Arthur found his boyfriend sitting on one of the tables in the cafeteria. It was unusual to meet him here because of their different schedules, but now he was lucky to catch Kiku, having skipped one of his classes. Maybe he should skip them more often? Arthur quickly approached him with a big grin on his face.

"Kiku!" He waved, his smile widening when he saw Kiku glancing up with his blushing face.

"Arthur-san…" he greeted, munching, as he watched the British take a seat across him. Arthur blinked when he saw Kiku's lunch just a few bites from being finished. He pouted a little.

"Are you in a hurry?" Arthur asked. Kiku quickly shook his head.

"No, not really… I won't have classes until half an hour later on, but I still have to print something," he explained while setting down his spoon. Arthur gave him a questioning look.

"Print something? How unusual of you, doing things in rush."

"What about you, Arthur-san? Don't you have classes? Don't tell me you skipped your class right now." Arthur's flinch was the answer. Kiku rolled his eyes when Arthur quickly looked away.

"I don't skip classes that often."

"But you did just now." Kiku stood up after finishing his water.. Arthur quickly rose to his feet and followed his boyfriend.

"Well, if I don't skip class, I might not be able to meet you right now. So, I'm lucky." Kiku tried to ignore his comment as he walked down the stairs of the canteen. They both continued on in silence for a moment before Arthur noticed Kiku in deep thought.

"Kiku, do you have something in your mind lately?" Arthur asked, deciding to get to the point. Kiku stopped in his tracks, allowing Arthur the time to catch up with him.

"Why did you think that?" He smiled at his boyfriend, trying not to look like such a liar. Arthur brushed his blond hair and sighed.

"Well, it's not usual for you to be in such a hurry, like now. And the day before yesterday, you seemed too preoccupied to pay attention to the class and meeting."

"Is that so? It's nothing to worry about…" Kiku said, faltering when he heard a discontented sound from Arthur. He looked away from Arthur's disappointed face. Should I tell him about Alfred now? But… Kiku shook his head and took a deep breath.

"It's just that…" Kiku paused, still avoiding Arthur's questioning eyes.

"Arthur-san, Alfred-san has come back," Kiku said, finally blurting out what's been bothering his mind. His heart beat faster as he gripped the paper in his hands tightly. Arthur opened his mouth but found that it had suddenly gone dry.

"You—you know… when did you know about this?" Arthur said. Kiku stuttered, finally raising his head.

"You had known?"

"Well, Alfred called me a few days ago… but I haven't really talked to him again since then. I mean…" Arthur stopped when he realized something. He shouldn't have been keeping it a secret from Kiku. What's with him, really? Weren't he and Alfred through already? Arthur frowned. Had Alfred's return become a bother to Kiku? He couldn't help but smile. It was silly, really. He approached Kiku and wrapped his arms around him, the body in his arms startled at the contact.


"Don't worry about it, Kiku. I… Alfred and I have been over a long time ago…" Arthur couldn't suppress his chuckle when he saw how red the smaller boy was.

"I… I'm not worried about that… I'm worried about you…" Kiku was spluttering, half-lying.

"Me? Ah, I'm alright now… doing worry about me…" Arthur pressed his forehead against Kiku's, smiling tenderly at him. Kiku stared back with a small smile; deep inside, he felt like all the weight on his shoulders had been lifted. He tip-toed and pressed his lips softly against the British, taking him by surprise. Once Kiku had withdrawn, he found Arthur's cheek tinted with a nice rosy color.

"I'm glad…" Kiku said gently, leaning against Arthur, who wrapped his arms around him tighter.

"I didn't feel like telling you about it because I didn't think it mattered. I didn't know you were bothered by it; seriously, Kiku, don't just keep it to yourself." Upon hearing that, Kiku chuckled.

"I know..." Kiku gave a peck on his cheek before pulling away.

"Now I have to print my booklet… Do you want to go together?" he asked while pointing to the direction of the printing room. Arthur gave a small nod. He was about to follow him when someone hit the back of his head with something hard.

"Wha—" Arthur yelped; he turned around, ready to snap at the culprit who had just hit him. He couldn't believe what he saw. What was he doing here?

"That hurt! What are you doing here anyway? This is no place for an old man like you!"

"How dare you call me that, aru! I'm not an old man! I'm your professor now, so behave!" Yao gave Arthur another painful hit with his wooden clipboard.

"Pro…" For once Arthur was at a loss for words. He eyed Yao in horror when he was given a winning smile.

"Yao-san is teaching literature in this University, Arthur-san," Kiku explained.

"I got a recommendation, aru. It's lucky since it's so close to home, and I can put an eye out for Kiku from a wolf like you!"

Arthur had yet to respond to Yao's winning sentences. Kiku sweat-dropped as the British continued to grumble under his breath.

"Yao-san, stop teasing him already. Anyway, how's Hong doing? I thought you were going to let him have his first year here."

"Hong is taking a tour around here today, aru. He said he wanted to look at each department. He'll probably take the English department, aru."

"He is walking around alone?"

"Ah, Yong Soo insisted on coming to the university, aru. So Hong is with Yong Soo. Well, that child is going to choose his own university two years from now. He might as well know what he is going to take, so I let him have the day off from school, aru."

"I see…" Kiku responded.

Yao nodded. Afterwards, he noticed Kiku holding his papers and a flash disk.

"Don't you have to print something, aru?"

"Ah! Yes, I have to go now before classes start. Yao-san, Arthur-san, see you later."

"If you want I can drive you home after you've finished aru. We can go home together with the kids. Just call me, aru," Yao called out after Kiku's retreating back. He received a quick 'okay' from his brother and smiled. He looked back at Arthur who still remained silent before him. Arthur flashed him a quick look and tried to leave but Yao swiftly grabbed his wrist.

"I have to go!" Arthur said in irritation.

"I have to talk to you about something, aru. It's about Kiku." With that, Arthur stopped struggling and faced him.

"What about him?"

Yao let go of his wrist, knowing that Arthur had no intention of running away. "Kiku… his is my beloved brother, aru. I love him, aru."

Arthur blinked when he heard him, trying to let this register. Yao's eyes were gleaming with sadness. Then Arthur gasped when he realized what sort of love Yao was talking about.

"I lost him, aru. I thought I could never love my own brother, aru. But I do, and I regret it, and he left before I could reach for him again, aru."

"Yao… you…"

"So, promise me, aru…" he continued in a trembling voice, holding back his tears. Arthur felt a strange mix of sympathy and awe for this man.

"Make him happy, aru. If you dare to make him cry, I will kill you, aru!" Yao grabbed his shoulders, giving Arthur a hard look. Arthur pushed him away, giving him a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry; you have my word and oath…" Arthur whispered to Yao, who looked relieved despite the drop in his shoulders.

Kiku took the printed booklet and paid for it. The bell rang as he walked outside the printing room. Before he could walk any further however two tall students loomed into view, almost bumping into him.

"Hey, Kiku?"


"It's Kiku, isn't it? Long time no see, Kiku," Alfred waved his hand vigorously in front of him.

"Alfred-san, you are here?" Kiku almost choked on his own spit. "Are you going to enroll in this university?" Kiku was now clutching his booklet, trying to hide his nervousness. Alfred nodded enthusiastically.

"Yes, Artie is here after all. So we are going to get back together just like in Senior High school! Ah, Ivan is here with us as well," he added, motioning towards his friend whom Kiku had noticed before Alfred had even mentioned him. He gave Kiku a polite smile.

"I see…" Kiku muttered.

"Do you have class now? I'm going to photocopy these transfer documents." Alfred showed the file he was holding.

"Ah, yes. I will be going now. See you later, Alfred-san." Kiku bowed before them and walked past.

"Alfred?" A very familiar voice called. Kiku stopped just in time to see, farther down the corridor, Arthur's shocked face and, much nearer, Alfred's extremely pleased one. Alfred's face split into a big smile. He quickly walked toward Arthur and almost toppled him Arthur in one swift move, hugging him tightly.

"Arthur!" he exclaimed, practically suffocating him.

"Alfred.. Stop it already… wh- I can't breathe!" Arthur tried his best to push him away, coughing a little when Alfred finally let go of him.

"Seriously… I thought I would never meet you again! I made the right decision going here!" Alfred was laughing, feeling proud of himself. Arthur tried not to complain about the volume of his voice. As usual, he never changed. Alfred clapped a hand on his back, forcing Arthur to walk with him as he was steered towards the corridor, coming nearer and nearer to where Kiku stood immobile.

"I see now that you're back…" Arthur griped.

"What's with that annoyed tone? And I keep calling you but you never called me back. What happened? I thought you were so clingy." Alfred looked at Arthur's face.

"Stop that… I've change quite a lot you know, and that's because of someone who's very dear to me!" Arthur pulled away and circled his arm around Kiku's shoulders, pulling him close.

Alfred stared at them for a moment, unable to entertain the possibility of the two of them as a couple. Ivan remained silent the whole time, taking everything in. "You… you mean you are…" Alfred looked at the blushing Kiku and then at Arthur's cat-who-got-the-cream expression…

"Kiku is my boyfriend," Arthur said with pride, too happy to notice Kiku ducking his head down in embarrassment, or the look of shock on Alfred's face.

Kiku risked a glance at Arthur, and took in the smile on his face. It left him with a warm feeling, knowing he was being introduced as Arthur's boyfriend. His lips formed a small curve of a smile.

It had already been a few days since Alfred moved back. Kiku looked mournfully at the board. It was suspicious how Alfred had chosen every class Arthur was taking. It wasn't as if he disliked the guy, but the thought wouldn't stop bothering him. True, he was worried that Alfred might hurt Arthur again… no, that's just an excuse. He wanted the British all to himself. Kiku changed his direction to the soccer field below his building. He hoped his actions were reasonable. He didn't want to be overly possessive toward his love again.

"Kiku?" Feliciano asked. "Kiku are you alright?"

Kiku raised his head and wondered what he could answer to that. He looked around the empty classroom and found that most everyone had gone already.

"You look tired. Maybe you should go home and rest," Ludwig coaxed as he watched his friend. Kiku shook his head.

"I'm alright, thank you for your concern. Anyway, I'm going to the toilet now… I think… I'm going to wake myself up." Kiku gathered all his things and dashed outside the classroom, not even waiting for the answer of his two friends.

"What's wrong with him?" Feliciano asked in wonder.

"Did you hear? Alfred has come back," Ludwig said as they headed to their next lesson.

"Really? I wonder if they will be alright, Kiku and Arthur I mean."

"Let's just hope so… Arthur has been with Alfred for two years after all… He's not going to give up too easily."

Kiku splashed his face with cold water. He looked at his reflection in the mirror only to yelp in surprise when he found someone standing a little too close behind him.

"Hi…" Ivan greeted, waiting for Kiku to dry his face and turn around.

"I-Ivan…-san…" Kiku looked away from his intense stare. This guy creeps me out.

"I want to ask you something." Kiku remained silent and let him continue.

"Are you really going out with Arthur?" Ivan demanded, cheerful demeanor disturbingly still present.

"Yes… I am…" Kiku answered. Why is he asking me that? It's not his business…

"Really? You are? I thought Arthur only was only possessive towards Alfred… Hmm.. That's weird, don't you think? Something must be going on…"

Kiku felt uncomfortable. He flexed his fingers, looking away from Ivan whose smile never disappeared.

"What are you trying to say here?"

"I'm saying that… you probably don't really love him, da? Or maybe it's the other way around? Maybe you are Alfred's replacement…" Ivan mused. He was about to say more when Kiku burst.

"How rude of you to say things like that! And I'm not his replacement. What do you think Arthur is? I love him, and I trust him fully. He is just the same as I am towards him! This is none of your business, Ivan-san…" Kiku said heatedly.

"I'm just saying that because I'm concerned about your relationship with him. Do you know why Alfred came back here?"

Kiku tried to look unmoved, but voices were running around in his head already. No… please… I don't want to hear any of it…

"It's to take Arthur back, da. Just so you know, he was shocked and depressed when he found out that Arthur had found someone else. He thought that day he left, Arthur was going to follow him to Canada where his brother was living. But when something bad happened there, Alfred tried to contact him seeking comfort, da. You can only imagine his confusion when Arthur never received any of his calls or never replied to any of his emails. He got upset over it of course, and I just wanted to help him recover, da. I've never had any intention of bringing him back here actually, but if that's what Alfred wants, then I will go with him here. So, now, do you mind thinking over what you've done?"

Kiku gaped incredulously at him. What is this guy saying? What had I done? He was talking as if…

"I'm sorry, but Arthur is not a thing! You can't just take him back as if he were some kind of lost luggage! Now if you will excuse me!" Kiku stomped away from the Russian, unable to see the glare he was currently being given. Why were they so rude towards Arthur and him? As soon as he was far enough from the restroom, Kiku allowed himself to slow down and let the mask slip off his face. A million butterflies were dancing in his stomach.

"I'm saying that… you probably don't really love him, da? Or maybe it's the other way around? Maybe you are Alfred's replacement…"

Kiku shook his head and headed to his next class.

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