoes. Not flying as in someone threw them, flying as in the shoes had wings.

" What the- how did these get out?" Seeing Percy questioning look he said, " Gift from dad." Percy nodded then smirked, " Maybe he's telling you stop being a whiny bitch and get some food." Teased Percy, Luke opened his mouth to tease back when the conch shell blew in the distance at Luke's questioning look Percy shrugged, " Daddy had me memorize the time frame." ' Though I would like to know how I knew about the conch shell. Must be a son of Poseidon thing.' Thought Percy as he fallowed cabin eleven to the dinning hall, joined by other campers and satyrs, naiads and nymphs.

As they reach the pavilion Percy saw that torches blazed around the marble columns. A central fire burned in a bronze brazier the size of a bathtub. Each cabin had it's own tabled, all covered in white with purple trimmed cloth. Table eleven was way to crowded, half of Percy's but was hanging off. And by some miracle Hermes must have thought so too because the table got bigger, man was that a shock to everyone.

Percy looked around and saw Grover sitting at table twelve with Mr. D and his two boys. Chiron stood to the side of the picnic table it was to small for him. Annabeth sat with a lot of kids like her, judging by their looks Percy guessed that they were children of Athena. Clarisse sat behind Percy laughing and belching, when she notice Percy looking Clarisse waved. Waving back Percy turned around to look at Chiron who raised his glass and said, " To the gods!"

Everyone raised the glasses and repeated what Chiron said. Wood nymphs came forward with platters of food: grapes, apples, strawberries, cheese, fresh bread, and barbecue. " Speak to your glass to get something to drink nonalcoholic." said Luke who was sitting right next to Percy. Percy nodded and said, " Cherry Coke." (A/N. Don't own Cherry Coke.) " Here you go Percy." said Luke as he passed some smoked brisket, nodding thanks Percy took the brisket. "Come on." muttered Luke, Percy got up and followed knowing about the offerings.

Once Percy got up to the fire he scrapped some brisket saying, " Hades, Poseidon and Zeus. And Hermes thank you. By the way gods show some love for you kids." Luke was waiting for him so the could walk back to the table together, " Your going to get yourself killed one of these days. I can already tell." said Luke, Percy smiled as they sat down. " Everyone's got to go sometime might as well try to change the world." answered Percy, after everyone finished the meal Chiron once again got everyone's attention for Mr. D's speech.

Mr. D sighed and got up, "Yes, I suppose I'd better say hello to all you brats. Well, hello. Our activities director, Chiron, says the next capture the flag is Friday. Cabin five presently holds the laurels." Cheering rose form the Ares cabin like flames. "Personally," Mr. D continued, " I couldn't care less, but congratulations. Also, I should tell you that we have a new camper today. Peter Johnson." Chiron muttered something. " Er, Percy Jackson," Mr. D corrected. "That's right. Hurrah, and all that. Now run along to your silly campfire. Go on."

Everyone cheered and head to the campfire to sing, eat s'mores and joked around. Luke and Percy were acting like best friends. Later the horn blew again and they filed back to their cabins, Percy pulled out his black sleeping bag with silver trimming and went to sleep.


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