Burgess Academy

15: Aftermath

Three years had passed since graduation day. All of the students of Burgess Academy held in their hearts and minds their futures in and for the world.

Mari had provided pollination for flowers in greenhouses and simple gardens around the world with her little butterfly workers, of course unknown by the people.

Camille served as the Academy's new principal after the previous principal left and since she started her reign, no crimes went by unnoticed and the child who did wrong was certainly punished.

Felix worked along with his distant relative, Camille. He was the vice. The school said someone as dumb as him had no future and he was surely proving them wrong.

Cimanella became a police officer. He was always the catcher whenever the suspect was on the run. And with his family's reputation on quick running, the humans did not fear him.

Yolly became the dean to every college section in Harvard University, where he was not accepted because of over qualification.

Sam became an animal trainer in a world class zoo. He spoke to the animals to confront them and that gave him and his job an honor. And the humans did not know a thing about his abilities.

Sheila became an investigator. She solved every puzzle she had ever handled because of her ability. She followed every suspect she had and knew that they were all up to. She then became a highly respected criminal investigator in the world. She was always given a job after one.

Sophia became like Cimanella. Just a year after graduation, Sophia was awarded best female police officer and most captured criminals of the year.

Ashton worked high above the clouds and worked partially as Cupid on Valentine's day and when needed. He was also the lookout for anything that could harm his friends.

Kimberly worked in a sea park. She played with the dolphins when night came which makes the animals gleeful in the morning for the visitors.

Alexa worked during Christmas eves, putting out the fire on chimneys when their teacher was to enter and bring gifts to children. She also worked during the winter season. When the season was too cold for people, she would control fire in their homes and ignite it high. She also prevents forest fires and different types of unwanted fire.

Alexander gets workaholic when summer strikes. The more hot it gets out, the more people want to go to the sea and it is his duty to prevent water related injuries.

Bunnymund became the actual Easter Bunny. No, he is not as fluffy as children thinks he is. He only goes out on the field when Easter Sunday arrives.

Sandy worked night after night. He brought children and adults good dreams when they sleep.

And Jack. Jack became the very spirit of winter. Bringing snow and the joy of a snow day every winter.

"Tooth? Is that you?" Camille asked, bewildered

"The one and only!" Tooth announced gleefully

"Come on in to the reunion." Camille smiled widely, "Aw, what a cute baby."

Camille and Tooth looked at the baby cradled in the mermaid's arms.


"What's his name?" Camille asked

"Doesn't have one yet. We mermaids have a free will on choosing names." Tooth answered

"Alrighty then. Enjoy your stay."

"Aren't you going inside yet?" Tooth asked

"I'm still waiting for the last one." Camille replied, "Now go on. You have a lot of catching up to do."

Tooth entered the auditorium which was decorated with fancy banners.

"Look, it's Tooth." Alexa said, walking over to the girl, "And bringing a baby, hm?"

"Toothsie, you're twenty five, you shouldn't be holding a baby in your hands." Sophia joked

"You're twenty five? But why do you look much more younger now than when you were eighteen?" Alexander asked

"My my, don't these people look just dazzling."

They all turned towards the door and saw Jack entering, a little baby girl with white hair in his arms.

"You too?" Sam asked, "Man we're getting old."

Everyone chuckled lightly.

"Oh come on you guys, it was for the kingdom." Tooth said, walking over to Jack casually and... switching children?

"Wait, so you mean,"

"They're twins Lex. A little girl and a little boy, five months old. Both are mermaids but the girl's the only snow fairy," Tooth explained

"My little boy can spread snow," Jack pointed out, "And I've never been more proud."

"I thought graduation day was the last time that you were going to go up on the surface." Sheila pointed out

"It was. But when my dad died just days after, a new king was needed and my mom was rushing us to have children because my aunt died. And well, when one of the sisters of flight dies, they all follow. So technically, we're the rulers of the ocean and Punjam Hy Loo." Tooth explained

"Past is past, mates." Bunnymund started, "All I know is that I should be a godfather to the twins."

"Well don't forget me."

"And me."

15 years later...

"Come on, Stev! I'm excited!" fifteen year old Gabrielle said as she tugged her brother's arm, "Aunt Tackisha will be there, don't be nervous."

"Fine." Stevan said and they entered a too familiar green door

A female around her late thirties with huge black glasses smiled down at them, "Yes. Well, Stevan and Gabrielle Frost, welcome to Burgess Academy. We hope you enjoy your stay."

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