Traveling Again

You're not Human

This is more like a teaser of what is to come, mostly because I wanted to give something to you guys, thank you for being patient. It's been super crazy, got two teeth pulled and have been sitting on the couch, eating ice-cream, and watching Doctor Who.


Allons-y my fellow whovians!

"All these years, you thought I was mad. King of the wasteland. But something is calling me, Doctor. What is it? What is it? What is it?" A light from a helicopter beamed down on him, and the Doctor panicked.

"Let her go!" he yelled, "Please, I beg of you." The Master was knocked out, and they hauled him, along with Rose, into the helicopter. The Doctor began to run towards it, yelling, but they began to fire bullets at him and he ducked. He couldn't save Rose if he was dead now could he?

The Doctor threw a small rock at the window of the Nobles house. The only person left in the world that he hadn't hurt beyond belief, that could help him was Wilfred. And he needed to get Rose back.

"I lost Rose." he said as soon as Wilfred came out, "and the Master. They took her in a helicopter, and I need to get her back as soon as possible." he paused, "There is something, something I'm not telling her, and I can't let them find out."

"Listen," said Wilfred, obviously other things on his mind, "You can't park there. What if Donna sees it?"

"You're the only one Wilf." the Doctor begged, "The only one left who can help me. Please, I beg of you." he seemed to be fighting back tears, "have you seen anything strange, anything odd?"

"Well there was a-"

"What?" The Doctor demanded. He was frantic to get Rose back. He wanted to get there before she woke up, he didn't want her to wake up all alone, with some "scientists" standing over her with syringes, and she didn't know why, because he hadn't told her, because he was to scared that she would hate him.

"Well it was-" he hesitated, "No, it was nothing."

"Think-a think-a think. Maybe something out of the blue. Something connected to your life. Something." he repeated the last word, his brow furrowing.

"Well, Donna was a bit strange. She had a funny little moment, this morning, all because of that book." he said, gesturing towards the house.

"What book?"

"Names Joshua Naismith." Wilfred, who had evidently been carrying the book, held it out for the Doctor to look at.

"I was shown him by the Ood." The Doctor muttered.

"What's the Ood?"

"Oh they're just Ood-"

"Dad, what are you doing?" Sylvia, Donna's Mother walked up, and frowned at the Doctor. "You. But- Get out of here."

"Merry Christmas." was all the Doctor said in reply.

"Merry Christmas. But she can't see you. What if she remembers?" she asked, and The Doctor nodded.

"I'll just be going then." he said. He wasn't surprised when Wilfred followed him into the TARDIS, amid shouts from Sylvia.

"Naismith." The Doctor said, flipping switches, "and yes, it's bigger on the inside."

"I thought it would be cleaner." was all Wilfred said as he looked around, and the Doctor pretended to be highly offended, although he wasn't really.

"Cleaner? I could take you home right now!" The Doctor waggled his finger at Wilfred.

"Listen, Doctor, if this is a time machine, why can't you go and save Rose?"

" I can't go back inside my own timeline. I have to stay relative to the Master within the causal nexus. Understand?"

"Not a word."

"Good. ALLONS-Y!"

"Doctor!" Rose screamed the moment she woke up. She was in a cell, that was all she knew, and honestly, she wanted to put her head into her arms and sob.

She was Rose Tyler though. The Bad Wolf. She wasn't about to lay down and give up now was she? How would that make the Doctor proud.

"The not so human girl awakes." a black girl sneered, and Rose realised all to soon that she was in a glass dome, like some pet.

"What do you mean?" she pounded on the glass, "I'm human, just like you! Let me go!"

"No." a scientist, a fat man stuffed in a white coat came up to the side of the dome. "You're not human, my dear. A whole new species in fact, and I am not from Earth." he paused, "I have memorised every single species in the galaxy, but you don't exist. Can't exist. My dear, you're are as far from human as a single being can get."

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