Burgess Academy

13: Little Toothsie's Jackie Boy

"Nanny, what have I done?" Tooth asked as she wept on her nanny's shoulder

The banquet had ended quickly after the small argument. Scarlett had been forced to apologize to the queen and she was sent home for multiple lectures. Meanwhile, Tooth, Marianella, and Olga had gotten back to the carriage.

"You didn't do anything wrong, Tooth. You did what was right and defended your subjects. Meanwhile, if Jack really is the one for you, he'd accept your apology and he'll come back, which I'm sure he will do." Marianella said

Tooth looked up at her nanny.

"I'm gonna look for him, Nanny. I'll be back in a while." Tooth said

"Dumb Tooth, doesn't know what's right and wrong." Jack muttered

Jack went back to the surface, trying to find his way back. He felt something cold running down his cheeks and wiped it, feeling a much colder liquid.

"I'm crying? No! No I will not cry just because of," he paused, "Tooth."

Jack groaned, "What's happening to me?!"

He felt a pair of hands make its way to the front of his stomach from his back and something wet being leaned against his back.

"I'm sorry, Jack." It was Tooth

"Tooth, I-. No. You shouldn't be sorry. You did your role and I didn't let that get through my thick skull." Jack whispered

"So you're not mad at me?"

"A little but you could be forgiven." Jack smiled sheepishly

Tooth giggled lightly in response and hugged Jack tighter.

Tooth slept peacefully in her home that night. She slept on her bed and he was given a room for the night. Jack laid down on his bed just staring at the ceiling. Marianella peeked in the room and saw the still awake boy.

"Why aren't you sleeping yet?" Marianella asked

"I can't sleep, Nanny." Jack answered truthfully, "I can't stop thinking."

"Should we talk about it over a cup of coffee?" Marianella asked

Jack stood up from the bed and followed Marianella to the kitchen. The female mermaid prepared two cups of coffee for them both then placed it on the table.

"You'd be surprised on how much your world is alike with ours." Marianella said, "Now, about your thoughts. What were you thinking?"

"Well, uh, well I was thinking about Tooth, Nanny. You see, she's been infiltrating my mind for a few hours now, normally she's just another friend, but somehow, she's different. I think her tail or wing made its way to my heart." Jack said

"What do you see in her?"

"That's just the point, I don't know. It's just like, 'Oh, Tooth's here, no point of concealing anything'. But when I look at her eyes, I stare at it a little bit longer than normal but in those eyes, it's like I'm seeing my future flashing before my eyes. Future with children, future with grandchildren, with a great job, and," the last few words were barely audible, "married to Tooth, living out the rest of my life dedicated to some random girl who had stood up for me numerous times."

"I don't actually want to tell you this straightforward, but Jack, you're in love, and I know that you know this already, I'm just confirming it." Marianella said, a small smile on her lips, "Now go on, look at your little Toothsie and go back to bed."

Jack went towards Tooth's room and entered unnoticed. The girl laid on her bed, sleeping soundly as if there were no problems in the world. Jack kneeled in front of Tooth's face. It was like of a baby's, so smooth and so innocent, then Jack looked at her plump lips. He looked around to check if the coast was clear then connected his lips to hers lightly.

"Ana! Ana! I've got a name. I confirmed it to mom and dad and they agreed." Baby Tooth announced

Jack and Tooth were headed to the sea shore to bring Jack to school.

"What is it?" Tooth asked

"Tack!" She announced gleefully, "The 'T' for Tooth and 'ack' for Jack."

Tooth and Jack looked at each other with a hesitant look.

"Um, maybe we could revise it a bit. Maybe, um, Tackisha?" Jack asked

"You're a genius, Jack!" Tackisha said then turned to Tooth, "He's a keeper."

Tooth blushed a bit with a small smile.

"Yeah, maybe." Jack smiled weakly

Tooth and Jack swam towards the surface and Jack helped Tooth to get out of her mermaid form.

"Let's go, Tooth. We need some major explaining." Jack said

Tooth stood still, "No, Jack. This is goodbye."

"What, why?" Jack asked

"My dad doesn't actually allow me to go to school, Jack." Tooth shrugged

Jack frowned and hugged Tooth.

"You're actually leaving me?" Jack asked, "But who's going to stand up for the class? Who's going to be pushing us to not give up? Who's going to be there to say that we're still winning? Who's going to be there to talk to me every morning? Who's going to be there to annoy me? Tooth, don't leave me!" Jack said

At the time, Tooth was bawling her eyes out, still not hugging Jack back.

"J-Jack I don't want to leave you either." Tooth whispered, "But I have a kingdom to rule over."

Jack pulled her out of the hug and Tooth removed the tears from her eyes and cheeks.

"Farewell, Jackson Frost. It was nice that you became a big part of my life." Tooth said and turned around

Just turn around, Tooth and walk away.

She started walking away until she heard fast patters of feet running towards her. She felt a hand wrap around her wrist and a pull and a pair of cold lips against hers. She closed her eyes shut and savored the feeling. The feeling of possibly the last time having the pair of a certain cold lips pressed against hers. He pulled away and rested his forehead against hers.

"Is this really goodbye, Tooth?" He looked her in the eyes

"It still is, yes, Jack." Tooth sadly answered

Jack put a hand on Tooth's left cheek.

"I'm sorry Tooth, I'm sorry that I've been so dumb before and never told you this until now." Jack whispered

Tooth looked straight at the boy's eyes in complete confusion.


"Tooth I'm starting to actually like you."

"It's nice to know." Tooth smiled weakly, "Goodbye, Jack."

Tooth turned around once more and jumped into the ocean.

Jack stared at the spot where Tooth dove into. He touched his left cheek and...

"You're the first girl that made me cry," he said, "Nice job, Toothiana."

"Jack! Where's Tooth? What happened to the two of you?" Alexa asked as Jack entered the room

He just sat down on his chair gloomily and stared at the seat next to him.

"What just happened?" Sam asked

"Hey guys, let's just not talk to him about this. We're not going to see Tooth anymore." Camille said, "Just about the time he discovered his actual feelings for her."

Camille walked over to Jack and sat on the floor in front of him.

"Hey," Camille started, "I know that you don't want to talk about it and we won't talk about it. But somehow, if she really is the one, she will come back, that's what I will guarantee."

Jack opened his mouth to speak but a new voice interrupted him.

"Ha, the loser leader. What are you even not dropping out?" A random boy said and left the front door

"Been going on all day." Mari muttered and sighed

"If Tooth was here, we'd probably be protected against words." Jack said

"If she was here. But she isn't, this means we're gonna have to defend ourselves for our last four years in the academy." Alexa stated, "And if Tooth was here, she would probably want us to do the same."

Jack looked at Alexa and smiled weakly.

"Yeah, we have four years left, maybe it's about time we make it last." Jack said, "And I'm to start with it. Bunny, Cottontail, sorry bro. We have been brothers since day one, well except when we fight which is every five minutes, and I am not going to let a girl ruin our brotherhood. What do you say?"

"Of course, mate. Sorry too, though."

Jack stared at the seat once more.

"Jackie, come on." Camille smiled up at him and grabbed his wrist, pulling him up

"We've got a lot of cleaning to do." Mari said as she handed Jack a piece of wet cloth

Alexa pulled down the blinds, "And a lot more forgetting too."

Jack sat on the shoreline after class that day, waiting if somehow, somehow Tooth rose up from the water again, that way she'd see him and his sadness would disappear in a split second.

Day after day after day he would do that. He would wait until the sun goes down and go home and repeat the next day. There were days when he would talk to the ocean, thinking that Tooth was listening, he would talk about his day, sometimes about how he missed her, sometimes she would make him cry by the memories of her protecting the class. Every event, he would bring her something and tie a rope with a stone and set it off to the ocean, wishing Tooth would get it. Sometimes he would wonder, if she even loves him, or even remember him at all. Day after day after day, he would do that. He would do all of that.

Then the school year ended, summer came, summer ended too soon, autumn and winter passed by, bringing a new school year. Year after year passed, time was lost and before anyone knew it, graduation day came.

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