Traveling Again

Ood and Burgers

Hi! It's me again:) I'm pretty okay with how this chapter turned out, but the part with the Ood was hard to write.

SADLY it's End of Time, so, the tenth will be turning into eleven soon, but I'm a far way from that.

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They we're going to the planet of the Ood. Rose was rather excited, she had met the Ood once before, and when the Doctor told her of their singing, she had wanted to hear it herself. The Doctor had put it off, saying they needed to do other things, until they were summoned. He had a lei strung around his neck, and a Stetson on his head, for whatever reason Rose didn't know, but they were pretty cool, and they stepped out onto the snow, to be greeted by what the Doctor called, Ood Sigma.

"Ah!" the Doctor exclaimed looking around, "I was summoned? An Ood in the snow, calling to me. Well, we didn't exactly come straight here. Had a bit of fun, you know. Travelled about, did this and that. Got into trouble. You know me. It was brilliant. We saw the Phosphorous Carousel of the Great Magellan Gestadt, saved a planet from the Red Carnivorous Maw, named a galaxy Alison-"

"Doctor." Rose cut him off. "Babbling."

"Right. Uh, what do you want?" he asked Sigma.

"You should not have delayed." The Ood said calmly, stuck in it's monotone butler voice.

"The last time I was here, you said my song would be ending soon, and I'm in no mood for that." Rose looked at him sharply.

"Maybe you should have mentioned that before!" she whacked his Stetson into the snow, not matter how cool it was, she was angry. This was important, because if the Doctor died, then who would she have left? No one that's who. No one left to care about her in this universe.

"You will come with me." The Ood said, cutting off any future argument, as Rose opened her mouth to say these things.

They followed him until they reached a great city, and it was beautiful, more beautiful than anything Rose had ever seen.

"Fantastic." She whispered, and the Doctor looked down at her in amusement, as if remembering leather jackets and big ears.

"Quite right too." he said to her, than addressed the Ood. "You've achieved this in how long?"

"A hundred years." The Ood replied.

"Then we've got a problem. Because all of this is way too fast. Not just the city, I mean your ability to call me. Reaching all the way back to the twenty first century. Something's accelerating your species way beyond normal." The Doctor said, frowning.

"And the mind of the Ood is troubled." Rose said softly, and the Doctor looked down at her.


"The Wolf is right." Sigma said, "it is troubled."

"What's happened?" Rose asked, ignoring the Wolf comment, though the Doctor looked alarmed.

"Every night, we have bad dreams."

Returning, returning, returning, it is slowly returning through the dark and the fire and the blood. Always returning, returning to this world. It is returning, and he is returning, and they are returning, but it is too late. Too late. Far too late. He has come.

Rose could feel the words bouncing around in her head, but she still sat down next to the Doctor in the Ood circle.

You will join. You will join. You will join.

When Rose took the Doctor's hand and the Ood on her lefts, a man's laughing face flashed through her mind.

"NO!" she cried, dropping her hand from theirs. "No." she whimpered again, clutching her ears.

"That man is dead." The Doctor demanded, putting his around Rose, but both didn't remember her spell at all, no, the only sign of it was the words Bad Wolf, carved in the cave wall as if they had been there the entire time.

There is yet more. Join us. Events are taking shape, so many years ago, and yet changing now. There is a man- The Ood said.

An image flashed in their minds, of Donna's house and her Grandpa. Rose could feel the Doctor stiffen, and to the best of her ability, gripped his hand.

So scared. The Doctor snapped them out of the images.

"What about Donna, is she safe?" he asked urgently.

You should not have delayed, for the lines of convergence are being drawn across the Earth. Even now, the king in his counting house. A male man with dark skin and his daughter being photographed flashed in their minds.

"Who the hell are they?" Rose asked, still slightly dizzy, even if she couldn't remember why.

"I don't know who they are." The Doctor said, his voice hard.

And there is another. The most lonely of all, lost and forgotten.

A young blonde woman behind bars, her shoulders slumped, her eyes cast downwards, absent mindly picking at a loose thread on her prison jumper.

"The Master's wife." The Doctor said. Rose knew of the Master. The Doctor had told her about him, about the utter evil he had inflicted upon the world, and another time lord. Rose was terrified of him, but didn't know why, every time she tried to focus on it, it slipped away into the darker parts of her mind.

"We see so much, but understand little. The woman in the cage, who is she?" Ood Sigma asked.

"She was," The Doctor began the long and difficult tale of the Master's wife, "it wasn't her fault, she was. The Master, he's a Time Lord, like me, I can show you." Rose was left out of this current images, the Doctor simply didn't take her hand, and he shot worried glances at her every once and a while. "The Master took the name of Saxon. He married a human, a woman called Lucy. And he corrupted her. She stood at his side while he conquered Earth. I reversed everything he'd done so it never even happened, but Lucy Saxon remembered. I held him in my arms. I burnt his body. The Master is dead."

And yet, you do not see.

"What don't we see?" Rose demanded, she was getting tired of the Ood's games and felt a shadow creeping over the whole group. The thing you fear the most will come to pass. The Ood directed the thought at Rose, or it must have been just a thought, because Rose heard it echoing vast and alone in her head, while the Doctor looked unknowing. Something more is happening, Doctor. The Master is part of a greater design, because a shadow is falling over creation. Something vast is stirring in the dark. The Ood have gained this power to see through time, because time is bleeding. Shapes of things once lost are moving through the veil, and these events from years ago threaten to destroy this future, and the present, and the past.

"What do you mean?" Rose spoke softly, her eyes on what she assumed was the elder.

The Bad Wolf will rise, and a song will end. The darkness herolds only one thing.

"The end of time." Rose said, as if reciting from a script, and dashed back towards the TARDIS as she pieced it together.

Lucy Saxon was marched down the hall by two women, and somehow, she could feel what was going to happen, and was hellbent on changing it. They led her into a dark cellar, and Lucy glared at the woman in front of her, obviously she was with him.

"Let me introduce myself," the woman said in a soothing voice, "I'm your new Governor. I'm afraid the previous Governor met with something of an accident, which took quite some time arrange," she smiled, baring all her yellow, decaying teeth at her. "Miss Trefusis," she addressed another woman, one who brought Lucy in, "if you will prepare. You kept your silence well . Your trial was held in secret, with no jury, so no one knows who Harold Saxon was, where he came from," she paused for a moment, "Why you killed him." she pointed at the women on either side of Lucy, "Make her kneel." They forced Lucy to her knees, and she cried out in pain as they struck the cold concrete. "There are those of us who never lost faith. And in his wisdom, Harold Saxon prepared for this moment. He knew that he might die, and he made us ready. Tonight, he returns, The Master returns!"

They were to late. Rose had babbled something about visiting Lucy Saxon and they had traveled through all of time and space as fast as they could, but they were still to late.

"What do you fear the most Rose?" The Doctor asked, as they stared out at the burnt wreckage of the prison where Lucy was kept.

"I can't tell you that." She said quietly, "The universe might just blow." She walked back to the TARDIS, and The Doctor watched her a moment, with her Torchwood uniform, the blue jacket and pants with a pink t-shirt, her hoops dangling from her ears, and, he could feel it's presence, a small pistol concealed in her pocket.

For once he didn't care about the gun, if the Master really was back.

"Onions with that?" the overweight woman behind the counter at the burger truck asked Tommo.

"Oh yeah, go on, pile them on. What about you Ginger? Onions?" the dark skinned man on his right simply shrugged, and Tommo sighed, ignoring the man in the hoodie slowly approaching.

"He don't say much, give em onions." Tommo and Ginger began to march back towards back where they normally sat and ate lunch, and they didn't notice the man in the hoodie until her practically jumped down on them. Tommo laughed, seeing the greasy burger clenched in the man's grasp and assuming he was another one of Sarah's customers.

"Starving." The man said, and devoured the burger in seconds. Tommo nudged Ginger and chuckled throatily,

"See that's why you don't want to eat it all at once. Tempting, sure, but this way you can eat it all day." He prepared to put the burger in his mouth, but the man cut him off.

"Want more. Want cheese and chips, and meat and gravy, and cream and beer, and pork and beef and fat. Great big chunks of hot, wet red." He licked his lips at the end of this, his eyes wide and mad. Tommo grabbed Ginger's arm and they prepared to leave, the way the man was looking at them like something to eat gave him the chills.

"Come on Ginger."

"Hang on," Ginger said in a deep voice, "You look like that bloke. Harold Saxon? The one that went all mad." He did look like Harold Saxon, Tommo realized with dawning horror.

"Now isn't that funny. Isn't that just the best thing of all. The master of disguise, stuck looking like the old Prime Minister. I can't hide anywhere. He can see me. He can smell me. Can't let him smell me. Doctor, Doctor, and his wolf, I will take her for my own, stop her heart, got to stop the smell. The stink. The filthy, filthy stink." The man, or Harold was licking his lips throughout this whole speech, spittle flying out of his mouth.

"Ginger come on with me right now." Ginger demanded, pulling the man away.

"Because it's funny. Don't you see? Look at me. I'm splitting my sides." The man began to flash; you could see his whole skelton at times, just laughing. "I am hilarious. I am the funniest thing in the whole wide world." Tommo and Ginger ran for the burger truck, trying to get away from this crazy man as quick as possible.

"SARAH! GOD HELP US! There's this man!" but he cut off in horror as the skeleton of Sarah fell forward, the smell of burgers burning meeting their nostils, and they screamed, as the prime minister desended upon them.

The Doctor and Rose were on a small cliff place, overlooking a construction site. Rose could smell burning burgers, and her stomach growled. She could smell more than that though, could smell the presense of skeletons and not one, but two timelords. She didn't tell the Doctor. He didn't need anything more to worry about.

A gong ran out, four bongs ringing eerily across the empty space, and even though the noise meant nothing to Rose, the Doctor began to run through the bushes on the other side, heading for the smell of burning burgers.

She arrived just in time to see a man jump, higher than anyone should, and flash like a skeleton.

"Stop this now!" the Doctor yelled, "You're burning up your life force! Let me help!" the Master was gone.

"Oh my gosh Doctor, your a sight for sore eyes." Wilfred Noble said from behind them.

On a happier note, I have finished all of Doctor Who (except some that I skipped because my friend told me they were to scary or because I was to excited for the next one etc, I will be watching them though.) And My Mummy has bought tickets for me to the 50th! Bwhahahaha!

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