Burgess Academy

7: Monday

"Good morning everybody!" Alexa greeted as she entered the room, seeing her classmates

"Morning, Alexa." Some greeted

"Tooth," Alexa said, grabbing Tooth's wrist, "with me."

She went around the classroom, pulling girls up from their chairs. She went to the back of the class where she normally sat.

"What's all this, Lex?" Sheila asked

"It's about the campfire last Friday night. It just dawned upon me that Tooth and Jack had their first kiss there." Alexa suddenly squealed

"So what's the big deal about this?" Kimberly asked

"Because, it's the first time in three years that this awesome class had actually encountered a magical thing." Alexa grinned at Tooth, "So how was it like? Was he a good kisser or a sloppy one?"

"Well, I wouldn't say sloppy," Tooth started

"So you're saying that he's good?" Sophia asked, suddenly intrigued about the topic

"N-no, well, good but not that good," Tooth started to blush

"So he's not a good kisser? I don't get it. A good looking guy has bad moves." Sheila inquired

"He's good, Sheila, but not as in great great." Tooth stated

"So he is a sloppy kisser! I should've known!" Kimberly exclaimed

"Okay I can't take this anymore." Tooth shook her head and backed away from the group of girls only to bump into a blue worn sweater

"Uh, Jack!" Tooth turned around

"Are you girls done talking about how I kiss?" Jack asked

"Are you guys done being creeps for listening to us?" Tooth asked

"Alright so we're not answering those questions anymore." Jack stated

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!" A very very loud screech was heard through the hallway and into the room

"Whoa who was that?" Sam asked

"Looks like someone's having a major bad hair day." Alexander muttered

A screeching and crying Mari entered the classroom. Her hair was a huge mess and her clothes were too. Dirt was visible at her skin and clothing. And what confused all of them the most was the fact that her wings were not up.

"Oh my," Alexa immediately went to the front where Mari was, "Sweetie, what happened?"

She embraced Mari and put her head on her shoulder.

"A-a bird flew past me an-and I lost my ba-balance and I fell into a, a, a, a tree." Mari explained

"So where'd you get hurt?" Cimanella asked, ready to get a first aid kit

"Jack, Tooth, I am so sorry, but I can't battle anymore." Mari said and showed them her wings

Almost everyone gasped at the sight, the other half were too surprised to even have a reaction.

"Mari! Your wings! It has a huge cut!" Tooth struggled to say, "Wing injuries do not heal quickly. It takes years to heal."

"I know and I'm so sorry that I can't be in the team."

"No, no. It's fine, Mari. Don't blame yourself for the injury. You did your part last weekend, and I think your troop is more than ready." Jack encouraged

"Ooh! I almost forgot! Sir North allowed us to use his time as a preparation for the battle because he sees it as a part of his actual lesson now. And I think the students aren't going to school on Thursday. Some are too scared and some are excusing themselves to see us and the mermaids fight." Alexa announced

"Word spreads pretty fast, huh?" Sam asked

"Especially if it's written on our wall." They all looked at the unerased note on the wall

"You know, it's really creepy, what happened to Mari." Sam said

They were all in the cafeteria and it was the girls' turn to buy food.

"I know. She never loses balance when flying." Cimanella inquired

"It's not a good thing to talk about girls behind their back." Jack reminded

"Oh, Jack, it's been five days since. You think you're up to this?" Ashton asked

"Up for what?" Yolly interrogated

"You know that arrow that shot Tooth on our team war? Apparently it was the cupid's arrow." Jack explained, "And I was the first guy who interacted with her."

"Well that's a first. I didn't know a cherub could fail miserably." Felix stated

"Quiet guys, here they come." Alexander whispered

"What are they talking about?" Tooth asked

The girls were all lined up to get their lunch.

"Who knows. The boys are all idiots so I think it's about Mari." Alexa answered

"Lex, how does that even relate?" Sophia asked

"Yeah, I don't get that." Kimberly added

"Duh. They aren't thinking, which means that they're idiots. They think we won't know. Well, what do you expect? They're talking about math?" Alexa replied

"Oh I get it." Mari exclaimed

"Now you're being clear." Sheila announced

"Actually, she's right. They are talking about Mari." Camille stated then paused, "Okay now they're talking about Ashton's cherub reputation."

"See what I mean?" Alexa snickered

The girls walked back to the table.

"Okay, you go now, boys." Sheila said

All boys except for Jack stood up.

"Aren't you eating?" Tooth asked

"I'm not actually hungry. I'll be fine guys." Jack shrugged

"Okay suit yourself." Alexander replied, "Hey, Lexie. Mom just called. She said that you should call her back immediately."

Alexa walked away from the table and the other guys formed their line to order.

"Mari could you go to the bathroom with me?" Sheila asked

"Okay." Mari nodded

"I'm coming. I need to fix my hair anyways." Sophia inputted

Then the three girls went to the nearest comfort room.

"Felix is calling for me." Camille announced then went over to where the boy way

"Uh, Kimberly, mind if I ask you something?" A boy who had walked to their table asked

"Okay." Kimberly responded and stood from her seat, "I'll be quick, you guys."

"Our classmates are so desperate." Jack deadpanned

"What was that?" Tooth asked

"They all left us. Coincidence?" Jack asked, gesturing to the empty seats

"Oh," Tooth muttered, "right."

There was awkward silence between the two until Tooth spoke.

"Jack, I need to tell you something." Tooth started, "I, uh, well. About school, I'm,"

She looked up and met Jack's warm gaze.

I can't tell him.

"I'm still going here until next school year." Tooth shrugged

"Really? That's great! More time to be good." Jack smiled

"And you don't have to try anymore, Jack. You are kind. I didn't know what I was saying back then and I'm sorry about that." Tooth stated

"So does this mean?"

"Yes Jack. I agree to date you." Tooth grinned at the boy

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Jack yelled at the top of his lungs, earning all of the attention in the room

He ran towards the lunch line where his classmates were and yelled.

"Tooth agreed to date me!" He yelled at the boys

"Aw. The little boy finally got what he wanted." Sam snickered

Jack stood up on a table.

"Thank you, Toothiana! I will never disappoint you."

"Get down from that table, Jack!" Yolly said, pulling his friend off the table and brought him back to their table

"Well well, looks like you've got a new toy there, Frost." Scarlett commented in the midst of the silence

"Shut up, Scarlett. You're just jealous because Jack doesn't like you." Sam snarled, "Meanwhile, in freshmen year, little Scarlett was buried in ten feet of snow because she was oh so desperate on getting Jackie boy's attention."

The whole cafeteria laughed lightly at this.

"Who's the loser now?" Cimanella laughed

Alexa, who had made her way back to the table, grinned.

"Hey sweeties, smile for the camera." She said as she pointed the camera phone to Tooth and Jack

The two, who were caught up in surprise, looked at each other at the picture with weak smiles on their faces and Jack's arm slung over Tooth's shoulder.

"You two look so cute." Alexa said, walking to the restroom, passing over the class a mermaids' table

"Look, Scar, don't they just look like the perfect couple together. Their children would definitely be the cutest little munchkins ever." Alexa stated, showing Scarlett the picture

"Why are you ever here?" Blake asked

"If you haven't noticed, Blake, I'm showing Scarlett how compatible Jackie boy and Toothsie are." Alexa answered, "And they so are."

"So Tooth, when are you free?" Jack asked

"I don't know. That's for you to plan." Tooth answered

"Okay. Saturday night then, I'll pick you up at seven." Jack concluded

Uh, Saturday?

"Tooth, why don't you just tell him you're leaving on Thursday?" Camille asked

"I can't. Now that I actually have Jack, I don't think I could let him go." Tooth sighed

"Tooth," Camille sighed

If only you knew, you'd be much more hurt.

"Nothing. You can tell him when it's time."

"Tooth, why do you keep your wings down? They're pretty and you should be proud of it." Jack said as he traced the lines on Tooth's palm

"I dunno. They're too delicate. You saw what happened to Mari."

All of the students of their class were now doing what they wanted to. They were waiting results for Yolly's observations on their traits.

"Yeah but I like seeing them. Would you mind if you would put it up inside the school?" Jack asked

"Fine," Tooth smiled and put up her wings

"Wait, how would you get that out of your back? Don't it rip your clothes or something?" Jack questioned

"My clothes have slits in them for easy opening." Tooth shrugged

"Tooth! Jack! Anybody! Cimanella's going to get hurt! Really hurt!" Camille yelled, "Felix, help me."

"What's the matter, Camille?" Mari asked

"I was concentrating on reading someone's mind when someone passed by the room. I accidentally read his or her mind and he or she was thinking that Cimanella's gonna get hurt." Camille explained

"Boys, quick! Find him. The girls are gonna get the culprits." Mari growled

All of them quickly exited the room. Unfortunately, they all left the door open and Yolly wrote his observations on the board.

Tooth groaned, "How's Cimanella now?"

The girls went back to the classroom with an unconscious Cimanella.

"Why does this keep happening to us?" Sophia asked and sighed

The door swung open and the boys entered, with an unconscious Alexander.

"What happened to Alex?" Alexa asked worriedly, walking over to her twin

"He, uh, he and Jack were looking outside for Cim. The sun was out and apparently, it was too hot for both of them. Jack's also kinda hurt too." Ashton explained

They showed him a very weak looking Jack and helped him lay down on the ground. Tooth hurriedly walked towards Jack.

"How are you feeling?" Tooth asked as she sat down next to Jack

"I'm fine. I'm worried about Alex. It looked like he was evaporating." Jack groaned in pain

"Eva-Evaporating?" Alexa asked very weakly

"Yeah, why?"

"Jack," Alexa gulped, "Alex can't fight anymore. He lost his powers."

Sandy walked over to the unconscious boys and flashed dreamsand above their heads, giving them nice dreams to not wake up in a bad condition.

"Wh-," Sheila stuttered, "Alexa, how can he not fight anymore?"

"He lost his powers temporarily. That's what happens to us siblings. I can't come near him and he can't come near me. It's basically the rules of nature. When water meets heat, it evaporates, same goes with heat meeting water, it kills the fire." Alexa explained

"I bet those bloody mermaids are the causes of all this." Bunnymund stated, "This is all your fault, Frost."

"How is it my fault? All I ever did was reject Scarlett. Everyone gets rejected, Bunny. You should know that!" Jack responded angrily

"Jack!" Tooth slapped his arm

"It's no one's fault alright? We can't blame Jack for this, we can't even blame the mermaids!" Mari stated, "No one's blaming anyone in this class, understand, boys?"

"Yes." Both boys muttered

"Alright, this isn't about you now, it's about Cim and Alex. We lost two people already and we can't afford to lose more." Sam stated, "Everybody, we should be on the lookout. Everybody's supporting everybody. We're one family, people, and if one of us gets hurt then we all fall down."

"I need to get out of here!" Cimanella yelled, sitting up, "Alex! What happened to you?!"

He stood up abruptly and stepped quickly. Once. Then winced in pain.

"Well what happened now?!" Sophia exclaimed

"My foot hurts like crazy." Cimanella said, sitting back down

He removed his shoe and his black sock and saw a deep wound. He removed his other shoe and sock and saw another deep wound.

"So we have three down." Ashton stated, "What now?"

"We fight." Tooth simply said

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