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Burgess Academy

By DoodleRainbow

Romance / Fantasy

4: The Warning

"We were awesome yesterday, Tooth!" Sam patted on the girl's back as he came across her in the hallway

"Yeah, we all were." Tooth replied and then the boy left

"Thiana!" Alexa yelled, coming up to Tooth with her twin, "You're super great! Thank you for the help! It was the class' first time."

"Yeah, not bad, Tooth." Alexander added

"It was for the class." Tooth smiled

"Tooth, you were great yesterday. Are you planning to go here next year?" Cimanella asked

"I think so."

"Good! The class needs people like you." then he left

"Someone's getting popular. Nice one, Thiana." Mari said as she strolled by

"Hey, Tooth. I'm really sorry. I did not know what arrow hit you but I'm certain it's not poisonous. Are you feeling right?" Ashton asked worriedly

"No I'm fine. I don't think it made some effect on me." Tooth shrugged

"Good. See you later, Toothiana."

"Hey bird girl."

"Oh hey, Jack." Tooth replied effortlessly

She started walking to her classroom with Jack behind her.

"Well you've got yourself pretty well known." Jack commented

"And you've got a good mood today, what's with that?" Tooth asked

"So what happened to the thing you did last night?" Jack asked

"Why have you gotten so interested in me?" Tooth answered

"You're not answering anything, Tooth." Jack deadpanned

"Why should I?" Tooth asked then pushed the door to their room, only to bump into her classmates

"Hey guys, what's going on?" Jack asked

"See for yourself." Someone answered

Tooth and Jack went to the front of the crowd and saw what they were staring at. There on the wall, were writings in red paint, or possibly blood.

"Hey losers of class freak, since you're all so good with your Foothiana and your Jackie boy, why don't we all have a brawl. At the same ocean, same time, one week from now. No materials, no armors, just powers. Let's see if you'd still be good at the end, or even alive. Sincerely, your adoring fans, the class A mermaids."

"What? This is outrageous!" Tooth retorted, "We could actually get killed by this."

"Tooth, we've got this. We have you." Jack said to her

"But, Jack, mermaids make potions. They can make potions to protect their weak spots and that is not considered armor." Tooth looked worried

"Hey Tooth, we've got everybody to count on. Am I right, class?" Mari shouted

The class shouted back in pure enthusiasm.

"Dude, this has been happening for years now! And we were never confident. Now is not the time to forfeit." Sam stated

"Yes, and according to my calculations, we've got a seventy-three point one four one six percent chance of actually winning." Yolly inputted

"But we've only got one actual water elemental." Tooth muttered

Actually two.

"So? We don't need elementals, Tooth. We need teamwork." Alexa stated, "Am I right, team?"

The whole class shouted once more in response. Tooth looked back to the wall.

"Alright so how do we get the perfect revenge?" She asked

"Mari! Fly me to their room!" Sheila ordered

Both Sheila and Mari left the room, the others trailing behind to see what the trickster was up to. Tooth was about to walk with them when,

"Tooth, why don't you just tell them?" Camille asked in her sweet voice

"Tell them what?" Tooth asked

"Come on, Tooth, you know what I'm talking about." Camille answered

"I can't tell them. They'd send me to the mermaid classes." Tooth answered

"You know, we really need you right now and we really need a match to the competition." Camille commented

"I know, but, I can't lose their trust now," Tooth muttered

Especially Jack's...


Wait, what?!

"You're just having side effects. Don't worry. Anyway, Tooth, it would really make them appreciate more of who you are." Camille said

"I'll tell them when the time's right, Camille and now isn't just a good time. Maybe after the brawl."

"That would be fine. After all, the moment you walked in to the classroom, I already read your mind; you're quite a confused and thoughtful girl." Camille smiled, "That's cool. And would you mind talking to Aster more? He kinda likes you, just a teensy bit though."

"Do you always tell people other people's secrets?"

"No. Only to you. After all, you are royalty and the most unique cross baby. I think having wings and a tail at the same time is cool. But is that possible?" Camille asked

"Yeah it is. And it's pretty cute actually." Tooth nodded, "Now come on, before the others try to find us."

"Hey, so I was thinking. Are you free Friday night?"

"No that's lame."

"Friday night. I'll pick you up, seven, sharp."

"Too pushy. Stop trying to be aggressive."

"Hey how about we go grab some dinner on Friday, does that sound great to you?"

"Why are you even trying?"

"Do you wanna go out with me?"

"Dude, you sicken me."

"Would you like it if we have a date on Friday?"

"Just stop. You're killing me."

"Could we-"

"Stop! You annoy me." Jack yelled at Bunnymund then sat on the sand, holding a bowl of croutons, "Who are you even trying to impress?"

"Tooth, of course."

"What?! Bunny, I was gonna go first!" Jack stood up

"No you aren't. You're mean to her and she doesn't like you. Obviously, the guy who was with her since day one matters more." Bunny crossed his arms

"Maybe that's why I'm being nice to her now, duh?" Jack replied

"You already lost your chance, why bother?"

"Aha! Of course it is!"

Both boys looked at Ashton who had been checking his arrows for the past few minutes

"What is?" Jack asked

"The arrow! It was the red arrow that shot Tooth." Ashton replied, "It's confirmed Jack. It's that arrow."

"So you mean you shot her the cupid's arrow?" Bunny asked

"Exactly. The boy who she first encountered would be the one she'd like." Ashton explained

"Wait, I saw Sam talking to her earlier." Jack exclaimed

"Ooh! That Sam is so gonna get it! Let's go!" Bunny stated then both boys marched towards their classmate who was training

"Since when did Jack become so... dumb?" Ashton muttered to himself

"So, Mari, why do you keep your wings up all the time?" Tooth asked as both girls with wings flew up from the ocean

"It makes me feel free. It feels like I'm not hiding anything." Mari replied, "Why do you keep yours always folded? Don't you feel restrained of your actions?"

"Alex! Help me!" Felix yelled as a furious Bunnymund and Jack chased him and Sam at the shoreline

"You know, the boys in our class all look good," Tooth commented as they watched the scene

"Yep. But all of them have no brains." Mari sighed then both girls landed to where they were

"Tooth!" Bunny and Jack yelled simultaneously

They ran up to the girl and asked, "Who did you interact first after getting shot by the arrow?"

"Uh, I think, Jack...?"

"Yes!" Jack jumped up in glee

"I already told you that." Ashton pointed out

"So do you wanna go out with me, Friday night?"

Tooth walked closer to the boy's face and put her left hand to his cheek.

"Let me see," She leaned in closer to his face and answered, "No."

A couple oohs and laughter came from the class.

"But, why?"

"Let's review, shall we? You made an argument with me on my first day, kept calling me names and treated me like I'm dumb." Tooth answered, "But don't worry, if looks were my basis, then you'd be top one on the list."

"You got burned, dude." Alexa said, snickering, "And I'm not the cause of it this time."

"Alright, let's get back to practice before-"


Then the chase repeated itself.

"Everyone, sit down." Mari ordered

The other fifteen students sat down on their respective chairs as Mari stood by the teacher's table.

"Alright classmates, if you don't know, we are going to have a brawl with the mermaids in one week. So, your class officers had decided that we should all have a camp-out on Friday night, which is tomorrow. We don't know what time of day the brawl is so we'll practice at midnight, dawn, morning, noon, afternoon, dusk, evening, and at night." Mari announced, "We are gonna be staying at the sea shore Friday night to Sunday noon."

"Are any of you not allowed to go?" Mari asked

The classroom was dead silent.

"Good. Now bring clothes and food tomorrow. We are going to start setting up the tents after we train after class." Mari finished, "Any questions?"

The room was silent once more.

"Great. I'll see you all tomorrow."

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