Kiku opened his classroom door, searching for the Italian which was nowhere to be found. Confirm that Feliciano was nowhere to be found; Kiku assumed that he was late again. That was until he felt someone ran into him from behind, hugging him tightly.

"Kikuuuu~" Feliciano shouted with full of enthusiasm. Kiku slowly turned to him, prying himself off.

"Feliciano, good morning. You seem more energetic than usual." Feliciano nodded with glee.

"I took the painting back from the exam room, Kiku. Do you want to see it?" Kiku blinked at him.

"Really? Then let's go to the painting room, shall we?" Feliciano nodded at him.

"Let's go!" The Italian quickly grabbed his hand and both ran off to the painting room, ditching their lesson. Ludwig who watched the entire scene quickly open the absent book he was holding and thick they name on the list. They were lucky that today he was in charge of the absent book. It was their last day of the semester, so he can let them go. Ludwig closed his book when suddenly he remembered something. He needed to take both of their slip marks from the faculty as well.

Arthur slowly opened the classroom door looking right and left, eyes scanning the classroom full of painting students. He gave a sighed when he found out that Kiku was nowhere in the classroom. This is the last day Arthur was here, he will be back home, so who knows when he will meet him again. Arthur gave a sad look one last time and closed the door to leave. He was stopped when he heard footsteps which were getting louder, approaching the entrance of the class he was standing in front of. When he looked up to see who it was, his green eyes meet with dark orbs he knew very well.

"Vee… Arthur…" Feliciano mumbled and slowly looked at Kiku who was also staring back at the British.


"I… I'm not here to see you, you see. I have some other things to do, so…" Arthur quickly looked away when he noticed Kiku smiled at him when Feliciano giggled.

"I like the honest Arthur more…" Feliciano said to Kiku who chuckled.

"Arthur-san, do you want to see something together with us?" Kiku stepped forward to him, making Arthur looked at him again.


"Come on in…" Kiku said, opening the classroom door and letting Feliciano leaded them toward his easel. Arthur was tailing them in silent, wondering what was it that he was going to see. He noticed then, they were heading toward the store room. Feliciano opened the door and walked inside, mentioning both of them to close the door behind. Kiku looked at the clueless British, pointing to the finished painting Feliciano made. Arthur's eyes widened when his eyes recognize who was inside the painting. Arthur stepped toward it with an amazed look.

"Thank you, Feliciano." Kiku said while staring at the painting in awe. Feliciano shook his head, held his hand tightly.

"It's okay, Kiku. You can have it if you want to. I'm glad I can finish it, if you didn't ask for it; I would have thrown this painting away. And… repeat another year." Feliciano look at his painting with glad full look. Hearing that, Arthur looked at both of them confused.

"You painted this? But why?"

"I asked him to finish it. Last week… it was supposed to be our anniversary, remember? So I wanted him to finish it for me. Feliciano stop painting it when he found out we broke off, but then I asked him to finish it. It was meant to be our present, now that he had finished it, I would like you to see it as well, actually. Its a good thing that you were in front of the classroom, Arthur-san." Kiku explained. Feliciano looked at both of them then smiled.

"You can talk here, I will go out." He said cheerfully and quickly walked to the door before Arthur can stop him. After the door close, both Kiku and Arthur looked at each other in silent.


"I heard you are coming back to Britain…" Kiku said, surprising Arthur.

"How did you…?" Arthur looked at him for a moment, the sighed. He looked back at the painting and lightly touched it.

"I heard from Alfred-san. Is that true?" Seeking the answer, he found out that it was true when Arthur avoided eye contact.

"I see…" Kiku clenched his fists and looked down.

"I… I want to go back to Britain since I was at lost, I lost everything in here, from Alfred, and now you… I wasn't mean to hurt you, Kiku. I just... I want to know if you really love me. So I came here, to search for you and... to say goodbye before I'm gone." Arthur slowly looked back into Kiku's eyes which turned saddened at his last sentence.

"I love you, but I don't want to be possessive, that's why I let you go that easily. I broke us for good, before I did anything I might regret, Arthur-san. Before I kill someone with my hands, since I've almost done so, before, in the past." Kiku muttered, lips trembling as he avoided the searching look from Arthur.

"I thought that when I kissed Alfred, I might know what I truly feel that time. But actually, losing you is much more painful than coming back with Alfred. So I rejected him, Kiku. We never go back together. You have to trust me this time. We are both at fault here. You should have told me your past, because I might understand more about you."

"I will, I will tell you everything from the very beginning, Arthur-san. So… can't we… start over from the very beginning?" Kiku quickly raised his head, meeting his eyes with Arthur's. Seeing Arthur happy look, he turned the smile back to him.

"Let's start again. I guess, today is our anniversary, then?" Kiku chuckled when he heard him. Arthur walked over and pulled him into his arms. He missed hugging him like this, he miss breathing on his warm scent. He missed tangling his fingers through his silky, black hair. He missed kissing his forehead, nose and, most of all, his pink lips. Both hugged each other tighter, neither one of them wanted to let go.

Hong stared at his mark slip with a dark aura surrounding his shivering body. He crumpled his slip with his fist and tossed it behind him, hitting someone who was approaching him. The platinum-haired-guy bent down to pick up his slip and stared down at the marks. His eyes twitched when he saw almost full A's marks on it. And two B's…

"Awesome…" he muttered as he noticed that Hong had looked at him. He flinched when the Asian snatched the slip from his hand and stomped away.

"W-what's with him…" he muttered in horror, never had he seen his boyfriend act like that.

"He must be…" Someone put his arm on top of his head, much to his dismay. His Norwegian brother pulled away when the Icelandic guy nudged him off.

"A Mr. Perfect Score…" the Danish accent finished the Norwegian's sentence, giving the Icy guy a big grin.

Yao glared at his brother's report card as the Korean looked aside, trying not to look at his brother's eyes. Yao slapped his report card on his forehead angrily.

"What are those marks, aru? Did you even study for your final at all, aru? I forbid you to keep working in the library, you hear me, Yong Soo?" The Chinese man finally snapped, watching as his brother fumbling with the fallen card.

"B-but, Hyung-nim!"

"No buts, aru! Or else, I will-" Yao stopped when he heard Hong's voice from the entrance of the house. A few minutes later he appeared in the kitchen, noticing the heavy, dark aura around his brothers.

"Welcome home, aru." Yao muttered shortly, eyes still glaring down at Yong Soo.

"Hong! Say something to Hyung-nim about my work, da-ze! I can't just leave working; I got money for my living too!" Yong Soo quickly ran toward his stoic brother who tried to pry him off.

"What living, aru? Your grade is falling and you are saying as if you don't need me anymore to depend on, aru! You are still in high school, don't think about work too much if you can't even stop playing around and manage your studies!" Yao said, watching Hong finally was able to pry the sobbing boy off from him.

"How much red marks did he get anyway? I didn't do any good either." Hong muttered as he too, taking out his slip mark from his pocket. Yong Soo and Yao looked at him surprised.

"What, aru? It's not usual for your mark to be that bad, aru." Yao quickly took the slip from Hong's offered hand and stood rooted as his eyes bulge out. Yong Soo quickly looked at the marks Hong got and make a face.

"Any good? You got all A's and B's mark and you said it's not good?" Yong Soo shouted in frustration.

Yao coughed harshly, faking laugh when Hong pouted at the retort.

"I used to get all A's and it almost A+, I don't get B! One B is not good! And what's that B- mark down there? I'm going to study more…!" He quickly snatched the slip from Yao's hands and turned around, stomping out of the kitchen.

"But tomorrow is a holiday, da-ze…" Yong Soo muttered as he eyed his brother tiredly. Yao sighed and scratches the back of his head.

"Alright, aru, back to you. I need you to study hard for next year, aru. It's a miracle that they let you go to the second grade of you senior, Yong Soo." Yao turned his head to look at Yong Soo's sad face.

"I thought you would like me to have a job…" Yong Soo looked down with his disappointed eyes. Yao stared at him for a moment before he gave a small smile at him, placing his hand on his shoulder. Yong Soo looked up to Yao, startled when Yao suddenly leaned down to kiss his forehead. When the Chinese pulled away for a brief moment, he couldn't help but stuttering meekly, face turned scarlet. Yao chuckled at him.

"Ah, look at you, aru. You turn red just because of this, aru? Still a child, aru. Listen, Yong Soo, you can work when you are able focus on your study. You can't stop your school, aru, finish it first, it's not like we are in tight of money right now, so you can relax and focus on your study more, aru. I can't have one of my brothers failed on his study, aru, that's not the way I want it! Okay, aru?" Yao gave him a stern look until Yong Soo nodded slowly.

"Why did you take a job anyway, aru?" Yao asked, letting him go when he knew Yong Soo finally understand. He blinked when the Korean face turn red once again.

"Its.. well, don't laugh, okay. I want to be an adult and take care both of us, da-ze. As a guy, I want to take care of you as well, da-ze!" Yao stared at him open mouthed before bursting out, laughing at him.

"I told you not to laugh!" Yong Soo protested.

"I'm sorry, aru. But I never thought you are so serious about… about all of this…" Yao brushed his tear away when Yong Soo growled.

"Tomorrow is our last day…" he grumbled, that made Yao stopped laughing.

"Really, aru? I forgot about that… two week had passed too quickly, aru." Yao's smile made Yong Soo winced; he threw a hurt look to his brother who just smiled in return.

"I will miss this, aru. I do admit, aru, that I do felt lonely when you went home pretty late from work. The house felt a bit too quiet without you, aru. You will notice it when someone that is so clingy to you suddenly went away, the loneliness is unbearable, aru…" Yao mumbled as he turned away from Yong Soo who was listening to him with full of surprise look. Eyes gleaming with happiness, Yong Soo kept silent to listen more of his brother's confession.

"After that, I think I know what it felt, aru, this feeling inside of me, aru. You are the one that's always beside me when I'm having a hard time, aru. I do realize it now, that you love me so much that it's hurt when I loved Kiku…"

"Hyung…" Yong Soo stepped closer to his elder, wrapping his arm around him from behind. Yao sighed when he felt Yong Soo lean his head on his back.

"I love you, aru, and it's genuine. I realize that now, aru." Yao turn his head to look at Yong Soo's widened eyes which gleaming with tears.

"Really, da-ze? You mean it da-ze?" The young Korean started to sob when Yao gave a nod as a yes.

"I do, aru. I know its forbidden, aru, but I couldn't help myself, aru. I've committed a sin, aru, but who cares about that now when I realize I've love you, aru." Yao slowly turned around, hugging his brother back, pulling him closer. Yong Soo sobs got louder as he was clinging to Yao now, gripping his sleeves tightly.

"I love you too, da-ze!" he said spluttering between his tears. Yao chuckled when he heard him.

"Don't cry, aru… We have to be happy now, aru." Yao brushed his tears with his sleeves, cradling him in his arms like a small child, whispering sweet things to calm his brother.

Both jumped from each other arms when they heard a loud sound coming from the hallway of their house.

"W-what's that, aru? A burglar, aru?" Yao quickly ran out the kitchen, with Yong Soo followed behind closely. They both meet Kiku with two large canvases, struggling as not to let himself fall along with the paintings he brought home.

"Are you alright, aru?" Yao quickly ran to him, taking a hold of the canvases on the other side. Yong Soo picked up the fallen vase Kiku had knocked off.

"Ah, sorry, Yao-san, Yong Soo. I'm alright, thanks for helping." Kiku breathed in relieve.

"Are you alright, Kiku?" A British accent made them look at Arthur who watched Kiku in concern.

"Yes, I'm alright, now, let's move these paintings to my room." Kiku slowly rise the canvas from the floor and Yong Soo quickly moved out of the way as Yao took the other canvas.

"Are those your paintings, da-ze?" Yong Soo asked Kiku as he watched both paintings in amazement.

"One of them was made by Feliciano." Arthur said as he took off his shoes.

"Then why did you bring his painting?" Arthur smiled at that.

"Because there's Kiku and I in it." Arthur grinned proudly.

"Really? I want to take a look, da-ze!" he quickly ran to his brother's room with Arthur tailing behind him.

"Waaa… this is amazing, aru! Did he really paint this, aru?" Yao asked as he took a closer look on the painting Feliciano made. Kiku nodded with a smile.

"Yes, it's beautiful, isn't it?"

"I agree, da-ze! I wish I have this much talent!" he cheered full of enthusiasm.

"What should we name the painting?" Arthur suddenly asked with a big grin on his face.

"I haven't thought of one..." Kiku smiled at him.

Arthur put his finger on his chin and mumbled, "Reunited"... Does it sounds good?"

Arthur gave a smile when Kiku nodded at the title he had given to Feli's painting.

Yao and Yong Soo stared at both of them.

"Could it be that you two…" Yao paused as he looked at Yong Soo.

"… Went back together?" Yong Soo finished his older brother's question, receiving a shy look on both of them.

"Err, well, something like that…" Arthur mumbled as he looked to his side, scratching the back of his head.

"Yes, we are." Kiku answer more firmly.

"Oohhh…" The Asians 'oohed' seductively, earning a blush from the couple.

"I guess, that's for the better." Yao said with a firm nod.

"Talking about couples, me and Hyung are now a couple, too!" Yong Soo quickly exclaimed, making Yao splutter. Arthur and Kiku blinked.

"Really?" both asked at the same time.

"I didn't say that, aru!" Yao was now blushing brightly.

"Really, da-ze! We can have a double date next time! Oh wait, triple date, if Hong is included!"

"Hong? What? Did I miss something?" Kiku quickly asked.

Yao and Yong Soo laughed when they remember the scene on the other day.

There are so many things to share with each of them, and surely, they wouldn't want to miss a single thing.

Alfred looked at the guy who was sitting in front of his door, waiting for him. The guy raised his head when he saw Alfred coming toward his directions.

"Hi... Ivan..." Alfred fumbled on his mobile phone and put it inside his pocket. He had called him to meet up a few days ago, but he couldn't get through. Now that the guy suddenly appear in front of him again, he thought it was his chance.

"How is it? Did you finally get together with Arthur...?" Ivan watched Alfred sat beside him. He was puzzled as to why the American sat beside him other then letting both of them get inside their room.

"Where were you on these few days?" Alfred didn't answer his question.

"I'm staying at little sister's house..." he mumbled.

"Hmmm..." The silent went through them before Alfred laugh, breaking it. Ivan only looked at him questioning. "I felt so stupid... I was chasing after someone so bad that I did not realize that the person whose important for me is always staying by my side. How can I not notice that?"

"Do you?" Ivan asked a little bit clueless. His eyes met Alfred's blue eyes for a brief moments.

"Yes... Its you." Alfred's smiled up when brought his hand on top of Ivan's. Ivan stared at his hand before he squeeze back. The Russian did not say anything, and just nodded, squeezing his hand harder. Alfred stared at him before he grin.

"By the way, Ivan..."


"It hurts..." Alfred managed to squeak out.

"Oh... sorry..." but he did not let go.

Hong peered on the his brother's room. He saw him sitting on the couch, watching Korean drama. Yong Soo looked up to see his brother walked in front of him, stretching out his hand. He raised an eyebrow at his stoic expression with a puzzle look.

"What, da-ze?"

"My money... I helped you to become a couple with Gege that time, and I gave you the idea of the game, now I want my payment."

"What? Are you crazy, da-ze?"

"If you don't pay me, I will tell Gege about it." Without a second though, Yong Soo quickly delved his hand into his pocket. He pouted at his brother when Hong smirked after receiving the payment.

"Thank you..." he chuckled, ignoring Yong Soo's glare.

Hong whistle happily as he exited the room. Yao looked at him questioning.

"You sound so happy, aru." Hong gave a chuckled at his brother.

"Yes, I'm very very happy..." he waved at his brother and walked upstairs. He got a some income, he could spend for his date tomorrow including an apology for his boyfriend. He was a bit rude toward the Icy boy about his mark that time.

It was almost time for diner when Kiku and Arthur sitting by the porch, gazing at the stars.

"Arthur-san? What about your flight to Britain?" Kiku asked him confused. Arthur gave him a smile.

"Huh? Didn't I tell you about this? I booked for our holiday." He said with a big grin on his face. Kiku shoot him a look.

"What? Our? You mean I come too?" Arthur blinked at him in confusion.

"Yes, since we are coming back together, I might as well book for you, the holiday started tomorrow. You have no problem with that, do you?"

"I DO have a problem! I haven't packed yet! You should have told me sooner!" Kiku rose to his feet and ran to his room. Arthur just chuckled at his panic boyfriend.

'Boyfriend… that sounds good, I'm glad that we are reunited again…' Arthur smiled.

The End

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