The Hero and the Greek

Alfred looked up when each person coming inside the café. He gave a sigh when he found out that the person he was expecting to meet was not coming just yet. He was usually not the type of person who came on time on every work or class, but this time he was getting impatient. He checked his watch, he knew he came too early than the time he was supposed to be, but he couldn't help it. Wasn't Kiku the type of person who come early when he make a promise? Alfred even checked his sending message list to make sure that the time he promised to meet the guy was correct. He looked up again when the door opened and there he was, finally. He wanted to scolded him for being late, but much to his surprised Kiku actually come on time, too on time, probably. Not late and not too early. Yet the Japanese still said,

"Sorry, I'm late." He said stiffly. Alfred raised an eyebrow when he recognizes him wearing a Japanese suit and hakama, with a sword on his hand. He gave a slow nod and let him sat across him.

"What are you? A samurai?" Alfred mumbled while staring at him jokingly. Kiku raised his head to him after he put his sword down.

"Oh, I thought this will be necessary, since you guys attacked me when I didn't bring my sword that time. Ivan, that is…" Kiku said with a smile on his face, making Alfred sweat drop. He moved back a bit in fear.

"Its Ivan's doing, not me! I didn't know anything about it." At that fact, Kiku looked at him surprised.

"Really? I thought you wanted to meet me and fight again…" Alfred groaned when he heard him.

"No no no, that's not what I'm here for, Kiku. Anyway, let's settle this… misunderstanding. I'm a hero looking for a peaceful treaty here. Ivan… he… acted on his own and he was possessive on my own secure. So, that's my fault for not knowing that he attacked you." Alfred started when Kiku was listening to him attentively, he will told him what the Japanese was supposed to know. It was until the waiter come to them with Alfred's order and ask Kiku what he wanted to order. Wanting to have a simple and quick snack, Kiku ordered for a cake with tea.

"I'm sorry about my rudeness behavior…" Kiku said as he cut his cake into a half. Alfred quickly shook his head.

"Now, I want to ask you something…" Alfred quickly put down his soda and eyed him seriously. Kiku only looked at him questioning.

"Are you really serious when you go out with Arthur?" that question make Kiku startled.

"What are you asking me?" he put his fork down quiet loudly as his face change color to slightly pink. Alfred stared at him for a moment and he looked to the side.

"Because I heard from Arthur you kissed Heracles yesterday. I mean, already? It seems to me that you and Arthur were just going out but not really shared anything with each other Both of you really got a huge misunderstanding and you broke him up instantly… then going out with Heracles…" Alfred muttered the last sentence carefully.

"I what? And what do you mean by a huge misunderstanding? You got it all wrong, wasn't it you who kissed Arthur-san in the classroom and I got very angry? But that doesn't mean that I'm going out with Heracles right away. Beside that kiss… It's not a kiss" Kiku breathed out after he finished blurting out, much to Alfred's surprise.

"Are you using Heracles?" Alfred raised an eyebrow. He was not that type of person, was he?

"No! I… I rejected him yesterday…" Kiku was now avoiding eye contact as Alfred leaned further toward him.

"Really? I thought you kissed him as a revenge for me kissed Arthur in front of you." Kiku shook his head.

"I was angry because I felt like everything I fight for was useless. I couldn't keep him to myself like I wanted to, he still want to be with you in the end. I felt like all of my effort was wasted away, Alfred-san. I felt like I'm not the first person on the list of his heart, and I felt… I don't know. I just… broke him up like that since it's useless, that he will never look at me as I am. So I gave up. Not because I don't love him, but because he doesn't love me. If he loves me, he wouldn't kiss someone else… are you listening to me?" Kiku stopped his heart from spilling when he noticed Alfred's sparkling eyes.

"Are you saying that you broke him up because he didn't love you? Yet you still love him? Even now?" Kiku's face turned warm at the fact.

"W-what? Is it wrong? Sorry that I still love your boyfriend! I couldn't help it. But don't worry; I won't steal him from you, Alfred-san. I… the old me will probably being possessive, but I'm no longer that kind of person…"

Alfred watched at him for a moment. Possessive, eh?

"Arthur was planning to go back to Britain." That fact made Kiku's startled.

"What? Why?" Alfred grinned at him.

"And, we are not together. Stop him, Kiku. I know you can stop him from going back to Britain. He loves you so much, enough to become such a possessive bastard that he was."

"What are you trying to say?" Kiku glared at him.

"No, I didn't mean to offend you. But, well. Arthur was a possessive guy back then. He wouldn't let me have a friend. Even when we went out together, he was being possessive when I decided to go back to USA. I talked to Ivan that time, and he kind of the one who gave me the suggestion. Arthur, being a jealous person as ever, he always said that Ivan was my boyfriend and I was cheating on him. So, I kind of, wanted to be free for a while from his grasp. I went back to USA after that, and while I'm there, I decided to visit my brother in Canada. I was startled when I received the news that he was in coma. I can't go back and decided to stay there until he recovers."

Kiku stared at him. So, that's the reason?

"Your brother, is he alright?"

"Yes, he is alright now. And Matthew was doing fine; I decided to stay a year to finish my study and went back here. I kind of shocked though when I found out that Arthur were going out with you. I mean, being used to Arthur's possessiveness, everyday have to call him, and even visit him, I'm at lost. I felt empty all of the sudden. And that's what Ivan came to help me and you know the rest."

"Didn't you call Arthur that time?"

"I did, but he never replied and ignoring me. So I gave up. It's lucky that Ivan was there at that time, I'm desperate." Kiku couldn't help but smile.

"I see. In that case, Ivan was the one that's always be there for you, not Arthur-san." That statement made Alfred sucked on his breath. Kiku stood up from his sit.

"Okay then, I will go and talk to Arthur after this. Thank you for explaining things to me, Alfred-san." He gave a slight bow and left some money on the table for Alfred to pay when he finished with his own.

"Okay…" Alfred said blankly. Kiku's last sentence made him thinking back of Ivan. He had never heard of him after he scolded the Russian since then. Not even a call. Alfred quickly slipped out his mobile and flicked it open, searching for Ivan's name on the never ending list of phone numbers.

Arthur rubbed his eyes as he sat up on his bed, feeling lightheaded. He looked around and found that he was in his own room, much to his relieve. He gave a sigh when he didn't recall any stupid act he did when he was drunk, unless… he was crying his eyes out and blaming Alfred. Arthur grunt at that. He slowly pushed the blanket away and rose to his feet, ignoring his vertigo as he slowly walked toward the bathroom.

"Uggh… I think I drink too much…" he said understatement. He forced the bathroom door open and growled when he felt like vomiting. Quickly walked over the sink, he expelled any substance inside his stomach and coughed a few times. Turning the tap of water, Arthur leaned down to wash his mouth clean. He groaned once he was done and leaned back, holding the side of the sink tightly to prevent himself from falling.

Somehow, he was glad that today is Sunday and he didn't have any work to do.

Arthur slowly walked toward the door that goes to the balcony. He slowly leaned against the barrier with a soft sigh. He let the wind gushed over his body, feeling a bit much better little by little. A brunette that showed up not far from his balcony side made him startled. He looked at the Grecian guy stood on his balcony two doors before him.

"Err… hi…" Arthur greeted awkwardly. Heracles stared at him for a moment. Arthur, thinking that he was going to ignore him, shocked when suddenly Heracles attempted to jumped between the balconies.

"Wait, what? What are you doing?" Arthur freaked out when Heracles was now at the front of some other balconies.

"Don't worry; the Egyptian guy was not in his room at the moment."

"That's not the point!" Arthur scolded when Heracles was now jumping over to his own. He growled at the security of each balcony, he needed to tell whose one responsible for it.

"Aren't you… going to go somewhere today? Its Sunday after all… Maybe a date? With Kiku…" Arthur avoided eye contact when Heracles looked at him with those sleepy eyes. He couldn't make out the expression that shows whether he was surprised or not.

"Why did you say that?" The Grecian asked slowly. Arthur sighed and leaned against the barrier.

"Aren't you two together, now? I saw you kissed him in the anime convections yesterday. N-not that I wanted to stalk Kiku or something, okay? I just pass by and saw you… It's not like I know where are you guys, since Yao only told me that Kiku was there -" Arthur slapped his hand over his mouth, earning a small chuckled from Heracles who was amused.

"Why are you only honest toward Kiku and not others, I wonder…" Heracles was now leaning against the barrier as well.

"It's not that… It's just that, he won't… laugh at me for my honesty." Arthur mumbled.

"He rejected me. Kiku." Arthur whipped his head to look at the taller man.


"He is still in love with you, you know."

"Isn't he mad at me?"

"If you are thinking about his way of thinking, I believe you will understand him. He was blaming himself of why you couldn't see him, just the way he was. Especially when he saw you kissed Alfred back. He love you, he never want to let you go, but he didn't want to have his possessiveness over you like the last time. He told me that he was mad at you, but truthfully he was mad at himself since he can't bring himself being the hardheaded one, again."

Arthur's eyes widened, he remember Kiku said something when they broke up.

"Thank you for taking care of me until this day. I'm glad you didn't laugh at my feeling when I confessed to you, Arthur-san, even if your heart is still with Alfred. Thank you."

"Possessive? Kiku?" That made Heracles looked at him with a questioning look.

"You… what have you been doing in this almost half a year with him all along?" that made Arthur face flushed.

"I was thinking about how come he was being possessive when he was the one who let me go that easily."

"Have you heard about his past with Yao?" when he received a shook of head from Arthur, Heracles looked away.

"I see… don't tell Kiku I told you about this…"

Arthur stared at him, listening to every single word the Grecian spilled. He could bear with his slow talks, as long as he heard about the Kiku he was supposed to know.

Yao stared at his brother who was just coming inside the house with a friend of his. To his amazement, Hong's friend was a guy he didn't believe was a first year college student, he look far younger than Hong. He had a platinum hair and icy blue eyes. Yao stared at the boy's eyes in marvel.

"Is that your friend, aru?" he asked his brother in an understatement. Hong looked at him for a moment, thinking.

"He is my -" Hong gasped when the boy beside him suddenly elbowed him painfully on his side.

"Yes, I'm his friend" he quickly cut him, earning a hissed from Hong. Yao raised an eyebrow at the two, but he let it pass.

"Okay, aru. Come in, I will make some tea for you two and sent it upstairs."

"With chips too, please, gege." Hong said after he took off his shoes and leaded his friend upstairs when the boy was done with his. Yao said yes as he walked into the kitchen. Yong Soo who was just coming downstairs looked at the boy with questioning look.

"Is that his friend, da-ze?" he asked Yao when he entered the room.

"It seemed like it. He had brilliant blue eyes, isn't he? What a pretty boy, aru." Yong Soo stared at him for a moment. When he received no answer, Yao raised his head to look at him from the tea he had set up.

"You like that kind of guy?" that made Yao looked at him astonished but he couldn't keep himself from smiling when he was Yong Soo's envious look.

"I'm just saying that without any meaning, Yong Soo."

"Really?" Seeing Yao nodded, Yong Soo smiled. Yao sighed in relieve, he quickly took some snack from the top shelf and placed it on the tray.

"By the way, Hyung. I'm going to have a part-time job from Monday." Yao looked at him startled.

"Really, aru? Where?"

"In the school Library. The head of the library seeking someone to help him for it since his assistance is absent for pregnancy. So I offer myself to help him with the accounting and administrations. Well, that's included as sorting books and such. I don't know until when though, but he will pay me double for it."

"Are you alright with that, aru? I mean, won't your school grade got disturb by it?" Yao asked in suspiciousness. His brother's grades are not that high after all since all he did was playing around. But he was great in counting and numbers, if only he was being serious about it.

"That's alright, da-ze. I will work hard and help you with the things around your house. Beside I can borrow books from there, who knows if there's some books that I can borrow for you, da-ze!" Yao's eyes searched for any truths behind the part-time job, but it seems Yong Soo was not lying after all.

"Alright, aru. You can consider that as studying as well, aru. Maybe you should take accounting as your number one major list?"

"Okay, Hyung! Though I don't know if I should take that major at all. I'm taking the job for the payment. There's still two years for me to decide…"

"But you are good at it if you are serious, aru!"

"I'm going ahead upstairs!" Yong Soo quickly ran out when Yao started lecturing him. His brother growled and decided to follow him with the tray in hands.

When he reached upstairs, he spotted Yong Soo in front of the room, leaning against the door of Hong's room.

"What are you doing, aru?" he was surprised when Yong Soo suddenly shushing him in panic. Yao walked over him with full of question.

"Listen…" the Korean mumbled.

"W-wait, Hong! Ouch, don't pull my hair so harshly!"

"That because you won't stay still."

"But I don't remember that I'm agreeing into this…" both Yao and Yong Soo exchange a glance when he heard the boy grunted before Yao decided to end whatever was happening inside the room.

"Open the door, Yong Soo!"

"Ehh, but…" Yao's glared was enough to make the boy obeyed him. He slid the door open.

"Hong, aru…" he stopped when he saw the scene in front of him. His brain was trying to register the image of his brother, pinning the blue-eyes boy down on the floor, trying somewhat tying his short hair into a pigtail with a ribbon. He had done one on the other side of his head. Hong's left hand was holding his mobile, readying to take a picture. Beside him, Yong Soo was somehow cupping his mouth to prevent a laugh which failed. The boy's face was colored with slight horror and blush when he realizes that his friend's brothers were seeing him like that.

"Ah, Gege…" Hong muttered as he slowly let go of his so called friend. The platinum boy quickly pulled the ribbon off from his hair. The next thing he knew, Yao was screeching to the top of ceiling.

"Hong, what are you doing to someone's child, aru!" Yao scolded after he put his tray down.

"Don't tell me that you inherited it from Kiku, aru! That's not good, aru!" Yong Soo raised an eyebrow when he heard that. Hong looked away from Yao's glare.

"It's just a dare, he lost the game and well, I decided to play prank on him. And besides, Ice is the same age as me, gege. You are talking as if he's younger than me."

"D-don't call me that!" the boy hissed at the nickname. Yao looked at him with disbelieve eyes. He is the same age as Hong?

"Oh, but you are my Ice."

"N-not yours!" he quickly objected with red face, much to Yong Soo's amazement and Yao's horror.

"And I thought you just said yes a few hours ago."

"I said that I will think about it!"

"Normally when you said that, it will be ending as a 'yes'."


"Wait a minute! Are you… you…" Yao was stuttering and Hong and the Ice boy looked at him.

"He is my boyfriend." Hong stated. Yong Soo whistled at the answer and Yao groaned.

"Oh my...what do you want me to say to your mother, aru? I'm the one who take care of you now."

"Don't worry, she will not object it."

"Don't make your own conclusion, aru!" Yao scolded stressfully.

"Don't worry, Hyung. It will be fine!" Yong Soo who was patting Yao's back who only grunted as an answer. Hong looked at the boy beside him who remain silent, he smiled at him when Ice blushed after he caught his stare. The Icelandic boy quickly looked away.

Arthur eyes gawked at Heracles who was sitting across him with his head down. A sweat running down his chin as the British held his breath. He remembered when Yao cried about his 'lost brother' and the way he was being so protective toward Kiku. He could be the worst enemy now.

"That… happened?" Arthur eyes searching for some kind of a lie which impossible seeing the state of Heracles right now. The brunette slowly nodded.

"Yes, that's why… he is much worse than you are, talking about possessiveness…" Arthur remained silent.

"Then… how am I supposed to do?"

"Just do something that you thought he might understand? That you actually love him and didn't come back to Alfred… I think. And make him trust you?"

"…" Arthur looked down on his tea while Heracles gazes straight into him. He was about to say something when The Greek suddenly stood up from his seat.

"I'm going back to my room… Just don't tell Kiku that I told you that… He will tell you when he wants to."

"I… I understand…" Arthur muttered, stared at the scone on the plate, Heracles haven't even touch them.

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