Burgess Academy

3: Should I or should I not?

"Shut up. I will not tolerate one minute of you today. No, we will not talk about what I'm feeling." Jack stated

"I didn't even say anything." Tooth shook her head

"Class, today we go back ocean. I will group you to two." North pulled out a glass jar filled with rolled up paper

He pulled out one and read.

"Bunnymund, and," he pulled out another, "Frost. You are leaders."

In just a few minutes, the class was separated into two and were all either in blue or red shirts and rubber armors. Blue was Jack's team and Bunny's was red.

In the blue team were Mari who had a pair of mariposa wings, Cimanella who had supersonic speed, Sandy who could make dreamsand, Tooth, Yolly who was the class' brainiac, Sam who had the ability to turn into any animal, and Sheila who could turn invisible.

In the red team, there were Sophia who had the ability to teleport, Ashton who had a great aim, Camille who could read minds, Kimberly who could walk on water, twins Alexa and Alexander, Alexa who could control fire and Alexander who could control water and Felix who could control people.

"Alright so we've got no water elemental. That could be hard for us." Jack said

The groups were huddled up, talking about strategies they were to do.

"Well they have a fire elemental," Cimanella piped up, "We've got the upper hand than of Alexa."

"But not all of us could fly," Yolly pointed out

"I've the perfect solution to that. I'll freeze the top of the water so you could all stand on it." Jack inquired

"Great!" Mari said, so what am I and Tooth girl gonna do?" Mari asked

"Just do what you do." Jack shrugged

All of the students heard a whistle then they all turned towards their teacher.

"All go to position." North announced

The blue team's leader froze the water, giving his members the chance to stand on solid ice.

"What? But that's unfair!" Bunny yelled

"It isn't in the rules." Jack sang

"Start!" North boomed

"Ashton," Bunny muttered

"Okay, here's the plan," Jack started

"Wait!" Yolly interrupted, "They have Camille, isn't it right to not think of our plan?"

"Right. Let's counteract." Sam responded

"And fire!"

One by one, Jack's troupe were beaten down by arrows. By Ashton's arrows. Sure enough, the arrows only ended at their blue rubber vests. Well, Tooth's wasn't.

Ashton pulled back a red arrow, aimed it at Tooth and the arrow went, towards the fairy. The arrow whizzed by Tooth's arm but didn't give much injury to the girl but enough to give pain.

"Ow!" Tooth hissed

Jack looked back at his injured member and yelled, "Hey! You hurt Tooth!"

"Shoot! I hit her with the wrong arrow!" Ashton muttered

"Don't tell me it's the one with poison." Bunny said

"No it isn't. It could be everything but that." Ashton answered

"Tooth!" Jack flew over to the girl, "Where'd you get hit? Are you hurt?"

"No, I'm fine now." Tooth sighed, inspecting the cut on her arm she looked up and met Jack's blue worried eyes

Wait, what just happened? Did he just turn from a wrinkly old man into a... cute boy?

"Alright, it's payback time!" Jack announced

He raised his arms and put them back down harshly. Just a few seconds later, the other side was buried in snow.

"The blue team wins!" North announced

Clap... clap... clap...

Both blue and red team members turned their attentions towards the source of the sound and saw a red headed female clapping with a menacing look on her face and a couple more students behind her.

"Nice show, Frost." She smirked

"What are you doing here, Scarlett?" Jack spat

"I'm enjoying your win. Don't you like that?"

"I would if it's your face whose ice cold blue."

"Is that a challenge, Frost?" She snarled

"What? You chicken?" Jack smirked

"Oh, it's on." Scarlett glared at the boy, "Your lousy team of weird people and our class of first class mermaids it is."

Scarlett and the others dove into the water and used the water to rise up, all in their mermaid forms.

Ooh, this brat is so gonna get punished. Doesn't she know who she just called weird and lousy?! Tooth thought

"What's the plan?" Bunny asked Jack

"You, Sophia and Cimanella, get fire wood and something to light it to make a fire. Alexa, you control that fire. Camille and Yolly, you two read their minds and make a plan to counteract their plan. Sam, Kimberly, and Sheila, go over their territory and know their plan. Ashton, you shoot. Alexander and Felix, control what you could. Sandy, Tooth, Mari and I will fly over there and be a distraction. Any questions?"

"That's good enough. Let's go team!" Bunny announced

"Wait! We don't need to do all of that! We could just team up and injure the part above their tails. You know, that thing connected to their flesh?" Tooth inquired, "It could work, you know."

"Fine, but if that plan backfires, we go back to the original plan." Jack finished

And they went off and won.

"How do you know so much?" Jack asked

The class, after winning, had planned to go out and celebrate for their win. They had planned a small dinner in town.

"I have a friend. She's a mermaid." Tooth shrugged

"Anyway, are you coming to the dinner?" Jack asked

"No thank you. I have to go home early tonight. We've got something going on in our home." Tooth answered

"That's bad, after all, you're the reason why we won." Jack shrugged, "See you tomorrow, Tooth."

Tooth walked along the shore after going out of school when she spotted the same group of mermaids they had battled with earlier.

"Oh look, if it isn't little miss know-it-all." Scarlett said

"My name's Toothiana." Tooth deadpanned

"What was that? Foothiana?" Scarlett asked

"No no, I think she said Tootiana." A brown headed girl inquired

"Now, now girls, it isn't fair that you beat her in a name calling contest." A blonde boy said

"Shut up, Blake. Are you even on our side?" Scarlett asked

"I'm not finished, I'm saying that you should beat her in a brawl instead." Blake answered

Scarlett smirked mischievously then walked off along with her peers.

"What is she doing now?" Tooth muttered

Tooth went behind a bush and removed her top, revealing the top of her green two-piece bikini. She looked around to check if the coast was clear then removed her skirt, completing her swimsuit.

She walked towards the shore then dove into the water. She rose up a few minutes later, completely soaked and in her mermaid form. She jumped up in the air and dove back down to the water, her blue and green tail glistened in the setting sun, her brown hair with its various yellow, blue and green streaks shone. Her blue coral headdress adorning her hair.

This is so amazing. I've gotten through two days without anyone knowing. I love this. Being free, no worries, no responsibilities. If only I could keep this hidden from mom tonight.

Tooth dove down deeper into the water and to her kingdom.

"Toothsie? Where have you been all day?" Haroom asked

"I've been training, dad. You know, flying. So I could make mom proud." Tooth smiled at him as they swam towards Punjam Hy Loo

"Dad, if I somehow go to school will you approve of it?" Tooth sheepishly asked

"I will. As long as it's better for my baby." Haroom smiled, "Why do you ask? Do you want to go to the fairy school?"

"No, that would be boring. And besides, I would never neglect my duties as a queen." Tooth shook her head no

Which I am kinda tired of by the way.

"Alright, but if you ever change your mind, just tell daddy." Haroom stated, "Well as long as you don't go to that school near the ocean. I would be very disappointed in you if you did."


"Tell me, Toothsie, how's your flying?" Rashmi asked as she and her family ate dinner by the shore with the other two in the water

"It's fine, but mom, could you teach me some more flying techniques?" Tooth asked, "And how I could stay in the air for more than five minutes."

"Oh Toothsie," Rashmi giggled, "You're going to live as a mermaid in the end, why do you want to so badly?"

"I think she wants to go to school." Haroom inputted

"Well, why not? I think that school near the kingdom is a great one. And it is a school for non-humans too, so why not?" Rashmi responded

Haroom took about a minute to respond, "Y-yeah. Do you, do you want that, Toothsie?"

"Well, actually, I've been meaning to tell you two that,"

"Toothsie, you do know that your aunt saw you today right? And you were using your wings," Rashmi interrupted

"Yes, Tooth's been practicing." Haroom smiled proudly

"No, no not that. You were with other people. And that white headed boy looks like he'd do everything to protect you." Rashmi continued

"Yeah, isn't he dreamy?" Tooth asked, "Wait, what? No! He's not dreamy! He's a jerk and he's insensitive to what others may feel of his actions! Even though he is dreamy, all of his physical traits make him look bad with that foul attitude."

"Well we certainly did raise a fine girl in her teen years." Rashmi shrugged

"Wait, wait, who is this boy? Tooth, you know that you can't go around and go throwing yourself to every boy." Haroom furrowed his brows, "We didn't raise you to be a playgirl."

"Dad! I'm not!" Tooth blushed

"Anyway, you're not going back to that school." Haroom finished, "And that's final."

"Wha-. Dad! What did I ever do wrong?! All I did was have a little freedom! Isn't that what I was supposed to do?! I did whatever royal chore you wanted me to do! I almost got killed by sharks on my way to the Pacific last year, and this is what I get? Being locked up in my own kingdom deep down in the water? What's next? You're going to choose who I marry?" Tooth wiggled her back and her wings fluttered open

She flew out of her water, turning her tail into her legs as she removed contact with the water, back in her swimsuit.

"Let's just face it, Tooth's not a kid anymore. She's growing up." Rashmi stated

"But with a human boy? Rashmi! Are you growing crazy? You know that people would kill her when they see who she really is." Haroom answered

"He's not a human boy. He is a water elemental too, well in a way. He could control ice, snow, and you know. I saw it with my two own eyes." Rashmi commented

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