Yao looked inside his brother's room only to find him getting ready to go somewhere. He blinked at the clothes he was wearing. Kiku was wearing jeans and a white T-shirt with some anime characters on it that he couldn't name. He stepped inside his brother's room.

"Are you going somewhere, aru?" Kiku turned around from his wardrobe to face his brother who eyed him up and down.

"Ah, yes. To the anime convention with Heracles. I will not be eating dinner as well, I think. It depends on how things are in there. But I'll let you know if I'm home early before dinner."

Yao watched Kiku brush the strands of his bangs away from his eyes as he looked at himself into the mirror. His hair had gotten longer since the last time the Chinese teen noticed his brother's dark hair. Yao gave a smile and walked towards him.

"Don't you want to get a haircut too, aru? Before you go out today?" He half-asked-half-said. He brushed his hair lightly from behind, making Kiku smiled at the caress. He looked at him and shook his head.

"I like it this way. I think I will be going now." Yao stared at the way his hair strands on each side of his cheeks. It's seemed funny when it's longer, anime-like even. He gave out a chuckle at him.

"That's really you, aru. Your hair style."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Kiku scowled while getting outside his room, waiting for Yao to follow him out.

"Have fun, aru." He patted Kiku's back while his sibling closed the door.

"I'm going now, Yao-san."

Kiku gave out an amazed gasp as he stared at the figurine in front of him. He will buy them all, definitely will buy them, even the most expensive and limited edition of Vocaloid. His hands quickly snatched the boxes before other people can have them.

"You are going to buy all that?" Heracles stared at the pile in his arms. Kiku gave a firm nod at him, almost disbelieve at the question.

"Of course, I won't regret for taking them all. Don't you want to get the limited edition? They won't release that one anymore!" Heracles only stared at the figurines with his sleepy eyes. His eyes trailed on other figurines and stopped when he noticed one wearing cat ears.

"How can I forget about how much you love cats… I'm glad we are not doing cosplay right now, I can buy everything without amiss…" he turned to the cashier to pay for his things, not minding the long queue. Heracles followed him behind.

"There seems to have a long queue in the manga section." Heracles said while pointing to the long queue not far from them. Kiku turned his head excitedly. His eyes scan the crowded.

"Let's go over there after this. I hope they pay quickly, we don't have much time to queue…" Kiku started to get impatient. Heracles stared at the shorter guy with a smile. He is too excited today, while he was all mournful in the other day. At least he was back to his normal self again.

"Heracles… are you listening? I told you probably we should just-" Kiku stopped his sentences when Heracles suddenly leaned down to him. His eyes widened when he noticed the Greek was about to kiss him. His hands are full, not having the time to push him away. He stood there rooted when their lips met. It went very fast, he felt he was being in the spotlight when suddenly every girl near him squealed and some even took a photo with their mobiles. Those fangirls… Kiku quickly took a few steps back, staring at Heracles's sleepy face. Kiku couldn't read his expression at all.

"W-why did you do that…? All of the sudden…" Kiku was blushing and ashamed of being in the spotlight as another flashlight was directed to them. He quickly looked at the queue which was scattered and much to his delight, he could pay right away. Taking a huge step and pay for his figurines, the cashier gave a giggle and chuckled at him. Kiku wish that time will stop and let him escape from the crowd. He gave a sigh, at least he don't have to queue that long again.

Unnoticed by him, a pair of green eyes stared at him shocked. The blonde went pale when the crowd started taking pictures of the couple.

One hour before…

Yao groaned when Yong Soo suddenly hugged him from behind and began nuzzling him. He quickly put his pen down before he accidentally stretched the paper he was marking.

"W-wait, aru. Stop that, aru!" He tried to push him away which futile since his brother was clinging to him.

"Hyung, let's go somewhere, together, shall we? Shall we?" he asked excitedly.

"I can't. I have to finish this as soon, aru. Why don't you go with Hong instead?" Yao turned around to face Yong Soo when his brother reluctantly let go of him.

"Hong is not at home, he went somewhere by himself! We can go somewhere after you finish, da-ze!" Yao stared at him for a moment before he sighed softly. He let his hand touched Yong Soo's cheek and gave him a smile.

"I'm sorry, aru. I know we are a couple, but maybe it's better if you don't come to barging in my work, aru… maybe… this two weeks promise might not work out so well for you, aru. You still have so much free time and can go somewhere else with your friends, aru. Why don't you do that, aru? I'm working right now." Yao stopped when he saw Yong Soo's angry look. "Don't give me that look! You still can date some other guys you like other than me, aru. You are still in high school, moreover we are brothers… Don't waste your time with me, aru." Yao looked away, he felt his heart clenched as he looked down at the paper he was correcting.

"I'm not wasting my time, Hyung! I know my own heart alright! I love you, why can't you believe that? You can love Kiku, your own brother, but not me? I'm your brother too! I will keep this two weeks promise, da-ze!"

He quickly stood up and left the room, ignoring Yao's shuts.

"Wait, Yong Soo! Aiyaaa~ that kid won't listen to me, aru!" Yao growled at he pressed his forehead on the table.

"This is so... weird…" Yao felt his face turned warm as the words ringing in his ears. You can love Kiku, your own brother, but not me? I'm your brother too!

"I know that, aru. You don't have to tell me that."

Someone ring the bell of their house and Yao raised his head. He wondered if Yong Soo is the one answering the door. But when he heard another ring, he rose to his feet, mumbling something incoherently. He was walking toward the door when he saw Hong had opened it. It seemed the brunette guy just got back? Seeing a blond British guy, he glared at him questioningly.

"Arthur?" Hong and Arthur looked at him.

"What's is wrong, aru?" Yao asked him in full of mock tone.

"Ah, Yao. It's just that… uhh…"

"Kiku-nii, he is not at home, is he? I just got back when I saw this guy making a circle in front of our house like an idiot." Yao gave a chocked of laugh when he heard what Hong said. Arthur blushed.


"He is not at home right now, aru. He went to the anime convention with Heracles, aru. He won't be back until dinner." Yao said flicking his ponytail.

"Anime convention? With Heracles?"

"Yes, aru. He is much better than you after all." That statement made Arthur shoot daggers at Yao.

"Tell me where the anime convention is." Hong stepped aside when he felt dangerous.

"What will you do when you got there anyway, aru?"

"Just tell me, Yao." The Chinese teen stared at him for a moment then sighed, he appeared to have given up.

Back to the present…

"Seriously, you shouldn't have done that…" Kiku scowled when finally the crowd had left them alone and have some privacy.

"But you don't have to queue any longer, shouldn't you be grateful…?" Kiku stopped his motion to take a manga from the shelf when he heard him.

"Don't lie to me. That's not your purpose. Why all of the sudden?" he sighed, his temple was hurting. Heracles looked at him.

"We… are just friends… aren't we?" Heracles muttered, making Kiku raised his head to him, slowly making eyes contact.

"I'm sorry…" Kiku gave him a small sad smile. Heracles shook his head.

"I'm happy that you are being honest."

"I… I think I still love Arthur… I know it's weird. I shouldn't have, but I do."

"It's not weird, you are mad at him, so it's normal. I think you can go back to him if you want to since you are no longer that mad" Kiku gave a small laughed.

"It sound so simple, yet it's so hard."

"Eh? Arthur-san?" Kiku asked when he placed the box of cakes on the dining table. Hong nodded at him in silent, sitting down on the dinning chair.

"Yes, Yao gege told him that you are in the anime convention, so he asked where the place was. Don't you meet him there?" Kiku shook his head.

"No, I didn't even know if he went there. What time was it?"

"It was around 12 o'clock, I think. I didn't check the time. Why don't you ask him now?" Hong said while pulling off the lid of the box. Kiku stared at the box, he wonder if Arthur really went to their house. He never appeared before, not since their breaking up.

'Maybe I should give him a call?'

Yao walked into the dining room when Kiku walked out, he looked at him questioning.

"Have you eaten your dinner, aru? I thought you are going to go home late."

"I've brought some dinner from there, don't worry."

Yao whirled his head to look at the pack of take away near the box of cakes.

"If you mean by junk food, I think I better cook something for you, aru!" Yao scolded him and took the pack away from Hong's reach.

Kiku followed his brother's movement until he vanished into the kitchen. He pulled out his mobile phone and walked upstairs. Flipping his mobile phone, his eyes staring at the names of contact numbers. Kiku stared at it for a moment before he sighed. He closed his mobile's lid and looked around the room. It's been a while since he called, Arthur. He didn't know what he was going to talk about. It will look like an excuse if he called him just to ask why Arthur went to his house.

Kiku stared at the round window. Should he call him? His hand clutched his mobile without him realizing it, Kiku put his chin on top of his knee and sighed. A few minutes later, he heard Yao called him to eat his dinner.

A few hours before…

Feliciano was humming a song as he gave a brush up against his canvas. He gave a grin as he looked at his finish painting. He was wondering why Kiku suddenly wanted him to finish the painting, even though he had broken up with Arthur. As he put down his brush, he leaned back on the chair and gave out a sigh. Someone opened the door of the classroom and Ludwig walked inside with two cans of juice. Feliciano looked up at him and gave a small smile.

"Ve~Ludwig, what do you think?" he asked as his German boyfriend who was leaning against his head chair. Ludwig stared at the painting and smiled once he examined it closely.

"It's beautiful, Feliciano. I wish someone can draw us like this…" Ludwig said when Feliciano turned his head to look up at him. He heard his Italian boyfriend chuckled.

"Ve~I can, if I got our photo." Feliciano stood up in full of excitement.

"Then, we can take a photo somewhere nice and have Kiku take it. He is good in his photography."

"Yes, I'm sure he won't mind." Feliciano said while dragging his easel toward the store room to let it dry without being disturbed. After closing the door behind him, Feliciano walked up to Ludwig and take his bag where Ludwig had packed his things.

"Say, why do you think Kiku ask me to finish the painting?" Feliciano asked Ludwig once they were out of the classroom. Ludwig shook his head.

"I don't know." Hearing the answer, Feliciano frowned and looked outside of the entrance of the building. The golden color of sunset showering upon them once they were outside, making Feliciano shielding his eyes. It's not too bright, but it's not too friendly either.

"I think it's probably because he treasures the scene deep inside his heart?" Feliciano said as he looked up to the glowing sun which getting darker the longer he stared at it. Ludwig looked at him then looked at the sunset before his eyes.

"Probably because he is still love him deep down." Ludwig nodded at the Italian. Feliciano looked at him for a moment before opening his mouth which starting to curve into a smile.

"Then, why don't we make them back together…"

"We should not interfere, Feliciano. I think it's better if we just watch them from the side lines other than telling them what to do. Now let's go home, shall we? We need to study for our exams" Ludwig stopped when Feliciano caught his arm.

"Let's go somewhere first, okay? It's Saturday after all." Ludwig just smiled and let his boyfriend drag him wherever he wanted.

"Come on, Arthur!" Alfred whined when his friend grumbled and pushed him away. They were about to cross the road when Alfred spotted a pub where they could have a drink. Alfred should have known that he was a terrible drinker and he will do something stupid and once he was sober he would be cursing himself while saying 'I want to die' a few times.

"No, Alfred! I just want to go home and rest now. We are walking so much today, I'm tired!" Arthur hissed, but the American doesn't seem like he wanted to go home. He gave up when Alfred started dragging him away from the cross road. Alfred had said something about a day after breaking up thing, so he ought to be happy and such. Arthur just rolled his eyes, he knew clearly that Alfred felt guilty over it.

He never heard about his confession and any 'come back' words again from Alfred when he knew Arthur had break up with Kiku. Ivan never appeared between them since then, he didn't know where the Russian guy went to. But didn't Alfred felt lonely? After all, Ivan was the one that's been around him, not Arthur.

Not far from them, two people who were about to cross the road stared at Alfred who was dragging Arthur toward the pub. Feliciano stared at them sadly.

"Ve… do you think we should talk to Alfred about it?" he looked at Ludwig, seeking agreement. Ludwig sighed at him and Feliciano knew the answer was not what he was hoping for. He let Ludwig dragged him to cross the road before the green light was off.

Alfred watched Arthur groaned and he slammed his glass full of wine down. To have Arthur order such a drink, he should have known. Usually the British would drink Ale and nothing else.

"Dude~are you alright?" Alfred asked slowly, he knew his bad habit, but right now, he really wanted to know what Arthur real feeling was. It seemed like he and Kiku didn't meet up again even after Arthur's decision to get him back. Arthur looked at him with annoyed eyes.

"Whaaat? You know, it's your fault! It's your fault! Your fault, idiot!" Arthur started to whine as Alfred sighed at the guy beside him. Really, he should have known. Alfred put his head on his palm, ignoring Arthur who keep on blaming him. Maybe he wanted to hear such thing from Arthur. He stopped his thoughts when he heard Arthur slumped back on the table, grumbling incoherently. When he looked at his red face, he knew Arthur had too much already.

"Hey, you should stop, Arthur." Alfred said, but Arthur growled as he tried to sit up straight.

"Maybe I should have…hic… gone back to… hic… Britain…" Alfred shot him a surprised look when he heard him.

"What did you say?"

"Have lost… everything in here… hic… first you... now Kiku…" Artur hunched forward trying to get his glass before Alfred quickly took it away from his reach.

"You are not serious, are you? What about Kiku..?" Alfred stopped when he heard him chuckled.

"Kiku? He has Heracles now, who cares… hic… saw him… hic… kissed that guy today." Arthur eyes wondering around, not looking at anything particular.

"What…" Alfred stared at Arthur who tried to blink his drowsiness away.

"Uggh don't fall asleep here, Arthur! Let's go back, shall we?" Alfred quickly grabbed his hand and pulled him up, letting him leaning against his fully.

"You are getting heavier, Arthie…" Alfred mumbled. He slowly picked him up in his arms bridal style.

Arthur growled as he landed on his bed softly, murmuring something unclear, he turned to his side on the bed as Alfred pulled the blanket up and covered him. Alfred was about to turn to leave when he heard Arthur murmured.

"Kiku… don't go…"

Alfred breath hitched at that. His fists were clenched in rage. Why did they turn out like this? Arthur changed a lot when he was with Kiku. Even if he didn't like it, but he can see that Kiku turned him to become more honest to himself. The Arthur that he knew, who are always denying his own heart was no more before him. Why did Kiku let him go so easily…? He turned his head to look at Arthur who sleep soundly. Alfred sat on the bed beside him and sighed.

"You should take him back and fight, idiot Arthur…" brushing his fingers on Arthur's cheek.

A ringtone song startled him which made him quickly withdrew his hand away. His eyes scanning on the dark room, searching for the mobile phone. He spotted it on the table near his laptop. Alfred quickly took it and looked at the number.


His stared at the name for a moment before he punched the call button to answer.


The voice made his stomach tightened. Alfred looked over to Arthur who had turn to his back now; he quickly walked out the room and closed the door behind him.

"Kiku… It's Alfred" He could hear a sucked of breath on the other line, his eyes softened.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Alfred-san. I'm botheri-"

"Listen to me." Alfred immediately cut him before the Japanese guy has another misunderstanding. He needed to make things back together.

"I'm listening…" Kiku's voice seems so firm.

"I want to talk to you tomorrow, can we talk? Let's meet somewhere."

"…I have chores tomorrow."

"Who cares about that? I want you to come and talk to me, alone. So, Kiku, can't you? If you want Arthur back, then meet me at the cafeteria near the district not far from Arthur's dormitory. Alright?"

The silent made him impatient, but Alfred was glad when he heard an answer, finally.

"Alright. I need your phone number, then."

"Okay, I will send a text message from my mobile after this."

"Okay. See you tomorrow."

Alfred turned off the calling mode and he grin to himself. He quickly went inside the room and put the phone back to where it was before.

"This better be work." Alfred muttered as he sent a message to Kiku's phone number. Before he went outside the room, Alfred looked back to Arthur for the last time.

"Don't go home just yet, Arthur."

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