Ghosts in the Closet

Drabbles: The Accident

The day of the accident

"Young Danny Fenton, he was just fourteen…"

The scariest part wasn't the explosion, although that had been bad—Sam was sure her heart had stopped beating when the Fentons' weird portal thing activated with Danny inside. And it wasn't the freaky white hair, or the way the hazmat suit he was wearing had done some sort of photo-negative reverse, with the white body turning black and the black collar, belt, gloves and boots turning white. Heck, just seeing him stumble out of the thing, alive, made the the hair and jumpsuit seem trivial.

The scariest part was when he collapsed, not into her arms, but through them.

When he rolled onto his back and opened his eyes, she saw that they had changed, too. From blue to green. What the heck?

Tucker fell to his knees beside them. "Danny! Are you okay?"

"I-I think so." He put his hand to the back of his head. "I just banged my head."

Sam and Tucker exchanged terrified looks. "Banged your head? Dude, your hair turned white! And your eyes are glowing."

"What?" Danny jumped up, then swayed a little unsteadily, stumbling over to where a mirror hung above a small sink. "What happened to me?" And he fainted again.

If the scariest part had been when he'd collapsed the first time, the second scariest was when he collapsed the second time. Because as soon as he hit the floor, there was a blinding flash of light, like one of those antique camera flashes. Only it was coming from Danny. And when the light was gone and Sam could see again, she gasped.

His hair was its normal black, and the jumpsuit was gone, replaced by the jeans and t-shirt he'd been wearing underneath, as if nothing strange had happened.

Nothing strange, except for the two seconds he turned invisible.

When Jazz ran panicked into the basement, having heard explosion from her room, Tucker and Sam managed to convince her they should be the ones to ride in the ambulance with Danny. She was, after all, the only one who could drive. And Jazz was nothing if not logical.

Well, logical and angry. And worried. But more angry. Because as far as she knew, her brother had only been near the Portal when it had activated, not inside.

She hadn't seen the white hair, or the glowing eyes. Or the way his hand kept fading to nothing in Sam's grasp.

They kept him overnight at the hospital, but only for observation. After all the x-rays, tests, and questions—which a stunned Danny answered somewhat vaguely—they'd found nothing more serious than a mild concussion.

Not one doctor saw him when he'd turned invisible. Not one nurse caught him as he sank out of sight through the gurney. His parents and Jazz had missed it when Danny somehow ended up floating two feet above his bed.

Only Tucker and Sam had seen, and Danny swore them to secrecy.

If Sam had her way, she would take the secret to her grave.

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