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Burgess Academy

By DoodleRainbow

Romance / Fantasy

12: Our dearest queen, Queen Foothiana

"So where are we going again?" Jack asked

They were all in the carriage with Olga, Nanny Marianella, and Haroom. Tooth, Jack and Olga sat together with Tooth in between and Marianella and Haroom sat opposite to them.

"We're visiting the next village." Tooth answered

"What look are you achieving?" Olga asked

"A look that says 'Hello world, here stands in front of you is loser Queen Foothiana! I am here to show you what real life is and how much of a big shot and special I really am." Tooth answered, making the three adults stare at her

"Wait, what-. Are we. Did you just. We're heading over the village of the class a mermaids?!" Jack asked, "And you're changing your make-up again? Seriously?"

"Yeah, but I can't really embarrass them in front of many people." Tooth muttered

Olga put light yellow liquid on Tooth's closed eye lids in a form of her wings. Next, she put a light green liquid under the yellow. And lastly, she put a light blue under the two colors. Olga then put a light pink color around her eyes and different shades of pink stones were put under the line of the corner of her eyes. And lastly, Olga dabbed a bright pink liquid at her eyelids, forming a thin line above her eyes and under it.

"Fantastic!" Tooth smiled, looking at a mirror

Tooth turned back to Jack.

"So what were we saying?" Tooth asked

Jack stared at Tooth for a while with the look he gave Tooth earlier. What it was, Tooth still could not figure out what.

"Oh, uh, what were you saying, Tooth?" Jack stuttered

"Breathe in, breathe out," Marianella said in front of a fretting Tooth, "You're just going to be introduced then you will give a little speech."

"Nanny, I'm very nervous." Tooth said, worry evident in her eyes, "Look my hands are shaking."

"Come on, Tooth," Jack said, holding Tooth's forearms, "Keep your cool." he said while shaking the girl

"Alright children, you will stay here for the time being. We will introduce you, then you will all go out, once we call you all, starting from Scarlett. You shall greet her with 'Greetings, Queen Ana and company'. Alright children? Accompany that with a nice bow, alright?" A cheery red head said as she left the small tent the teens were in

"Huh, wonder who this Queen Ana is." Scarlett muttered

"Who cares, Scar? We just won against the brawl then we have the honor of meeting the queen and sitting with her on dinner." Blake said, "Isn't this just a wonderful day?"

"I am pleased to introduce to you, our newest queen, the first female descent of the race, Queen Toothiana, accompanied with her escort, Jackson Frost."

A round of applause was heard as Tooth entered with Jack beside her and some guards behind them. Tooth smiled warmly at her loyal subjects while Jack just smiled uncertainly.

"My dearest queen, I present to you, twenty students from Burgess Academy. They had just won an outnumbered battle earlier today, battling fifty students while they were twenty and some injured. Queen Ana, our most prestigious and treasured mermaids, the class a mermaids."

Another round of applause was heard as a group of mermaids swam gracefully towards the front and bowed without looking at the queen and her company.

"Greetings, Queen Ana and company." They said in unison

They stood up from the bow and horrified gasps were heard from them.

"Q-Queen Ana is, Toothiana?" Scarlett asked

"My my, don't this class look like the perfect warriors around?" Tooth copied Scarlett, mischief evident in her eyes, "What's your name?"

"Scarlett, Scarlett Herrington." Scarlett said, "I am the," she gulped, "the leader of the class a."

"So, you battled fifty students? That's just amazing!" Tooth exclaimed, showing a faux smile, "Oh you must tell my dear escort, Jackson, and I all about it throughout dinner."

"So, for this nice little village, I your new queen and first female descendant, I expect you to be expecting much from me and I will not disappoint you, my dear people. I shall spread the knowledge and kindheartedness that you have known, seen, and loved from generation to generation. I shall pass on a good legacy of me as your new ruler, and you will definitely not see the last of me yet. Have a nice evening everybody, and I hope we all start my period of ruling off with a sweet hello." Tooth spoke

She and Jack left the mermaids, a crowd of applause trailing them.

"Thiana, is there something we should be knowing about those mermaids?" Marianella asked

"We are the people they had battled with earlier. They won because we left. And battling fifty people at once? Oh please, we were only sixteen in our class, fourteen injured, one partially." Tooth explained

"Those mermaids are nothing but a bunch of losers who can't admit it." Jack said, "And I must say Tooth, that was fierce."

"I told you, my baby pie is fierce. Aren't you, honey?" Olga asked, pinching Tooth's cheeks

"Yeah, like you always said, 'smile, you are fierce'." Tooth chuckled

They all proceeded to the dinner banquet prepared for the coming of the queen. Tooth and Jack sat side by side at the dining table, Haroom at his daughter's right. Olga and Marianella were next to Jack in the round table and the remaining twenty seats were given to the class a mermaids.

"Uh, father, excuse me and my escort for a minute." Tooth said

Tooth and Jack went over to the coral reef wall, behind the whole banquet.

"Here, eat this." Tooth handed Jack a small pebble, "It'll make you breathe even if you're underwater."

Jack shrugged and punched his ice bubble and took the pebble quickly. After a few seconds, Tooth removed the remains of the ice bubble.

"I'm surprised this thing hasn't melted yet." Tooth said, examining the ice

"It's made of lasting ice." Jack said

"There, I think it's working, now come on." Tooth said then swam back to the table, Jack trailing behind

Just as they had gotten back to the table, the appetizer was served.

"So, tell us about Burgess Academy." Tooth started

"Well, um, we have these different classes. There are three classes for mermaids, class a, b, and c. Two classes for dragons who could turn human, one for pixies, and others. There is also, one for," Scarlett gulped, "one for the one of a kinds."

"Hm, seems interesting. But how about the one of a kinds? How do they even see eye to eye? I mean, there must be opposites there." Tooth stated, a small smile on her face

"Yeah, there actually is. The twins, one controls fire and the other controls water." Blake inputted

"Well that must be interesting. What do you think, Jack?" Tooth asked, turning to the quiet boy

"Hm?" Jack gulped the food in his mouth, "Oh, yeah. It does seem interesting."

"I know right. Well how about the battle you said earlier?" Tooth asked, "It must be really exhausting."

"Just stop it, Toothiana! What kind of trick is this anyway?" Scarlett slammed her hand on the table, "You know about Burgess Academy, you know about the classes, you're even in the one of a kinds! Heck, you and Jack are the people we've battled. Why are you even pretending to be our queen?"

Tooth sat gracefully on her seat, not taken aback by Scarlett had said.

"Hey, you don't talk like that to the queen." Jack said, standing up, "She is your new queen, Scarlett, and even if you couldn't accept that, then I guess you are the loser in life."

"You too, Jack! What surprise is this, Tooth?" Scarlett interrogated, "So what's all this?! Are you challenging me for another brawl?!"

"You shut your face, Scarlett, I've had enough of you already and I swear, I will not hesitate to-."

"That's enough, Jackson. You shall not talk to any of my subjects like that." Tooth said strictly yet there was a hint of softness in it

"Well fine, Tooth! Fine! I'm going back to where I belong now, and I do not want to see any more minute of you." Jack said then swam away

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