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If Only You Knew


She is my Goddess and the love of my life. After 100 years of exile, now she is back. Set in the flashback of Soi Fong during the fight between her and Yoruichi. Will she finally get closure?

Drama / Romance
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Soi Fon was practicing her kata as usual when her cousin interrupted her.

"What is it?" frowned Soi Fon as she stopped her training. She hated it when people interrupted.

"Soi fon, gundanchou has called a meeting for the entire corps and all her bodyguards are supposed to turn up in five minutes. " said her cousin timidly wishing that she could give the message and get the hell away from the really pissed off aura that Soi Fon was giving off.

"Is that it? If it is then you can leave." With that, Soi Fon shunpoed to her quarters to change out of her training gear.

-----Ten minutes later-----

"I'm so sorry I'm late gundanchou!" said Soi Fon kneeling in front of the closed shoji.

"Come in and stop apologizing. It's only five minutes and what did I say about calling me gundanchou?"

"H—Hai. Yoruichi-sama." Stutter Soi Fon as she blushes under the intensity of Yoruichi's gaze.

"Okay you people, listen up. Now that every one of us is present let's get on with this. We have received a report from the recon team about a hollow that needs the attention of the secret mobile corps. According to them, it is pretty difficult to kill…."

While Yoruichi went on about the latest mission for the corps, Soi Fon found her attention shifting from the hollow report to the gestures and features of the cocoa goddess sitting across her. To most people, it would seem as though Soi Fon was giving her utmost attention to what the speaker was saying; but they are only half right. Soi Fon was indeed giving her full attention to the speaker but all of it was on how the speaker move and talk and none on the topic at hand.

"Yoruichi-sama…she really is the epitome of beauty and perfection. Everything about her is graceful and elegant. Her voice is so hypnotic that I can lose myself in it forever. She look so perfect, with her long slender fingers, flat stomach, gorgeous long legs and those golden eyes that seem to see through your very soul. I wonder what it'll be like to kiss her... OMG! What is this! What am I thinking about!!! Yoruichi-sama is the princess of the Shihouin clan I can't be thinking about her in this manner. God, I'm so ashamed of myself. If Yoruichi-sama ever finds out about this she'll probably kicked me out of the ranks of her bodyguard and think that I'm a pervert. Stupid brain." thought Soi Fon.

"Soi Fon. Soi Fon!" called Yoruichi, waving her hands in front of her. Seeing that nothing caught the attention of her bodyguard, she reached over and shook Soi Fon hard literally shaking her out of her reverie.

"Ah!!!" yelped Soi Fon as she felt Yoruichi's hand on her shoulder shaking her. "G---Gomen gun..I mean Yoruichi-sama" stuttered Soi Fon blushing hard with her eyes on the floor praying feverishly that Yoruichi hasn't caught her daydreaming in the middle of the meeting and her blush.

Yoruichi chuckled inwardly at the cute display in front of her. "Why are you daydreaming in the middle of the meeting? As a punishment I shall bring you with me to get rid of this hollow."

"Demo Yoruichi-sama, you could just send me to deal with it. You don't have to deal with this hollow personally." argued Soi Fon.

"Hah! I knew you weren't paying attention to what I was saying. Central 46 had specifically stated that I go, besides, it would be a good exercise for me." laughed Yoruichi. "Anyway, it's time to go"

"H—Hai!" said Soi Fon, vowing inwardly to not let any hollow touch a hair on Yoruichi's head.

-----At the battlefield-----

Even though they were in midst of a battle, Soi Fon felt strangly at ease and happy as, with the exception of the hollow, she was alone with Yoruichi. "This should be simple." thought Soi Fon as she launched herself at the hollow with a loud battle cry. Cleaving it into half from it head, she purified the hollow and landed at the edge of the cliff.

"Now that's done. Yoruichi-samadon't have to be exposed to unnecessary danger. We can re.."

Soi Fon's thoughts are interrupted as a massive hand grabbed her from behind. The ecstatic cry of a hollow having found a tasty meal could be heard. As the hollow brought her closer and closer to its opened mouth, Soi Fon saw her whole life flashing in front of her. Strangely, all of it was of Yoruichi. The first time she met her as a child, when she joined the corps, when she became her bodyguard, her smiles, laughter and voice.

"Yoruichi-sama…I have to protect her." thought Soi Fon as she tried to squirm her way out of the hollow's grip but to no avail.

Anger washed over Yoruichi and rage consumed her when she saw Soi Fon being swiped by the hollow. She had this feeling that if Soi Fon died, she probably won't be able to continue living. Though she was confused by what she felt, she channel her rage into killing the hollow that was about to devour her bodyguard. Jumping into the air, she slice off the arm imprisoning Soi Fon and proceed to stick her katana into its mask, killing it in the process. Feeling very pleased that Soi Fon is safe and unharmed she was about to leave when she saw Soi Fon kneeling in front of her.

"Let's go." said Yoruichi turning to leave.

"My deepest apologies." said Soi Fon with her head bowed. "I'm supposed to guard you and yet, I lacked the strenght."

"Gah! That's the problem? There's no need to worry about it." replied Yoruichi smiling. "As long as you are safe; nothing else matters." She added silently in her head.

"But!" retorted Soi Fon.

"If I say it's okay, then it's okay."



"No, I was just talking to myself, Yoruichi-sama."

"Right! Let's go." Smiled Yoruichi.

"H---Hai!" was all Soi Fon managed to get out before shunpoing after her mistress. "I'll always stay by your side to protect you. That's a promise."

-----Later that night-----

Soi Fon was training again. After what had happened in the afternoon, she felt terribly ashamed of herself. "How am I going to protect Yoruichi-sama by doing this?! Or this?!" she screamed while leaping through the air, slashing at an invisible enemy, her blade swishing so quickly that it is a silver blur.

Soi Fon landed to shift into another stance when she felt a familiar hand covered hers, griping the katana and anther one on her shoulder. "Yoruichi-sama!"The effect that the dark skinned goddess had on her was instantaneous. Soi Fon could feel her blood rushing to her face, flushing it pink under the glow of the moon. Her body stiffened at the contact. Every nerve, every fibre of her being is no longer tired but instead very alert and she could feel the warmth of Yoruichi's body through her clothes. It took all of her self control to not sink into that blissful warmth. With Yoruichi this close, Soi Fon could not help wondering how long Yoruichi had been watching her and how she blind she could be to not notice her mistress's presence.

"Listen Soi Fon, you swing your sword like this" Yoruichi breathes into her apprentice's ear, causing her to flush more as she swung their hands holding the blade pointing the blade upwards. This swing had increased the skin contact between the two of them and Soi Fon could feel her body betraying herself as dirty thoughts enter her head.

Soi Fon was not the only one having trouble controlling herself. Yoruichi could not help but realize how perfectly Soi Fon fitted into her arms even though they are now in a battle stance and there is a sword in their hands. A bubble of giddiness welled up inside her as the realization of how close she was holding Soi Fon hit her. The sudden wave of lust hit her as she studied the side profile of her apprentice. "God, what is happening to me? SoiFon is my bodyguard, a friend. Why am I thinking about how much I want to kiss her and feel her under me?"

Shaking her head a little to rid her brain of those dirty thoughts, she went back to the task at hand. "And you swing the sword like that." Bringing their hands down from where they were in a circle before ending with an elegant upwards sweep. This move had exposed Soi Fon's creamy neck to Yoruichi who gulped at the sight and tried her hardest to stop herself from planting a kiss and more there.

Luckily for Yoruichi, Soi Fon disentangle herself from their current position to kneel in front of her before she could give in to the impulse.

"Don't brood over it like this. You are doing very well." said Yoruichi kindly as she mentally suppressed the emotions and thoughts that are ravaging her.

"No. I'm not good enough. If I want to protect Yoruichi-sama, my strength…. No, I'm lacking in everything" said Soi Fon down casted.

Seeing her apprentice feeling so down, it nearly ripped her heart out. Though she do not know why she was feeling like this, she knew without a doubt that she had to comfort Soi Fon.

"That's enough."

"Yoruichi-sama…" said Soi Fon as she looked up.

"You remind me of myself. Sometimes I feel like you are my sister." "Well, at least that's the truth until I figured out what I exactly feel for you. If only I can tell you that…."

"Words like that are wasted on a person like me." "I can't believe that Yoruichi-sama actually feels like that…I should be happy about it… but why do I feel as though my heart is about to break in to thousands of pieces when I hear her utter the word sister?"

"So, that's enough. It's full moon tonight." Yoruichi said as she plopped onto the grass and rested her head on the lap of the kneeling Soi Fon. "Not to mention those cherry blossoms floating around. I'm glad you're here to share it with me."

They remained in that position for what seemed to be an eternity. Yoruichi closed her eyes as an internal battle raged within her as to whether to kiss Soi Fon.

"The setting is too perfect to let such an opportunity slip by. Besides, I really do want to kiss her so badly…the full moon, the cherry blossoms…I wish I could just lay here with her forever. But, I promised Kisuke that I did leave with him…if I kissed her now, I would be breaking her heart far more than if I don't. I'll be breaking my own heart too… no, scrap that. My heart is breaking right now just at the thought of leaving her here. Oh god, is there ever an easy way out of this? Why couldn't I control myself? I just had to see her one last time before I leave. Damn me and my stupid impulses and the habit of giving in to them."

Just as the battle within her died down, she felt Soi Fon's hand stroking her hair and heard her say "I'll always be by your side to protect you. Always"

"Yeah, it's a promise." She replied before realizing the gravity and magnitude of the promise that she just made. "baka mono!" Yoruchi berated herself. "What the hell are you thinking about, promising her like that. She'll hate your guts after this. You need to leave tonight. Just admit it, you love her don't you. Stop hiding you coward…you can keep telling yourself that you only think of her as a sister and nothing else but you of all people know better."

"Damn conscience, can't you just shut up. Does it look like I'm enjoying and reveling in the fact that I'll be leaving her here soon? Fine! You win! I love her! I do! But what can I do? I can't take her with me. Over here she has a future; she is going to take over my position when I leave. She is strong, she can handle it."

"Yeah right, keep telling yourself that a million times over and maybe you'll believe one percent of what you just said. You know what she feels for you. Don't lie, you're not blind, and neither am I. Now, I know you want to kiss her. I can see how much you want to and that your self-restraint is going out of the window. But please, think of her and don't do it…for her, don't damage her to the point beyond repair."

Ignoring her conscience's warning, Yoruichi shifted her position such that she is facing Soi Fon. This startled the girl and she withdraws her hand from her mistress's short violet locks. "Yoruichi-sama…" stuttered Soi Fon, shocked that her mistress wasn't asleep and is now staring very intently at her face. Soi Fon blushed.

"You know, you look very cute when you blush like that. Do you do this around everyone or is it just around me?" asked Yoruichi, her voice coming out huskier than she intended it to.

Upon hearing that, Soi Fon blushed harder and her vocabulary is only left with one word – "Y--Yoruichi-sama…"

Before she can get any more words out of her mouth, Soi Fon felt something soft against her lips. Looking down, she saw that Yoruichi had risen from her previous position and was now kissing her. Soi Fon stared, unable to believe the sight in front of her. The thing that she had been wishing and praying for had come true.

Yoruichi pulled away and watched the disbelief on Soi Fon's face. She watched amused as Soi Fon touched her lips in amazement and realization dawned on her. She can't believe that she hadn't kissed Soi Fon earlier. The feeling was much better than she had imagined and Soi Fon had tasted much sweeter. Kissing Soi Fon and holding her made Yoruichi feel strangely complete, as though a part of her that she never knew was missing had returned. Seizing her chance, she swooped in for another kiss before the shock Soi Fon was experiencing wears off. This kiss unlike the first was full of passion as Soi Fon finally realized that she wasn't dreaming and began to kiss back. Like Yoruichi, she realized the real thing was far better than what she had imagined. They explored and tasted each other as their tongues battle for dominance which Yoruichi won.

When both of them came up for air, Yoruichi enveloped Soi Fon in a hug and held her so tightly that Soi Fon thought that she would die of suffocation. Not that she minded, she could feel her love for Yoruichi literally pouring out of her and Yoruichi's love for her in the way she was being held.

"Come on, it's late. Time to leave, you have a busy day ahead little bee" said Yoruichi standing up and ruffling Soi Fon's hair. "Race you back to the quarters!" she called before shunpoing away.

After dropping Soi Fon off at her quarters and bidding her good night with a lingering kiss, Yoruichi hid in the shadows as she watched her little bee get ready for bed. She could tell how much she meant to Soi Fon in everything the younger girl did. The way she kiss, the way she would put herself in the path of danger to protect her, the way she glows and blushes when receiving a compliment and the way she gets ready for bed glowing because of what had just happened.

She waited until she is sure that her little bee is asleep before slipping into the room to cover her up in the blanket that she had kicked off. Her little bee had a smile on her face even in her sleep and she could her mumbling "Yoruichi-sama".

"Goodbye little bee…please know that I'll always love you. No matter where I am" murmured Yoruichi as she bend over and kissed Soi Fon's forehead. A single tear rolled down her face as she closed the door and shunpoed out of the room to the spot where she would meet Urahara without looking back.

Okay folks, this is my first attempt at a yorusoi fic. Reviews are very much appreciated. I take everything, criticisms, flaming and all. Hope I never made them too out of character, might continue if I can get enough idea as to what I should write. I think Yoruichi and Soi Fon make a really cute couple. )

Yours Sincerely,


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