I Am Not Like You


Matt Smith plans to have a relaxing vacation. Destiny has other plans. As he's driving home, Matt runs into (literally) a man who looks exactly like him and claims to be the Doctor.

Adventure / Scifi
Timerie Blair
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Somewhere among stars, several light-years away from Earth:

"AHHHHH!" Matt shouted at the top of his lungs, clawing desperately at the slippery ledge above him. He could feel the Doctor's hands dig into his right ankle. Kicking wildly, his left shoe came loose and smacked the Doctor before falling to the chasm beneath them.

"OW!" the Gallifreyan protested, "That was my face!"

"We've got bigger problems than your injured pride, Doctor!" Matt screamed. He was terrified, and his hands cut into the metal ridges along the edge of the ledge he clung to. Swearing profusely, Matt attempted to readjust his grip. His right hand slipped, plunging them a few inches deeper.

The Doctor's shout cracked like a little boy's as he swung wildly. Matt didn't bother to stop screaming. "This is your fault!" he shouted at the bow tie-clad alien.

"My fault? How is this my fault?"

"You're the reason I'm in this mess in the first place! If you hadn't bloody kidnapped me, I would never be here!"

The Doctor huffed in indignation, "I didn't kidnap you!"

"You're going to kill us!" Matt's grip uncurled and he quickly switched hands.

The Doctor was silent for several ticks, "Ah, yeah- not my intention. This might possibly be a good time for one of those brilliant plans of yours, Matt."

Matt huffed, attempting to pull himself over the ledge and failing. Jeez, how did he manage to get himself situations like this? And to think, it all started on a blustery evening in England on a road driving through the middle of nowhere…

A blustery evening in England, quite a lot of time earlier:

Matt Smith sucked in a breath and let it out slowly. Gah, he was tired. What he'd do for a warm shower and a fresh change of clothes right now…

Just a bit farther… he told himself, steeling his sand-filled eyes. The road was long and straight, with nothing but rolling hills and the bleeding sky ahead. Slowly, the night put out the fiery horizon, leaving everything in bruised blackness. Above, ominous clouds blocked even the slightest glimmer of a star, but it wouldn't rain. He hated when the sky looked that way. The clouds suffocated the rest of the universe, and the whole world waited with pent breath for something, anything to happen. It gave Matt an uneasy feeling.

Rolling his eyes, the actor silently berated himself. He definitely had had too much Doctor Who of late. He supposed being the lead actor did that sort of thing.

Falling lightly on the steering wheel, Matt's thin hands silently tapped out the beat of a song he had heard earlier that day, and he hummed in boredom. Matt glanced at the passenger seat next to him. He had a backpack and a suitcase filled with the stuff he'd brought to Cardiff, where they did most of the filming. Now he was bringing it home. How nice it would be to finally have a vacation… Of course, it wouldn't last long, but all the same, he was glad to be home.

Thoughts like this tumbled through the actor's mind, scattered leaves on a blustery evening, and the night grew deeper. Yawning largely, the weight of the day settled firmly on Matt's shoulders, urging his eyelids downwards.


Matt jerked himself awake, shaking his head wildly. "Can't do that, Matt." He muttered to himself. Stayawakestayawakestayawake…

The silent mantra didn't work. His head slowly dipped toward the steering wheel and the car drifted to the left. The top of his head bumped against the middle of the steering wheel.

"GAH!" he shouted, the horn blaring him into consciousness. "No! Stop it!" he attempted to smack himself while at the same time keeping a hand on the wheel. "STAY AWAKE!"

There. Matt blinked a few times, "Good." He felt awake enough now.

He drove for several minutes, silently humming an unnamed tune, but soon the night crept through the windows and slithered under the door, silently embracing him.

His bluish-green eyes fell downward and this time he veered to the right. He hit the edge of the road and righted himself, jerking awake again.

"Come on…" he muttered, annoyed and slightly nervous "Just a little farther!"

But the night didn't want to wait a little longer. After three more eye shutting incidents, Matt sighed.

"Fine." He spoke out loud to no one in particular, "Five minutes. I'll stop the car and take a nap."

A sudden flash of lightning cracked the sky for a moment, seeming to answer his ranting. Several seconds later a shock of thunder rattled the actor's teeth and made the hair on the back of his neck stand up.

The lightning almost looked like- "Don't be an idiot." He muttered. There it was again, too much Doctor Who. It was officially frying his brain…

He glanced at the radio clock, 10:59 PM. Was it really only almost eleven? Jeez, it felt way later than that…

The clock changed its hour and Matt slowly began to slide toward the side of the road. He figured he'd sleep for an hour or two and then finish the rest of the journey.

Suddenly a cry cut through the silent night. It almost sounded like it came from above him, but that was ridiculous… Frowning, Matt was about to continue with his mission when a dark figure suddenly appeared in front of the car, almost like he blinked into existence.

"AH!" Mat shouted in surprise, swerving to miss the man, but it was too late. He felt the thud in the souls of his feet and fear spiked throughout his body.

"Nononononononono!" he shouted, unclipping his seatbelt and nearly flying out of the car. He just hit someone! With his car! With his bloody car!

If he'd been thinking straight, Matt might have wondered what someone was doing out in the middle of no where, but he was too rattled at the moment…

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" he cried, racing toward the fallen figure. He heard a groan and quickly knelt down beside the man, "Are you hurt? Gah, tell me you're not hurt! You just appeared, like, out of nowhere!" Matt knew he was babbling, he had a tendency to do that, but at the moment he didn't care.

A frighteningly loud crack of thunder split the two men's ears, and then it began to rain buckets.

The man blinked, shivered, and then sat up. Rain ran through his hair in rivets, and he had to squint to see clearly. The man looked around in confusion, taking in the scene. The headlights spilling from Matt's car was the only source of light, so Matt doubted he saw much. It was too dark to even make out the man's face. "Did- did you just hit me?"


"Well I've got to say, that has never actually happened before, and a lot of things have happened to me- well, the other me's. This one hasn't done much yet." He patted himself down, cringing when he touched his left arm. A dark spot appeared on the clothing in the spot.

There was something familiar about the man's tone the made Matt's ears perk up. It was almost… familiar, ridiculously familiar…

Matt shook the strange feeling away, seeing the dark spot, "Are you hurt?"

The man shook his head and then slowly stood up. Straightening what appeared to be a suit jacket of some sort, the man shrugged, "I don't believe so, besides this little scratch and probably a few bruises, give me a mo,"

Appeared to give himself a once over, the man nodded, "Ah, yeah, I'm fine. It'll heal in a few hours-"

"A few hours?" Matt sputtered, confused, "Here, let me see," he reached forward, but the man stumbled back.

"Really, I'm fine- really. You startled the bajeebers out of me, but I'm not mortally wounded." The man attempted a small smirk, giving a thumbs up, but it was too dark for Matt to see it. "I suppose teleporting in front of your car was a bit my fault, well, mostly my fault, actually, probably entirely, since you had no way of knowing I would land there. Honestly, neither did I. I didn't even mean to teleport; didn't press a button or anything. The TARDIS must have done it..."

Matt blinked, suddenly realizing who the man pretended to be. He groaned inwardly. Jeez, could they never leave him alone? "How on Earth did you find me?" he cried, "Almost no one knows I'm going home!" His eyes widened as he pointed at the man, whose head tilted in bafflement. "Oh, I bet it was Daniel, that loose lipped idiot. Or was it Maurice? Did she tell you I left the set?"

The man was silent, seemingly confused.

Matt sighed, "Look, all I want is nice vacation from all the 'fan' craziness so I can spend a quiet week with my family."

"Sorry," the man scratched his neck, not sounding at all sorry, just confused, "You lost me a while back. Do I know you?"

"Know me? You'd better if you're crazy enough to dress up like my character and jump in front of a bloody car! You could have gotten yourself killed!"

The man frowned, holding a hand over his injured bicep, "Wait, you think I'm some sort of fan? Fan of what exactly? Look, this is probably extremely confusing for you, and I understand- well actually, I don't. I haven't the faintest clue how I got here, or who you are, but I-"

Matt rolled his eyes, shielding his face with from the watery onslaught. He gestured with his hands wildly, "Oh, drop it already. I get it. You had your fun. I'm usually all for this sort of thing, but it's the middle of the night, pouring down rain, and I'm in the middle of nowhere, so if you're not mortally wounded, as you say, goodbye and goodnight."

He stomped toward his car, not looking back. Feeling slightly guilty for leaving someone out here in this weather, he debated whether to give the man a ride or not. He did hit him with his car…

Then again, Matt really was exhausted, and now he'd have to drive much farther before he could rest.

He shrugged. The man probably had a bunch of his buddies hiding out behind a hill somewhere. If he was really hurt, they could probably help him. Opening the car door, Matt sat down with a huff and pumped the gas petal. The sooner he got out of here, the better.

He drove for several minutes listening to the rain splattering across the windshield.

Suddenly he heard a voice from behind him, "Where exactly are we going, if I may ask?"

Matt let out a startled screech, slamming the breaks. Did these people have no reservations? "How- how did you even get in here, in my bloody car?!"

"I- well, it just sort of happened."

Matt closed his eyes for a moment. Why did he have to deal with stuff like this? He threw himself into action. Bursting open his door, the actor stomped around the car and flung open the passenger side door. "Get out," Matt, growled. He didn't even want to look at this stranger who invaded his privacy. "Now."

The stranger grumbled something and then stepped out of the car. Matt turned quickly, squinting in the rain.

Once again situated in the driver's seat, Matt started the car and took off. He glanced at the passenger seat and saw his backpack was covered in the rain that flew in almost horizontally when he let his 'passenger' out. "Oh come on!" he protested, stopping the car and flicking on a ceiling light. The backpack held the script he was supposed to be memorizing. He couldn't risk it getting wet. Picking the backpack up, he quickly and ineffectively attempted to dry it off. "Why is everything so bloody difficult!" he whined, banging his head against the top of the steering wheel and throwing the backpack into its original position. The seat made a squelching noise when the backpack landed on top of it. Matt just sighed.

"Do you need help with that?" said a voice from the back seat.

This time Matt actually jumped. He slammed his head against the ceiling, exploding in numerous exotic curses. "How are you doing that?" he shouted at the man, turning to look at him for the first time. "It's a moving car and the doors are-"

Matt froze.

The stranger's jaw went slack. "Well isn't that odd," he murmured, extending a pale and slightly wet hand. "Hello, I'm the Doctor. Now, what are you doing with my face?"

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