Burgess Academy

5: The Campfire

"How could you even reject me, Tooth?" Jack asked as he and Tooth flew above the ocean with Jack freezing the ocean for them to train on

"Look I'm just not interested in having a relationship." Tooth shook her head

"So what you said, it's all not true?" Jack asked, looking at the fairy

"It's nothing but bluff, Jack. Oh if only you'd improve your attitude." Tooth rolled her eyes

"So wait, if I improve my attitude, you'll go on a date with me?"

"I could but my dad won't let me." Tooth answered truthfully, "In all honesty, he doesn't like anyone for me."

"I see," Jack rubbed the back of his neck, "but if it's just your decision, will you?"

"That'll be fine, attitude's your only problem after all." Tooth shrugged

"Hey, uh, Bunny," Tooth said as she walked over to Bunnymund who was starting to fix the tents, "Camille sent me to talk to you."

"Oh," The boy looked down, "So you know?"

"It was kinda obvious when you and Jack were chasing and yelling 'Tooth's mine'." Tooth rolled her eyes, "Anyways, before anything gets worse, I'm not interested in relationships, that's what I told Jack too."

"So you're not going to date any of us?" Bunny asked

"Unless you could live underwater," Tooth muttered

"What was that?"

"Nothing, nothing. Look, the thing is, you and Jack look like you're brothers, why do you fight over me?" Tooth asked

"Tooth, if a guy loves, he loves, he doesn't think, he isn't able to." Bunny answered, "In all honesty, I was mesmerized even when you didn't know me yet. You were just simply unique."

Bunny sighed, "And I really thought you'd like me."

"No, it's not that Bunny, it's just, I don't see you as a boyfriend. You're more like a boy friend. Do you get what I'm saying?" Tooth asked

"Of course," Bunny smiled

"Okay, everyone, gather up. We're gonna have dinner now so I'd like you all to sit down on the logs." Mari said and everyone sat, "I'd like to thank to all of you. We'd done a great job so far. Thanks for the teamwork. Now, after dinner, we're not going to train, we'll have a time to get to know each other more. You all know our class, we're the ones with the most arguments cause we don't see eye to eye and I think it's about time we unwind and get to know our family."

"Wow, Mari's a great speaker." Tooth muttered

"She is." Jack answered

"Now I hope you all have a great dinner. And thank our cooks for tonight, Alexa and Sophia."

Then they finished eating their dinner and were just talking and laughing and just having a good time.

"Hey! Let's play a game. It's like truth or dare. It will go from me holding the bottle top and Alex holding the bottom then he will pass it to the next one and so on until the song stops." Alexa explained, "Are you in?"

"I'm alright,"

"Yeah, let's do it."


"Let's play then."

"Game, so," Alexa said as she held the neck of a bottle and her brother holding the body, "99 bottles of pop on the wall, 99 bottles of pop. Take one down pass it around, 98 bottles of pop on the wall. Freeze!"

And it ended upon Camille.

"Okay, so Camille, truth or dare." Alexa asked

"Seeing that mischievous look on your face, I'd rather go with truth." Camille answered, earning a light giggle from her classmates

"Okay, so what's the latest secret?" Alexa asked

A group of oohs were heard. Meanwhile, Camille and Tooth stared at each other, the other trying to say no.

"The latest? Let me see, I hear Alex' trying to get a girlfriend." Camille answered truthfully

"What? Why am I even in this?" Alexander exclaimed

"What?! My own brother! What kind of twin are you?" Alexa smacked her brother

"Let's continue?" Camille asked

"98 bottles of pop on the wall, 98 bottles of pop. Take one down pass it around, 97 bottles of pop on the wall. Freeze!"

And it was Sandy this time.

"So since Sandy can't speak, I suggest he chooses dare." Alexa stated, "Go ahead Camille."

"Okay. So Sandy, I dare you to make the school covered in dreamsand." Camille said

Sandy stood up and formed a sand ball and threw it at the school top then slowly, the sand made its way down, covering the outer layer of the school.

"Nice." Sam said then high-fives Sandy

A couple more dares and truths later.

"45 bottles of pop on the wall, 45 bottles of pop. Take one down, pass it around, 44 bottles of pop on the wall. Freeze!"

"Is that even possible, Alexa?"

"What do we do now?"

"I say we truth or dare both of them." Mari, who was the former victim of Sheila's very difficult dare, said, "Alright, so truth or dare, Toothiana and Jackson."

"Well this ain't gonna end well." Ashton muttered

"Let's just do the dare, Jack. Please?" whispered Tooth

"Fine. We'll do the dare."

"Great, so since I don't wanna spend this chance and ruin it, I'm just gonna go what I think everybody's thinking right now." Mari had a very evil look on her face, "I want you two, to kiss,"

Both Tooth's and Jack's jaws fell open.

"On the lips,"

A deep blush formed on their faces.

"Ten whole seconds. And it can't be the one where your lips barely touch."

"Mari, I, I think I'll just choose truth." Tooth stuttered

"Yeah, me too." Jack added

"Ah ah, no backouts, guys." Alexa said

"Have you all planned this from the beginning?" Yolly asked

"Turns out, Sheila's a genius." Kimberly shrugged and giggled

"Oh it's just a kiss you two." Camille stated, "After all, it won't mean anything unless you want it to."

Jack rolled his eyes and scooted closer to Tooth.

"Jack, no." Tooth inched away from the boy

"Come on, Tooth let's just get this over with."

Tooth sighed and bit her lip. Jack put his hands on the sides where Tooth sat and leaned forward, very very slowly. Meanwhile, Tooth tried to push the boy back by putting her arms at the boy's chest. When they were barely apart, Tooth sighed and removed force in her arms, causing Jack to lose balance and smack his lips onto hers. Tooth's eyes went wide as her face went pure red, so did Jack's and it was as if ten seconds didn't pass by as just ten seconds. It was as if it was a whole lifetime. About three seconds through, Tooth closed her eyes shut, so did Jack's just then there were camera flashes but they still didn't pull away, the ten seconds still not over. And after what seemed like eternity, Jack pulled his lips away from the girl's, still staring at the girl's eyes and vice versa.

"Guys, we said ten seconds, not a full minute." Sheila commented

"Wait, what?!" Both yelled

"Uh, uh," Tooth stood up, "I'm gonna go train now." She ran towards the ocean and flew away from the campsite

"I think you broke her." Jack said, standing up

Jack's legs then decided turned to jelly and fell forward to the ground.

"And I think I broke Jack too."

Jack kissed me. He really did. And it wasn't just the dare. He really did want to do that.

Tooth put her fingers to her lips and smiled weakly.

"Jack kissed me!" Tooth yelled, she flipped in the air and dove into the water, turning into mermaid form

"Wait! What's happening to me?" Tooth asked, horrified

"I gotta tell you, Scar. They're training up there and their teamwork is just plain excellent."

"What?" Tooth whispered and saw the people she'd battle in a week

"Well throw them off! Make 'em fight. I don't care. But that Jackson will never win again." Scarlett growled

"Scar, just admit it. We lost. Jack's got this new girl in tow and she's knowledgeable on mermaids." The brunette said

Duh, it's because I am one.

"Amanda, you shut up. All of you, train, if training won't win us, then try to get to the royalties and ask for help." Scarlett ordered

As if, Scarlett. As if I'd let myself lose.

"We don't even know who the new queen is." Blake said

"Then find out who she is or go to the former king." Scarlett responded

"I'm getting kinda sick of your ordering, Scar." A black headed boy said as he rubbed his nape

"Try to not go to that battle and we'll see if you'd live another day, Hector." Scarlett growled

"Look, the royalties aren't going to help us. They don't fight if it's only for a few mermaids and not for the whole kingdom." another guy who had huge black glasses said

"Let's just cheat, Scar." Amanda suggested

"Cheat? That's a great idea! Blake, get the others, we're having a meeting."

Tooth swam away from the scene and flew once she was out of earshot.

"Guys! I heard Scarlett and her company!" Tooth announced as she struggled flying with wet wings and clothes and... everything

"Whoa what happened to you?" Cimanella asked

"My wings froze while I was flying." Tooth lied, "Anyway, I heard them and they said they'd just cheat their way through this. I think they'll get powers from the royals."

"That's not fair!" Mari commented

"Wait, there is mermaid royalty?" Felix asked

"Yes and according to my studies, mermaid royalty will help their people when in time of great need." Yolly explained

I so will not!

"Anyway, what are we gonna do now?" Cimanella asked

"We need to keep a great eye on them while on the field. I think it's time that we actually have a battle plan." Mari responded, "But we'll have to do that in the morning."

"Why? And where's everybody?" Tooth asked

"Either nursing Jack or getting tools to nurse Jack." Cimanella answered

"He fainted just after you left." Felix added

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