Psycho Sight


"Why did you show me this?" Azula asked.

"Just thought you should know." Xin answered. "About me…about how it happens."

"Azula, we're leaving." Zuko shouted.

Azula watched as Xin faded back out. She was once again face to face with her reflection. She quickly ran a hand through her hair, untangling it the best she could, and hustled back their makeshift camp.

"Where were you at?"

"Just taking a walk. Is that such a big deal?" Azula shrugged.

"It is when you're being hunted down by spirits."

Azula rubbed at the burn on her wrist. "I can take care of myself." She muttered as she gathered her belongings and tossed them on Appa.

"So can I. But you don't have to do it alone."

Azula laughed. "You really have spent too much time with uncle." She climbed onto Appa.

"We should be at the Air Temple by night fall." Aang declared.

"That is if nothing slows us down." Sokka added.

Azula snatched up Appa's reigns. "I demand a turn at flying Appa."

"You don't even know how…" Aang protested.

"Appa yip yip." Azula tired and gave the reigns a slight snap.

The bison hesitated, but took off anyhow. With a somewhat wild smile Azula urged the bison to go faster—ignoring Katara and Ty-Lee's shouts and paying no mind to how furiously Sokka and Aang gripped at the saddle. And even less attention to Chan's look of dread.

They would be at the Air Temple in no time. If only Azula knew how to get there.

"Just keep flying straight." Aang shouted over Katara and Ty-Lee.

With Azula piloting this adventure she had come to the conclusion that there was no possible way anything could go wrong. Something was finally back under her control. And for once she didn't even need to use fear to control it.

Yup, Appa was defiantly her favorite.

Azula sat on the floor cross legged. The avatar insisted that she left her comfy blanket behind. The idea wasn't too thrilling.

"In order to get into the spirit world you need to be completely calm." Aang started.

That's what they said about lightningbending. Azula seemed to do it just fine even at her most turbulent moments. If 'being calm' was all getting in to the spirit world would take, Azula figured it would be an easier task than she thought.

"Close your eyes. Try not to open them."

Azula sighed and did as she was instructed.

"Try to sit as still as possible." Aang continued. "And just focus on your chi."

Okay so sitting still was easier said than done. For the most part Azula was good at sitting still. However, the task always seemed to grow somewhat harder when she was told to do so.

It didn't really help that there was a frogfly buzzing about. Those things were always irritating. Frankly the insect wouldn't stop tickling her nose. Of course there is never just one—Azula was quite sure there was a mini-swarm of them forming.

Azula finally snapped. She opened her eyes and set the pests aflame.


"You try getting into the spirit world while getting attacked by bugs." Azula shrugged.

"Maybe if you didn't put on that perfume…" Aang started.

"I refuse to smell like forest."

"Okay, let's try this again." Aang brushed off the comment.

Azula closed her eyes once more.

So far so good.

And then came Toph's shouting—something about not wanting to clean this mess. And then Katara shouting back "but you made it!"

The shouting then escalated into an all-out fight. One that Zuko thought he could mediate. Naturally he was dragged right in the middle of it.

Azula could feel her eye twitch in irritation. If this kept up she'd never be in the spirit world.

Once again her eyes snapped open. "All of you shut up!"

Four pairs of eyes set themselves upon her.

"This is not working out." Aang muttered.

"Maybe we should go somewhere quieter. And with less bugs." Azula pointed out. "And while we're at it, with comfortable seating."

"You are so difficult." Aang threw his hands up. "I never had this much trouble."

"You're an airnomad." Azula reminded him.

Aang lead Azula into the interior of the temple. "Perhaps you'll do better surrounded by other Avatars."

She glanced around at the thousands of Avatar statues. "Actually, these are pretty creepy."

It was Aang's turn to give an irritated twitch. "At least there are no more bugs and the yelling is quieter."

Azula sat back down.

She sucked in a deep breath and closed her eyes again.

At first it was just silence.

Silence and blackness.

And then out of the blackness the feeling of floating. Weightlessness.


She wasn't sure if she should open her eyes. With some hesitance she did.

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