Burgess Academy

9: Wednesday

"Felix, what happened to you?" Ashton asked, fiddling on something

"I got bad nightmares. It was about tomorrow. Camille and I were working side by side then I controlled the wrong people resulting us all getting killed." Felix answered wearily, "I didn't get sleep further then. And Camille, well, her aunt told us to not use our powers during the fight. She has future revelating powers and told us that my dream is a premonition of what might happen."

"So you can't fight anymore?" Ashton asked, looking up at the two

"Yeah. I don't know how to break it to Tooth and Jack, but-. Dude, why are you staring at my chest? It's creepy you know?" Felix asked

"Your chest? But I'm staring at your face." Ashton responded

"Ashton, throw this ball to the door knob." Camille handed him a ball

Ashton simply threw the ball, confident that it would hit the knob. But then it didn't. It hit the door instead.

"He was precise," Yolly said to the three, "I'm guessing you once had a great aim but from that gadget you were fiddling with for the past hour which has a high amount of ultra violet rays. Therefore, I conclude that you don't have a great aim but supernatural eyesight and a good body coordination. And glasses and contacts won't help you either. Body coordination needs a clear eye and nothing blocking the view."

"Hey, I have cherub blood!" Ashton retorted and sighed

"So Sophia, Tooth and Jack are the last three?" Ashton asked


They all turned their heads towards the source of the sound to find nothing. Another sneeze was heard and Sophia was right next to them.

"I can't fight, guys. I'm really sick and I sprained my leg from volleyball yesterday." Sophia said, "Did I mention that I ran under the rain yesterday?"

"Tooth, what happened? Are you hurt? How are your wings? Will you still be able to fly? Who did this to you? Tell me I'll get revenge on them." Jack asked worriedly

They were all in the classroom, all staring at Tooth's sort of deformed wing.

"It's nothing. The nurse said that I won't be able to fly today but I will tomorrow." Tooth answered

"Well what happened?" Alexa asked

"I was standing by my locker at the time when someone spilled hot coffee to my back. So due to instincts and bad luck, my wings flipped opened and I turned around and the kid next to my locker accidentally slammed his locker shut with my wings inside." Tooth explained, "But it's nothing serious. It would just be a short fracture then I'm alright tomorrow."

"Yeah, in the meantime, we have to change our plans. Turns out, you and Jack are the only fighters left." Alexa said

"Tooth, I think we need to give up. I don't want to hurt you either. You'll just hurt yourself trying to fly, too." Jack muttered

"Jack! After all this class had been through? You're just going to give up? Look at all of them! They're trying their best to recover fast!" Tooth responded

"Oh come on, Tooth. Stop being so stubborn. I know that you think we're going to lose. After the first injury, I saw the doubt in your eyes." Jack replied

"I was not giving up, Jack. I was scared for her! I know what it feels like! You think water would put an exercised wing down? Jack, I only had two practices since birth and I just don't want anyone feeling like a total loser." Tooth answered

"Oh, so this is about you now?"

"This is not about me, Jack! This is about you! We're all dealing with your fight because you were too mean! I even got a fight with my own father because of this, Jack! And I convinced him that I am to stay here until tomorrow just so I could fight for you, Jack! I don't care if this hurts me and I don't care if it kills me! All it matters is I am helping someone and that someone is you!"

"Well think for yourself next time, Tooth. Think because if you were, you would have noticed Camille dropping all of the hints, Ashton trying to get away from you and every boy avoiding to talk to you about how I really feel about you! And if you still don't know, I don't like you like that, Tooth! You're nothing better than those girls head over heels on me. I'm just being nice to you because Ashton said so!" Jack yelled at Tooth

There was a moment of silence then Tooth breathed in deeply and sighed.

"Fine. And if you need me. I'll probably be outside." Tooth said weakly, running out of the room

"What did you think you were doing, man? That wasn't cool!" Sam yelled

"What's happening, boys?" Alexa asked

"Tooth was shot by the cupid's arrow. That's why she likes me and that's why I'm being nice to her." Jack answered

"Jack! How dumb could you be? She was your last hope! You're going to get yourself killed!" Sheila yelled at the boy, "Wait till I get out of this cast!"

"Alright, I am dumb! I'm the dumbest person on this planet! Are you happy?" Jack asked

"Hey, you know I've had a fair share of girls in my family and let me tell you, you don't make them cry. That's a rule you should never forget. Even how annoying they get sometimes, it's our guys' role to not make them experience pain, they have too much drama in their lives already. They have hair problems, body problems, girl problems, personal, insecurity, and you shouldn't let boy problems be one of them." Alexander said

"Jack, the arrow's effect is wearing off but you destroyed her too much that she will feel actual pain." Ashton said

"I'm gonna go talk to her." Camille stood up and went towards the beach

"Hey, Toothsie," Camille sat down next to Tooth who was next to the water, "In Jack's behalf, I apologize."

"It's nothing, really. I'm just doubting for a minute. Why did Jack have to pretend that he is in love with me? I mean, he could've told me from the start, right?" Tooth asked

"Look at it this way, Tooth. Would you have stood up and talked with Scarlett? Would you worry about our classmates right now? Would you have freedom to get out of the water? No, right? And that's all because of Jack. You're braver now, sweetheart. And this isn't the time to show them your weakness. It's time to show them that you're a strong girl. Scarlett's up there now, would you like to go there or would you rather stay here?" Camille asked

Tooth stared at Camille for a minute then stood abruptly and pulled Camille along.

"Come on. I need to get my anger out on her." Tooth laughed weakly

"Don't this class look like the perfect warriors around?" Scarlett chuckled, "Where's little Toothsie, Jackie boy? Oops. I'm sorry for reminding you that you broke her heart and losing the last person on the team."

"Who said anything about breaking my heart?" Tooth asked Scarlett

"So you're still on his side?"

"I'm on nobody's side." Tooth answered quickly

"You're hiding something, Tooth. And I will get to the bottom of this. I will not stop until you are crushed to the ground." Scarlett growled

"And what if I am hiding something? Scared to know that I am better than you?"

"Oh it is on, Toothiana." Scarlett harshly whispered and left

"Are you still-"

"I'm thinking about it."

"Hey mom, can I talk to you about something?" Tooth asked as her mom adorned her blue coral crown with pearls

"If it's about the skirt you're going to wear, then no, Tooth you will not change it." Rashmi answered, earning a light giggle from Tooth

"No mom, it's about what's going to happen today. You see, we actually have a brawl today." Tooth started

"Then why aren't you practicing? We can do this later." Rashmi stated

"No it's fine. So there is this guy whom I'm supposed to be teaming up with. He's the frost boy. At first he seemed like a big stuck up jerk to me but after a while, he actually became a friend of mine and now, I think I'm falling for him, mom. What should I do?" Tooth asked

"Well, you do your best, show them who Toothsie really is. I would also love to have snow fairy grandchildren to raise, my dear daughter. And ice mermaids too." Rashmi answered, causing Tooth to blush

"Mom," Tooth could not help but smile a little, "But, yeah, that would be nice."

"See? Don't you just see it? Water and air and snow? It's just perfect." Rashmi smiled

"Yeah," Tooth breathed, "Oh my! The brawl! I forgot! Mom, could you hand me the skirt."

Rashmi gave her daughter the green see-through skirt.

"Good luck, Tooth. Don't get hurt, alright. If you are ever hurt, remember, you're a mermaid, you could heal yourself, alright?" Rashmi adviced

Tooth smiled weakly and nodded.

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