Yandere: Heartbroken

By Amy Mc Alister

Horror / Mystery

Monday 4th April 2016

I lifted my school satchel up, grabbed a slice of toast and kissed my father on the forehead before running out to school. My phone buzzed as I rounded the corner of my street, for me to see a message from Luka. She was waiting for me with Hatsune. I texted a quick reply and ran faster, wishing I had worn my school shoes and not my boots today. I adjusted my stockings before I ran into someone, and we both fell to the pavement.

"Ow," I mumbled as I rubbed my now sore head.

"Are you alright, Yukiji?" a male voice asked and I looked up to see Senpai standing, his hand extended out towards me, "take my hand."

I nodded and took it, and it felt so warm in mine. Did he feel the electricity? Could he hear my heart racing? He smiled at me and I smiled back, rather awkwardly before we split ways and I moved off to find Luka. She was by the gate of the school, her phone posed to ring me. Her golden hair was tied in a lopsided ponytail on her left hand side. She looked up at Hatsune's wave and they smiled to me. Hatsune's hair was tied into two turquoise pigtails today, no ribbons decorated them as they had last Friday.

"Sorry," I replied before bowing, "Dad had to remind me it wasn't a holiday."

"Did you fall, Yu-chan?" Hatsune asked and I saw the grazes on my hands.

"Yeah," I mumbled as we walked into school.

I looked around, deciding that something was different. The cherry blossoms were in full bloom and their faint pink petals swayed in the breeze. No, that wasn't what was different. I looked to my left and spotted a few odd objects. I departed from Hatsune and Luka to investigate, feeling someone's eyes on me as I got closer. There was a mop and a bucket with cold water, slightly soapy as if to get rid of a stain. Would a janitor leave that here? Beside it was an incinerator and I opened it to look in, nothing to mark it had been used before. Was this for the art club? Why was it this far away from their club room? And lying in a pretty pile beside it was a new uniform, a female's uniform. It was clean of any dirt and I wondered what was going on. Maybe I could ask one of the teachers about it. I shrugged and decided to walk into school.

Yandere-chan was already there, her eyes searching for someone. Was it me, or was she twitching a lot these days? She glared at me, as if I had done something wrong before I turned away. She was an odd-ball, and she didn't seem to fit in anywhere. I looked over my shoulder once more to see her walking behind Senpai, her eyes glued to her hands. Did she have a crush on him? She only seemed to act that way with him. I walked to my locker to retrieve my shoes, and while my friends were distracted, I stuck a small note in Senpai's locker before catching up with the others. It was the only way I could think of confessing my feelings to him.

Yeah, I had lied to my friends. My dad didn't have to remind me it wasn't a holiday, I had been busy writing that love note, making sure it sounded right. I didn't want to come off too clingy and desperate, but also not distant and hostile. I was going to put letters in his locker all week and then Thursday…I would ask him to meet me outside on Friday, under the cherry blossoms so I could tell him how I felt. Hopefully, he would accept it, or if he couldn't, we could still be friends. I just wanted to test the waters…and fingers crossed it worked out for me.

I put on my shoes and locked my locker before going to the small gathering by the stairs. All of my friends and a few classmates were talking about their weekends. I looked to my right to see a few of the guys were talking about trading cards while Senpai went to his locker. I watched for a moment before he saw my note and took it out, unfolded it and read it. Yandere was leaning against some of the lockers as he read the note, smiled and put it in his shoes before locking the locker. That had to be a good reaction; that he was smiling and wished to keep the note. Hatsune tapped my arm and I was pulled back to my reality, the one with girls and their oddly coloured hair.

Kira was experimenting with hair dye, and had managed to dye it a dark blue this week. It had been dark, like nearly black the last time I had seen her. I think she had mentioned her reasoning, I just couldn't remember it.

"I got a text from Hiro this morning," Kira said as she passed her phone around our group, "he's on his way to Tokyo for a lacrosse tournament."

"That's amazing!" Megumi replied, her short green pigtails shook with her enthusiasm, "but why the long face?"

"What if he becomes really famous…and doesn't want to be with me anymore?" Kira asked as she got back her phone, "what if I'm not good enough?"

"Kira, seriously?" Megumi asked, "he'd be a fool to drop you because of some tournament. You'll see, I bet you when he comes back on Friday, you'll just know. You've been together for too long for some stupid tournament to break you apart!"

"You need some more confidence," Meiko chirped in, flattening her already flat red hair, "do you want to have a sleepover before he comes back? We can do make-up and your hair!"

"We?" Kira asked.

"Yeah!" Megumi replied as Meiko took her side, "Teto could do your make-up while Gumi and I mess with your hair. You won't recognise yourself afterwards!"

"And he'll be so blown away by your hotness that he'll never leave you," Meiko finished.

"Okay, Thursday evening at six?" Kira asked and that started them talking about the sleepover. However, Teto was pulling on her hair, making them bounce up and reminded me of tornados in the movies. Had that been her intent? The purple made them seem crazy, and yet they matched her personality to a T. She looked to me and pointed to her hair, waiting for an opportunity to speak. Once the window opened, she spoke in a rush.

"These don't look like tornados, do they?" Teto asked, looking anxious for our replies.

"It looks like you found a curling wand," I replied and she smiled, "I could make them curlier, if you want?"

"Sure! This weekend?" and I nodded.

I decided to take another look around. Senpai was by his friends but I couldn't hear what they were saying. Was he telling them about the note? At the thought of that, I felt myself blush before I spotted Yandere leaning against the closest wall to Senpai. She reminded me of a lion stalking a gazelle. What did she want with Senpai? However, when she saw me looking, she looked to our group longingly. Was there something she wanted from us? She detached herself from the wall and walked to our group before she stopped behind Megumi and put her hand on her shoulder. Megumi turned around, her hair slapping her in the face before she raised a hand to fix the problem. Yandere watched this with mild interest, as in with a deadpan expression that made my skin crawl.

She did this very morning before class, just walked up to us and talked to us individually. It was never to take part in social events, such as Kira's makeover. It was always the same thing, a compliment about our appearance. I wasn't sure if the others noticed that it seemed so false, so forced by her. As if talking to us took effort. That was why she seemed so odd to me, as if something was wrong.

She was the only girl in our class to make me feel this uneasy, and as Class Rep, I didn't like it. I wanted teachers and students alike to want to come up to me and talk. I wanted them to feel comfortable when they did. But with Yandere, it felt like she was acting out a role given to her for a play. The only problem was I wasn't falling for it. So I watched from a distance, making sure no harm came to my friends.

"I just thought I'd tell you, you look lovely today," Yandere said softly to Gumi.

"You really think so?" Megumi replied, "thanks."

That was all she ever said to us, there was no sense of carrying on a conversation. It didn't seem normal to me, that one girl's wish was to compliment us every day and then say goodbye before doing the next day. She walked around our group, saying the same line over and over again, not changing it. The others didn't seem to notice or care, except for me. When she reached me, I turned my back on her. Her hand grazed my shoulder as I walked to the stairs. I wasn't interested in a forced compliment, it was like a false apology. I looked to my watch as the bell rung, Hatsune took my left as Luka took my right. The others took the second stairway as Yandere looked at me, confusion on her face. I wasn't a NPC in this school, and I knew when something was wrong.

"Class is about to start, Yandere, and Ms Kanade will be annoyed if we're late," I said before going to class, taking the stairs two at a time with Luka running to catch up with me.

I took my seat as Yandere took the one nearest the windows, her eyes focused on it, as if looking at her own reflection. But then I saw her eyes follow the reflection of Senpai as he walked into the room and towards his friends Aki and his twin brother Akira. They had gathered near the front of the class, and glancing through a new manga I hadn't heard of. From this distance, I couldn't make out the title either, not that I was bothered with manga. I looked up at the twins and smiled when I remembered them introducing themselves to me a few months ago. They told me the story of their odd hair colours and their names, which managed to make me laugh. Their parents had wanted to remember their names, and instead of calling both the brothers Aki, had added "ra" to the end of one of the names. However, the brothers had taken it into their own hands to remind their parents, and Aki had green hair while Akira had red hair.

"Do you want help with Teto's hair?" Luka asked as she put her phone away in her desk, "I got a new curling wand for my birthday last month."

"Sure," I replied and we waited for Ms Kanade to enter the room. I put my bag by my right side and took out a notebook. It was always the Class Rep's job to be prepared. It may have been homeroom, but that could mean a meeting or upcoming trips for our class 3-2. I needed to be aware of all of it and take good notes so someone who was out could also know what had happened. In this year, we only seemed to have homeroom once a week and always on a Monday.

Our teacher walked in and stood at the top of the room, waiting for everyone to take their seats. Meiko and Teto went to class 3-1 with a few of the other boys, which they always gushed about. What was so special about being a small minority in a class of boys? Their class shared labs with us, so we were often paired together. Teto was the nurse's aid for her class as a girl named Michiru had been ours. That was until she left the school to go to Tokyo. Her father had changed jobs and her family had to leave our small town to be with him. Maybe I should send her a letter and ask how Tokyo was…

Our teacher was a woman named Ms Kanade, a transfer from some other school. She was our class tutor as well as our teacher for most of our subjects. Her partner, and fiancé, Mr Watari was our physical education teacher. As far as I knew, the pair had arrived at the same time from different schools a few years ago. Mr W was nice so long as you showed up and did the work he requested. Ms K was nice as well, so long as you had her homework done. I looked up at her and wondered why she came across almost…dangerous. She was a nice woman, took no shit and valued loyalty from her students. Her brown hair was in a ponytail and she wore her engagement ring like a small badge of honour. She had decided to wear comfortable slacks and a white blouse, as she put her arms on the desk and smiled at us.

Homeroom began as it always did with Ms Kanade taking our role and asking us how our weekend was. She then told us about an assignment she wanted done for Friday, on the dissection of frogs. But that required a lab for us to complete that experiment. She turned her brown eyes towards me and gave me a cheerful smile.

"Class Rep, please speak to Mr Aido about using the science lab for biology today? When you return with the reply, we'll call homeroom to an end."

I got up and left to go downstairs. The staff room was beside the nurse's station so I walked towards it, wondering if I had ruined my chance with Senpai once more. Had I come across as pushy? I guess I had been so distracted that I walked into the nurse's office instead of the staff room. The young woman was at her desk, rummaging through the drawers like a desperate person. She was mumbling so I walked closer to find out why.

"Where did it go? Why did I leave it out for someone to take?" she asked herself over and over again.

"Miss, is something the matter?" I asked and she looked to me, her eyes reminded me of a deer in headlights.

"I left a needle and tranquilser out for easy access but the pair seem to be missing…I can't understand it," and she scratched her head, "maybe I put them in the cabinet…?"

I watched as she went searching for the drug and took it as my escape to find Mr Aido. He was sitting at his desk in the staff room, talking to Mr Watari and Ms Lawson. Lawson was an exchange teacher for us and we had sent Mrs Tachibana to America for a few months. I knocked on the door and walked into the room, closing it behind me. The teachers looked to me as I walked up to Mr Aido. He had a thick head of black hair that he tied back in a ponytail. His eyes were big and blue, and Megumi said they had a way of "melting you" if you looked too long.

"Hello Mr Aido," I said with a smile, "Ms Kanade wants to know if the science lab is available for our biology class today?"

He nodded and pulled a small book out from under his desk. He flipped through it before he stopped on the lab's page. It was really booked, that was clear from all of his scratch marks on it. He ran his finger down a column before tapping on one slot in particular.

"It is available after lunch. Will I put Ms Kanade's class down for its use?" and I nodded, "I'll make sure nothing is taken of course. Heard the nurse lost some supplies this morning."

"Yeah, a needle and a tranquilser," I stated and he looked worried.

"What would someone want with that?" he asked as he scratched class 3-2/3-1 down for the lab.

"Thank you," I bowed and left the room to go back to class.

I felt the same way as Mr Aido. What would someone want with those specific things? I stopped in the corridor and looked at the spot Yandere had been earlier, almost as if she had been stalking Senpai. This wasn't the first odd thing to happen, and when I really thought about it, it seemed that Yandere was right in the middle of it. Her odd compliments that seemed so false, her worried expression when I told her to go to class. She was planning something that felt wrong to me, and as Class Rep, I would get to the bottom of this.

As I walked back to class, I tried to determine what had struck me as odd about Yandere recently. She had been forcing herself to talk to us, as well as twitching a lot. Last Friday, she had been twitching like a madman and walked over to Senpai before calming down. What was he to her? It made me feel anxious when I thought about her behaviour. What was she planning? Did she take the drugs and the needle?

I walked back into class and told Ms Kanade that we were booked in the lab for after lunch. She thanked me and began teaching us about psychology. It was always interesting to find out how a person thought. Maybe it would help me decipher Yandere. She had an obsession over Senpai; that would be obvious to anyone. It had been clear long before she yelled at a girl behind the gym for talking to him. Wait…hadn't that been Michiru? Maybe she hadn't left because her dad got a better job. Maybe she left because Yandere threatened her. I looked over at her and felt shivers run up my spine. She looked the type that should she say, "I'll kill you," that she'd actually do it. I decided to force my attention to follow class, or I could lose my sanity obsessing over Yandere…

The bell rung and I put away my handwriting copy. I was getting better at cursive writing, much to my own amazement. As I put my copy away, I realised I hadn't considered talking to one of my friends about my theory. I couldn't really tell a teacher my suspicions right now, considering I had no proof to back them up. Luka and Hatsune put their desks together and picked at their lunch while I looked at Yandere, until she stood and left the room.

"Do you think Yandere has changed recently?" I asked Hatsune.

"No, if anything, she seems to be getting more confidence. I want to be her friend now," Hatsune replied and Luka nodded in reply, "a lot of the girls were surprised she even came up to talk to us. But if she's willing to make the effort, we should try as well. I mean, what's the harm?"

I shrugged and mumbled something about my locker as I walked down to the hall. I was retrieving my lunch, when I saw Yandere. Her skirt was up to expose a pair of red underwear. Attached to the lace edging, was a capped needle and a small vial of clear liquid. The label was unclear from here so I walked closer and hid behind the lockers. I made sure to push myself silently against their doors to listen to her, in case she spoke. I was lucky.

"Those bitches want to take him away from me," she whispered as she put her prizes in her locker, "I'll make them understand he's mine. What's one less rival? And some bitch wrote him a love note! I'll have to find her before she talks to him…or he'll never be mine…I think I'd be heartbroken…"

Her locker closed and I watched as she walked back up the stairs and to class. I waited a few more minutes before going to her locker, pulled on the small padlock and sighed. She had the drugs…and she didn't like us. Then why was she trying to be friendly? Was she hoping someone knew who the rival was? I hadn't told anyone, so it was me against her. I had to make sure that she had the tranquilser, but her locker was blocked and I knew she kept the key for it around her wrist on a hot pink bracelet. There was no way I was getting into it without first learning how to pick a lock. That could took a few weeks as Academi Highschool didn't teach that sort of thing…or I could just break it? No, I didn't want Yandere to know I really suspected her.

I gave up on the lock and walked back to class to spend the rest of lunch with my friends, ate my lunch and pondered over what Yandere had said. During lunch, Yandere sat on her own and looked out the window at the cherry blossoms before the bell went and we put our things away to go to biology. I took my seat near the front with Hatsune as my partner. Luka worked with Gackpo most days when he was in. And when I was out, Hatsune worked with Kaito. They all looked like cute couples really. Maybe I could suggest it to them?

Yandere was already in class and near Kira, who was waiting for a report from Hiro. I could hear her complimenting Yandere who pulled nervously on her hair. Was it so uncommon for her to be complimented? Was her complimenting, a way for her to reach out to us? It didn't take away from her statement, and I felt sick to my stomach. Something didn't seem right to me.

The sick feeling didn't ease and I began to feel faint. I clutched my desk tight and put my head down on the table to rest it. My sister had come home with something last week…please tell me I didn't have it! When I glanced up, everything seemed to be playing like a video. I was a spectator and not actually living my life. I watched as Hatsune picked up her frog to make it tap dance while Kaito electroshocked his and made himself jump when its leg twitched. Luka was leaning on Gackpo as he did the dissection. Hatsune was trying to get my attention but when I did look to her, I was falling.

The floor winded me when I made contact, but someone had noticed and moved to catch my head before I could do some serious damage. A crowd gathered around me but they looked like shadow puppets, no colour to distinguish them. Where was I? Oh that's right, I was in biology.

"Hey!" a voice called out and I looked around until I saw Meiko, her red hair coming into focus, "Yukiji, are you alright?"

"Whose the nurse's aid?" Megumi asked and no one put up their hand, "did no one replace Michiru?"

I was lifted up by someone and once I was standing, they wrapped one arm around my waist and took one of my arms to wrap around their neck. I looked to see who was helping me, to see Ms Kanade was looking at the class.

"Mr Aido will talk you all through the dissection!" she snapped, "Kaito, catch Yukiji's other side!"

Kaito lifted me up and I was brought slowly out of the room, and they said something about me feeling faint around blood. They must think that was why I felt like this. They took the stairs carefully and brought me to the nurse's office. I saw the nurse vaguely, like the others until I focused. She was just another shadow puppet.

"Put her down on the bed," the nurse said as I was moved there.

Once I sitting down, my tie was undone and the top two buttons of my school blouse pulled free. My shoes were taken off and I was straightened on the bed. Kaito must have left as the nurse took my temperature. A damp cloth was put over my head as she tucked me in. She smiled at me as I closed my eyes to sleep.

"Ms Kanade has just gone to call your dad to collect you, Yukiji. You won't be in for the rest of the week!" the nurse stated.

"Yandere…my friends…I can't…" I mumbled before sleep captured me and pulled me under.

In my dream, I was walking to school. I was alone as I entered the property. The cherry blossoms were in bloom and I checked my watch. I was late for class. I ran in, holding my satchel close to my side as I entered the school. The bell was ringing like an alarm, and didn't seem to want to finish. I stepped further in until I heard an odd sound under my boot, like a squelching sound. I looked down to see blood, lots of blood. I followed it until I saw where my group liked to talk before going to class.

In the centre were bodies, dozens of them. I saw Ms Kanade, Mr Aido, Mr Watari and all my friends. In their centre was Yandere, her school uniform covered in blood and a katana in her right hand. She was laughing hysterically before she looked to me. Her smile was too insane to be contagious. I dropped my bag and screamed before running away from her. I heard her follow me, it made my heart race. She was going to kill me.

"Come here, Yukiji, I just want to make you understand something…" she said and it sounded so close to me.

I screamed for help but no one seemed to notice before I was tackled to the floor. Yandere turned me over so I was looking up at her. She held the handle of the katana in one hand and the blade in another before pressing it against my throat. She pressed a little harder until it bit my skin and warm blood dripped down my neck, leaving a warm trail for her eyes to follow.

"Senpai is MINE!" she snapped before killing me…

I launched myself up and screamed, clutching my throat and searched for the cut. Yandere had killed me, she had killed me. A door opened and someone wrapped their arms around me, holding me close as I sobbed into their shoulder. A hand rubbed my back to comfort me as I tried to understand what the hell had just happened.

"It's alright, Yu-chan, it was only a nightmare," my sister Mariya said softly to me, "you've got my fever from last week."

"Where am I?" I asked as the shadows pulled away and I saw my wardrobe and my desk.

"Dad collected you and asked me to come home to take care of you. It's alright, Yu-chan, it was only a nightmare. What happened in your dream?"

I shrugged my shoulders, knowing Mariya wouldn't understand. I couldn't understand it myself. Yandere had killed me…because I had taken Senpai from her? I needed to go to school tomorrow, I had a bad feeling about her. If I wasn't there…what would she do to my friends? I was going to find out if she took the medication as well, even if I had to pick the lock.

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