Traveling Again

That's a TARDIS?

So I have a proofreader now, which is fantastic! This chapter is NOT proofread however. I wanted to post something:)

Tonight's Halloween, at least in the states (I have no idea what other countries do or don't do tonight) and maybe a double update?


This one is pretty short.

The Next Doctor led them to a small alleyway, where Rosita was waiting.

"Doctor!" she cried, throwing her arms around him, "I thought you were dead." Rose's Doctor pulled her close for a moment to, stroking her hair lightly, before they both pulled away, eyes damp.

"Now then Rosita." Doctor Three said, "a little decorum."

"You've been gone for so long," Rosita turned to Rose, "He's always doing this to me, leaving me behind. I was going frantic!"

"Tell me about it." Rose said, rolling her eyes, and pointing back to her Doctor, "Does it all the time."

"Oi." Her Doctor said, but he did not look to annoyed. "Now, what about the TARDIS?" he cleared his throat, "I mean, this TARDIS device you keep talking about."

"Well follow me sir!"

He led them into a pair of stables, but the horses were long gone. It was instead converted into a sort of living space, or maybe a better word for it was spy base.

"You were right," the next Doctor said to Rosita, "the Reverend Fairchild's death was the work of the Cybermen."

"So you live here?" Rose asked, blowing some dust off the top of some of the suitcases that lined the room.

"A temporary base, until we rout out the enemy, The TARDIS is magnificent, but it is hardly a home."

Rose idly wondered if the TARDIS had changed appearances or something, because it was the best home she had ever been in, and it had everything, a laundry room, a kitchen, bedrooms, a library, even a forest!

"Where is the Tardis then?" her Doctor asked, peering behind some luggage.

"In the yard." Rosita answered.

"What's all this luggage about then?" Rose asked, and then sneezed loudly from the dust in the air. Her Doctor discreetly scanned the suitcases with his sonic screwdriver.

"Are you whistling again?" the Next Doctor asked Rose.

"Yes." She said, while kicking her Doctor in the knee. "Silly me. Stupid in fact."

"Can I see your TARDIS?" he asked, while rubbing his knee from her kick.

"Mr. Smith, it would be my honor."

They followed the Doctor out into the yard; both secretly excited to see the "new" TARDIS. When they rounded the corner, eyes eagerly searching for the familiar blue box. Instead they found a hot air balloon.

"There she is!" The New Doctor exclaimed, assuming that the shocked expressions on their faces was amazement, not shock and horror.

"Where did my blue box go?" The Doctor moaned.

"Where is she?" Rose too, whispered.

"Excuse me?" The Next Doctor asked.

"You've got a balloon." Rose said,

"TARDIS. T- A- R- D- I -S. Stands for Tethered Aerial Release Developed In Style. Do you like it?"

"Yeah." Her Doctor lied, "And it is inflated by gas, yeah?"

"We're adjacent to the Mutton Street Gasworks. I pay them a modest fee." He stared up proudly at the balloon, which was made from a TARDIS blue fabric. "One day I will ascend."

"You've never gone up?" Rose asked softly, and wondered if her future self left because she couldn't deal with this new, dull, Doctor. A Doctor that could actually live, with being stuck on the ground.

"He dreams of it." Rosita said from behind them, and she too, stared up at the balloon as if was a dream.

"I will leave when London is safe." Now that was a difference. Sure, her Doctor didn't leave anywhere until it was safe, or semi safe, but he usually did it quickly and with… well he was getting better at lowering the death count.

"The perfect escape." The Doctor, her Doctor, the real one Rose figured, not this future regeneration said. "I think I've worked it out now. How you became the Doctor."

"Well do tell."

"The story begins with the Cybermen. A long time ago, and not so far from here, the Cybermen were defeated by a blonde with a fiery temper," Rose snorted, and both Doctor's looked at her.

"Sorry." She muttered.

"And they were sent into a howling wilderness called the Void, where the blonde herself was almost trapped, forever more. But then a greater battle rose up, with all of the most important warriors," Rose smiled when he called his misfit gang of companions warriors. "so great that everything inside the Void perished. But, as the walls of the world weakened, the last of the Cybermen must have fallen through the dimensions, back in time, to land here. And they found you."

"I fought them, I know that, but what happened?"

"At the same time, another man came to London. Mister Jackson Lake. Plenty of luggage, money in hand. He found the Cybermen to, and he took hold of an infostamp." He took a watch that the other man had been carrying all this while, clutched in his hand, "What is this watch?"

"Something from my past." The Next Doctor said darkly.

"Then why is it engraved with the letters JL?" Rose asked, "Unless… Your Jackson Lake!"

"But I'm the Doctor." Jackson said.

"You became the Doctor because the infostamp you picked up was a book about one particular man." He pressed his sonic screwdriver to the infostamp he had put in his pocket earlier, and a projection appeared on the brick wall in front of them. Rose got to see all of his previous incarnations, something she had never seen before, even got to see her first Doctor, big ears, goofy smile. Last it was the Doctor she stood next to now, with his wonderful hair, and bright easy smile.

"But that's you!" Rosita exclaimed.

"Yep. Time Lord, enemy of the Cybermen, and this is Rose Tyler, the one who sent them into the void."

"Hello." Rose lightly waved.

"The Infostamp must have backfired, sent all that information streaming into your head."

"I am nothing but a lie." Jackson said miserably.

"Ah no." the Doctor shook his head, "Infostamps are just facts. You have been the Doctor in your own way, here in London." He grinned, "and you even built your own TARDIS!"

"And what else?" Lake asked somewhat eagerly, "What else am I missing?"

"Why is there is still something missing Doctor?" Rose asked, tugging on his arm like a small child wanting candy.

"I'm so sorry." He said quietly, "So very sorry, but an infostamp is plain technology. It's not enough to make a man mad." He reached back and grasped Rose's hand tightly. "What you suffered is called a fugue. A fugue state, where the mind just runs away because it can't bear to look back. You wanted to become the Doctor because it hurt so much."

Almost eerily, bells tolled, signifying it was midnight. The gongs did not ring the usual twelve, but four. Rose checked her cell phone, tucked in her pocket so Jackson and Rosita couldn't see, and it was midnight. The Doctor stiffened at the sound, and a candle shop from across the street caught Rose's eye.

Bad Wolf Candle makers

"Must be Christmas." Rose said, looking around at the still drifting snow.

"I remember. Oh my God." Jackson said, and gripped a nearby rail for support, "Caroline. My wife. They killed her." The infostamp in the Doctor's grip began to beep and Rose stiffened.

"You know that sound." He said, "Where?"

"Parallel World. It means there on the move. Hurry!" she screamed, and they began to run towards the main street, hoping for some glimpse of these creatures.

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