Burgess Academy

8: Tuesday

The following day, Cimanella went to school in a wheelchair, Alexander with an ice bag over his head and Mari with bandage on her injured wing.

"Well don't everybody in this class look horrible." Scarlett said, standing at the class' doorway, "What? Did you all have too much practice?"

"Nope," Tooth answered, standing up and facing Scarlett, "I think we have too little practice. After all, we are too different to train altogether. So I think you've got the upper hand on this thing. You know, you're all mermaids, you basically rule the water, well, except for the royalties, but whatever, right? So, um, I guess you should give us a huge good luck. You think we need it, right?"

"Of course. Losers always need the good luck. So, class weirdos, good luck." Scarlett turned around and snickered

Tooth patted Scarlett's back and whispered, "Thank you."

"Uh, what did you just do?" Sheila asked

"I kinda ruined her day. Yeah, sooner or later though, anyway, Yolly, what'd you find?"

"Let's see, Toothiana, you have advantages. You could slice thin trees and bushes with your wings. Weakness well, you're kinda weak at water, a little weight puts you down. And you have delicate wings. Other than that, I'd say you should keep an eye on Jack all the time because they're gonna use him as a bait."

"Jackson," Yolly said

"Jackson?" Tooth giggled

"You will be our advantage in the actual field. You could freeze the water and hold it for about an hour. Disadvantages, you're the first person they'll try to, uh, get rid of. And don't fall for any traps. We all know you're weak at those stuff."

"Camille, well you know your advantages, you probably read it already. Your disads are kinda difficult. They could blackmail you."


"No, you don't need to." Mari shook her head

"Ashton, look at what arrow you are to shoot. Not much disads though."

"Sam, we could always use you in the water. Don't get sick. When you get sick, even a slight sneeze could turn you into a monkey and you'll drown in the water."

"Sandy, ads, you are mute so they won't blackmail you into saying something. Disads, well, you get tired too easily."

"Kimberly, ads, you won't be hurt. Disads, not much."

"Bunny, ads, you can get away easily, disads, we can't use you much in the battle field."

"Sophia, you could get away easily."

"Sheila, you could sneak into their court."

"Lexa, you couldn't be used that much. And Felix, work with Camille, always."

"Hey, I'm curious. What did you do to Scarlett?" Jack asked

Tooth stood up by the door and opened it. She raised up her hand and three fingers.

"Three, two, one," Tooth counted


"Whoa!" Sam laughed

"You are so awesome!"

Then the whole class started laughing it all up.

"Yolly, the class' brainiac? What happened?" Scarlett stood by the classroom's door the second time that day

"Shut up, Scarlett." Sheila yelled

Tooth put a hand on Sheila's shoulder and stood up.

"What? You're going to put another paper on my back, Tooth?" Scarlett smirked, "You think you're some big shot transferee because you and Jack are officially dating? Well let me tell you something, Toothsie. You're not! You're just another person in this world of freaks. You're nothing less than them. You are nothing special."

"Huh, so you think I am nothing special? That I am nothing less than them? That I am a freak?" Tooth repeated, "That I think that I am a big shot? Well let me tell yousomething. I am one of them. I am a freak. I am nothing special. But honey," she walked closer to Scarlett, and continued, "I am a big shot. And not just because I am dating Jack. It's because I'm born a big shot. Are you?"

Scarlett raised her left hand and slapped Tooth's cheek. Gasps were heard from the room and a few shuffling feet were too.

"Well, I guess I'll have to defeat you on Thursday, Scarlett." Tooth said simply, "Be prepared, dear mermaid. And be very prepared."

"Tooth," Jack held Tooth's forearms, "Are you alright?"

"I'm fine." Tooth shrugged

"What do you suggest we do?" Sheila asked

"As I said before, we just fight them. We're going to get them by surprise." Tooth answered, "Now how's Yolly feeling?"

"Who are you?" Yolly asked, "All of you. Where am I?"

"Did Yolly just, forgot everything?" Sophia asked

Camille closed her eyes and concentrated on Yolly.

"His mind is blank. Like he forgot everything." Camille announced, "But there is one thing he remembers. It's the fact that he bumped his head at the hallway and nothing else. He can't also be used because he just forgot the plan he had been devising and he can't study everybody in just two days."

"Really? This isn't the best time for this." Sheila muttered, "I'm gonna get something to whack on his head."

She trotted out of the classroom.

"Did she just," Tooth shook her head, "Never mind. We have to-."


"That was Sheila." Bunny said

All of the still not disabled students went to the source of the sound and saw Sheila at the end of the stairs, crouched down, holding her ankle.

"It hurts." Sheila muttered

"Did you trip down the stairs?" Sophia asked

"With an invisible rope!" Sheila yelled, "I guess this is karma."

"Wait, can you still fight?" Tooth asked

"Course, Tooth, nothing can stop me from doing so."

"She can't walk for a week." The nurse stated, "She broke her ankle really bad."

"A week?" Sheila weakly asked, "But the brawl's in two days."

"So you're the students involved in the brawl? And no. You still cannot force yourself into walking, it'll only make you worse."

Sheila groaned, "I'm really sorry, you guys."

"No it's fine. It's no one's fault." Jack responded

"And besides, we still have eleven people." Tooth added

"Make that ten, mate."

They turned around and saw Bunny's arm in a cast. "What just happened?"

"An egg bomb set off in the room. And I'm not the only one injured." Bunny answered

"Nine, people. Sam just had a really bad concussion and he couldn't think straight. And apparently, some guy interacted with him and the guy has fever." Ashton said

"So, it's Tooth, Jack, Ashton, Lex, Phia, Sandy, Felix, Camille, and Kim?" Sheila asked

"Uh, guys, haven't you heard?" Felix asked

"Someone's hurt?" Tooth deadpanned

"Lex, Sandy and Kim got soaked by the high tide." Camille explained, "Yes we know you think it's impossible, but it is the only way to get rid of their powers temporarily."

"So we've got six people left. So what? We could still win this thing, right?" Tooth asked

"Of course, Tooth. And we'll all be there too to watch you and give help if ever needed." Sheila said

"Wait, how is Sandy out of our team?" Tooth asked

"It's basically nature, Tooth. Earth and water equals?" Jack asked

"Mud? So he can't make dreamsand till he is dried?" Tooth asked, everyone nodded

"Alright we so need to be very careful." Jack deadpanned

The last six not disabled students and the others who could not fight still strived for perfection. They all stuck together until the last minute of class that day.

"There's the bell, guys. I think we're safe for the day."

They all spread out to fix their things.

"Stop it!" Camille yelled and covered her ears, "Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!"

Everyone went over to the girl.

"Mille, what happened?" Felix asked

Camille quickly hugged her distant relative tightly.

"Felix, you gotta help me." Camille fretted, "They're all thinking that I'm going to die in the battle. Felix I don't want to."

Felix closed his eyes and put a hand on Camille's head.

"Camille, come on, stop counteracting. You're giving me a bad headache." Felix muttered

"I can't stop. I could hear voices." She hugged him tighter. "Don't leave me." Camille answered

"No, I'm not going to. I'm gonna sleep over at your house today, alright? We'll work this out, okay?" Felix asked, "Sorry guys, Camille and I can't practice today."

"No worries. We're actually gonna call off the practice. Tooth here needed to go home early." Jack explained

"Yeah. We have a thing going on tomorrow." Tooth added

"Thank you guys." Camille smiled weakly, "I hope that trip on Thursday won't be as horrible as you're thinking, Tooth. You show them who the real boss is."

"What trip?" Jack whispered to Tooth

"It's nothing, Jack."

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