Jaune: The Strong (Volume 1)

Morning Bombshell

Chaper 2: Morning Bombshell

Last night was Jaune’s worst experience ever. Compared to Cardin’s bullying, Lou’s entrance and revealed intentions made the boy briefly wish he wasn’t a student of Beacon. If the living jewelry stuck to its words, then there was a good chance that Jaune’s life in school was going to be ruined in a matter of days, maybe hours if his luck really was the worst kind.

In fact, the boy of hard knockings had a feeling that this morning was going to be a path down to his doom. A sign would have been a heat source that was behind him as he was lying on his bed and under white sheets. Along with this body heat, the second thing Jaune noticed were the two, soft mounds that made contact with the back of his white t-shirt. His legs were also intertwined with strong ones; one knee was almost up to his crotch that was covered by his black shorts.

“Hello?” Using a soft voice, Jaune tried not to believe that he was in a bad situation. When he tried to move away, two arms of strong, slender build moved around his abdomen before embracing from behind. As the mounds dug deeper, hot breaths tickling his neck made the boy’s adolescent nature slowly kick into overdrive.

And judging by the body’s sturdy frame, the blonde victim had a guess of who was sleeping right behind him.

“Morning Jaune, like your present? Got to say, she’s drop-dead gorgeous in person, much less in her pj’s.”

Jaune closed his eyes as Lou made its greeting inside his mind with some strange form of telepathy. He glanced down to see that the jewel was partially inside his shirt. He placed all the blame onto the necklace for now and the coming events.

“Come on, enjoy the moment. Although unlike the old days, this case would mean that you already did something with her. Oh well, just be glad that I, the Amazing Lou, gave you a perfect opportunity.”

“Or we could get into trouble if any teacher catches us.” Using his thoughts to communicate, Jaune would have done a face-palm as Lou made a noise of surprise. Either the necklace was feigning shock or it really didn’t know about the modern beliefs of indecency.

Turning his head, Jaune inwardly groaned when he saw Pyrrha’s slumbering face. Looking closer, he saw that the bare light from the covers above created a pristine effect on her face, a Sleeping Beauty whose long, crimson hair flowed down her arm like silk clothing.

“Screw you, your generation also happens to break a lot of those gender standards. One action was all it took and voila, she’s ready for ya. Now, just gently grab her head and lean in so we can get this one settled before the next maiden.”

Jaune pushed the covers off of his head and squinted from the light of Saturday morning. Nervous, he glanced over at the room’s other bed to see Nora and Ren there, gently breathing as they were still residents of their own dreamland.

This made it worse as Jaune didn’t know how the hell he was going to fix whatever Lou did to get him into this mess. To make things worse, Pyrrha slowly sat up with half-closed eyes as her first action of coming awake.

Yawning, she stretched her arms up, leaving the sight of her red, button-up shirt clear for Jaune to see. He almost stared at how Pyrrha’s hair was untied, giving him a rare, lax view of the strong warrior. When his eyes met her outlined chest, he looked away after his mind flashed back to what happened a few moments ago

“Good morning Jaune.”

“Morning…Pyrrha?” The blonde teenager didn’t know why his red-haired partner didn’t have much of a reaction to their situation. “Did you sleep well?”

“Of course.” Pyrrha dipped her lovely legs out of the covers and over the side of the bed. This showed that from feet to plump thighs, they were almost bare if not for the black shorts. “And how are you? You seemed tuckered out last night. Is that why you had to sleep early?”

That was far from the truth, but Jaune had to resort to lying so he could cover up his accidental destruction on the rooftop. “Yep, just did some training while you guys were getting debriefed by those Atlas soldiers.”

“That’s nice. If you’ve improved, then I’ll need to see how much in our next sparring match.” One hand on bed, Pyrrha slowly slid over to the spot occupied by the surprised Jaune. After her head was inches from his face, the boy remained still as he didn’t know why his partner was giving him a loving stare.

“Wow, she’s setting herself up for you! Come on, take the bait and get something started! Be a man!”

Jaune froze as he didn’t understand what Lou was yelling about in his mind. All he could do was smile and try to make sense of what was going on.

“Do something! I know you two are friends, but that boundary is going to be a huge pain in the ass if it’s not gone soon!”

“Hey…did I do something strange to you last night?” While Jaune asked this with a straight face, he also went through the trouble of blocking out Lou’s complaints from his mind. “I mean, we’re both in the same bed and you don’t mind. That means I’m missing context that’s making sense of this.”

Pyrrha frowned as her eyes narrowed, something that meant only bad tidings for Jaune. “You…don’t remember? Are you saying that was an accident?”

A pregnant pause ensued between the two teenagers. For Jaune’s case, he was more lost than his first trek through Emerald Forest. Lou’s sudden silence, probably from anger, only obscured the boy’s ability to come up with a solution.

“No explosions or interruptions, but you two somehow take the mood down that direction?”

Jaune and Pyrrha jumped from the annoyed voice. Their search for its source led to the discovery of Nora sitting while she was in a white, sleeveless shirt and pink sweatpants. Beside her was Ren in his green pajamas, holding his head with both hands as if he was recovering from a trip to the afterlife.

Heart beating fast, Jaune heard his partner exclaim, “N-nora, were you awake this entire time?!”

“Yeah, and be glad that I was. Any more of this and one of you might have made a big mistake.” Nora crossed her arms and frowned to show her frustration. “And Jaune, you really were sleeping last night? Especially when Pyrrha came over to pull the covers up your body? It seemed way too coincidental that you would wrap your arms around her and pull her in while your mind was shut down.”

Jaune felt the urge to rip Lou off of his neck and throw it out the window. Knowing this wasn’t an option for many reasons, the boy was only able to nod and reply, “Yeah, it’s weird isn’t it? I must have had quite the dream if it made my body move like that.”

Nora sighed with head shaking while Ren yawned like the dead would after coming back to life. To Jaune, the worst expression he saw was Pyrrha’s eyes glancing down in disappointment. Still unsure why the girls would make these kind of faces, he felt there had to be some way to make up for the unknown wrong he has done.

“Idiot, it’s not your fault,” said Lou’s voice. “Perkness tried to make things work out for you two. Now Pyrrha here didn’t announce the one thing you said that actually convinced her to share the same bed.”

Inside his head, Jaune sighed, “I did something else? What else could I have done?”

“Mumble that you wanted her, your one and only partner, to stay the night so you could sleep better. And it’s my fault for the hug, not the words that I just found out came from your sisters’ favorite soap opera. But it worked out in the end, so way to go, Casanova. Now if you only had your dad’s libido.”

Jaune was about to inwardly object when he noticed Pyrrha look up to make eye contact. “Then I should be the one apologizing. It didn’t seem like you to just do something so bold. So…I’m sorry.”

For some reason, Jaune felt distraught as his partner was trying to take the blame in a noble attempt to cover up this mishap. “It’s nobody’s fault,” he quickly remarked. “Last night, I started this and…nothing really happened. I mean, we’re old enough to be responsible to not let things get weird, right?”

Nora jumped off her side of the bed and chirped, “I totally agree! And since my bed buddy isn’t someone who likes to whisper your name, we should keep these arrangements until further notice. Wouldn’t you agree, Ren? Ren?”

Everyone looked over at the black-haired teenager to see he was staring off into space. Concerned, Jaune asked, “Ren? Are you okay? What’s wrong?”

“I just had the weirdest dream.” Ren placed a hand against his forehead with his eyes closed in pain. “I was…a producer of a hit web-series. The characters were…us? I think, but our bodies were made up of so many geometries on a computer. Thinking about it just hurts my head right until something…terrible happened.”

Nora placed a knee on her bed and patted a hand against her aching partner’s cheek. “Come on, it’s morning Ren. You’re back in this world now, so get up, breathe the air, and let’s get something to eat. Mornings shouldn’t be filled with so much dread.”

Ren only gave a silent nod as his orange-haired partner dragged him out of bed so they could go to their respective restrooms. Jaune saw that as the two went out, he felt strangely relieved that his ‘brother’ was doing well.

“Speaking of weird, check out Pyrrha’s face. Her cheeks are redder than a virgin’s first time!”

Jaune saw that his partner’s face really was holding a deep, crimson color. Believing it to be the issue in his own mind, he said, “So I guess we share the bed by unanimous decision…I think. Are you okay with that?”

Pyrrha coughed once before her face formed a comfortable smile. “Sure, although I can’t promise about sharing the covers.”

“Then take all of it if you want. It always gets hot back when Ren and I had to share a bed.” In his sigh, Jaune wondered if this was a good idea to even begin with. “But…if things do get awkward, then don’t be afraid to tell me. Even the small things, just make sure to share them with me, okay?”

When Jaune saw Pyrrha nod, he also noticed that her smile was natural enough to make him feel calm. His newfound state didn’t let him notice the small, red tinge on the girl’s cheeks.

At this point, he was busy tolerating the downpour of complaints Lou was sending in his mind.

“Oh, that’s a beautiful necklace. Where did you get it?” Pyrrha’s question didn’t help with the situation. Before Jaune could hope to find an answer that didn’t involve Lou’s input, static filled the air before a male’s voice made its unexpected announcement.”

“All students, report to the amphitheater. Repeat, all students report within half an hour. Professor Goodwitch requires everyone to be present for the news of last night’s incident.”

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