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Jaune: The Strong (Volume 1)

By Fangazer

Romance / Fantasy

Are You Really My Master?!

Jaune sighed as he swung his sword for the umpteenth time. His arm lacking strength, he swung again only to find out he was tired again. He glanced around to see that he was on the roof dubbed his and Pyrrha’s training spot. Since it was nighttime and he didn’t make an appointment, the leader of Team Juniper was alone.

Crestfallen, the blonde boy sat down with shield and sword still in his hands. Pondering, he found out that a lot that happened in the recent events.

For his own sake, he managed to get some closure on his former crush, Weiss, the renowned Ice Princess. Right after that was a dance he rocked with a dress thanks to lessons from his army of sisters. And somehow, deep inside, something told him that he and Pyrrha had found common grounds with each other. He still didn’t get the full answer since his mind wasn’t always on the subject of relationships.

Then came the Grimm situation in Vale. Ruby called him for help that was swiftly answered. And just like that, the fight was over once human forces combined their strength. All was right in the world for the blonde boy as he was becoming stronger, wiser, even handsome as time passed on.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough for Jaune. He noticed that there was something evil out there, something he couldn’t put his finger on since he was constantly put out of the loop. Plus, his desire to prove himself grew by the passing day. Dragging his friends around during his and their free time wasn’t something he could stomach as a pure-hearted boy.

And that’s what led to his current frustration. Alone, tired, and dissatisfied with his progress. Jaune wasn’t an idiot. He knew it took time to get stronger. But for some reason, he really wished he could get to that point sooner than later.

“Oh well, I should turn in for the night.” Jaune picked up and placed in his weapons and walked on towards the rooftop exit. When his hand reached for the doorknob, he noticed there was something shining in the air.

Curious, the blonde boy looked up to see a shining comet fly towards him. Gazing, his astute mind suddenly realized what was wrong with this scenario.

One second took him to see he was standing under the projectile’s crash site. It took another for him to roll away into a crouch with shield up. Behind his cover, Jaune remained strong and prepared for a force that may blast him off the roof.

When nothing came, Jaune looked up and over his metallic protection. His eyes captured the sight of something that he realized could have been the most bizarre thing he’s seen to date, especially as a student of Beacon.

The ‘comet’ that was about to hit him was floating in mid-air. Unlike the rocks from space, this one was shaped like a diamond necklace, a sparkling jewel on a string and shining in white and gold. Its intricate patterns and marks showed that this item was not anything of this earth. Instead, it was too beautiful to be anything that came from Remnant.

“Hi, are you…Jaune Arc?”

And this form of jewelry just talked to the confused teenager. A mature, male voice with a bit of joy, this item didn’t have a mouth to speak to him. So some strange workings were going on; the logic for this was just going way over Jaune’s head.

“You are, aren’t you? Damn, I never thought I was able to find you out here. Why is a place called Beacon so hard to find out in the boonies?!”

Jaune jumped when the necklace flew over to wrap its string around his neck. Looking down at the jewelry, he felt nervous to see that he didn’t have a say on whether or not the talking necklace could approach him.

“Boonies?” Jaune asked out loud. “What boonies is there?”

“Emerald Forest, Vale City, Forever Fall?! Hello, Vale is the land for the folkspeople which equates to the boonies! Dustarnit! Are you really my master?!”

Jaune winced as the voice grew louder with its condescending tone. Righting himself, the boy looked around to see if someone was pulling a prank that may involve a Semblance.

“I’m not a stupid whoopee cushion or a joybuzz. Okay, not exactly something the ladies would swoon over like the Snow White dress that makes me question your manliness. ”

Surprised how the talking item knew about his past deed, Jaune asked, “H-how did you know that?! Are you reading my mind?!”

“…Maybe, and you can’t prove it. Can’t say I am looking at the redhead who’s hot as…wow, how’d you get her as your partner? Did you score yet?! Is my boy a man?! Hue hue, someone’s taken after the example of a hero.”

“Stop that!” Holding his head, Jaune closed his eyes shut. “Stop reading my mind or I’ll…I’ll sell you for low price at a pawn shop!”

“If you do, then I won’t be able to become your super boost, power-up, the piece to your incomplete puzzle of manhood. By the way, sell me at a peasant’s shop and I’ll come back after you get the lien. Rinse and repeat, we’ll get rich enough to buy our own Kingdom. From there, we’ll conquer the Dust Company before the world!”

Jaune felt dizzy from hearing about plans that obviously involved manipulating the world economy. He hated it as these plans weren’t anywhere close to his goals of becoming a Hunter, much less a hero.

“Look, I’m sure that you’re… decent in some ways.” Jaunce winced when he heard the necklace blow raspberries at him.

“Liar, you just wondered if I’m cursed. Not cursed, a blessing that was handed down from the bloody hands of your forefathers to the dirty ones of their sons. And sadly, dirt and grime were not on their grubby little fingers, especially in their teenage years.”

Blessing was far from Jaune’s choice of description. He still did his best to raise his open hands so he could get ready to yank and throw. “Family relations, great. Us getting along, that might not work out because we’re so…different.”

“Whatever, I’m here, so I’m going to make you strong, Jaune. Mark my words, you’re going to have girls and riches that’ll make the boys cry and more women love you or my name isn’t Lou Caliber!”

Jaune paused as he heard the necklace just introduce itself. For some reason, the name seemed odd, yet fitting, as if it had relations to an old legend .

“Oh, by the way, hold out your sword arm and cry out Luminous Shine. I’m tired from flying out of your old man’s home, but I want to help you mark the day we, the dynamic duo, met!”

“No, there is no way that I’m going to use anything from you. Please, just leave me alone.” By now, Jaune was trying hard to rip off the necklace. Shockingly, the string felt like it was three times stronger than Cardin’s arms doing a neck choke.

“Did you just say please?” Lou sounded enraged. “Okay, lesson one! Never say please. Real men take what they want, own what they want, especially blow up every damn thing when they have the power!”

Jaune felt his arm holding his sword rise against his will. Unsure why this was happening, he struggled only to feel that his weapon was high enough for it to be swung down.

“Well, here goes nothing. Shall we say, hell yes?”

“No, stop it!” Too late, Jaune’s arm swung its sword until the metal blade struck the rooftop. From there, an explosion of light went off along with the sound of rock and stone blowing apart. Jaune’s mouth did a big ‘O’ as the light died down to show the resulting destruction.

“See? See? Got some power I can hand to you. You got some enemies? One command from you and kabloom! They’re a thing of the past….well, right after I recover from that stupid trip. Ouch, my tips feel so sore.”

Jaune couldn’t protest as he was still trying to find out how Lou gave him the power to blow apart a hug corner of the rooftop. He was more thankful that nobody was up here due to how people would be elsewhere in this time of the night.

Fear of getting caught, Jaune ran through the exit so he could go back to his room. Along the way, the boy feared the worst when he heard Lou’s laugh that portrayed an ominous future.

“Hit and run, I love your style, Jaune. That’s right, we’re going to rise so high, even the gods and goddesses will be put to shame! My master, you and I are going to rise from a dull zero to a sexy, rich hero!”

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