Burgess Academy

11: The Queen's Boy Visitor

"Why didn't Tooth tell us that she's a mermaid?" Alexander asked

The whole class was now inside their classroom talking about the previous surprise.

"Yeah, I mean. We'd all accept her if she was. We're not racist, does she think of us like that?" Sam wondered

"Apparently, yes." Felix answered

"Stop it!" Camille shrieked, "She's not mean! She's not thinking that we're racist! She's thinking of what Jack might feel!"

"What?" Mari asked, "After all this time, you knew she was a mermaid. And you didn't tell us?"

"I don't spread around everybody's secrets if you haven't noticed." Camille muttered, "Look, the point is, she's afraid of rejection. She knew what happened to Jack's past mermaid admirers that's why she thought that she had a chance when he met her as a fairy. And also, she wants freedom. If anyone knows that she's the queen, her get away plans will all be ruined."

"Get away plans?" Sheila asked

"She's the queen, she has power, she earns respect, she's always pampered and it's all suffocating her." Camille explained, "If any of us would be treated like that, then we would like it but apparently, royals love the life of a commoner."

"So she's not like any other mermaid we've already met?" Kimberly asked

"No." Camille simply replied, "Hold on, Tooth's yelling in her mind."

"Where are we going?" Jack asked

"Quiet. I'm thinking." Tooth replied

"Look, I know you're a queen but you will not treat me like that. You're not my queen, you know." Jack muttered

Tooth sighed, "Alright, I'm sorry. I'm just thinking. I want to know what happened to the others."

Tooth stayed silent for a minute or two.

"The others want us back up there. Asap." Tooth said

"What are we gonna do?" Jack asked

"We wait. I have to go back home to go to this other place." Tooth said, "You can go with me if you want."

"Yeah, alright. I'll go with you. I won't risk myself getting more hurt."

"Dad, I'm home." Tooth announced as she entered a huge house-like structure made of corals

Jack looked at everything in awe as he swam slowly behind Tooth.

"Tooth, your kingdom looks amazing." Jack breathed, "It's sad to think that some mermaids ruin this place's reputation."

"They're not from here, Jack." Tooth stated, "I don't see them around here. And besides, all mermaids that grow here know who the queen is. When you're the current ruler, it's your responsibility to teach them what's right and wrong."

"Oh. You have nice rules." Jack commented

Tooth nodded then they proceeded inside the coral house.

"Dad! Where are you?" Tooth called

A female mermaid with black hair and a red tail swam towards the two.

"Oh! Jack, this is my nanny since I was two, Miss Marianella. Nanny, this is Jack, my classmate." Tooth said

"It's nice to meet you, Miss Marianella." Jack smiled

"You can call me nanny, Jack." Marianella replied, "Thiana, your father's not home but he should be any minute now."

"Okay. Um, where do we keep the first aid kit around here, nanny?" Tooth asked

"Over here." Marianella led Tooth towards a door and they entered in the room

"Wait here, Jack." Tooth said

Jack sat down on the very cushiony sofa.

I have got to ask Tooth how they could keep this thing dry under water. Jack thought

"Toothiana, you know better than to bring a boy to your home." Marianella scolded, "You're the queen, do you know how much the people are intrigued about this?"

"Nanny, there's no need to worry about him. He doesn't feel the same way at me." Tooth shrugged

"But, Thiana, I don't think your father will agree on you having children with a human." Marianella stated, "And the same goes with your mother."

"But he isn't. He controls ice and snow. He's like the living epitome of winter." Tooth finished

"Alright then, if you're happy. Here's the first aid kit." Marianella handed Tooth a dry box

The two girls went out of the room and to where they left Jack. Marianella headed off to the kitchen to make snacks and Tooth sat next to Jack.

"How much damage have they done?" Tooth asked

"Nothing much." Jack replied nonchalantly

"Nothing much, huh. Remove your hoodie then." Tooth crossed her arms

"No you woman pervert." Jack scooted away from Tooth

Tooth groaned and rolled her eyes, "I'm not a pervert, you're the pervert for thinking that I am one. And you'll get sick with that piece of wet clothing stuck to your body."

"Thanks for the help Tooth but I'd rather fix myself." Jack crossed his arms

"No. Alright, alright, don't remove your hoodie but the second you sneeze you wi-."


"Exactly." Tooth deadpanned, "Off with it."

Jack groaned then removed his hoodie carefully as to not topple his ice bubble. Tooth looked away with a light blush, well she tried to. Tooth bit her lip lightly.

"See anything you like, woman perv?" Jack smirked teasingly, worsening her blush

"Stop calling me that!" Tooth shrieked

Jack sat still on the couch, letting Tooth examine his wounds on his arms and chest. Tooth held up a cotton ball with what seemed like a healing potion. She drew it nearer to his wound just below his collar bone. He winced once the liquid made contact with his wound.

"I know, it hurts." Tooth muttered

She once again put the cotton on the wound and he winced again.

"Why are you even doing this? I mean, you could've just left me there. I'm nothing for you. I bring nothing good for your kingdom." Jack stated

Tooth sighed, "You are. You just don't know."

"Tooth I know that you're just forcing yourself. I know you missed the water and I know that you're hurting yourself with your injured wings. But why do you keep avoiding yourself from being healed?"

"Because I love you, Jack!" Tooth exclaimed, "If that still doesn't get through that thick skull of yours, then I don't know what will."

The two sat in silence. Jack stared at Tooth while Tooth kept on healing Jack.

"I'm," Jack sighed, "Hate to break it to you Tooth but you got hit by a cupid's-."

"No I wasn't. You hit me with an icicle when you turned around. Ashton failed to hit me." Tooth explained


Tooth put the cotton to another wound and once more he winced. He quickly grabbed Tooth by her waist and another hand held both her wrists. He pinned her down on the couch with him above her.

"I told you! It hurts!" Jack exclaimed

"Oh my goodness!"

Both teens turned towards the doorway of the kitchen only to see Marianella with their snacks.

"Toothiana!" Marianella exclaimed

Both shuffled quickly to get away from each other, deep blushes on their faces.

"Tooth's a woman perv!" Jack yelled, quickly swimming away

Tooth gasped and shrieked, "Jackson Frost!"

She chased him, not knowing that they had gotten out of the house.

"Gotcha!" Tooth yelled, accidentally hugging Jack's waist

"Uh, Queen Toothiana?"

Tooth turned around and saw the whole town looking at them.

"Oh! Um, this is Jackson Frost from above the water. He is visiting us for a while." Tooth announced

"Nice to meet you everybody." Jack awkwardly said

"Ana, is he your boyfriend?" A little girl who looked like Tooth asked

Tooth and Jack looked at each other.

"What's your name, little one?" Jack asked

"I still don't have any." The little girl replied

"We have freedom to choose our own names." Tooth explained

"Oh, okay. For the meantime, we call you Baby Tooth because you look like Tooth." Jack said

"That's a great name." Baby Tooth exclaimed

"Jack's just our visitor." Tooth whispered to Baby Tooth

"Aw, I thought you were gonna get married. When are you going to get married, Ana? My flower girl dress doesn't grow like me." Baby Tooth whined

Tooth giggled and muttered, "I'm on it. Is he fine?"

"Yes, Ana!" Baby Tooth nodded and swam away

"I think she's starting to think of her name." Tooth said, "Come on. Let's get your other wounds healed."

"Whatever you say, woman perv." Jack commented, earning a loud slap on Jack's arm

"What?! That's why you brought that boy? Do you know how much trouble you're getting yourself into? That's a disgrace! You're a queen and you brought a boy home! Do you know what the people are thinking right now? They think that you two have already made a child!" Haroom scolded his daughter, "If your mother knows this, you're surely going to get in so much trouble."

"Look, I'm sorry about all of this but he badly needs help. Have you seen his injuries? Aren't we supposed to help the ones in need?" Tooth asked

"Fine. We will keep him here but we will stay over the next village, remember?"

"I remember. That's why I have decided to bring him along." Tooth answered

"Toothiana, this is a formal business. You will not bring along a boy."

"Dad, from what they told me, it's not formal. I'm just going to be introduced I'll give a little speech and that's it."

"Alright, alright. You win. But the second I see this boy hurts you, he's gonna get it." Haroom threatened

Tooth smiled sheepishly and hugged her father.

"He doesn't feel the same way, daddy. And besides, you probably want little snow fairies and mermaids with white hair swimming around." Tooth muttered

"Toothsie! Five minutes, alright, and we'll start to fix you." Olga, Tooth's make-up and hair artist, said

"I'll be there!" Tooth called back

"Hey Tooth, I've got to ask you this. How does some stuff around here keep its dryness?" Jack asked

"It's just like what happens above. How do you keep something wet despite being not in water?" Tooth answered

"Oh!" Jack breathed

"Hey, lemme see the wounds again." Tooth said

Jack emotionlessly removed his now dry sweater. Tooth stared at his body and arms for a while.

"Yeah, mermaid potions work better on humans." Tooth stated

Jack put his sweater back on.

"Toothsie!" Olga sang


Tooth walked to the next room and sat down on a chair in front of a mirror and dresser. Olga brought three jars of liquids to the dresser, one with glitter-like substance, one with pink liquid and another with a magenta one, the same color of her eyes. Olga held in her hand a piece of clean cloth. She put it at the top of the bottle with the pink liquid inside and turned it upside down, letting the liquid flow from the hole at the top. She lightly pressed it on Tooth's closed eyelids.

"So what look do you want to achieve today?" Olga asked, as cheerful as ever

"Just enough to impress people." Tooth replied, a satisfied smile on her face

"Just enough to impress the boy waiting at the living room?" Olga whispered

"Pretty much, yeah." Tooth responded with a light giggle

Olga put the cloth to the one with the light pink and proceeded to press it lightly on Tooth's cheeks.

"Um, Olga, have you ever experienced this feeling before?" Tooth asked

"Well I had my youth days, Toothsie. And they were the best years. Yes sometimes we try to work relationships out but some are just too complicated to solve and you just have to let it go, but since it's still there, I recommend you hold on to it as long as you could."

Olga had started putting the glitter like substance to the cloth and she applied it near Tooth's eyes. She pulled out some gem stones from a drawer and gently put them one by one at the place where the glitter was applied.

"You look as pretty as your momma, Toothsie." Olga said then faced the door where Tooth had come in, "I'll give you two some privacy."

Tooth turned towards the door and saw Jack with this... This unreadable expression. What it was, Tooth did not have a single clue.

"Well don't you just look dashing." Jack stated, walking over to Tooth, "Now you look like a queen."

"Toothsie, remove the headdress, baby, I've got your crown over here." Olga said, walking in and holding a very detailed piece of coral

The crown was gold in color, a red gem was placed at the top, the coral itself was carved with intricate details of fish, seaweeds and other stuff that could be found under the ocean. Tooth gently removed her tall blue headdress and Olga placed the crown neatly on her head.

"Now that's what I call a masterpiece." Olga breathed, "Anyways, time to go, Toothsie. The ride is waiting."

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