Traveling Again

Chapter 2

Hey! It's me again. So I probably won't be updating every day, but it's a Sunday and on Sunday's I have nothing to do.

Anyways, I'm kinda mad because I feel like I'm skipping a lot of episodes, because there is one called Planet of the Dead that I didn't even know existed until I looked at an episode list.

It's not on Netflix you see, and that's what I use. So I'm so sorry, but Planet of the Dead will not be on here because I don't, currently, have a way to see it. I'll talk to my Whovian friend and see if she has some of the other episodes that aren't on Netflix.

Anyways, thank you for all the follows/reviews they made me so happy like woooooo!

Ok so heres the beginning of the New Doctor.

"It's snowing." Rose said as she stepped out into the falling snow, staring around at the old buildings. "Doctor grab my coat will you?" she called inside, and he threw it out to her, a blue puffy one, that she wrapped tightly around herself. "Where are we?" she asked, it wasn't anywhere near this century.

"No idea." He said, stopping beside her.

"Good afternoon." What was obviously a police man said to them, Rose wrapped her hand tightly around the Doctor's as they walked though the chill.

"Oh tidings of comfort and joy, Oh tidings of comfort and joy! "Some carolers sang to their left.

"It's Christmas!" she exclaimed smiling, "It just reminds me of Charles Dickens! Remember him?"

"You there." The Doctor said, doing his best Ebenezer Scrooge impression. "Boy. What day is this?"

"Christmas Eve sir." The young boy piped up.

"What year?"

"You thick or something?" the boy asked, amused.

"OI!" Rose protested, "Just answer the question!" the boy looked a little taken aback that a woman was speaking to him that way.

"Year of our Lord 1851 sir."

"Right." The Doctor nodded. "Nice year. Bit dull. " He said in Rose's ear.

"Doctor! Doctor!" Someone, a woman, yelled from a couple streets away.

"Who me?" They both began to run towards the sound of the call.

"Doctor!" a young dark skinned woman called from an alleyway.

"Don't worry, don't worry. Stand back," the Doctor advised her, "What have we got here?" a pair of metal doors in the wall facing them rattled, and something snarled.

"Not human." Rose said, and the Doctor raised his eyebrows at her.

"Bit obvious that." He said, and she glared at him.

"Oh shut up!" she said, but she was grinning.

"Okay, I've got it. Whatever's behind that door I think you should get out of here." He told the small woman.

"Doctor!" she called again.

"No." Rose said, "That's the Doctor, standing right there." She pointed towards him.

"Who are you?" the woman said, as if noticing them for the first time.

"I'm the Doctor."

"Doctor who?"

"Just the Doctor."

The woman put her hands on her hips and surveyed them. "Well there can't be two of you."

"What do you mean-" Rose started but was cut off as a middle aged man wearing what was the average clothes for this time period jumped in front of them.

"Where the hell have you been?" The dark skinned woman demanded of the new man.

"Right then." The new man said, "Don't worry, stand back. What have we got here then?"

"Hold on, who are you?" the Doctor demanded, and Rose frowned.

"I'm the Doctor. Simply, the Doctor. The one, the only and the best. Rosita give me the sonic screwdriver."

"Rosita?" Rose mouthed at her Doctor and he shrugged back at her.

"The what?" her Doctor asked, but the new Doctor completely ignored him.

"Now, quickly, get back to the TARDIS." The new Doctor said.

"Back to the what?" Rose asked, her lips pursed, pretending she had never heard that word. Only then did the New Doctor acknowledge their presence.

"If you could stand back sir, this is a job for a Time Lord."

"Job for a what Lord?" The Doctor asked. Before this man could answer, the metal doors burst open, and a beast, covered in black fur, but, Rose stumbled back. It had a cyber face, and she had seen those beasts in the parallel world, and knew how stong they really were.

"Doctor!" she called out, and both of them yelled back at her.

"Not now!" they both pointed sonic screwdrivers at the beast.

"Allons-y!" they both yelled, and the new Doctor, Rose decided to call him Doctor3, as she had now known three Doctor's, and one she had left behi- she pushed back down the guilt she had been feeling since leaving Bad Wolf Bay.

"I've been hunting this beast for a fortnight. Now step back sir." The beast lept onto the wall, where it began to climb, it's feet sticking to the side of the building.

"Doctor they have these in the parallel world!" Rose exclaimed again, but both of them ignored her, yet again.

"Some sort of primitive conversion, like they took the brain of a cat or dog." He said, biting her lip. Rosita, pushing Rose aside, handed the coil of rope she had clutched in her hand to Doctor 3, who turned it into a sort of lasso, and it wrapped around the beast in a quick swoop.

"Excellent!" Doctor three said, "Now then, let's pull this timorous beastie down to Earth." The Cyberdog, or whatever you call it, kept climbing, pulling Doctor three with it.

"Or not." Rose said, and before she could stop him, her Doctor jumped and grabbed the rope, but it pulled him up the wall as well.

"IDIOTS!" she yelled up at them, "I was trying to tell you!" she cut off and ran into the warehouse, as the beast dragged them through the window and to the top floor. She yanked a giant axe she had picked up from the bottom floor behind her as she ran up the stairs and cut the rope before both Doctor's could break their necks.

"Do you want to regenerate?" she demanded of the Doctor, and threw her arms around him. "Your still mad." She whispered into his shoulder.

"Are you stupid?" Rosita was asking Doctor three.

"Hello, Rosita is it?" the Doctor asked, and she turned around.

"Who are you two?" she asked, a suspicious look on her face.

"Uh.. John Smith!" he said, "and this is um Rose Tyler."

"Hello," she said, waggling her fingers lightly at them.

"I missed saying that you know." He told her, and took her hand.


"Yeah." Noticing the confusion on the others mans face, he cleared his throat. "You really don't recognize me?"

"Not at all."

"Or me?" Rose asked hopefully, but the man shook his head.

"I have huge swatches of my memory missing," he explained. "When I turn my mind to my past, I come up with a blank."

"How far back can you remember?"

"Since the Cybermen," Doctor three said, and Rose and the Doctor both stiffened, and maybe the Doctor could feel her hand trembling, because he gripped her hand even more tightly, she hated the Cybermen. Hated them with her whole being. "Masters of that hellish wall-scuttler and old enemies of mine, now at work in London town. You won't believe this, Mister Smith, but they are creatures from another world."

"Oh really?" The Doctor asked, feigning surprise.

"It's said they fell onto London, out of the sky in a blaze of light. And they found me, and something was lost." His face seemed to grow dark for a moment, but it soon cleared. "It's strange, though. I talk of Cybermen from the stars and neither of you even blink."

"Don't blink?" her Doctor exclaimed, "Remember that? Whatever you do, don't blink?" even Rose looked confused, "The blinking and the statures? Sally and the angels? No?"

"When was this?" Rose asked.

"Couple years back, I'll tell you the story later."

"You are an odd pair. Rosita and I must leave." Doctor three said quickly, and Rose looked up at him.

"Don't blink?" was all she said.

"Oh that. Angel statues, assasions." He flapped his hand around in the air. "Intresting story, again, tell you it later."

"You scared him away, that's him isn't it?" she asked. "Your future regeneration. He nodded. "Why aren't I with you?" she asked, "Where have I gone?"

"I don't know." He said, "but whatever happened to you in the future, I am going to do whatever I can in all the universe to undo it." He pulled her into a tight hug, and they both sniffed, as if fighting back tears.

"Well-" she said, breaking off their moment, as memories bounced in her head.

"I love you!"

"Quite right too, and I suppose, one last chance to say it, Rose Tyler-"

Perhaps the Doctor was thinking of the same thing, because he too pulled away. "Follow them?" he asked her.

"You betcha." She said, smiling.

"Allons-y then Rose Tyler! Allons-y!"

If there is any spelling errors/doctor who errors, please tell me. I'm not an expert (yet) I am currently watching season six for the first time.



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