Two Confessions

Arthur looked at Kiku, who was currently spacing out. They were in the middle of sharing their ideas for their group work, and it was Kiku's turn to share his.

"Kiku, are you listening?" Arthur called out to him. He was slightly worried, for Kiku was usually very attentive to everything they said. Occasionally though, he took a lot of time when making his own decision; but Arthur knew that the Japanese guy was always working hard.

Kiku's head snapped up, and realized that Arthur was giving him a worrying look. Most of the students were also staring at him, rendering his face aflame.

"I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention. Can you repeat it for me, Arthur-san?" Kiku quickly bowed apologetically.

"Are you alright? Are you not feeling well?" Arthur asked, ignoring the looks the others were throwing their way.

"I'm very healthy, thank you very much," Kiku answered him right away, further confusing Arthur.

"That's not what I meant. Anyway, can you preset the document you've made for today?" Kiku nodded and took his printed document and CD. Much to his relief, Kiku's performance didn't seem different from the usual. Arthur watched him in wonder. What was he thinking about just now?

Kiku sighed as he walked outside the classroom. He was glad that the class was over: he couldn't believe he had been spacing out. The other students had shown their concern since he was usually so dutiful to his work. He felt embarrassed of himself now.

Someone tapped his shoulder and Kiku looked about.

"Arthur-san." Kiku forced himself to smile. Arthur returned it warmly.

"Aren't you feeling well? Are you tired? I told you not to overwork yourself," Arthur said. Kiku shook his head.

"No, I'm fine. Thank you. It's just that… a lot of things have been playing in my mind now…" Arthur blinked when he heard that.

"Really? You don't want to share it with me?" Arthur asked him, faking a sad look. Kiku quickly made to explain.

"No, it's not like that…" Kiku began almost frantically, waving his hands in front of the British, then stopping when Arthur began chuckling.

"I'm just joking. Anyway, if you have time for err… dinner?" Arthur asked sheepishly, fidgeting a little.

The offer caught Kiku off guard, but afterwards he felt silently pleased. 'I couldn't possibly tell him that Alfred-san has gone back here with Ivan now, can I?'

"If you don't mind, I will pay this time," Kiku answered politely.

"No, no, it's alright," Arthur began, but Kiku quickly continued.

"No, Arthur-san. You've paid for me the other day already, so I'm going to treat you today." Kiku gave him a smile that caused Arthur to blush.

"If you insist…"

"Good, now where do you want to go?" Kiku asked him while heading to the entrance of the building. They decided to go to the café near the split end. Kiku had ordered a nikujaga while Arthur decided on fish and chips. They sat at the very corner of the room in the second floor.

"There's always a nice view of the street here, especially at night," Kiku said while looking down at the lights below them. Arthur nodded in agreement.

"Yeah…" He looked at Kiku, who was staring outside the window. Arthur could tell that Kiku was trying to put up a cheerful front. He knew something was up, and that Kiku's mind was not really focused on the things around him. Presently, Kiku noticed Arthur's staring.

"Is… is something wrong?" Kiku asked, fidgeting uncomfortably at the intense stare. Arthur remained silent, and instead brought his hand up to Kiku's face.

"Is there something bothering you?" Arthur let his hand travel across Kiku's cheek. Kiku's eyes widened at the light touch, he could feel his cheeks growing hotter by the second.

"I'm fine, really. You are just imagining things…" Kiku quickly said, looking away. Arthur blinked, a bit surprised at Kiku's reaction.

"I'm worried. If something happens to one of my friends, I will naturally be troubled. You are, after all, the one who's usually very attentive, Kiku. I would be a bit disappointed if we failed because of you, because after all, we managed the time schedule together to be in the same major in English class." Arthur leaned his head on a palm, grinning brightly when he saw Kiku's glare.

"Is that the reason? Well then maybe it's better if I just skip classes. You'll be in more trouble with the project we are working on!" Kiku huffed, while Arthur continued to look pleased. Then the waiter finally arrived, bringing their orders and setting the plates on the table.

"I would surely be in trouble if you won't be there helping me," Arthur continued once the waiter had gone. He chuckled at Kiku's pursed lips, always finding it cute of him to pout like that. Damn, I couldn't hold it anymore. He is just too cute, when I see him day by day…

Kiku stopped halfway through picking up his spoon when he heard Arthur's words. He wasn't expecting to see the seriousness on Arthur's face. Kiku could feel his heart beating faster, and he quickly paid attention to the food in front of him instead. He was not sure if he could dare look up again to those enticing green eyes of his crush. Arthur seemed to be enjoying the view of Kiku's anxiety while he ate though.

Both were busy with their own thoughts as they eat in silence. Upon finishing, Kiku pushed his empty plate away and reached for his drink, when Arthur called his attention.

"Kiku, there is rice near your lips…" Arthur pointed to his own left cheek to emphasize the spot. Kiku, who was not able to think straight as usual, brought his hand up to his left cheek.

"S-sorry…" Kiku stuttered, blushing in shame. Arthur watched him, stunned as the Japanese guy in front of him continued rubbing his left cheek with a blush on his face. Arthur shut his eyes from the scene. It only made it worse, though. He opened his eyes to find Kiku staring at him inquiringly, the rice still there on his face. Arthur held his breath and felt his own face awash with heat.

Arthur slowly rose to his feet, settling his hands on the table and leaning across. He brought his face closer to Kiku, who could only sit still and watch with wide eyes. Kiku flinched when he felt Arthur licking his right cheek, where the rice must have been. As Arthur leaned back to catch his expression, he found Kiku's face as red as a tomato, although his own face was probably also of the same color. He was just too cute to resist. Arthur brought himself to look away, straighten up, then leave. Kiku blinked when he saw Arthur walking away. He quickly got up and left some money on the table, not caring for the change and running after Arthur.

"Arthur-san…" Kiku called out his name, following him out the café and even passing the street that led to his own house. Arthur did not stop though.

"Arthur-san!" Kiku shouted this time, and to his relief Arthur finally stopped. Kiku grabbed his hand only for Arthur to pull away almost harshly.

"Kiku… I… I'm sorry." Arthur looked down at his feet. He hadn't been planning to do that, but… He brought his hand up to cup his mouth.

"Arthur-san…" Kiku brought himself in front of Arthur, peering into his face with a soft, kind look. "I love you…" he whispered, effectively catching Arthur's attention, eyes wide in shock.

"Kiku…" By now though, Kiku was avoiding his eyes, obviously embarrassed. He hadn't actually meant to blurt out his feelings like that, but in this kind of situation, he didn't want to think about too many things at once. If this can make Arthur look at him for even a moment, then he will confess. He did not want to think about Alfred for a while; he wanted to be a hard-headed person for once.

"I had been watching you for the entire time. Ever since you were hurt by Alfred… I knew that I would never be able to reach you… Arthur-san… what you did just now… it made me surprised. But I'm happy…" Despite Kiku's words, there was a sheen of sadness in his brown eyes. To anyone else, it would have been unnoticeable, but Arthur had been used to staring at Kiku's expressions, even if he showed little emotion, for he had known him for almost a year. He knew which expressions showed happiness or sadness. Arthur quickly pulled Kiku into his chest, hugging him tightly. Kiku's voice was muffled in his arms as he tried to have space to breath.

"Kiku, I love you. I'm sorry… I didn't notice. I'm so stupid…" Kiku shook his head.

"I'm just happy that we share the same feelings." Kiku wrapped his arms around Arthur's waist, hugging him back. He felt Arthur's hand caressing his head, and he leaned fully into his embrace, letting Arthur support him. Kiku smiled at the warmth in his arms. He opened his eyes when he felt Arthur pushing into him a little. Kiku looked up only to have his lips claimed by Arthur's chapped ones. Kiku closed his eyes, leaning forward to kiss him back. It was soft and innocent, but they gradually wanted more and it grew fast and passionate. Their tongues mingled with each other's and their breath floated heavily. Kiku gripped hard on Arthur's now wrinkled shirt every time his tongue met his, and when he moaned, he felt the other's hand twitch at the sound. Arthur quickly broke the kiss, flushing brightly, but Kiku only leaned forward.

"Kiku…" Arthur tried to stop him as the brunette pressed his lips against him. Arthur couldn't stop himself from returning them. He tried to have some self control, but kissing him was beyond his imagination, and it felt wonderful. His lips so soft… so small… so cute… He wanted more of him… he wanted more than just a kiss. He wanted to mark him as his. Arthur's eyes snapped open as soon as he realized what this thought meant, and what it might lead to. He quickly pushed Kiku away, startling the brunette in his arms. Kiku panted slightly as he licked his dripping saliva.

"Ah.. sorry… It.. I got carried away… we should stop…" Arthur faltered at Kiku's disappointed look.

"I… okay.. I'm sorry…"

"No, no… it's just that… uhh.. you should go home soon…" Arthur looked away from Kiku's expectant gaze.

"Ah… right…" Kiku looked down, and brought his sleeve up to wipe his mouth. He was slowly coming back to his senses when he noticed that Arthur was right.

"Should I send you home…?" Arthur looked at him, worried. Kiku shook his head and smiled reassuringly.

"No, it's alright. It's not that far from here.." Kiku answered. Silently, Arthur was glad to see Kiku's smile again.

"No, I will accompany you…" Arthur insisted, taking his hand. The two made their way toward Kiku's house.

Yao was currently glaring at the clock, crossing his arms in front of his chest. "He is late again, aru!"

Yong Soo rolled his eyes at his brother. "Come on, Hyung!"

"Does this always happen?" Hong asked as he looked up from his book. The three were in the living room, occupied with their own things. Yong Soo leaned against the Chinese man on the sofa but Yao pushed him away. The Korean growled at him in irritation.

"He is late again… Don't you think it's kind of weird, aru? What is it this time? Another dinner?" Yao shifted impatiently on his seat. Hong looked at Yong Soo, demanding an explanation. Yong Soo just shrugged with a big smile on his face. Hong raised an eyebrow; the Korean definitely knew something.

A soft sound reverberated from the entrance of the house and they heard the door open, much to Yao's relief. Yong Soo quickly pulled Hong up and dragged him up the stairs. Hong was half mad at him, but Yong Soo put his forefinger in front of his mouth, telling him to listen silently. They both watched as Yao walked out the living room in a rush to greet his younger brother, only to come face to face with the British man. Much to his horror, his enemy was leaning forward to kiss his brother, right in front of him! Not that they knew that Yao was watching them…

"So… here we are …" Arthur said as he looked at the front of the house, and let himself be led towards the gate. Kiku stepped forward and looked back Arthur.

"Umm… see you tomorrow…" He said with a smile. Arthur looked at him, blushing a bit.

"Yeah… see you tomorrow…" The British looked away from that smile. Kiku bowed a little and opened the door of his house when Arthur called his name.

"Uh, Kiku…" Arthur murmured. The Japanese guy looked back to him and much to his surprise, Arthur gave him a peck on his lips and quickly backed away. Kiku stared at him; his face was so red now.

"Arthur-san…" Kiku was about to continue when he spotted Yao next to him, surrounded by a furious red aura. He flinched at his brother. Arthur looked at him in horror and quickly turned around.

"Goodnight. Have a good rest!" Arthur babbling, trying to run for his life, only to be grabbed by the back of his collar forcefully. He gave a choked sort of gasp and turned around to meet Yao's deathly glare.

"You… how dare you do that in front of me…" he mumbled dangerously. Kiku was pulling on his shirt now.


"Let go of me, you git!" Arthur struggled and clenched Yao's hand painfully. He managed to make Yao lose his grip on the back of his collar and took a few cautious steps back. He eyed Kiku worriedly, who was struggling to keep Yao at bay, but Kiku urged him with a look. Arthur hesitated, uncomfortable with leaving Kiku with a man that deranged, but he finally pushed himself and ran away.

Kiku sighed at the two. When will they finally have peace? He stopped this thought when Yao suddenly turned around and hugged him.

"Kiku, are you alright, aru! Did he do anything other than that, aru? Is that the reason you always come home late, aru? Did he blackmail you, aru?" Yao was now practically clinging to him as Kiku tried to push him away.

"I'm fine, Yao-san… seriously… let go of me…"

Yao gave a sob and he looked at Kiku with teary eyes.

"Now if you will let me at least changes my clothes…" Kiku muttered and walked inside the house. As he made his way past the stairs, he noticed both of his brothers grinning at him, and he quickly looked down, blushing. Obviously, the two had also been watching the scene from behind the stairs. Kiku quickly entered his room and slammed his door shut.

Once inside and feeling safe enough from prying eyes, Kiku leaned against his door and brought his hand to his lips; the feeling still lingered at the corners. He wanted to taste him again, and smiled timidly. He could get his chance tomorrow. They would be able to meet each other again, tomorrow. For now though, he had something to explain to his oldest brother.

"Damn it, aru!" Yao slammed his fist on the table. Yong Soo and Hong, who had been making their way back to the living room, stopped in concern. Both looked at each other before going in.

"Hyung.. you still have me, don't be like that." Yong Soo quickly leaped Yao, probably in hopes of easing the current tension. Yao groaned at him and lightly pushed him away.

"Stop it, Yong Soo… aren't you feel irritated as well, aru?" Yong Soo just shrugged nonchalantly at him.

"If they are together, we can't do anything about it," he said simply.

"I'm actually a little bit disappointed with that British guy. He ran away like a coward, as if he wasn't even serious about this all. Wasn't he supposed to be a gentleman?" Hong muttered, putting his head on his palm. He was sitting across them.

"How can he even stay and face Yao-san when he was planning to murder him?" Kiku's voice came from the entrance and all of them looked at him.




Kiku looked at them for a moment until he sighed.

"Can I talk to you for a few minutes, Yao-san?" Kiku asked. Yao quickly got to his feet and followed him outside the living room. Kiku led him to the porch in the backyard. Both sat down, not knowing where to begin, and after a few moment of gazing up the moon, Yao looked at his brother seriously.

"What is it that you wanted to talk about, Kiku. If it's about Arthur, then I won't—"

"I've decided to be with him, Yao-nii," Kiku said resolutely, looking at Yao's widened eyes.

"What, aru?" He stared at his brother's serious eyes, and quickly gave up the idea that Kiku was just joking. The brunette looked at him for a moment, then smiled almost pleadingly.

"Can't you at least say something in approval?"

"I don't approve aru!" Yao almost shouted as he stood in front of him. Kiku looked at his brother and frowned.

"Sit down, please. We are not having a fight over this. I also decided that I'm going back to the dormitory," Kiku said, looking at the grass below his feet. Yao trembled as he watched his brother avoiding his eyes.

"NO! Definitely not, aru!" Yao quickly kneeled down, grabbed Kiku's shoulders, and forced his brother to look at him. Kiku was shocked to say the least, and he was about to object when he saw the look on Yao's face. He expression on him showed a mix of anger and sadness. That expression… he had seen it once a long time ago… when he had left home after their big fight…

"Yao-nii…" Kiku whispered.

"Don't leave me, aru! Don't leave your brother alone!" Yao gripped his kimono tightly. Kiku could feel his hands trembling. He closed his eyes and brought his hand on top of Yao's trembling one.

"You are not alone, there is Yong Soo. Hong is here now too…"

Yao shook his head. "No, you promised you would stay here again with us, aru! Don't leave again!"

Kiku opened his eyes and saw his brother's, gleaming with sadness. "Yao-nii… What happened in the past was my own fault. So I decided to leave on my own until you could cool down and we could be reunited. We were having a disagreement that time, and I'm back here again because everything turned out fine. I didn't mean to leave just because of Arthur-san." Kiku continued to try and make Yao see reason, but his brother only sighed in frustration and looked away.

"You don't get it, aru! I…" Yao bit his lips. Kiku was immediately baffled at the sight of Yao's face, so intensely red that he could make out the blush even under the dim light.

"I love you, aru!"

Kiku stared at him unmoving, rendered speechless by the confession.

The tray of cups and tea Yong Soo had been holding crashed to the floor in front of the room, his numb hands unable to hold on.

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