Psycho Sight


Azula stirred, rolling from her back to her stomach. A motion Zuko detected right away. He couldn't bring himself to sleep. Despite everything she'd ever done to him, he couldn't stop worrying about his little sister.

Mai was sound asleep next to him, and Ty-Lee next to her. A glance across the temple revealed that Aang was still awake—that or he found a way to sleep sitting up.

Maybe he should go talk to Aang, keep his mind busy…


His head snapped in her direction. She blinked thrice and rubbed her eyes.

"How long was I in there?" Azula muttered and rubbed the back of her head.

"A while." Zuko replied.


"Hours. Almost a day."

"Is the Avatar awake?"

Zuko glanced back at Aang. "I think…why?"

"I have to tell him something."

"Can it wait 'til morning?"

"No. It can't."

"Azula, it's late." Zuko replied. "You need to get some sleep."

"Seems like I got plenty." Azula shrugged.

"It's alright." Aang remarked. "I'll listen to what she has to say. But we'll go somewhere else and let you sleep."

Azula grabbed her blanket, wrapped it around herself, got up, and followed Aang.

"So, what do you have to tell me?" He asked when they were out of earshot.

"I talked to a man named Wan, he said he was the first Avatar. He told me…well, he told me a lot of things." Azula started. "One of those things he told me, was to tell you to go into the Spirit World and talk to him."

"Right now?" Aang asked.

Azula shrugged. And with a yawn, replied. "The sooner the better, I would imagine."

"I guess I'll get to it then." Aang replied.

"And I suppose I should go back by my brother." Azula sighed. "Before he throws one of his tantrums."

"He's been worried about you, you know? He's been your side this whole time."

Azula's expression softened. She quickly looked in the other direction and gave a snappy "Good for him." She began walking away.

"What does Wan want to talk to me about?" Aang changed the subject.

She came to a stop and turned to Aang. "You have another job Avatar."

"Another job?"

"Wan will explain it."

"Can you at least give me an idea of what I'm in for?"

"Goodnight, Avatar." Azula answered dismissively. With that she continued her stride over to her pillow.

She lie down and pulled the blanket over her body. It was all too small. She once again found herself longing for her bed back at home…and at this point, possibly even her bed at the asylum. At least it was a bed.

She lie awake staring at the stars through the broken roof of the temple.

"Are you okay Azula?"

"I'm fine Zu-Zu." Azula replied. "Just trying to get some sleep…like you said."

"They're coming!" Ta-Yoon yelled. "I can hear them. A lot of them." She was panting as she charged up to the fire siblings.

"Who's coming?" Mai awoke from her sleep.

"They're human. But they have the aura of spirits. Dark spirits."

"Well what other kind of spirits would come for us?" Azula rolled her eyes. "Besides Xin, I haven't encountered one 'good' spirit."

"You talked to our mother." Zuko reminded.

"I said good." Azula shrugged.

"I hate to break it to you guys," Mai interrupted "but I don't think now is a good time to have a family squabble."

"It's Lu-Ming…" Chan stated, mouth agape.

"But he's not a Spirit." Zuko frowned.

"Yeah, but he's possessed." Azula pointed out.

"What do you want from us?" Ta-Yoon asked.

Lu-Ming edged closer. With every step closer that he took, the mark on Azula's wrist seemed to flare more and more intensely.

"I came to end the cycle of Beacons, and claim my wife."

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