Traveling Again


Double the length of what I normally write, sorry for the delay, life gets in the way:)

Anyways, I feel this is a tad bit confusing, but stick with it, I promise it will get less confusing, and basically the Next Doctor is a confusing episode. :P

Previously: "I remember. Oh my God." Jackson said, and gripped a nearby rail for support, "Caroline. My wife. They killed her." The infostamp in the Doctor's grip began to beep and Rose stiffened.

"You know that sound." He said, "Where?"

"Parallel World. It means there on the move. Hurry!" she screamed, and they began to run towards the main street, hoping for some glimpse of these creatures.

It wasn't the Cybermen marching down the streets, no, it was children.

"Why the children?" Rose asked,a slight frown on her face.

"What's wrong with them?!" Rosita cried. "That's Mister Cole. He's Master of the Hazel Street Workhouse. Maybe he's taking thtem to prayers."

"I doubt it's that holy." Rose said, "That spells Cybermen."

The Doctor ran up to Mister Cole, "Can you hear me?" he asked the man, who kept walking, completely ignoring the Doctor. Something growled from the shadows, and Rose looked nervously at the noise.

"Can't risk a fight," she said, "Not with the children about."

"But where are they going?" Rosita whispered.

"They all need a good whipping if you ask me," said a boy on the side of the street. "There's tons of them. I've just seen another lot coming down from the Ingleby Workhouse down Broadback Lane."

"Where's that?"

"This way." Rosita grabbed the Doctor's arm and began to pull him away, Rose following, but out of the corner of her eye she saw Jackson head back towards the stables.

It was the same in the lane, children walking down the streets, until they reached what Rosita said was the "Sewage Works".

"That's the door to the sluice. All the sewage runs through here, strait into the Thames."

"To well guarded." Rose and the Doctor said at the same time. They began to formulate a plan, well half a plan, when two Cyberman guards began to advance on them. A woman approached them from behind and stepped in front of the trio, the cybermen standing between her like scary body builders, her red dress glimmering, and her cool smile gleaming, obviously, Rose thought, teeth whitening couldn't have come from this time could it?

"So what do we have here?" the woman asked with a snarl. "Listen." The Doctor said slowly, as if he was afraid the woman was daft and wouldn't understand him, "Just walk towards me slowly, and don't let them touch you."

"Oh but they won't hurt me," she laughed, "My fine boys. They are my knights in shining armor, quite literally."

"Even if they've converted you," Rose said, just as slow as the Doctor, "That's not a Cyber speech pattern. You've still got free will. Step away."

"There's been no conversion, sir." She sneered the last word, "No ones ever been able to change my mind. The Cybermen offered me the one thing I wanted. Liberation."

"Who are you?" Rose demanded.

"You can be quiet. I doubt he paid you to talk." The woman snarled, and Rose, with a vengeful fury on her face, opened her mouth to say something rude, but the Doctor put a finger to her lips. "More importantly," the woman continued on, "who are you, sir, with such intimate knowledge of my companions."

"I'm the Doctor." He said, and grinned.

"Incorrect." A Cyberman said. "You do not correspond with our image of the Doctor."

"No he doesn't, does he?" Rose cut off the Doctor.

"That's because your information has been corrupted." The Doctor added. He threw the infostamp to one of the Cybermen, "That's the Doctor infostamp. Go on. Download it."

The Cybermen plugged it into its chest. "You are the Doctor, and Rose Tyler." It said.

"I'm in there? Lovely." Rose said, then-

"HI!" they both shouted cheerily at the Cybermen, waggling their fingers, and Rose thought it was almost like the old days, and reminded her of the nineteen fifties and poodle skirts.

"You will be deleted."

"No, no. I want to die a happy death. Tell me, what do you need these children for?" he asked.

"What are children ever needed for?" the woman answered, "They're a workforce."

"Yeah, got that." Rose said, "but for what?"

"Very soon now," the woman said, "The whole empire will see. And they will bow down in worship." Rose was imagining spittle flying out of the woman's mouth, or maybe growing an extra head or something, because this is what every alien had spouted at them since her first encounter with the Doctor.

"And it's all been timed for Christmas day!" The Doctor said, clapping his hands, "Was that your idea Miss..."

"The names Hartigan." The woman snarled, sneering slightly. "Yes. The perfect day for a birth, with a new message for the people. Only this time, it won't be the words of a man."

"The birth of what?"

The woman ignored him completely, continuing on with her speech. "A birth, and a death. Namely yours. Thank you, Doctor. I'm glad to have been part of your very last conversation. Now delete them."

"Delete." The Cybermen obeyed. They began to stomp forward, hands extended, and Rose backed up, flashbacks from the parelell world began to zoom through her head. That godforsaken place. Why did she leave that duplicate Doctor there? How could she leave anyone in that place? Her head swam.

Right then, the Cybermen's heads exploded, and when they turned around they saw Jackson Lake, wearing a band of infostamps.

"At your service Doctor!" Lake yelled proudly.

"Shades! Shades!" Hartigan began to scream madly, and Rose suspected' she was calling to the Cyberdogs.

"We need to run!" The Doctor yelled.

"SHADES!" Rose smacked the woman in the head, causing her to fall on the ground.

"That's my Rose!" he yelled, and they both ran off to god knows where, as long as they could get away.

They were back in the alleyway leading to the stables, gasping for breath.

"I need a way in to where there guarding."

"I'm ahead of you," Lake said, "My wife and I were moving to London so I could take up a post at the university. And while my memory is still not intact, this was in the luggage I found belonging to Jackson Lake. The deeds. Fifteen Latimer Street, and if I discovered the Cybermen there, in the cellar then-"

"Then it might be out way in!" Rose said.

"Brilliant." The Doctor added.

"There's still more. I remember the cellar and my wife, but I swear there was something else in that room. If we can find that, perhaps that's the key to defeating these invaders. Onwards!" he yelled, and began to sprint off to god knows where.

"Maybe you should go back." The Doctor said to Rose but she just shook her head.

"Allons-y!" she cried, and ran after Lake.

"You love her don't you?" Rosita, who had remained silent up until this point, asked the Doctor.

"Yes." He said without thinking, and looked down at the small woman. "Don't tell anyone that!" but the person that mattered most, was just around the corner of the building, her eyes widened in shock, and her breath fast.

"Doctor?" she called out, stepping out from behind the building, hoping he could see that she'd heard in her eyes, but he didn't say anything.

"Come on Rose." He said, obliviously to her knowledge that he loved her.

They found their way into Jackson Lake's cellar, although they had to destroy a couple of Cybermen first. Rose stood on the edge of the cellar, watching the Doctor fawn over what he called a "Dimension Vault."She tried to tell herself that it was nothing that he loved her, but she felt her heart ache. If someone really truly loved you, why would they keep them waiting? She thought about her life in the parallel world, fighting Cybermen and other aliens, and now, even if she was traveling with the Doctor, how was it any different? She was still running, even if was with the Doctor, and even here she couldn't escape the Cybermen, which scared her more than she let on.

She almost fell to the ground, a paralyzing fear striking her. Someone or something had blocked her memories. She could feel bile rising in her throat as she started to remember. Can't be. She thought dimly to herself, and ran out of the cellar on to the street above, ignoring the Doctor's calls behind her, the snow felt cool on her face but that only brought on the torrent of memories faster-

December 7, Pete's World

Rose had always loved the movies. It was fun, and sometimes it felt like a glimpse into the world she had once lived in with the Doctor.

"Hey, I'll catch up!" she shouted to Mickey and his friend John, or whatever his name was. She slipped down a different alley, just to be alone, so she could pretend that the Doctor was next to her. She sometimes would even stick out her hand as if he could catch in his grasp.

"It's her!" a gruff voice said behind her, and Rose whirled around, but the alley was empty. A rough hand slammed over her mouth, She tried to cry out for Mickey, John, anyone, but the man was to strong as he dragged her down the alley way, putting a cloth over her mouth, a sweetish smell filled her nose, and the sour taste filled her mouth, knocking her unconscious.

When she next woke up, she was tied to a metal slab, her blonde hair wet with a what felt like blood, hot and trickling down over her nose.

"Doctor!" she immediantly called out, and then felt like an idiot. He wasn't there to save her with his sonic screwdriver now, no one was. A man in a lab coat stood over her, with greasy black hair and a to bright smile, shining a flashlight in her eyes.

"She's ready"

"Ready for what?"she snarled, "Why don't you say it to my face!"

A woman stood over her, with blonde hair and a flashy smile. "Well your transformation my dear girl." She laughed, "You are the only one who can undertake it!"

"Take what?" a giant needle appeared above her and Rose squirmed, trying to get away.

"Well turning into the Bad Wolf of course!"'

"Rose…" The Doctor said quietly, "Why are we out here?" She looked up at him, then around at the falling snow, and frowned. She wasn't even sure why she was out here, though he must have followed her.

"I dunno." She said shrugging, "Someone's been sick." she pointed to the puddle of vomit in the snow.

"We've forgotten something." The Doctor said, "Something must have wiped our minds."

"Excuse me?" Rosita said behind them, "Would you two like some time alone, or would you like to defeat the Cybermen and get on with things?"

"Sorry." The Doctor said, "Seemed to have a bit of a…" he didn't finish the sentence. "It doesn't matter anyways. Get Lake out of there, the Dimension Vault doesn't have enough power in it anyways."

They were in the sewers now, or what Rosita and Lake said were the sewers, but they didn't smell bad or anything and they were actually quite dry.

"What do they want?" Rosita whispered.

"Us." Rose spoke in a cold, flat tone, "Their human beings with their brains stuck in metal shells."

"They want every living thing to be like them." The Doctor said.

They seemed to be up in the wall now, looking down at the laboring children.

"Upon my soul." Lake gasped.

"What is it?" Rosita asked.

"It's an engine. They're generating electricity, but what for?" The Doctor asked, his brow furrowed.

"We can set them free!" Lake said, but Rose and the Doctor held them back. He pointed at a large power gauge on the wall.

"Power is at 90%. But if we stop the engine, set the children free, the power dies down, the Cybermen come running." As soon as he said this, the lights flickered. "Power fluctuation. They have very advanced technology for this age." He shook his head.

"IT's going wrong?" Rose said hopefully.

"No, it's weird. The software's rewriting itself. It's changing." The power gauge let out a large BANG, drawing four pairs of eyes towards it.

"What the hell is happening?" Rose and the Doctor yelled at once.

"It's accelerating!" Lake shouted, watching the needle on the power gauge go up and down. "Ninety six percent, ninety seven."

"What happens when it reaches hundred?" Rosita asked desperately, "what about the children?"

"They think their disposable. Come on!" they began to descend into the main room, from a ladder leading from the sewers.

"Delete." The Cybermen lining the walls, for whatever reason began to advance on the children, who backed up with fearful looks upon their faces.

"Right." The Doctor said, rushing to stand in front of the kids while Lake zapped the advancing Cybermen with his infostamp. "Now, all of you, out! Do you hear me? Out!" he cried, "RUN!" Rosita began to lead the children out into the streets from the large main doors, the children scattering, as Rose, the Doctor, and Lake, found the engine room.

"Go! Quick!" The Doctor shooed some children waiting in there away, "It's some sort of starter motor," he said, mostly to Rose. "But starting what?" A little boy, high above them on a platform directly above the engine room began to call out for his Father.

"Father help me!" he screamed.

"Doctor that's my son! They took my son!" Lake shouted.

"What?" Rose asked, her eyes drawn to the little boy. The room around them shook. "It's gonna blow." She whispered, and ran over to a long rope. She drew the sword she'd pulled off the wall at Reverends earlier, and cut the rope. It shot up to the platform Rose with it, the Doctor's alarmed cries reaching her. "Come here." She said to the little boy, who she folded into her arms. "DOCTOR I'M FINE!" she screamed down, "DON'T BE LIKE MY MUM!" trying to ignore the fact she'd just called a man she loved her Mum, she swung down like Tarzan to the ground, but failed the landing, and hit hard on her ankle. The Doctor scooped her up into a hug, and Lake grabbed his son.

"Rose?" he asked as they headed towards the doors and he nearly fell over.

"My ankle." She said, gasping, "It's broken, I think." He sighed, and instead of sweeping her into his arms like a damsel in distress, like in a romance movie, he slung her over his shoulder like a sack of flour.

"Head for the street." The Doctor told Lake. Just then, a huge bang appeared from behind them, and Rose gasped, being in the perfect position to see what it was.

It was a cybermen, but the biggest she had ever seen. Easily the size of a skyscraper, it had large red glowing eyes, and a body made from scrap metal. She didn't get to see to much else of it, for the Doctor turned around, and, as being slung over his shoulder, she could not only see the street behind them.

"It's a Cyberking." The Doctor said.

"What's that?" Rose asked, her body shaking from cold, pain, and fear.

"It's a ship. Dreadnought class. Front line of an invasion. And inside the chest, a Cyberfactory, ready to convert millions." He said quietly. "Just head South." He demanded of Lake, "Take your boy south. Go to the parkland."

"But where are you two going?" Lake asked.

"To stop that thing." Rose answered.

"No, Rose your not."

"Yes I am." The Doctor set her down, where she sat against a building, arms crossed. She began to shake, and she put her head down, and he could've sworn her eyes glowed gold.

"I'm fine!" she said jumping up.


"Wait, but your ankle was just broken." Lake said slowly.

"Where did you get that idea from?" Rose asked cheerily, "Well, must be going!" they ran off, and Lake paused for only a second more to examine two words, burned into the pavement where Rose had just sat. Bad Wolf.

"They don't remember." He said to himself, "Why can't they remember?"

Two minutes later, and with both of them not aware of the presence of the Wolf, they were climbing into the hot air halloo, or "TARDIS"

"Have you ever flown one of these?" Rose asked as they began to prepare to sail.

"Nope!" the Doctor grinned, "I'm just going off intuition."

They untied the last rope and the balloon took to the skies, soaring high above London and straight towards the Cyberking. As soon as they got near enough, the Cyberking turned around, smashing a few houses while it stomped. The woman they had confronted earlier was strapped in a large medal chair, wearing some sort of cyber hat.

"Excellent." Hartigan snarled, "The Doctor. Yet another man come to assert himself against me in the night."

Rose sort of tuned out the rest of the conversation, as she knew the Doctor would offer Hartigan a choice, she would refuse, and they would end up killing her. It was always like this, Rose thought sadly, No one ever chose right. The screams brought her attention back, as the Doctor fired the infostamps they had collected at the giant Cyberman, and it fell, as all things fall in the end.

Rose was very quiet, as she tiptoed past the library where the Doctor was presumably reading, as he didn't ever sleep much. Even though she was awake now, woken by her nightmares, she didn't really want to talk to anyone, just wanted the silence to press of her thoughts like a comforting ice pack to the bruise that was her brain. She quietly moved into the sitting room, which had chairs that could spin and move with a remote control, and moved over by the window.

How there were windows in the TARDIS she didn't know, and never really bothered to ask. She wished somehow, that she could hear her Mum call her name one more time, but knew if given the choice, she would never go back.

She tried not to think about the parallel world to much, she hated that place. She supposed she would have liked it much more if the Doctor had been there, but he wasn't, and never would be. The Cybermen were everywhere there, again. She idly wondered if the giant King Cyberman was there too, and hoped that it wasn't, for her Mum's sake.

"Rose?" the Doctor asked from behind her.

"Hey." Rose said, and was embarrassed to find that her throat was

clogged with tears.

"What's wrong?" he asked her softly, but she stood up.

"Nothing!" she said quickly, "I'm just gonna…go to bed." She continued out the door.

"Rose I-" but she was gone. "I love you." He said to the empty room.

Obviously I made that last bit up, but woo hop! That's the longest chapter I have EVER posted so I hope you liked it! And yes, BAD WOLF is making Rose and the Doctor forget everything *dramatic music*

I've started writing End of Time, but it will be from not just the Doctor and Rose's POV but from different people's.

SOOOOO until next time, ta ta and bow ties are cool!

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