How the movie Avalon High should have gotten Summary: What if Will was also being unfaithful to Jen like Jen was being unfaitful to Will? Pairings: Will/Allie Jen/Lance Miles/OC

Romance / Drama
Joselin Hernandez
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Chapter 1: How it All Started

Where they meet…

"Will! Are you OK? I heard a thump!" a young girl asked as she fell to her brother's side, "What are you doing out of bed and on the floor?"

"I think I fell out of bed while I was dreaming again," Will grumbled as he glanced at the young girl, "But I'm fine, Leah."

"Are you having those dreams again?" Leah sighed.

"It's the same every night. I'm a Knight, like King Arthur's knight, and I'm fighting one of Mordred's followers. And I look and see Mordred and King Arthur fighting. But King Arthur was…a girl. She was blonde, had grey eyes, a small figure hidden underneath the armour; she was beautiful," Will explained.

"It better not be me," Leah threatened.

"It's not you. You're not blonde. In fact, you're the Lady of the Lake," Will quickly added before seeing the look on Leah's face, "What's wrong, Lees?"

"Nothing. Look. You'd better come down for breakfast. First day back at school and do you really want Marco and dad to see you like this?" Leah asked dryly as she tucked a stray strand of her golden brown locks behind her ears.

"Nope," Will immediately responded.

"I'll tell them you're just getting ready," Leah decided.

She then placed one hand on Will's bedpost and her free hand on her demin-covered knee and left her brother's room with her hands in the pockets of her leather jacket. Will sighed as he saw her leave. His little sister was the splitting image of their mum. They are so much alike, it's not funny. They look the same, they have the exact personality; Leah might as well be her clone. But that thought cause sadness to walk across Will's features.

He grabbed a photo frame from his bedside table and stared at it. It was a photo of them from seven years ago when he was nine and his younger sister was only seven years old. In the photo with them were their parents. Will smiled sadly. This was taken a week before the car accident which gave Leah a scar the shape of water ripples and claimed the life of their mother, Annabelle Wagner (nee Veron). The family went through a rough time. His father struggled with his career and the upbringing of his children, Will was sullen and Leah started having nightmares. So Will had the duties of raising his sister thrust to him. Then their dad met Marco's mum and they married, thus making bad boy Marco their stepbrother. Oh, the joy.

Thrusting the thoughts to the back of his mind, Will changed into his tracksuit and raced downstairs to join his family for breakfast.

"Good morning, Will," his stepmother greeted as she offered him a plate of scrambled eggs and toast.

"Morning, Jean," Will responded with a kiss on the cheek and grabbing the plate with a quiet 'thanks.'

"First day back at school, kids. You nervous?" their father asked.

"Dad, we've been going to these schools for a little while now. Will and Marco are starting their sophmore year at Avalon High and I'm starting my final year in middle school. Honestly, there's nothing to be nervous about," Leah laughed slightly.

"But you and Will are starting them as student body presidents. It's a big honour, you know," Jean gushed.

"Here you go again," Marco muttered to himself.

"You know, Marco, if you actually apply yourself, you can succeed and people will actually not fear you," Leah threw at him.

"Leah Annabelle Wagner," Admiral Wagner repremended.

"Don't start, you guys. It's our first day back. Can we please start today on a good note for once?" Will pleaded.

"Sorry," Leah and Marco grumbled.

"Excellent breakfast, Jean, like always," Will complimented before cleaning the plates in the sink.

"You going for a run today, Will?" Leah asked as she referred to his tracksuit.

"Yeah. A good run helps me clear my head," Will responded.

"Are Jen and Lance coming with you?" Admiral Wanger asked.

"Jen's got a cheer meet and Lance has to help his mother with his sister," Will explained hurriedly.

Leah immediately knew he was lying. Jen didn't have a cheer meet and Lance's mum is pretty good at handling five-year-old Elaine without Lance around offering help whenever possible. But she knew he wanted to be alone so she shrugged it off. He was probably thinking about their mother again and her being an exact replica of her doesn't help her brother and father who had a hard time getting over her death.

"Remember, you said you'd drive me to school today," Leah reminded her brother as he headed to the door.

"Got it!" Will called back to her.

Before he knew it, he was running through his hometown. He enjoyed the feeling he always felt whenever he ran. He felt powerful, like he could conquor anything that stood in his way. He ran past office buildings, elementry schools and daycare centres which happened to be nearby. And then he reached the park he loved so much. He ran down the hill and reached the water fountain. That was when he saw her. He was enchanted immediately.

She was shorter than he was (which wasn't a surprise since he practically towered everyone…except his dad). Her long blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail and her head was sporting a blue beanie to keep her warm from the crisp cool autumn breeze. Her grey eyes shone even though the sun was barely peaking through. She had on a yellow singlet which was covered by a red jacket, grey tracksuit pants and sneakers. She looked just like the girl he kept on dreaming about… but she couldn't be. He didn't even know her.

They didn't know how long they stood there staring at each other intensely breathing heavily from their respective runs unsure of what to say to one another. Will eventually broke the silence.

"After you," he gestured.

"Thanks," she panted.

He watched her lean over the water fountain and sipped the cool soothing water that spouted through the hole with a push of a button. He watched on as if he was…well, in love. But that was also impossible. Besides, he already had a girlfriend. When he was lost in his thoughts, she finished her drink. Will immediately snapped out of his daze.

"All done?" was the first (and not to mention stupidest) thing he could come up with.

"Yeah," she responded with a nod as she wiped her mouth.

Will then leaned over the water fountain and had his own taste of the water she just drank. When he finished, she was still there staring at him as though she was lost in her own thoughts. For some reason, that caused his hopes to rocket past the earth's atmosphere and into the universe beyond their own world. Maybe she felt the same way he did right now?

"I'll just um…bye," she said hurriedly before running in the direction he just came in.

With a shrug, he just continued his run with the girl he had been seeing in his dreams on his mind…

Then it was time to go back to school. Will stayed true to his promise and dropped his little sister off at her middle school before continuing to his own high school, Avalon High. He changed out of his tracksuit and into jeans and his football jacket. You see, Will is the quarterback of the Avalon High football team as well as student body president, all-around-good-guy and an honour student. But once he walked down the hall, he sighed in frustration because his stepbrother, Marco, bullying Miles Hadden (what's his surname?).

"Marco, why can't you just steal my lunch money like every other bully? I need my locker. What's wrong with yours?" Miles asked after Marco knocked his bag to the ground.

"Well, Miles, since you asked, mine's too far from class," was Marco's answer.

"You don't even go to class," Miles scoffed…only to have Marco knock his books to the floor just like his bag.

"Give me the combination!" Marco demanded.

"12345!" Miles responded smartly.

Marco shoved Miles against the locker and seived, "Give it to me, Miles, or I put you in the locker."

"Wow. Nerd in the locker. How original," Miles remarked sarcastically, "We're not living inside an 80s teen movie."

"That's enough, Marco!" Will boomed before approaching them.

"Hooray. If it isn't Will Wagner here to save the day. My hero," Marco cheered falsely, "What are you gonna do, Will? Hit me?"

"You're not worth the detention. Just get out of here before I change my mind," Will threatened.

Marco advanced towards Miles who leaned against the locker some more and Will pushed him away. This time, Marco and Will had a staredown.

"Whatever," Marco said to Will before turning to Miles, "He can't protect you 24 hours a day."

"Wow. You know that there are 24 hours a day? You must be evolving!" Miles called to Marco's retreating form before turning to Will, "Will, I was about to, as you say, throw down with him, but I thought you might want to deal with him yourself since he's your brother."

"Stepbrother," Will responded bitterly.

"Hey. How's Leah, by the way?" Miles asked.

"Miles, you're still not crushing on her, are you?" Will sighed.

"I never said I'm crushing on her…which I'm not. Besides, she's two years younger than me and your blood sister and Marco's stepsister. It would just be wrong if I started dating her!" Miles defended.

Will flashed a smile at him until he noticed someone standing there. This girl was significant to him because she was the same girl he saw at the water fountain in the park. But as soon as his eyes found her, she walked away.

"Hey!" Will called after her before racing to find her.

They met up again at her locker where she had a program of some sorts. Will immediately figured out that she's new. So he greeted her in the first (and stupiest) way that came to mind:

"Hey! Water fountain girl!"

See? What did I tell ya? Stupid. But she didn't seem to mind.

"That's me. Hi," she greeted.

"Hey. I didn't know you went to Avalon High," Will admitted. Man. Love can make a man act like a fool…wait. He's not falling for her. He has a girlfriend. But still…can he be a victim of the love-at-first-sight cliché?

"Yeah. I didn't know you went here either. Although, I guess, I don't know anyone who goes here. I'm new," she confessed, "I mean, my name's not 'new.' It's Allie."

"I'm Will," Will introduced himself before offering her hand to shake.

Allie accepted it greatfully. And as their hands touched, guess what they felt. If you said sparks electrifying their skin, you are correct. Wow. That baffled Will's mind even more.

"There. Now you officially know one person," Will remarked. You're making a full out of yourself, man! What would Leah say if she saw you right now?

"Yep. I'm practically homecoming queen," Allie remarked, "So are you on the track team? You know, because of the running at the park. Or maybe you just like to run. I love running. Wow. Did I just say running like four times?"

Wow. I'm not the only one who's like this. Maybe she feels the same way that I do? But…is it possible? "Football, actually. I'm kind of the quarterback," Will responded.

"Of course you are," Allie sighed, "I mean, because you seem so quarterback-esque."

"Hey, sweetie," Jennifer Gold greeted as she bounced next to him and kissed him on the cheek, "Come on. I want to make sure we sit together in history. *notices Allie* Hi."

"Jen, this is Allie. She's new. Allie, this is my girlfriend, Jen," Will introduced.

"Hi, nice to meet you," Jen smiled as she shook Allie's hand.

"Yeah. You too," Allie responded quietly.

"There you go. Your friends have already doubled," Will added another remark.

"Wait. Lipstick," Jen murmured before wiping the smudge from his cheek.

"Will! Jen! Where were you guys this morning?" Lance Benwick asked as he joined the little group, "Didn't you get my text? Five burgers for $5!"

"Allie, this human garbage disposal is my best buddy, Lance. Lance, Allie," Will explained.

"Hi," Allie said with a small wave.

"Hey. Did you meet Jen? Jen's the coolest chick in school," Lance told her.

"Yeah. That she is," Will immediately agreed.

"Thanks, guys," Jen thanked.

"So what's your first class?" Will asked after the bell rang.

"Uh…European History with Mr Moore," Allie read her schedule.

"Oh, we've got that too. Come with us," Jen offered.

Will, Jen and Lance walked off and Allie immediately rushed to place her books in her locker.

"Let me give you a hand," Will said as he gave Allie the necessary utensils and placed the rest of her belongings in her locker.

"I thought you'd walk off with them," Allie admitted as she closed her locker.

"And leave you on your own to find your classroom? Never. Hey. Can I have your number?" Will asked shyly.

"Sure," she responded as they took each other's photos with their phones and traded numbers.

Watching from afar…

Now, it was after school and Will was with Lance and his fellow football team members preparing for practice, Jen was with her cheerleading squad, Leah was sitting in the stands watching everything and Allie was preparing for her track tryouts. Will went through plays with his team.

"Go! 56! Set! Hut!" Will called out before the football was given to him and they began 'fighting' over the football.

"Good job, brother!" Lance commented before he and two of their other mates shared a hi-5.

Then Will heard the sound of a shot and he turned around to watch Allie sprint 400 metres to earn a spot. He had to admit it. She was pretty fast. She is most definitely a shoe-in. He watched as she overtook the girls she was racing. The coaches were watching in amazement. He smiled to himself when she crossed the line in first place. Yep. She's earned a spot. He couldn't hear what the coach was telling her, but he knew what she was saying.

"That was one of the fastest 400 metres we've seen in years," the coach gushed, "Welcome to Avalon High Varsity Track."

"Thank you," she panted breathlessly.

"OK. We'll see you here tomorrow 4pm, uh-huh. Andrea, you and Jenny also. Congradulations. Well done," the coach announced.

Will raced on to get changed. Then he went into the stands to meet Leah.

"Hey. How was your first day back?" Will asked.

"Same old, same old," Leah shrugged as she jogged down the stairs…and ran into Allie, "Oh my gosh. I am so sorry."

"It's OK. I didn't see you coming," Allie assured her, "It's my fault."

"No. It's mine. I was the one who was racing down here," Leah refuted.

"Oh hey. I saw you running today. I knew you were a shoe-in," Will commented.

"Thanks," Allie responded.

"So you two know each other?" Leah asked.

"Oh. Sorry. Leah, this is Allie. Allie, this is my little sister, Leah," Will introduced his new friend to his little sister.

"Hi. Nice to meet you," Leah responded.

"Sorry for running into you, by the way," Allie apologised.

"Hey. I didn't see you there. It's my fault," Leah retorted, "Did you just start at Avalon High?"

"Yeah. Are you a freshman or something?" Allie asked.

"Not until next year. I'm a senior in middle school. Which is gonna be the worst year of my life," Leah remarked.

"I know how you feel. I actually spent practically all my life moving from one place to another," Allie explained.

"Ouch," the Wagner siblings remarked.

"Well, I'll see you guys later," Allie said before walking off.

"Hey!" Leah called after her before racing to her, "Wanna get together one weekend?"

"Sure," Allie responded.

"Here. I'll give you my number," Leah told her.

Will smiled when he saw his new friend connect with his little sister. He saw them take photos of each other and type each other's numbers into their contact list. He felt his heart swell up in pride. Leah was never like this with Jen. Sure they like each other. But she never wanted to hang out with his current girlfriend. Maybe they could-hey. Plutonic feelings, remember?

"Hey. Would you like a ride home?" Will offered.

"It's OK. My mum's waiting for me. Thanks for the offer, though," Allie kindly declined.

"How about I give you a ride to school one day?" Will asked.

"Yeah. Sure," Allie happily agreed.

"Sweet. I'll call you later," Will promised before he and Leah walked away.

"Now her I like," Leah remarked, causing Will to smile and contemplate.


Will pretty much had a good sleep the following night. But that was because his dreams were filled with a certain blonde. But he wasn't dreaming about a medieval battle involving Allie. No. This dream was entirely different…

Will was walking through the halls of Avalon High hi-fiving his friends as he walked past them. Then he saw Jen and Lance making out against a locker. Did that send him on a mad rampage? No. This is because Will and Jen have broken up and Jen started dating Lance two weeks later. But Will end up with a new girlfriend? Why, yes he did. And he's never been happier. Speaking of which, he saw her at her locker talking to Miles and a few of her friends on the track team. Smiling to himself, he walked towards her locker.

"If I may," Will cut in, "I'd like some alone time with my girlfriend."

Everyone immediately got the message. The couple wanted some alone time before the bell. With a few 'I'll see you at lunch', they walked away and Will was alone with his girlfriend. And his new girlfriend happened to be the newest student in Avalon High: Allie Pennington. Now, she's been here for a few months. He couldn't be happier about having her here as his girlfriend.

"Morning, handsome," she greeted.

"Morning, beautiful," he responded as she kissed his cheek, "Hey, now. That's not a proper greeting."

He pushed her against the locker and kissed her with every single ounce of passion he had inside him. She kissed him back and let her fingers loose themselves in his dark brown locks. His hands slid under her shirt and felt the smooth creamy skin on her stomach, sending pleasurable shivers through her body.

"Hey. That's no way for a school leader to behave," Allie scolded playfully after he let her up for air.

"Screw school leaders," Will panted before desperately slamming his lips back onto hers.

Before he knew it, school had finished and they were on his bed making out with Will on top. Thankfully, they were alone since Admiral Wagner, Jean, Marco and Leah had their own plans.

"Will, I'm ready," she panted as he moved his mouth to her neck.

Happily, he moved his kisses to her chest as his hands reached for her shirt…

And that was when he woke up. Besides, he has to take care of a little problem that followed...

Dinner together…

OK. There's this area in the park where virtually everyone avoids. It's not overtaken with power lines, little cafes or any other modern development. This is a little forest with trees and even a little lake. And this is somewhere Will loves to go to whenever he wants to think about things that have been happening in his life…or a certain someone who just entered his life. OK. We've caught him. Ever since he met Allie, he's been having trouble NOT thinking about her. He's just thankful that Leah hasn't caught on to this yet. He really couldn't deal with one of Leah's special interrogations.

Suddenly, he was blinded by something; a sky blue beenie. The beenie fell off his face and landed on the ground next to him. He held it and looked at it curiously. Then he saw Allie standing in front of him.

"Hi," Allie greeted.

"Hi. Is this yours?" Will asked.

"Yeah. It blew away," Allie told him.

"Right to me," Will stated as he removed some leaves from the beenie and gave it to her, "Must be fate." Man. I have it bad. Wait a minute. WHAT do I have badly?

"Thanks. So what are you doing out here?" Allie asked him.

"Running. Thinking. Running and thinking. This is obviously the thinking part," Will remarked.

"Figured. OK. I'll leave you alone then," Allie decided as she went to leave.

Make her stay, you idiot! If you think you're in love with her, spend some time with her to be sure! "No. It's OK. Stay," Will told her, "You know, most people just run by this part of the forest. But it's great in here."

As Will was talking, Allie sat next to him,

"Listen. Hear the wind in the trees. It's…like music." Thank God Leah isn't here right now because she would never let me hear the end of this.

"Football players aren't supposed to talk like that," Allie teased.

"You're making fun of me?" Will asked.

"No, no. I didn't mean to," Allie defended.

"No, it's OK. It's just, it seems all people can talk to me about is football," Will explained to her.

"OK. Well, what else do you want to talk about?" Allie questioned.

Will gave a small laugh before replying, "See, that's the problem. I can't think of anything else. Can I tell you something?" When Allie nodded, he went on. "Football used to me everything to me besides Leah. I love the game. But now, everyone's counting on me to win the championship and get my scholarship."

"You're getting a football scholarship? That's amazing," Allie gushed.

"I don't have one yet. But I need one or no college," Will explained.

"No pressure there," Allie remarked, "Leah seems to depend on you a lot."

"Ever since I was nine, I had to practically raise Leah. I helped her with the schoolwork, helped her recover physically and mentally from the car accident."

"You were in a car accident?" Allie gasped in shock.

"We were on our way to one of Dad's benefit balls for some charity the Navy was supporting when we were hit head on by a drunken truck driver running a red light. The car was tossed around a couple of times. Leah has a scar shaped like water ripples on her chest now. She broke her arm, got a concussion and got stabbed by a jaggered piece of glass, hence the scar, Dad broke a few of his ribs and I only ended up with a mild concussion and a couple of bruised ribs. But our mum…well, she died on impact. For the first few months after her death, dad couldn't bare to look at Leah. She's an exact replica of her mum. So I ignored all the grief and my pain from the injuries so I could help her," Will explained.

"I'm sorry," Allie murmured as she placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, making him smile.

"It's OK. It was hard at first. But the pain's not as bad anymore," Will assured her before walking off with Allie following him, "It's kind of hard with the pressure of everything; making sure Marco doesn't cause trouble, raising Leah and make sure Avalon gets to state."

"You're a great athelete. Everybody knows that. But all great atheletes have pressure on them all the time. You can't be afraid of it. You have to embrace it," Allie told him as they stopped walking and just stood there looking at each other (tempation to kiss here…), "And the way you do that is to remember what victory felt like; that feeling when you lead your team to glory. And if you can live in that moment again and want it with all your heart, nothing can stop you."

"Wow. That was…," Will couldn't think of a word that described how amazing the pep talk Allie just gave him was. So he just settled with, "Thank you."

"I don't know where that came from," Allie admitted before they continued walking.

"But what if I lose?" Will asked.

"Then maybe state wasn't meant to be," Allie sighed.

"Not the answer I was hoping for," Will remarked, "That's an answer I'd expect from my sister, not from one of my friends."

"Sorry. I'm just mean maybe everything happens for a reason," Allie rephrased.

"You think so?" Will questioned nervously.

"I didn't. But I'm starting to," Allie confessed.

You know, this moment would have been perfect if it weren't for Will's cell phone ringing. They slowed to a stop as Will took out his cell phone and checked the caller ID. It was Jen. But Will was having a good time with Allie. He didn't want to ditch her for Jen. So he ignored the call.

"Wow. You guys have been together for a while, huh?" Allie asked.

"Almost three years," Will told her, "Don't ask."

"Ask what?" Allie demanded, looking innocent.

She looks cute when she does that. Wow. I'm turning into such a girl. OK. Leah is to learn NOTHING of this. "Why I didn't answer the phone," Will defined, "Hey. Wanna run some more?" But there's no reason why I can't spend more time with her.

"Sure. Oh wait. I forgot. My dad's making burgers for dinner," Allie remembered.

"Burgers, huh? Sounds good," Will remarked. (AN: Awkward…)

"Yeah, yeah, they are. Yep. My dad makes some pretty good burgers there. Oh wait. Did you want to come over for burgers?" Allie asked, "It will be just as friends. Like a…like a friend burger."

"Yeah. I would love a 'friend burger'," Will responded teasingly.

Now they were at Allie's house in the backyard where Mr Pennington was at the barbeque cooking the meat patties. I hope that Will likes them well done because they're all well done. Get it? Get it? *sighs* Nobody gets me. That's because there are large flames being emitted from the barbeque.

"Oh. I got that, sir," Will said as he closed the lid over the barbeque.

"Oh yeah. Oh. Thanks," Mr Pennington thanked.

"No problem," Will responded before walking to Allie who is setting the table.

"Will, you're welcome here anytime. You are wonderful," Mrs Pennington gushed.

"Mum! Please," Allie pleaded her mother not to embarrass her.

"What? He's class president, the quarterback and Homecoming King. He's impressive!" Mrs Pennington defended before turning to Will, "Very impressive."

"One of the professors told me you really helped turn the team around. Not to mention bring a lot of pride back to the school," Mr Pennington said as he brought the meat patties over.

"His broad clear brow in sunlight glow'd/On burnish'd hooves, his warhorse trode/From underneath his helmet flow'd/His coal black curls as on he rode," Mrs Pennington recited.

"As he rode down to Camelot," Mr Pennington finished as he kissed his wife's hand. (AN: OK. I actually didn't need to look it up or listen to it. I actually got it all from memory. Scary, isn't it? And, coincidently, I'm part British…and Irish and Scottish and Spanish. There are actually claims that from my grandma's family, I could be related to Robert the Bruce. Cool!)

"It's a poem about how Arthur became the leader Britain needed," Mrs Pennington explained, "Seems like Will did the same for Avalon High."

"I don't know how things are at your house. But around here, dinner just isn't complete without a King Arthur poem," Allie told him, causing them all to laugh…and the barbeque to ignite once more.

"Excuse me," Mr Pennington said before attacking the barbeque fire with a fire estinguisher.

"Would you like some lettace?" Mrs Pennington asked.

"We're all good. We're all good. Try some of the potato salad. Mum made it," Mr Pennington suggested.

"So Will, do you have any siblings?" Mrs Pennington asked.

"Two, actually. A younger sister named Leah and a stepbrother named Marco," Will explained.

"Divorce?" Mr Pennington assumed.

"Actually, mum died in a car accident when I was nine," Will corrected.

"Oh dear!" Mrs Pennington gasped.

"Nasty," Mr Pennington remarked.

"It was hard at first. Dad couldn't even bare to LOOK at Leah. She's an exact replica of mum. Looks, personality; everything. You could actually confuse them for twins," Will laughed.

"Oh, the amount of times Allie would get that with her brother," Mrs Pennington sighed.

"You have a brother?" Will repeated.

"Geoff. He started college in Minnesota," Allie explained shortly.

"So how old are Leah and Marco?" Mr Pennington asked.

"Marco's almost sixteen like me and Leah's almost fourteen," Will boasted proudly before retrieving his wallet, "I have a photo of them right here."

"Wow. Leah certainly is beautiful," Mrs Pennington gushed, "I remember when you were like that, Allie."

"Mum, it was two years ago," Allie reminded her.

"Two years ago, so you're 15?" Will figured out.

"Just had my birthday two weeks ago," Allie told him.

"So that makes you the baby of our class," Will remarked.

"Tease me about it, I will hurt you," Allie playfully threatened.

"I've seen you run track. Trust me. I don't wanna get on your bad side," Will laughed.

"As if you could," Allie murmured quietly so only he could her.

The dinner was interesting. Mr and Mrs Pennington told funny stories about Allie and Will in turn did the same about Leah. He was the perfect guest. He ate everything he was given and he even helped Allie clean up afterwards (NOT LIKE THAT!). Then Will announced that he had to get home because Leah could cover for him for a short amount of time and Allie offered to walk him out. And that is what lead Will and Allie to where they are now walking down the driveway of the Pennington residence. What they didn't notice was that Mr and Mrs Pennington were standing by the front door watching their only daughter interract with a cute guy. It was a cute sight.

"Thanks for dinner," Will thanked.

"Anytime. You know, if you're out running and if you get hungry or whatever," Allie giggled slightly.

"There's a party after Friday's game. You should come," Will said.

"Yeah. Sure. I'd love too," Allie responded eagerly, "Besides, I like hanging out with your sister."

The perfect moment was squashed by Will's phone ringing once again. And, once again, Jen was calling. Her picture flashed up on the screen.

"I'd better go," Will stated.

"Yeah," Allie responded.

Without even thinking about, he leaned down and placed a kiss on her cheek. When he pulled back, she was frozen in shock from the sudden contact of his lips on her skin. None of them dared to move. Until the sound of Will's phone brought them back to reality, killing the mood.

"Give you a ride tomorrow?" Will offered.

"Yeah," Allie agreed.

"I'll pick you up at 7:30," Will promised before walking away.

"See you then!" Allie called out to him.

And when Will pulled out of the driveway, she spectaculary fainted, leaving her dad to carry her inside and to lay her on her bed.

"She's got it bad," Mr Pennington remarked.

"Our little girl as her first crush," Mrs Pennington gushed.

"First love is more like it," Mr Pennington retorted.

"Let's hope he feels the same way," Mrs Pennington sighed.

"He's got a girlfriend, remember?" Mr Pennington reminded his wife as they left Allie to sleep.


With a sigh, Will collasped on his bed. He heard a small knock and saw Leah standing in the doorway.

"Mind if I come in or are you too busy thinking about Allie again?" Leah teased.

"I wasn't thinking about Allie!" Will lied as Leah laid in bed next to him.

"Don't try to deny it. I know you dream about her in your sleep," Leah told him.

"How did you…?" Will started.

"The walls are thin, big brother. I hear you saying her name in your sleep. Moaning actually," Leah laughed.

"In what day?" Will demanded nervously.

"Ways a 13-year-old shouldn't be thinking about," was Leah's response, "Just be thankful that you have me next door to your room instead of Marco. God. He'd never let you hear the end of it."

"Like you," Will added.

"I'm not THAT evil," Leah retorted.

"Sure you aren't," Will agreed sarcastically.

"So what took you so long to get home?" Leah asked.

"I had dinner at Allie's," Will told her. "I invited her to the party and I kinda kissed her-."

"You did not!" Leah exclaimed excitedly.

"On the cheek! I don't know what came over me!" Will finished, "And I know what you're about to say. I'm not in love with her! Allie and I are just friends!"

"Whatever you say, brother," Leah sighed before sitting up, "Whenever you guys are together, you're suddenly a lovesick puppy. You're never like that with Jen. Believe me. You love her."

"No I don't!" Will denied…only to notice that Leah left, leaving him to his thoughts and sleep.

I'm not in love with her. That's what I keep telling Leah. But…am I the one who's lying?

The party…

OK. The game was good. Avalon High kicked butt and now they were at Will's party. Leah was greeting guests at the door and her face immediately lit up when she saw Allie and Miles.

"You came!" Leah squealed as she embraced Allie, "Hi, Miles."

"Hey, Leah," Miles responded with a blush.

"I'm so glad you came, Allie. Will wouldn't stop talking about you. 'I hope Allie's gonna come. Should I call her? Should I pick her up?'" Leah explained whilst imitating Will's voice.


That scream pretty much alerted everyone. They stopped the music and everyone, including the people inside, went out to see what was going on. What they saw caused Leah to sigh in frustration.

"Come on, Marco. We talked about this," Leah sighed in frustration.

"Hey. What's going on?" Will demanded as he approached Marco.

"Your friends are wimps. You seem to have a slight pest control problem," Marco remarked as he picked up a spider lolly from the plate of hot dogs.

"Then I guess you'd better get rid of the pests," Will retorted, "Dude, you're ruining the party."

"When DOESN'T he ruin a party?" Leah asked retorically.

"Shut up, Leah," Marco seived.

"Shut don't go up. Prices do. So take your advice and shut up, Marco," Leah threw back.

"Nice," Allie commented as she and Leah hi-fived each other.

"You need them to save you from the scary candy bugs?" Marco tormented as he ate the spider bug referring to the members of the football team that came round to defend their team captain.

"No. I need them to stop me for doing something I regret," Will corrected.

"Why do you think I'm around?" Leah remarked.

"The only thing that I regret is my mum marrying your dad," Marco confessed before turning to his gang, "Let's go, guys. This party's dumb. They even let the uber nerds in," and they left the party.

"Oh yeah. And when I'm at Yale and you're in jail, I'll be sure to tell everyone how cool you are," Miles remarked sarcastically.

"Hey, Allie. Sorry about that," Will apologised, "Marco, he's…complicated."

"You only just worked that out?" Leah asked sarcastically, earning a glare from Will, "I'm going."

"What's his problem anyway?" Allie asked.

"He's just really angry; that his dad died five years ago, that his mum married my dad, that I'm…"

"I can tell why he might be a little jealous, Will. You're kind of perfect," Allie complimented, causing them to blush, "I mean, your game was perfect."

"Hey. I only got through that game because of what you said. Thank you," Will thanked.

"Oh, for God's sake. Will you two just kiss already?" Leah shouted in frustration.

"LEAH!" Will and Allie exclaimed.

"We don't like each other that way," Allie defended.

Speak for yourself. Where did that come from? "Yeah," Will agreed hesitently.

"Could've fooled me," Leah remarked as she approached them, "All I have to do is see the way you look at each other. That is true love right here."

"Leah, I think your romantic side is making you delusional," Will laughed.

"I'm a girl, William. A girl always knows," Leah says mysteriously before walking off.

"I really should go find Jen," Will broke the atmosphere between them.

"Yeah. Yeah, of course," Allie said.

"ARGH!" Miles exclaimed in pain as he held his head doubled-over.

"Miles?" Allie called to him as she, Will and Leah approached him.

"What's going on?" Leah asked worriedly, even though she knows.

"You OK, man?" Will questioned.

"I'm OK. Fine," Miles panted before placing a hand on Will's shoulder, "You will be too."

"X-nay on the secret-ay," Leah hissed.

"Uh…thanks, I think," Will responded awkwardly.

"Wait. What secret?" Allie demanded.

"See you later, Allie," Will said before running off.

"Bye," Allie replied.

"Girl, you've got it bad," Leah remarked.

"Got what bad?" Allie questioned innocently.

A little while later, Allie found Miles and Leah and announced she wanted to go.

"Allie, what happened?" Leah asked nervously.

"Should we tell Will about Lance and Jen or what?" Miles questioned with a sandwich.

"How did you know?" Allie demanded.

"I had a feeling," Miles replied mysteriously.

"Allie, everyone knows. I know because I saw them last week. They've been sneaking behind Will's back for months. The only reason I haven't told Will is because I think they should be the ones to tell Will," Leah explained, "Besides, everyone always seems to be shooting the messenger these days. I don't know why. It's not like the messenger does anything wrong."

"Look, Miles. Can we just go?" Allie pleaded.

"I'll give you a ride home," Miles promised.

"Allie, we need to talk about this," Leah said, catching Will's attention.

"I'll call you tonight. We can talk then," Allie promised before leaving with Will gazing after her heartbroken.


"OK, Will. Fess up. You are in love with Allie Pennington," Leah announced.

"No I'm not," Will denied as he laid back in his bed.

"Will, I was standing next to you as she left the party yesturday. I saw the way you were looking at her. You were just itching to chase her and demand to know what's going on. And if that's not love, I don't know what is," Leah said. *song starts here*

"I'm not!" Will repeated.

"You have all the symptoms," Leah stated.

"What?" was all Will said, only to have Leah sing her response in her amazing voice.

I've been stoppin' at green lights.

Got lost on my way home.

I'm sleepwalkin' at night.

I put my shirt on inside out.

Umbrella in the sun.

My head up in the clouds.

My friends just laugh at me.

There's only one thing it could be.

I've come down with love.

Got bit by the bug.

I'm sick and I feel confused.

I know it's true.

I've come down with love.

I can't get enough.

I won't break this fever.

I need her. I'm bit by the bug!

I've come down with love.

I've come down with love.

You've got me tripping on my feet.

My mind starts racin',

And my heart forgets to beat.

When you start to walk my way,

I forget where I am;

Can't find the words to say.

My friends just laugh at me.

There's no cure for this disease.

I've come down with love.

Got bit by the bug.

I'm sick and I feel confused.

I know it's true.

I've come down with love.

I can't get enough.

I won't break this fever.

I need her. I'm bit by the bug.

I've come down with love.

I've come down with love.

Don't need a shot. Don't need a doctor!

They can't make me okay!

It's up to you! Give me an answer!

Because I'm tryin' just to see you!

Only wanna feel you! Dyin' just to hear you say!

I've come down with love.

Got bit by the bug.

I'm sick and I feel confused.

I know it's true.

I've come down with love.

Got bit by the bug.

I'm sick and I feel confused.

I know it's true.

I've come down with love!

I can't get enough!

I sick and I feel confused!

I know it's true!

I've come down with love!

Got bit by the bug!

I won't break this fever!

I need her! I'm bit by the bug!

I've come down with love.

I've come down with love.

I've come down with love.

I've come down with love.

We've come down wih love.

"Now, will you just admit that you're in love with Allie to put me out of my misery?" Leah pleaded.

"What misery?" Will demanded.

"The sexual tension between you and Allie is driving us mad. Will it kill you to dump Jen and hook up already?" Leah remarked.

"I'm not that kind of guy," Will reminded her.

"I know you aren't. But I know you want to be with her," Leah retorted, "Now, will you please just say it aloud?"

"OK. I am in love with Allie Pennington," Will confessed.

"You'd better not be lying," Leah threatened her brother.

"I'm not. I'm seriously in love with Allie. Thanks for listening," Will thanked.

"I'm your little sister, Will. It's my job," Leah joked.

"But what am I gonna do? She's been avoiding me since the party. She didn't even talk to me at school today," Will sighed in frustration.

"Well, man up, bro. Confront her about it and casually slip in your feelings for her. I don't really care what you do as long as you just act on your undying devotion to her," Leah advised him, "But if I were you, I'd do it with a clear head. Doing it with an unclear head can lead to a big mess that'll probably drive you two apart."

"Thanks, Lees," Will thanked her once more.

"No probs," Leah replied as she stood up, "Oh. You might wanna go on a run."

"Why?" Will asked curiously.

"Running always clears your head. And I did say it's best to clear your head before you confront her. And, who knows? You might just run into her," Leah smiled before leaving the room.

"You're a genius, Leah!" Will called after her.

"Don't I know it?" Leah shouted back.

Running together…

Yes, Will still did take Leah's advice. He ran all the way to the park and by the time he reached it, his head was clear; clear enough to find Allie and confront her. And speaking of which, look who he ran into.

"Allie!" Will called out to her, causing them to stop.

"Oh, hi," Allie panted.

"Hey, you've been avoiding me ever since my party. Did I do something wrong?" Will asked nervously.

"No. It's just…I've had a lot on my mind," Allie stuttered.

"So you're sure it's nothing I did?" Will searched for reassurance.

"No. It's definitely nothing you did," Allie gave him the reassurance he was searching for.

"Good. So you wanna run with me?" Will questioned.

"Sure," Allie replied.

"What do you wanna do? Like, three miles?" Will offered as they started running.

"I was thinking five…if you can handle it," Allie teased slightly.

And now they were running together through the park; just the two of them running side by side in companionable silence. And they relished the feeling they felt. Will went over his conversation with Leah mentally. He could still act on his feelings. He still WANTED to act on his feelings for Allie. But he just wanted to enjoy this moment first in case she says she doesn't feel the same way.

"Race you to the corner," Will challenged once they had ran a good distance down the busy street.

"OK," Allie agreed before she and Will picked up their pace and officially began their little race.

They ran through the streets and past buildings. Eventually, they were back at the park racing the final leg towards the corner. Allie picked up speed and beat him fair and square. And Will didn't let her win. Doesn't that tell you something?

"You are seriously fast! Maybe we should draft you for next season," Will joked breathlessly.

"I'm not a big fan of shoulder pads," Allie panted.

"Enough said," Will remarked as he plucked a flower from the bushes and held it to her.

"What's this for?" Allie asked nervously as she took the flower.

"Nothing. I just thought you'd like it," Will confessed, "It's no biggie."

"Oh. OK. Well, thanks," Allie thanked as she began walking and smelling the sweet aroma the flower was emitting.

Now Will and Allie were sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Jokes…about the kissing part. They ARE in the tree. But instead of making out, they were just…talking. Seriously. Who does that nowadays? Kidding!

"It's weird. You're so easy to talk to. It's like…," Will trailed off.

"What?" Allie pressed.

"It's like we were already friends before we met. Does that make any sense?" Will asked, "Nevermind. It's crazy."

"No. I felt the same thing," Allie assured him.

Maybe she feels the same way I feel about her. "But I don't know anything about you," Will admitted.

"Well, what do you wanna know?" Allie asked.

"What do you wanna do with your life?" Will quizzed.

"I don't know. I'll probably end up doing something in law. I'm really big on fairness. I just…I can't stand it when people get away with things they know it's wrong," Allie told him.

"Like what?" Will pressed.

"Like…like people who cut in line. Seriously. They shouldn't even get what they want if they cut," Allie responded.

"What? If you're in line for a movie and I just got my ticket. I'm on my very way to the back of the line, I see you. Can I get in line with you?" Will asked.

"Nope," Allie replied.

"Wow. You're tough," Will teased.

"Tough but fair," Allie corrected.

"When I go into politics, that's how I wanna be," Will confessed.

"Is that what you wanna do? Be a politician?" Allie asked.

"Not A politician. THE politician," Will corrected, "I'm thinking the President of the United States."

"Whoa," Allie breathed.

"Yeah. I know. It's crazy to even joke about it, right?" Will said.

"No. I can totally see it," Allie assured him.

"Race you back to school," Will announced.

"You're on," Allie challenged.

Will jumped off the tree and then helped Allie to the ground. Once she was on the ground, they stared at each other and just…froze. Will's brown eyes met Allie's grey eyes. Will took in the eyes bouring into him and her slightly parted lips. OK. That's it. Screw it. He couldn't resist any longer. He just took her face in his large hands and kissed her senseless. Allie was shocked at first. But she felt every single care she had slip away and she kissed him back, wrapping her arms around his neck. His hands found her waist and he pushed her against the tree. Their tongues were mingling in a frenzied dance. And the feeling they felt was exhilerating and matched the fireworks going off in their heads.

Will's mouth moved across her cheek and along her jawline before finally reaching her neck. He loved the feeling of her heartbeat against his lips and hearing her gasps and moans in pleasure. Allie felt like she was being kissed by fire. But where Will planted burning kisses on her skin still tingled with pleasure. She let out a sudden gasp as he found her sensitive spot and nipped at it. But when he kissed her again, a red flag flashed in her mind warning her against their actions. So she placed her small hands on his chest and broke the kiss. They still held each other though. Their hair was slightly messy. Their clothing was creased from where they ran their hands over each other's bodies. Their eyes were wild with lustful desire and their lips were swollen from their heated kiss.

"Don't you want this?" Will panted.

"I do-."

"Then what's stopping you?" Will asked rhetorically before slamming his mouth to hers.

"Jen," Allie reminded him as she gently pushed him away.

"Alles, Jen and I haven't been close in a long time. I never really thought about anything serious like love until I met you. Look. I love you and I want to be with you so much, it's killing me. You and me; we share something special. You're the one I've been dreaming about since freshman year. You're the one I've been waiting for," Will confessed breathlessly.

"Will, I love you too. But you can't have both me and Jen," Allie reminded him.

"We could keep our relationship our secret," Will suddenly said, "Nobody will have to know. It could be just between us."


"No buts, Allie. I love you and you love me, but I'm with Jen and I want to break up with her but I haven't been able to find the right time or place to. You're the one I wanna be with," Will told her.

"OK," Allie nodded.

"You just made me the happiest man on earth," Will whispered as he leaned in to kiss her, but Allie placed a finger on his lips.

"How long do we have to keep it a secret?" Allie questioned.

"Until state. If we don't make it to state, then I'll break up with her and we'll announce our relationship two weeks later. Just to be fair," Will explained.

"No wonder you get straight As," Allie teased affectionately before kissing him some more.

"Still wanna have that race?" Will asked after they pulled away. They still held each other close, their foreheads were still touching and they could feel each other's breath on their lips. And it drove them crazy.

"Yeah," Allie responded.

"Last one to school buys dinner Saturday," Will challenged before taking off running.

"Hey! No shortcuts!" Allie called to him as she began to catch up.

"Why not?" Will asked.

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