the apprentice of Chronos

By predatorqlz

Action / Romance

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Percy POV

I jolted awake in my cabin in the Argo II. I couldn't remember all that I was dreaming about, just bits and pieces, a man with golden eyes that seemed as old as time looking at me with a sad smile on his face, a short woman crying as she stood alone in a forrest

" soon Perseus soon you will understand "

Then I awoke

I lay starring at the sealing trying to make sense of the dream, who was the golden eyed man? why had the woman made such terrible sobs in the middle of the forrest? and why did I fee like it was all my fault?

its probably just stress, I mean I did just save the world from a primordial goddess AND jumped into Tartarus I thought to myself but I felt that wasn't completely true.After a couple of minutes of shuffuling around in my bed I decided I needed some fresh air to clear my thoughts.

As I walked past each of my fellow quest members's rooms I quickly checked inside to make sure that they were all okay, I took my time when I reached Annabeth's room checking and double checking to make sure that everything was in order, sure enough she was lying in her bed fast asleep with a couple of loose hairs covering her face, I walked up to her sleeping form and tucked them behind her ear before walking out of the room.

I hadn't told anyone but after defeating Gaea I had grown paranoid, while everyone else celebrated our victory I simply expected for something worse to happen. Wasn't that what had happened last time? so now every time I was eating or sleeping or even spending quality time with Annabeth I was waiting, always waiting.

as I stepped out and breathed in the sea's sent I couldn't help but feel calmer, I just stood their for a couple of minutes enjoying the sea breeze on my face and calming down my racing mind, just when I was feeling better and was ready to go to sleep a voice spoke from behind me "It took a long time but you finally got the dream, its been a long time Perseus"

I whirled around searching for the owner of the voice, but there was no one there, I was beginning to think that I imagined it when I noticed a silhouette hidden in the shadows, I couldn't tell much about the figure apart that it was pretty tall and definitely male

"Who are you?" I asked warily, taking a step back from the man incase he decided to try something

"I am Marethyu. I am Death" the man responded with a court,deep voice

I don't know why but the name sent shiver down my back,

"what is it that you want?"

"I would like to know about all you know about yourself, Perseus Jackson." the man responded

the request seemed a bit weird but if the man had wanted to kill me he would have tried while he still had the element of surprise, so I decided to humor his request

"I am Percy Jackson the son of poseidon I have been through many perils throughout my life and have undertaken many quests I am a demigod and a pawn of Olympus." I said but even as I did my eyes widened in shock, I had meant to say hero, the hero of Olympus but instead I had said what I felt was really true

the figure regarded me for a while before turning his head and looking at the spot right next to me " you can stop hiding child, that invisibility trick won't work on me"

the air next to me shimmered as Annabeth took of her invisibility cap, she was holding her drakon bone sword and was staring at the figure, looking him up and down

"I am not a child, I am Annabeth chase daughter of Athena, now what is it that you want with percy?

"I want to talk with him in private. I want you to go to the room, please. And I mean now." Marethyu said calmly staring back at Annabeth

Annabeth's eyes glazed over and became distant and unfocused as she dropped her sword a walked hurriedly back into the ship

I turned towards the figure again and began to feel worried, Annabeth was a daughter of Athena and yet the being in front of me had managed to take control over her mind easily, I may be a good fighter but that would be no use if he simply made me stab myself to death

"I have freed you, Thanatos-"

Marethyu waved his hand dismissively. "Please call me Marethyu. I do not like that name"

"Marethyu" i corrected myself" I have freed you in Alaska. What do you want from me?"

Marethyu seemed to sight as if the next words were going to be difficult for him to say " Perseus I am here because it is finally time to tell you something very important, you must hear me out Perseus because what I am about to tell you may be difficult for you to hear" he waited for me to nod before continuing" you are not the Percy jackson you think you are, you are actually the apprentice of Chronos "

I looked at him incredulously. How is that possible? firstly Kronos was destroyed in Olympus and secondly Why would this hooded man say that he Percy jackson the slayer of kronos was an apprentice of Kronos?

"That is impossible. Kronos died in Olympus a year ago." I said carefully.

" Ah I see, you think we are talking about Kronos the Titan." Marethyu said " no Perseus I mean Chronos the primordial the true master of time"

this confused me even more, but something of what he said jumped out to me primordial, I knew Gaea was the primordial of the earth, and now Thanatos or Marhsitu or whoever this guy was ,is telling me that another one is out there and calling for me? and that Im this other primordial's apprentice?, I thought of all the death and destruction that I had seen and all of the hardships me and my friends had to endure because of Gaea and I grew angry

"Why are you here?" I asked him wrathfully

"I am here to tell the truth Perseus" Marethyu said staring at me, pleading me with his gaze to understand" there are things about yourself that you don't know, that you don't remember, while yes your name is Perseus you are not the son of poseidon that you think you are, you are not a son of poseidon at all, you were born eons ago before the time of the gods and even before the time of the Titans, you were born in the age of the primordials"

I glared at him " oh so I just forgot all of this, is that what you are saying? that I was an immortal being older than gods and titans who then decided to forget all of that and become a demigod son of poseidon"

Marethyu's lips tightened slightly but he continued never less as if I had said nothing at all " No Perseus you didn't just forget, you and Chronos decided to take away your memories until the time was right, which is why he wants to see you now"

I don't know why but something about the look he was giving me, a sad desperate look made me hesitate for a second, but then it passed and my resolve hardened.

" what no Jason, Piper Leo ther is some- " I started to say before Marethyu realized what I was doing

with a movement so fast my eyes couldn't follow he had me pinned to the side of the ship, one of his bony hands was covering my mouth moffeling my screams, I tried to push him off but he didn't move an inch

" come on Perseus something must have gotten back to you by now" marethyu shouted at me as I tried to wiggle free "your parents, or Chronos…. or maybe, yes she must have come back to you, maybe one memory at least, the day you met her, or the day you created an entire island in her name or maybe, maybe the day that you left her… crying alone in a forrest" My eyes widened as Marethyu recalled something that had happened in my dream.

Marethyu noticed my shocked face and slowly removed his hand from my mouth.

"how did you-" I began to say before he cut me off

" All will be explained once you get your memories back" he said before shooting his hand out faster than I could see and tapping me in the forehead.

I felt my self start to fall into unconsciousness and was only able to scream the name of my love before blacking out

Annabeth POV

I was sitting on my bed with no idea on how I had gotten there, I remembered waking up in the middle of the night, following Percy to to the exterior of the ship and then… nothing.

I guess it was just a dream I thought to myself as I lay back down on my bed, still my gut had a bad feeling about it, I was just falling back asleep when I heard the scream


I sprang up from the bed, instantly recognizing Percy's voice, I quickly grabbed my drakon sword before running out into the passage way and heading towards the sound of Percy's voice, as I did the memories that I had lost mere minutes ago came back to me, the hooded man talking to Percy as I creeped behind him, the hooded man noticing me and forcing me to forget about him and go back to my room, my heart hammered in my chest as I sprinted as fast as I could down the long passage way

please don't be dead,please don't be dead, please don't be dead I chanted inside my head as I ran,finally I barged threw the door into the exterior of the ship and… found nothing.There were no signs of anyone here

maybe I just imagined or dreamed it I thought hopefully maybe Percy was nev- my train of thought stopped as I looked down to the floor, there sitting on the cool wooden floor was my invisibility cap, it seemed to be starring mockingly at me

you're to late

I cheeked and double cheeked and triple cheeked all over the ship frantically searching for any signs of Percy, but to no avail every corner of the ship was empty with no sighs of the green eyed son of poseidon.

finally I returned to my room and sat on my bed, trying to figure out what I was going to do next come on Annabeth get yourself together I thought to myself as I sat on my grey bunk if Percy isn't here it means that he was taken, the question is by who? and why? I reasoned, fighting hard not to panic the person that took him identified himself as death but he called himself Marethyu not Thanatos so maybe that is a different side of death I thought answering my first question, I tried hard to remember any other detail but my memories of the event were very foggy and try though I might I couldn't remember any other useful fact.

I was about to go wake up the others when I thought of something else If death took Percy then he probably is hundreds of miles away by now, waking up the others will not help it was hard but I knew that half a dozen of sleep deprived demigods would do Percy no good, so I lay down on my bed and cried myself to sleep, escaping the nightmares of reality by running to the nightmares of the night

the next morning I told the rest of the crew about the events that had transpired on the previous night, everyone was deathly silent as i finished recounting what had happened.

I saw Jason's hands close into tight fists as both of his arms started to shake with fury " we have to find this bastard and rescue Percy"

" yeah but were do we start looking?" Leo asked his eyes serious and lacking the usual playfulness that Leo usually had

" we have to get back to Olympus and camp and tell everyone so we can arrange proper search parties and then we will think on were to look" Piper said while sitting next to Jason trying to calm him down

everyone in the room nodded seeing the logic on what Piper had just suggested, I smiled softly as I looked at her since when did she get so smart? I must be rubbing on to her,

" okay i'll set course to manha-" Leo's voice was cut off as a something large hit the ship

"What was that?!" Leo asked

no one answered as we all rushed up above deck with our weapons out incase we had to fight of something, as we got out into the open we looked around for any signs of monsters, as I looked around I noticed that no part of the ship had been damaged and what we had mistaken as monsters or an explosion was just a wave albeit a very large one, I noticed that the sea appeared to be calm and there were no waves big enough to have caused such a commotion.

Suddenly the water started to form a large humanoid shape before solidifying into the god of the sea and father of my missing boyfriend, the others rushed to my side and stared at the god in awe.

As they did I felt something was off, the god was wearing battle armor and was holding his large trident in one hand as he stared down at us with a cold expression on his face, this was not what troubled me however, no what troubled me was the glint in his eyes, I could see disdain and coldness in them and even a little bit of cruelty, I shifted uneasily this was nothing like the Poseidon that I had met on previous occasions

Jason was the first to get out of shock and quickly bowed down to the sea god "It is an honor to meet you, Lord Poseidon." Jason said respectfully as the rest of us copied his acation

Poseidon regarded him for a while before speaking "were is Perseus?" the god asked noticing that his son was not amongst us

Everyone shifted uneasily not wanting to tell the bipolar sea god the bad news, I was about to start speaking but Jason beat me to it, He explained the events of last night and as he did I observed on how Poseidon's expression changed, first to shock as he heard of what had happened but eventually it turned to anger and frustration

" no, NO!, the slimy bastard took him! right when I had figured it all out, I was so close" I heard the god mutter angrily as he stabbed his trident down causing crakes to appear on the floor

Leo seemed to be about to protest but thought better of it and just silent.

Piper having natural charisma decided to chime in " Lord Poseidon?, Im sorry to interrupt but we must get going back to camp and tell everyone what has happened so that Percy can be found as quickly as possible" she said sounding persuasive and respectful at the same time as to not anger the sea god any further

an emotion that I couldn't identify crossed over the sea god's face as he turn to look at us "no,no,no Im sorry but I can't let you do that, no one must know" a strange gleam entered his eyes " I'm sorry demigods but now you must die" he said before making a motion with his hand, as he did a dozen cyclops jumped out from the sea, they were each armed with an axe or a club and all were about nine feet tall.

"dude god or not anyone that tells me he is going to kill me is bad on my books." Leo said, taking out a hammer from his tool belt and lighting his other hand in flame, the rest of us took out are weapons and got into fighting positions still in shock on what the sea god had said

why is he going to kill us?

the demigods and I eyed the cyclopses warily as they growled and snarled at us

"now demigods prepare to reach Hades" Poseidon said before picking up his trident and with inhuman speed throwing it towards Leo.

Leo tried to dodge it but he wasn't fast enough and the trident stabbed through his stomach all three of its sharp heads penetrating his body completely and pinning him to the side of the ship

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